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  1. [2020-01-20 13:52] *Red Imp Succubus  woke up from a very long and pleasing sleep on a very comfortable bed. She rose with a languid grace to stretch her naked body out and she reveled in the sensation of muscle, sinew and joint pulling and relaxing as her physical form warmed up to the day. The sensation alone was enough to make her pant and she turned to get out bed and felt the tug of the leash on her wrought collar that held her in place. So the young orc was still not trusting of her, which was likely smart. After all she had only been summoned here a week ago and it was far too early in their relationship for him to be letting her off her leash. Oh but that just made her feel even more alive as the weight of the collar and the pull of the leash on it let her know she was in a physical form. She let out a long low moan as she lay on the bed, luxurious by her standards and spread her thighs open. Two fingers quickly went to work stimulating her sex and spreading the dew of her flower between her waiting and open lips. "Master.."she called out as she gripped her breast with her other hand making her back arch with the sensations. "Master! I'm Hungry! Feed me Master!" She called out to him, cooed to him as she panted and lusted for him. Her fingers turned and she began to drive them with slow measured speed into her dripping cunt. "Master! Red is hungry! Please! Hurry up and feed her! Red needs you Master! Master! MASTER!"
  3. [2020-01-20 14:01] *  summoning a demon had been the easy part, the hard part was ensuring that she remained loyal to him. Luckily though, the same instructions that had allowed him to summon the little Succubus had also allowed him to bind her to his will, as long as she wore the wrought collar, she was under his command, unable to break any rules he set for her. Of course, there were very few, most of them pertaining to not doing anything without his say-so, and to remain within a certain amount of distance to him. Trog had been reading up more on the beings of hell and their customs, but mostly he was looking up ways to maintain a firm grip on them. Then, he found it, a small passage tucked away in the book, but he devoured the knowledge quickly, and just in time for her to wake up. The scent of sex was already heady in the air, his cock firming up between his legs as he inhaled the aroma of cinnamon, and other sweet, but sharp scents. This was the particular scent of her aroused state, something she put off to attract him so when she was ready to copulate, she could more easily entice him, however, today he was going to turn the tables on her. Walking to the bed, he grinned and crawled up onto it, he was taller than her by a small margin, and she could possibly think he was going to mount her.... But then, his hand went to her head and his fingers gently entangled themselves in her thick, long locks of hair, petting her tenderly as he purred "Mmnh, Master is here little Red~ you've been such a good girl lately, I think you should be rewarded~" He purred, his other hand stroking tenderly across her cheek "Now how should I reward you~?"
  5. [2020-01-20 14:10] *Red Imp Succubus  shuddered as she closed her eyes and felt her fingers driving into her sex. Oh it felt so good to have this physical body! The way the sheets turned under her, the mattress giving way to her weight. The feel of the collar around her neck and the way it went tight as she pulled her head forward. She bit on her lower lip as she felt her first orgasm run through her body. Just as Trog came to stand in the door way. He got to see the mess that was her sex, a dripping, pulsating sight of a welcoming cunt with dew spilling around her fingers in thick strands that were pushed and pulled between her driving fingers. A body enraptured by the feeling of physical sensation as her body writhed and shuddered on the bed. She smelled him, instantly and her eyes popped open. They were pure white and glowed softly with no hint of an iris or pupil to be seen. Her maw opened up and her tongue, snake like and long slithered out as if to taste the air and she bucked her hips up, sitting on her feet as she put her hips into the air. "Master..."she cooed to him. Her voice was impossible. It was the most luxurious, perfect sensual voice, the voice of his dreams, the voice that his perfect woman would have, that was her voice. The sound and tone of it. She watched him with hungry eyes as he came closer to the bed and that slithering tongue snaked across her muzzle. Was he fool enough to actually try to mate with her? She would kill him. She would bite his neck, spill his blood and suck him dry of every single essence and be free of him once and for all!
