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  1. As in response to Hypno's wanting to still use our TS server, I personally feel that if he's gonna make a new domain/website that he go all the way and set up his own TS server. It's already too hard to keep things inline when I know that when non minecraft admins aren't in the Minecraft channel, it's a mad house where people bad mouth other admins, and Hypno causes drama like taking away Moti's mod the day after he found out about the thread and threatens him not to talk to Snood about it.
  3. I know a lot of this stuff sounds like just something between Hypnon and Moti, but there are so many other things outside of this one incident that have me feeling we'd be better off just with a clean cut.
  5. Hopefully, this added some more info fer ya. Sorry if it's not all coherent. Didn't get to bed till 6:30 this morning. >_<
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