Hilda /ss/ dream smut part 2

Dec 13th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. 'Nnhh... H-haah... Ngh...' Now that David started making noises in his sleep again, it's gotten harder for Hilda to fall back asleep. After he had seemed to calm down earlier, she had told Frida to go back to sleep, offering to keep watch on David to make sure he was alright. At first, everything was ok, no weird noises, no fidgeting, even his hard breathing went down.
  2. Only for him to suddenly gasp in his sleep, breaking Hilda out of her tired trance.
  3. Hilda was now sitting on her sleeping bag, her head resting against the side of David's bed, small but noticeable bags forming under her eyes as she watched over her sleeping friend.
  4. 'Come on Hilda.' She rubbed her eyes, desperately trying to stay awake. 'You have to make sure David's not having a nightmare.' She said firmly to herself, breathing deeply and refocusing her attention on her friend. She wasn't going to fall asleep until she was sure he was ok.
  5. 'N-Ngaah!' David suddenly moaned, his whole body stiffening and his hands grabbing forcefullygrabbing his sheets. Seeing this, Hilda quickly propped herself up, adrebaline rushing through her at the thought if her friend getting hurt, even if not phisically.
  6. However, just as she stood ready to wake him up, David relaxed again, his waist dropping back into the bed and his breathing returning to a heavy but calm rhythm.
  7. Hilda watched him for a few seconds before sighing deeply. Whatever it was, it was over now. At least she hoped it was. As she came down from the rush of adrenaline, Hilda slowly aproached David's sleeping body, bringing a hand to his forehead and caressing gently as not to wake him up. '... Whatever happened in there... I hope you're ok, David.' She whispered camly, giving his cheek a light peck, then going back to her sleeping bag.
  8. As soon as she laid down, Hilda fell asleep, the exhaustion finally overcoming her. However, she was sure she heard David's voice say something.
  9. 'Jo... hanna...'
  11. *
  13. 'Oh... Yes... David!' Johanna moaned at the boy's ministrations, one hand gripping the sheets while the other rubbed her breast, adding to the pleasure.
  14. After asking David for further help with her needs, Johanna took the position of laying on the bed, spreading her legs and lower lips wide open to give David a better view of her glistening folds. Despite the initial nervousness, he was quick to comply, taking his place between her legs and lapping at her juices.
  15. The first thing David noticed was how she tasted down there. It was unlike anything else his taste buds ever felt, but not bad by any means. He found himself wanting more of it, but due to his inexperience, he nervously asked Johana for help.
  16. At first Johanna was relatively quiet, giggling at David's messy licks, running her fingers through his hair as she guided him through the process. Step by step, Johanna taught him how to properly pleasure a woman. Opening the labia for better access, changing the focus from her pussy to her clitoris and how to properly use his fingers.
  17. With every step, David gained more confidence, and with more confidence, he increased his efforts, aiming to make Johanna feel as pleasured as possible. Said efforts did not go unnoticed, as Johanna encouraged him further into eating her out, moaning and gasping louder and more frequently as he did.
  18. 'Oh, dear... Haaah... You've learned... So well... Ah!' Johanna gasped as David once again leads his tongue inside her, trying to taste every wall of her tunnel. 'Mmpwah... I had an amazing teacher.' David pulls back to say before diving back into Johanna's privates, now focusing his lips at her clit and bringing a hand to finger her.
  19. 'A-Ah... Oh, yes... Yes... Yes!' Johanna cries out as David curls his fingers inside her, squeezing both of her nipples as her waist spasms in pleasure. 'Haanh... Darling, k-keep going... Faster!'
  20. David complied, pulling his mouth back and adding another finger inside Johanna, still stimulating her clit with his other hand. Then, he pumped his arm as fast as he could, making more of Johanna's juices dribble onto the sheets. 'Oh, yes! Just... Like that... David!' Johanna yelled in ecstasy, her hands hands and feet gripping forcefully into the sheets in an attempt to stabilize herself.
  21. Finally, Johanna reached her limit, quickly grabbing David's hair and pulling him back to her aching pussy. With a pleasured yell, Johanna came, her whole body spasming with sparks of bliss and bursts of liquid escaping her nethers. Despite the initial surprise, David did his best to drink it all up, revellung in the taste of her orgasm.
  22. As Johanna fell down from her high, her body relaxed back into her bed, breathing heavilly at the pleasure she hasn't felt in so long. David then sat back, licking his fingers and mouth clean before timidly looking back at Johanna.
  23. 'U-Uhm... Did I do good, Ms. Johanna?' Johanna quietly giggled at the question. As a response, she sat up and pulled David into another kiss, not minding about tasting herself through his mouth. After breaking the kiss, she laid back down, bringing the boy along with her and resting his head between her breasts.
  24. 'Oh sweetie, you did incredible.' Johanna said, adding a kiss to the boy's forehead, intensifying his blush. 'Haah... It's been a long time since I've felt this cared for.' She added with a sigh, laying her head down on the pillow and closing her eyes, basking in the afterglow. However, as comfortable as her body was, David squirmed and whimpered quietly, making Johanna look back at him. 'Is something wrong, David?'
  25. Embarassed, David sat back, uncrossing his legs and exposing his re-hardened manhood, already spasming due to lack of attention. 'While I was, uh, 'helping' you... I-It got like that again.' David explained as Johanna propped herself up with her elbows. After examining his member Johanna smiled sweetly. 'Well, I guess it's only natural.' She said as she slid her legs from under him and opening them to showcase her body again. 'Come on now, dear. It's time you turned into a man.'