  7. Or at least, that was her thought until he gently put his fingers in her hair and then he began to pet her softly. Her entire demeanor changed in the twinkling of an eye. Her hips lowered to the bed, her fingers slowed their pace as she pulled them out with a wet slick sound to softly rub at  her clit. Her other hand massaged and kneaded her breast as she looked into his face as he stroked her cheek tenderly. "What game is he playing at?" She thought to herself and could not help the shudder that ripped through her body as he treated her so tenderly. "M..master..."she said softly, shyly, "I'm.I'm so hungry Master. Please..feed me..." Her voice sounded so small, so meek, so, submissive and longing. "[sub]Please Master. I'm hungry."[/sub]
  9. [2020-01-20 14:21] : "Mmnh, I'm sorry Red, I've been very neglectful haven't I?" His hands switched, one still stroking her hair, the other leaving her cheek and moving down her body, he didn't squeeze and grope her as a normal man would, instead it seemed that he was tracing over her form, his fingers gliding over her soft skin. At this proximity, she could smell him, the smell of burning wood, of sweat and trees, the strong aroma of the tribe lingering on his body, even after being freshly bathed she would be able to pick up that scent. Normally this wouldn't register as much, but this felt different, he had a different tone to him as he looked her in the eyes. His dark green irises looking into that snowy, pupiless expanse of her orbs, though she lacked pupils, she would not be able to look away as he fixed his gaze on her. His voice was deep and almost melodic, rumbling deep in his chest when he spoke, his breaths coming out in hot pants "I've been treating you so badly, feeding you my cum like an animal, restraining your duties to me... I've been treating you like a demon... Well, from now on," His hand slid on top of her's as she worked her clit, and instead of moving to finger her, he took her hand in his, entwining their fingers and sliding her hand away so he was holding her hand just above her head "I will treat you like a woman." He purred, moving in closer, his chest pressed against her breasts, his full weight almost on top of her as he moved his head a bit and gave her cheek a little kiss, then another, slowly moving down as he stroked her head, eventually settling on the nape of her neck and gently sucking on it, his tongue lapping at the spot he was focusing on, his hand gripping her's tightly, holding her tenderly.
  11. [2020-01-20 14:29] *Red Imp Succubus  watched him with a wary, almost terrified look in her eyes. What was this mortal boy doing?! This wasn't right. This was wrong, this was terribly, terribly wrong! Yet she could not look away as his eyes were locked onto hers. The smell of him reached her nose and filled her with an incredible longing. She felt that one hand moved down from her cheek, yes, this was better this was right this was...still wrong! He wasn't gripping her breast! He wasn't molesting and grabbing her and using her like a demonic fuck toy for his pleasure. This was so confusing and terrifying and yet she could not help but be enthralled by it. It was dangerous, taboo and so very, very wrong.  His words seemed to thunder in her ears as they twitched at his words. Yes! That was better! His hand was reaching her sex! He was going to take her hand, swat it away and pleasure her himself! That was, no what was he doing?! Her mind raced in fear trying to figure him out as he took her hand, and held it and he pressed into her and purred at her. Then, he kissed her. Not in a lewd or torrid kind of way, but in a soft loving and gentle manner. The act made her head spin, her body reacted with a violent climax as he kissed down her neck and began to suckle on her neck there. "! M..m..Master! T..this..this is..nnnff..w..wrong..s..stop...please..I..beg of you! Stop! Stop! STOP!" She cried out but her voice was filled with a wiled ecstasy  she had never known before. Her nipples ached, her pussy burned with desire to be mated with as he tenderly kissed her. "! Nnn no! S..stop! Please! Please stop! Ma..master..I..I'm going...going to.."another organ ripped through her body making her moan in bliss at what he was doing. "S.stop..stop please..I beg more...I..I can!" Her words cut off as she came again
  13. [2020-01-20 14:39] *  continued to kiss and nibble on her neck, pulling off slowly after a few more moments of it. He pulled back just a bit and smiled "Mnnh, you're such a good girl, and deserve to have your hand held~" He purred, stroking her cheek, adjusting her hair and tucking it behind her ear as he kissed her cheek again. He was recalling more and more of what the book had told him, his hand holding her's firmly, his other hand moving from her head and taking her other hand, now holding both just above her head. She was pinned under him, but not in the sense of him holding her down for a round of rough sex, no, this felt different, a sort of intimacy that hit her demon brain in a very special way. The look in his eyes was so intense, so passionate, but without lust, it was like he was looking directly through her, he moved in closer, his mouth next to her hear as he husked into it "I love you". He smiled gently "Since we met, I've loved you, I've felt so bad at how I've treated the woman I love, well no more, I'm no longer your master, from now on, call me Trog." He released one of her hands and moved his own hand down to her collar, this was a risky move, but if it worked... Well, she would be his in a deeper sense than a Master/ Slave relationship. He popped the lock to her collar off, it unlatched itself from her neck, she felt the collar slacken, she could take it off, she could turn the tables on him completely like this! He'd even given up the title of Master too! It'd be so easy now, she had a body, she could pounce on him and drain him dry, it'd be so easy... But his words of love reverberated in her head, echoing more powerfully than any binding spell ever could~
