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  2. Jokes aside there isn't a funny or polite way to deal with this so lets get it over with.
  4. First thing is first, I love all of you and I could not run this site without you. With a core moderator team of about 10 members we process over 2000 posts per day, up to 5000 per day. Divided evenly, which is not always the case, you're looking at about 200 to 500 posts of responsibility every single day. In the almost-5-years we've been active, not once have we had 'leaks' from this board.
  6. I like to say that I am one horrible prick whose only redeeming attribute is that I put people better than myself around me. @Dynastia likes to joke that @Melchett doesn't do anything but when it comes to monitoring feelings, she does a fantastic job, and this is one instance where Melchett has picked up on things that I would let fester until a breaking point occurred.
  9. I have demodded 4 people in 5 years.
  11. Glaive was demodded because he started behaving strange and bragged that he had manipulated Wizardchan into admining him and he only did that so he could dox them and make lolcows of them. He was full of shit and trying to hide the fact he was a 'virgin', but I couldn't trust him anymore after that. Bragging about exploiting a userbase is not something I can tolerate even humorously from a mod.
  13. Valiant was demodded with the least justification, simply because I was just disgusted with the way the Downtime Discord was managed and I wanted no one in charge of that anywhere near me. I've thought about bringing her back.
  15. IWC was made a supervisor and removed in under an hour because he was made a supervisor at the same time as OwO. One of the basic things I expect of any mod is the ability to communicate, and all IWC did was try to undermine OwO and the two started using their limited powers to subvert each other almost immediately. IWC showed no interest of doing anything besides what he wanted so the opportunity I gave him to actually be useful for once failed completely. He would not even acknowledge that OwO exists and embarrassingly, childishly continued on as if she did not, even in chat, even as I was confronting him and laying out what I needed from him.
  17. CatParty was given a very specific set of moderator abilities: he could move threads. That's it. Early on in the forum's history it was not clear where things should go and I needed someone who kept track of everything to help me sort it. He overstepped his boundaries repeatedly by moving threads to Spergatory to de-facto 'lock' them, even after being warned not to do that. This direct power grab and ignoring what I asked of him caused me to try and politely cut him off from the team, something which remains a joke to this day.
  20. What I don't drop people for is fucking up and making mistakes. Every one of you has fucked up at some point, and I try to handle that privately. Reprimanding mods in public results in things like AnOm walking out and it results in bad blood that should not exist on the team. This is a cardinal sin of SomethingAwful, where mods will do their thing and then Lowtax will pop in for a token appearance to reprimand all the staff, then drop off the face of the planet without anything really having changed and all the staff in a bad mood and threatening to quit.
  23. Now, why do I mod people? Various reasons.
  25. Most of the time I pick reliable people like @wagglyplacebo, @JSGOTI, @yawning sneasel, @Ravenor and @Vitriol to maintain the status quo. I am very certain that if I disappeared for three months, given the IT stuff all stays together, @Clown Doll could maintain status quo like nothing even happened. That's why he is an admin.
  27. Sometimes I pick an interpreter who understands what people want better than I do. @Melchett and @Meowthkip can interface with human beings and/or Tumblrites. I cannot. @Broken Pussy and @CasualSeppuku are also good interpreters for BP and the only reason I don't promote them is because I do not want to overburden them or stretch them out too far. @Vitriol and @Valiant were both supervisors of Deep Thoughts, but once they got promoted, their focus on DT sort of waned. That's not really a problem with them, it's just what happens.
  29. Then there is the third class. These are people like @Alan Pardew, @DeagleDad420, @Glaive, and @OwO What's This?. They are people who change things, who have vivid ideas and want to take control of something and grow it, like a little kid with a watering can and a small garden outback. @CasualSeppuku and @Broken Pussy can also be considered the 'ideas guys', but they're too predictable for that. CS and BP can taken existing rules and make them work for a large girl userbase, but they're not truly changing the way the forum works. This class, obviously, is the risky one. That's the point. It's taking a risk.
  32. The people who maintain status quo are the police force of the Kiwi Farms, but I try to find people who disagree with me, and who want to do things differently. I love it when someone wants to see the website grow and has ideas for doing that. I like people with boundless energy and who wants to invest that energy into something I also invest time and energy into. That's the only way the site can grow. That is why I modded OwO. She genuinely wants grow the site and she has done a lot of shit to help accomplish that. She pulls strings to get Dick Masteron interested in the Kiwi Farms, and then when Hatreon drops us, she manages to rope Cody Wilson directly into it and has him emailing me in a couple hours. She just does shit, and a lot of the time it helps, but sometimes it's a massive fuckup.
  35. I'm going to say negative things about OwO now, in direct contrast to what I just said about not reprimanding people in public. I'm not doing this to shame anyone. I am hoping that people can understand my POV better. The alternative to doing this is to either simply demod her, which makes me look arbitrary, or to not say anything, and look like I don't care about what any of you think. Neither of these things are true. There is a method to the madness, and I do intimately concern myself with what other staff think, and even if it doesn't look like I care, I do.