  26. David gulped, his manhood twitching at the beautiful sight. Slowly he got close to her, bringing his member and lining it up to Johanna's glistening folds. He made a few testing rubs against them with the head, inhaled deeply, then pushed.
  27. Only for his penis to slide upward, grazing against the clit and earning a gasp from Johanna. 'It's not nice to tease, David~.' She said in a sing-song tone. David chuckled nervously, trying to play along. 'Y-Yeah, I uh, meant to do that, hehe. Sorry.' He said before trying again, only for the same thing to happen.
  28. 'Oh, come on now!' He hurriedly whispered at himself.
  29. Somewhere in the dream, the marra rolled her eyes. She guessed she should have expected it, he was just a kid after all. Getting back into character, she made Johanna give him a playful giggle, reaching a hand and cupping his chin to make him look at her.
  30. 'Shhh, it's alright David, no need to rush it either.' Johanna said, caressing the boy's face. David blushed heavilly and looked away, embarassed that even in a situation like this, he still managed to screw things up. Feeling his distress, Johanna reaches over to kiss his cheek, before whispering in his ear. 'Let me help you, dear~.'
  31. Whinpering at the sudden action, David looks back at Johanna, now laying back down and reaching a hand to his member. Scooting himself a bit closer, he bites his lower lip as Johanna grasps his manhood again, poiting it at her pussy. 'You just need to aim it lower, see?' She said as David's penis comes across a part of her lower lips that seemed to give in. 'Right there. Ready, David?'
  32. David nods furiously, reaching for his penis as Johanna lets go of him. Readying himself, he breathed in deeply. And slowly, pushed it in.
  33. Immediately, the head of his member goes through her outer lips and into Johanna, earning a sharp gasp from both of them. Despite this, David pushed on, not wating to disappoint her. The more he pushed in, the more incredible he felt. David had felt the warmth of Johanna's mouth around his penis earlier, but this? This was pure bliss.
  34. Burrowing his brows, David gives one last thrust, fully hilting himself inside Johanna's chasm amd earning a deep moan from her as she threw her head back in ecstasy. Finally giving in to the pleasure, he drops over Johanna, breathing hard and fast as he tried to get used to the feeling on his loins.
  35. 'Are, haah, are you okay, David?' Johanna pushed out, despite still trying to get used to the feeling of him inside her. 'I-I'm fine... Ms. johanna.' David mumbled a response. 'It just... Feels... So good.' He continued, feeling himself twitch inside her.
  36. 'Oh David, it feels incredible to me too.' Johanna comforted him, hugging his head against her chest. 'You can keep going now, dear. Just take it slowly.' Hearing her reassurance, David sat back again, grasping Johanna's hips and pulling his member out until only the top of it remained inside her. 'O-Okay. Here goes.' He grunted as he pushed back in both of them mkaning at the movement.
  37. Steadily, David worked himself into a rhythm, pistoning his lower half into Johanna's and drawing dirty sounds from both her lower and upper lips. Both were completely taken by the pleasure, gasping and moaning heavilly and deeply.
  38. Every few secons Johanna would whisper words of encouragement to the boy, saying how well he was doing, how good he was making her feel, before pulling David into her chest once more, crossing her legs behind him.
  39. Despite the initial surprise, David adapted to the new position placing his arm on either side of her torso and keeping his thrusts as bast as he could, burrowing his brow and closing his eyes in concentration.
  40. 'Ooohhh, yes... David!' Johanna moaned at his efforts, grasping his hair with a hand. 'Oh,sweety, you are doing so good. Aaah, tell me... tell me how it feels.' Johanna asked, earning a grunt from him as he looked at her with half open eyes.
  41. 'It's... Gah! Warm.' David answered, trying to form a sentence as he kept on pistoning into her. 'T-Tight... And snug all around, ghh... It's like it's... Pulling me back in!' He finished with a hard thrust, both of then jerking their heads back and moaning at the motion.
  42. 'Ah! Yes! Please... David... Fuck me harder!' Johanna screamed in pleasure, hugging his head to one of her breasts and uncrossing her legs to curl her toes in the covers. Despite the initial shock (both at the pull and at hearing Johanna curse), David complied, sucking her nipple into his mouth and doubling his waist movements.
  43. The sounds that echoed through the house were only those of pleasure and bliss. Loud moans from Johanna, sucking noises from David, and slaps of wet skin where they joined together. Neither cared if someone else heard, as their minds and bodies only could only focus on eachother.
  44. 'J-Johanna!' David yelled as he pulled his mouth back from her pillowy breasts. 'I-I, ahh! I think I'm gonna... B-Burst again!' He warned, still not stopping his movements.
  45. Bringing her hands to his face, Johanna turned his head towards her. 'Oh god, David! I'm, ghh, close too!' Johanna replied, the strange echo in ber voice going unnoticed by David. 'Do it! Give it to me! DAVID!' Johanna screamed as her back arched, moaning deeply as her tunnel tightened around David's rod.
  46. Gasping at the sudden tightness, David grunted and forced his eyes closed, desperately trying to achieve the release that grew inside him. 'So... Tight..! JOHANNA!'
  47. With one final thrust, the barrier inside him broke, his penis twitching wildly as it shot burst after burst of semen into Johanna's womb.
  48. As the overwhelming sensation took him over Johanna pulled David into a kiss, more forceful than the other they had shared. David was so tired he barely could keep his eyes open, paying barely any mind to the green glow Johanna's eyes had or the feeling of smoke being sucked from his mouth.
  49. As the kiss finished, David fell onto Johanna. As he dove into a deep slumber, he could have sworn he heard a giggled that didn't belong to either of them, but he paid it no mind. He felt to good and too tired to care.
  51. *
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