  15. [2020-01-20 14:54] *Red Imp Succubus  could not fully process just what was happening at the moment. The weight of his body on top of hers, the smell of him. The way he was holding her, [b]HOLDING HER HAND?![/b] She choked a little and turned her eyes away from him and exposed her neck to him even more and softly begged him to stop this. She could not take it. Her mind was swimming in a fog she had never felt before. "T.this is wrong.."she whispered as she shuddered again. Another climax rippled through her body making her moan and arch her breasts into his chest as he whispered those lewd, depraved and taboo words into her ear. "! can't mean that! It's..not..true...please...s..stop..this..."she was barely even away of the collar as it was taken off of her neck and she had the chance, she could strike. She could turn on him, overpower him, drain him dry and kill him and leave this behind and take his soul with her as a valuable tithe to those demons who ranked higher than she. Yet, she hesitated. She felt the warmth of his body, the hardness of his hands hold her own so tenderly, his words being whispered like honey into her ear. She closed her eyes and pressed her body against him and uttered the single most depraved words she could thing of.
  16. "Mas..Trog...m...make love to me."
  17. Her voice was a whisper barely even able to be heard but there it was. Her full, utter and complete submission to him. She was his now, she belonged to him and he was free from her ever trying to destroy him. The only thing he had to worry about now, was when she was summoned to pay her tithe
  19. [2020-01-20 15:18] *  a smile graced his lips as he felt it, of course he meant every word, he had to otherwise this wouldn't work, after all, demons could smell a liar from across the globe, but with his eyes fixed on her, his fingers entwined with her's, she could feel that he wasn't lying. Her heart would skip a beat, invisible bonds forming around it, connected to him, she was [b]his[/b] now, and no one else's, he would be able to feed her for an entire day with just a drop of his essence... But he was going to give her more than a drop~. "Of course Red~" He purred down to her, a hand releasing her's and moving down to her thighs, spreading them gently as he took his cock out, that thick length of orc-cock throbbing just in front of her uncovered cunt. She could smell that dick, the potent aroma of his sex, which normally made her drool, now made her heart beat fast against her chest, anxiety and passion entwining themselves as he pressed his engorged, mushroom head against her tight, sopping wet pussy. She'd already came so many times, he took in a deep breath, his heart throbbing as he -slid- inside of her easily, her lubricated pussy providing little resistance, though once in, her pussy would enshroud his cock, wrapping around his invading organ, squeezing him tightly. He let out a moan that would ring in her ears, it was a much purer note of pleasure than she was used to, he pressed their bodies together and she could swear that she felt his heart pounding in time with her own. The rest of his body was hardly idle, one hand remained holding her's, gripping it tightly as if to deepen their bond, while the other moved to her chin and held her head in place.
  21.   She could see his next move in his eyes, half-lidded as he moved closer and then pressed his lips against her's, his tongue snaking out, entwining with her thinner, more mobile muscle, his saliva only barely dilution her 'poison', making his tongue and lips tingle, which only made him moan into the kiss, breathing hotly into it and deepening the meeting of their mouths. His hand stroking along her cheek, and then moving to her hair, gripping and then stroking it, fingers entangled once more in those red locks. Her body would bounce as he thrust himself deeper inside of her, her pussy stretched around his cock, a bulge in her pelvis clearly outlining the path his cock was taking as it moved deeper inside of her, that throbbing head charting a new course in her depths, and every time he moved out to ram her, the lip of his cock's helm would drag against her walls, making his cock throb and enhance the feeling of their meeting sexes. He let out a heated moan, grabbing her hand harder as his head kissed against her cervix, though they both knew that he was not simply going to stop there, no, he was her lover after all, and with a powerful roll of his hips, he buried his thick, green member inside of her bright red pussy, entering her womb, his cock head pressing against her belly. His breaths came out in ragged pants, and she was practically swallowing cup after cup of his saliva as he got lost in their love-making. Breaking the kiss, a bridge of drool connecting their mouths as he looked down at her. "Ahh... Ah... F-fu... I... I love you Red.... I... Ah... Ffff... I love you so much..." He pressed himself against her again, the veins in his cock throbbing more as his balls swelled just a bit, his swimmers eager to be released.