  37. OwO's a double-edged sword, and my biggest problem with her is trying to explain shit to her. Every time I get a valid complaint about something she's done, our resulting conversation where I try to temper her behavior for what to do next time is an hour long because I cannot put concepts in a way she easily understands, and me being angry stresses her out and she becomes even less receptive to the instruction I'm trying to give her.
  39. The PM that prompted this thread is like 8 paragraphs detailing the concerns of the other staff to me, in a way that is direct and self-sufficient in making its points. Explaining something to OwO or having her explain something to me is the exact opposite. I cannot even describe how frustrating it is in words. The way I've described it to her is: "It's like trying to place 12 cats in specific places in a room for a photo, and when you think you've got the last cat where it ought to be, you turn around and they've all wandered all over the place."
  41. Our first conversation like this was when she was still a supervisor and I had just given IWC his powers. They started up a slap fight immediately, where IWC posted a thread demanding users ignore OwO's sticky. She deletes the thread, he undeletes it, and then she moves it to Spergatory to make it so he can't un-delete it again. This is, of course, a very famous maneuver known as 'pulling a catparty' and is the one thing that seems to b-line a person towards overstaffing.
  43. The correct answer to this would be to do nothing and let me know that IWC is directly fucking with other staff. Any time two staff members are having problems, it needs to escalate immediately. I can't have people contradicting each other. It makes the site look sloppy and shitty. I try not to contradict staff disrespectfully because that doesn't help anything and just makes people fucking hate me.
  45. In our conversation about this incident, I am beating her over the head with that point. Any time, I say, any time you want to contradict another staff member, you need to escalate it to me before doing so. I say this again, and again, and she starts to get it, but keeps wanting to explain her feelings. Her rational that led to a faulty decision. Which I don't care about. I do not care why you did something wrong, but here is the correct answer, so just tell me that you understand this correct answer. It got to a point where I literally write the words "If I have a disagreement with a staff member I will bring it to your attention" and ask her to copy+paste it back to me so that I can end the discussion.
  47. There was the issue with her (incorrectly) explaining why IWC got banned. Then, after having another hour long conversation about why that was wrong, she makes another public post about having been "disciplined" which was totally not needed and made me look like some sort of fucking BDSM fetishist in a Dd/sm relationship, so then I have to explain why that post about being 'disciplined' was not needed and how it was awkward and reflected poorly upon the internal harmony of the site.
  49. Last night we had yet another discussion like that because this time she wanted to contradict @yawning sneasel's decision to moderate the Salt Mine. She confronts him directly at first, and in the chatlog @yawning sneasel is very defensive because he (naturally and understandably) doesn't
  50. want to take orders from @OwO What's This?, so she decides to show the log to me. This is OK so far, nothing too bad, but the resulting conversation is 45 minutes of me asking what her fucking point was. I thought she wanted to allow infighting outright in the board, but in this discussion she says that's wrong and then the conversation just becomes noise where she's very distressed over my frustration at her not spitting out the fucking point. I felt like I was losing my mind, like I was Shmorky's ex-GF, just screaming "What do you want from me!?", "What do you want from me? Do you want to rape me??" fucking over and over again desperate for a one-sentence answer to the question.
  52. Compare this, again, to the PM which led up to me writing this. It's long, but it's clear what the point is. THIS IS THE PROBLEM, it begins. HERE ARE SOME SUPPORTING FACTS, it continues. YOU SHOULD ADDRESS THE PROBLEM OR DEMOD OWO, it concludes. Wow! Human language! Ain't it nice.
  55. I should mention that this "ehhh maybe this was a mistake" feeling has come up before a few times and we got through it. I'll just namedrop @Feline Darkmage because they're a good sport. Other mods brought up concerns about FDM. I was also concerned with some of the decisions she made. We worked through it and now people like FDM as a mod. Happy ending.
  57. OwO has not made any ridiculously poor moves like IWC did where it's just like, "yeah this absolutely cannot work". They are in the same vein of problems that other people have made. The complication appears to be in two places: (1) public perception of her is abysmal so those benefits of a doubt do not exist and every error is scrutinized immensely, (2) I do not know how to communicate with her effectively, which is the far bigger problem.
  60. I'm optimistic. It might not sound like it, but I'm optimistic. You know why? @OwO What's This? wants to do good. She likes this website, she likes all of you, she likes the community and she wants it to grow. Behind the scenes she has done an immense amount of work to help out however she can and I am appreciative of her. Teaching her boundaries and expectations is difficult, but she wants to learn, and the key factor to accomplishing literally anything is a desire to learn.
  62. Please do not see her as being in some special status that somehow ascends over all of you. She is a purple moderator; she cannot direct other purples how to do their job, she cannot discipline users directly, and she is subordinate to the blues and reds. The power dynamic has not changed. You are all still very trusted members of the team and I'm hoping you give me the benefit of the doubt with my seemingly arbitrary decision to mod her. If there's still concerns, everyone has ways of getting to me privately.
  65. And with all that out of the way,
  67. nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger.
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