  23.   He rolled his hips faster, bucking against her body, a sense of frantic pleasure coming over him, though he was getting a bit rougher, pulling her hair, biting her lip as they passionately kissed, the sense of love making wouldn't drop, and indeed, was held all the way up to when he pulled back "Ahh.. F-fuck... G-go...Gonna C-cuuum!" He yelled out, his hand holding on to her's, the heady aroma of their love filling the room, creating a scent that would have her brain mired in a cocktail of lust and desire more potent than what she had felt before as he emptied himself inside of her. His cock expanded and contracted as he shot his thick seed in her, hell may have been hot, but her belly felt like it was on fire as his seed was deposited into her infernal womb, already his pent-up semen were seeking out eggs to fertilize, bombarding them with a single-minded intensity until they were fertilized. Her stomach started to expand a bit as cups became liters, his thick cum swelling her belly, the outline of each ejaculation clearly visible against her belly, and as it reached peak pressure, when she felt she couldn't take anymore, his cum started to shoot out, down his shaft and pooling between her legs, mixing with her earlier orgasms. He held her though, held her close, she could only smell him, his body, the aroma of their love filling her nose as he panted heavily in her ear "I love you..." He husked to her "Now and forever..." His heart was racing in his chest as he proclaimed this to the succubus. But still he remained inside of her, his cock still firmly erect, but now holding her, stroking her hair more, kissing her cheek, basking in their love, and not once did he let go of her hand.
  25. [2020-01-20 15:47] *Red Imp Succubus  felt her body tremble as she was coasting on several climaxes back to back now. What he was doing was so utterly unorthodox and was the highest of taboos among her kind. This was not how things operated in hell, this was, this was something different. It was forbidden, disgusting and depraved. She felt herself losing her mind at his words, the way he held not just one hand but both of her hands pinning them above her head in an absolute domination of her will to his own. She was crushed, beaten, defeated and yet her heart thrilled at it. This was so depraved, so insane, so enticingly lewd and sickening in it's carnality that she could not help but crave more of it. With a voice barely above a whisper she cooed at him to make love to her, to give her everything he had, to make the sweetest, most tender kind of love to her. The very words felt like they stung her muzzle and tongue as she spoke them. She began to breath quickly, panting with excitement and anticipation at what was to come. The feel of his hands spreading her thighs apart, the smell of his cock hitting her nose. Her tongue lashed out tasting the air and she shivered as that potent male musk was so tangible she could drink it from the air. She shivered again and let out a little moan of need and pleasure. She was beyond soaking wet. The sheets were stained with her dew, her thighs were slick and the fur damp and sticky with her juices. He could feel the heat coming off of her, the throbbing need of her pussy. As the head of his cock began to push into her she sucked in a breath and arched her back, rolling her hips up as  her non existent eyes rolled into her skull.
  27. His cock was big and it filled her up as it pushed into her. The pre-cum mixing with her own vaginal fluids that were gushing over his cock. He could literally feel her honey soaking into his cock skin, washing over him, draining down his shaft, pooling at his balls and dripping onto the bed in a potent mix of her heady cinnamon and spice tinted smell. She rolled her hips under him, writhed her body against his own and let out the softest little moan as her body instantly adapted to the thick girth invading her become the most perfect pussy he would ever feel. She was tight, hot, damp and her muscled seemed to work in such a way that pulled him into her while at the same time milking his cock. It felt like her pussy was quite literally sucking on his cock with every push he made into her. The bulge in her belly only grew as she sensed his desire to see the thick bulge of his outline in her body and she got even tighter around him. "Yes" She hissed out in heated passion as his mouth came down on hers and he kissed her. She had no actual need for breath and she eagerly took his spit into her mouth, her snake like tongue coiled around his own and held onto it. As he thrust his tongue in and out of her muzzle he felt her venomous spit mixing with his own. That only added to his own arousal and seemed to effect his cock and his body on a mirco level and filled him with a sense of euphoria and lust to drive him onto into even greater acts of love making. As she felt his cock head kiss her cervix she did the most perverse thing she could think of, the single most depraved act a succubus could ever do. She wrapped her thighs around his hips and locked her ankles tightly and pinned him into place.
  29. "Hnnnggggg Trog! Master! Master Trog! Fuck Me! Breed me! Please! Ohhh your cock feels so good! It's so big! So thick! Ahhh it fills me up to the brim! I will break! Please give me more! Master Trog! Please! I need you! I need you Trog!" her words were sweet, pleading and hungry for him as he began to move his hips into and out of her. Each time he pulled back sticky ropes of her dew clung onto his cock and her pussy gripped him as if she refused to let him go. "No! Deeper! Faster! More! Yes! More! please! Give it to me! Trog! yes! Yes! YES!" She cried out utterly lost in the bliss of these new and depraved sensations as he fucked her, pierced into her womb and finally came inside of her. "AHHH YES! FLOOD ME! FILL ME UP! FUCK! YES! MORE! GIVE ME MORE CUM! AHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!" She cried, thrashing under him as one orgasm after another rocked her body making her mind go blank, tears and drool ran down her face and streaked her chin as his cum pumped into her womb. She had no eggs to fertilize but inside her demonic womb there was something for his seed to wiggle into. One after another each "fertilized" object vanished from inside of her or exploded outwards filling her with energy and vitality. The tithe was being paid. He felt that same energy that also coursed into her body flow into him. And as his orgasm died away she still held him, his cock being milked and suckled by her hungry pussy. "Mmmmm Master...give me more...feed me
  31. [2020-01-20 16:01] *  the day passed on like this, every time he released inside of her, the vitality of her body would explode out, and rejuvenate him, creating an endless cycle of passionate love-making. He rolled his hips back into her, his balls slapping against her ass repeatedly, the noises of their sex filling the room, tingling deep inside of her ears. His cock was completely soaked in her thick honey, every time he pulled out, strands of it would connect his pelvis to her pussy before he wetly slid back in, causing droplets to splatter against their bodies. At one point he spread his knees apart as he pressed against her, a hand wrapping around her to lift her ass off the mattress and get a better angle to ram himself in her. His other hand still holding on to her's, his tongue roving up her cheeks, lapping her tears up, taking in almost every liquid he could, savoring all the different flavors her body had to offer him. It was some time later when he pulled out, his cock half-flaccid, dripping his seed onto the bed, the sun had set already and the afternoon had turned to night during their passionate love-making. Their hot bodies almost steaming, the room easily warmer than the rest of Trog's home. He laid beside her, one hand entwined with her's, having never let go during sex, the other stroking her cheek, her hair, his lips kissing her's softly, and briefly. She heard every heavy breath that left his body, saw his chest rise and fall with each more-than-satisfied breath. "S-say it once Red... Say you love me too." He said to her, looking at her once more with those intense eyes, the same look he'd fixed her with when they had begun, there was no lust in his gaze, only passion, a desire for a depth of emotion that was taboo to demons. Hours had passed though, and many times he'd affirmed his love for her, many times had he whispered it into her ear between love-making, or moaned it out before climax, or while he pumped his rigid member inside of her, now though, he wanted to hear her say it to him.
  33. [2020-01-20 16:08] Red Imp Succubus: This days was like no other the imp demon could remember. This orc shaman would become something that this academy would soon not be able to contain. His lust for power was too great, his desire for greatness so large and wonderful that she was enthralled by it. No wonder he had sought to summon her, and she, just a lowly imp demon, one of the lowest ranks in hell, was his. She did not even shudder as their love making had finally ceased. Not only had the tithe been paid in full but he had paid interest on his tithe. This would mean promotion for her, rising into the ranks of the hells or, if the orc boy had the desires she thought he might, she may never have to worry about that as he might actually become such a force that she would no longer have to pay any tithe to her superiors, and would pay it directly to him. But all of that was something to mull over another time. She was satisfied, for the moment as he finally pulled out of her, leaving her with a belly so bloated and sloshing with cum that she found it hard to move. She lay there, thighs spread open, panting for breath she did not need as his seed slowly spilled from her still hungry sex. She groaned at the feeling as she processed his virile seed into her system. It was so much!. She turned her now dimly glowing eyes to him and she bit her bottom lip. What he wanted her to say, the thing he wanted her to utter. She tried, devils curse her she tried several times but she just could not. She looked down, away from him, ashamed, or guilty, or, something. "I..I cannot Master."
  34. [2020-01-20 16:09]
  35. [2020-01-20 16:15] *  smiled, he could almost feel why she couldn't say that, and an idea popped into his head. Once more he was on top of her, straddling her body, bending just a bit, he kissed her cheek "It's alright, I understand Red~" He said to her with those sweet, sweet words "I can wait on you~... But..." He gave her another soft smile and took her hand, procuring a ring from his bedside table, he slid it onto her ring finger "When you're ready to say you love me, then all you need to do is remove the ring and tell me those words." He kissed her cheek again, then her hand before laying on his side, right before her, his body pressed against her's, he already had thoughts on how to further 'corrupt' her, but those would need to wait until the next day. It wouldn't be long before she heard him breathing deeply, looking over he'd fallen asleep, it made sense though, he'd been passionately fucking her for several hours, even as she restored his vitality over and over, all that exhaustion hit at the same time. He was mortal, and he needed sleep.
  36. [2020-01-20 16:22] *Red Imp Succubus  watched him wary eyes. This shaman was filled with tricks that she had to be on guard against. He had released her collar but she had no desire at that time to kill him, she still didn't. Honestly, why would she? His balls produced so much vital and virile food that each load of his orgasm was a feast for her. She was already heavily addicted to his seed and there was no need to go out and try to find someone else. Then there were the things he did, and how he did them. He was a crafty orc and she had to be on her guard. When he pulled the ring out and slipped it onto her finger every inch of her fur across her entire body stood on edge her tail fluffed out in warning but he rolled off of her, rolled over and then was deep asleep. She quickly rolled out of bed the sudden shot of anxiety caused her to quickly process the rest of his cum in her womb into energy. She was back to her non cum-bloated figure again and she hovered in the air, hands raised as if to attack when she felt the weight of the ring on her finger. It was, heavy. It felt like it was going to pull her into the ground and bury her there. She turned away from him and put the murderous thoughts from her mind and the weight of the ring suddenly lessened. She had to admit, he was clever. Sleep was not something she needed and so she spend most of the night going through his things, looking at his books his tools and finally she decided that sleep was something she wanted. She drifted back to his bed and before she got in, she put the collar around her neck, made the leash was night and tight, and slipped into bed beside him. The weight was comforting, the tight collar restraining and she moaned softly as she pressed her body into his. She was his demon now. Heaven help the world.
  38. [2020-01-20 16:43] *Red Imp Succubus  woke up the next day feeling the joy of the luxurious bed, the feeling of stretching her body again and the general joys that went with being in a physical body. She made sure to make good use of her time and fed slowly, longingly from her Master's cock as he ate breakfast and she tenderly cleaned and suckled his cock drinking down every last drop of his delicious, addicting cum that she could. He had come up with an idea, a "date" where he would take her out and show her off. This was perfect and she had the proper attire. An open crotch pair of panties, thigh high stirrups with spikes at the top, a studded open bra and a collar and leash for her to walk around all fours like a worthless bitch. And then the little green bastard made her change! He [b]forced[/b] to put on the most lascivious, salacious ruinous outfit she could think of! A sweater! A hell's cursed sweater of all things that not only covered her neck but her arms and her chest as well! Then he had her put on a skirt that covered most of her legs AND he had her cover her hooves as well! She was beside herself! She was livid! He was going to take her out in public like this?! Then the little rotten monster had the audacity to hold her hand the entire time while they were out. She was thankful to the demon lords that she could not actually blush or she would be crimson faced the entire time they were out. This was so perverted, so torrid and so utterly, inconceivably lewd that she had to stop several time to clean up the soaking wetness that was between her thighs. When the finally back from their little "date" she threw herself on the ground and crawled on all fours towards him and began to nuzzle his crotch. "'re so depraved making me wear these kinds of clothes...making me do all those..things today...I..I want you master. I want you to use my throat like a cunt and fuck me."
  39. [2020-01-20 16:48]
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