Oran Mini - Book Titling Valley

Sep 20th, 2011
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  1. [20:33:38] <Maka> (whenever you're ready. Pick a day too, I think Dox said 1-10 of summer are legal, but 1 is fireworks)
  2. [20:34:08] <@Jack> 3 works.
  3. [20:34:49] * @Jack makes his way into the library, remembering not to knock this time. He takes a curious look about, wondering if the librarian is in.
  4. [20:36:03] * Maka is not immediately visible upon entering the library, but you hear the shuffling of books and someone humming somewhere in the library.
  5. [20:37:48] <@Jack> "Hello?" Jack finally speaks up, hoping to get her attention after waiting around a brief bit.
  6. [20:38:01] <Maka> A drowzee approaches Jack holding a bowl of candy and offers it to him. His nametag marks him as "Dahl".
  7. [20:38:55] <Maka> "Huh? Oh...c-coming!" a quiet voice somehow makes itself heard from within the library, and a few seconds later Maka appears out of the shelves, a bundle of books in hand.
  8. [20:40:43] <@Jack> "Oh, hey Maka," Jack gives a cordial wave, "I know this is a longshot, but are there any books that would have information on gible around here? Particularly...where one may find one?"
  9. [20:43:38] <Maka> "Hi Jack." Maka gives a shy half-wave in response before dropping her the stack of books on her desk. "Dahl, could you...?" the drowzee wanders off into the shelves. " are you looking for gibles?"
  10. [20:45:42] <@Jack> "Well," he scractches the back of his head, "I sort of promised someone I'd get one for her. Or rather, my grandfather did...and he never delivered."
  11. [20:47:08] <Maka> "That's really ni- oh Dahl, no..." the drowzee's returned with a HUEG stack of books and looks expectantly at Jack. "S-s-sorry Jack...I'm um...I'm s-still teaching him to help out here..."
  12. [20:48:18] * @Jack smiles, shaking his head, "No, no, it's alright. I'm sure he's doing his best."
  13. [20:50:17] * Maka motions Dahl and Jack over to a table, and the drowzee dumps the pile of books down on it. "Um...let's see..." Maka begins taking books off the pile, starting from the top. She has to stand on her tiptoes just to reach the first one. 'OCEANS: HELLA FUCKING WET' Oh no, that's not right at all. Maka lightly facepalms. Dahl just continues eating candy.
  14. [20:50:59] <@Jack> "How've things been over here, by the way?"
  15. [20:51:59] <Maka> "Um...n-not bad...I haven't been sleeping that well, but, could just be the seasons..." Maka takes down another book. 'CAVES 'N SHIT' Closer, but Maka knows this won't have any relevant info either.
  16. [20:53:46] <@Jack> "Really? Maybe I could have Nam come over and try to sing you to sleep? She's gotten kinda good at that."
  17. [20:55:03] <Maka> 'DESERTS: JUST FUCKING SAND' is next, and Maka just shakes her head at Dahl. "D-dahl! ...W-we don't even have deserts around here..." another book. 'FLATLANDS: HELL, I'D STILL HIT IT' another facepalm. "That'd...t-that'd be great, I think. My dreams have been...f-funny..."
  18. [20:56:05] <@Jack> "Oh? Nothing too troublesome, I hope?" Jack asks, rather concerned.
  19. [20:56:07] <Tristan_TheHumanIceMachine> (I still need to name that damned author.)
  20. [20:56:23] <Tristan_TheHumanIceMachine> (He's doing a book signing in my game in a few in-game days.)
  21. [20:57:30] * Maka shakes her head and manages a small smile before yawning deeply. "N-no, I'm...I'm fine." Maka begins grabbing the books down faster now that the pile is a lot shorter. 'FUCK YOU I HAVE FOSSILS' "Dahl, it's a _dragon_. They're not dead yet..." 'TUNDRAS: WHO PISSED IN THE SNOW' finally...
  22. [20:58:00] * Maka plucks down another book, near the bottom of the pile now, looking distressed and weary. Dahl is still eating candy, oblivious. 'MOUNTAINS: FUCK GEODUDES'
  23. [20:58:32] <Maka> "This one!" Maka beams and flips it open. It's heavily notated, with sheets of paper stuck in it covered in her own writing.
  24. [20:59:09] <@Jack> "I tried looking for one in the mines earlier, although I didn't have much luck," he comments, eyeing the book's title dubiously.
  25. [21:00:22] * Maka licks a finger and begins riffling through the pages. "Um...not quite in there..." she takes out a sheet with a crude map drawn. It seems to be of Iris Hill. "Try here...I think. It's..I...well, I don't go there often. The mandibuzz are t-troublesome..."
  26. [21:01:23] <Maka> (more specifically, Jack can probably tell its the barrens, the area where he fought mandibuzz in the very first session of Oran!)
  27. [21:01:40] <@Jack> "Mandibuzz? Great..." he mutters, "I had so much fun the last time I went there."
  28. [21:03:27] <Maka> "T-they're s-scary aren't they?" Maka flips through a few more sheets of notes inserted into the book. "Um...I have some notes here from when Arawn and I've gone hunting there before. If...if you want, I've gotten pretty good at tracking certain types of pokemon..."
  29. [21:04:14] <@Jack> "You're saying you want to come along?" he asks, a bit concerned, "and your brother would be alright with that? I mean, it is pretty dangerous."
  30. [21:05:31] * Maka nods. "I...I d-don't think Sub likes it, but um...I've gone hunting with Arawn before, so...I think I'll be okay...maybe."
  31. [21:06:36] <@Jack> "Maybe we should get another person or two to come along, then. I almost died when I went looking in the mines. I can imagine this won't be any easier."
  32. [21:08:40] <Maka> "Um...I could ask Sub...maybe Ar- oh no no...his...his b-b-birthday present's late and he's probably mad at me...uh..." Maka quietly mutters to herself, barely audible. "Oh, what about Clarity? She'd never turn down a chance at um...adventure." Her face clearly reveals she knows this is not the optimal adventuring party choice.
  33. [21:09:46] <@Jack> "I don't see why not, so long as she doesn't fall asleep," Jack nods, "when do you think we should do this? The person I'm doing this for will be here awhile, so there's no hurry."
  34. [21:11:05] <Maka> "Um...a-any time in the next few days...I just finished reorganizing the library..."
  35. [21:11:51] <@Jack> "Sounds like a date, then," Jack says, then quickly corrects himself, "I mean an adventure."
  36. [21:13:36] * Maka is too busy stacking the unused books into Dahl's arms to catch the first part. "Mhm...oh oops..." 'MARSHES: I'VE GOT FUCKING LEECHES WHERE?!' falls off the pile, but she quickly puts it back on top. "y-you can borrow the book if you want..." Maka offers Jack 'MOUNTAINS'
  37. [21:15:03] * @Jack takes it, nodding, "the construction book was a big help by the way."
  38. [21:15:59] <Maka> "That's good to hear. Sub said Hurr Durr Gurdurrs was really helpful too...b-but I saw him reading it upside down once...I wonder..."
  39. [21:16:52] <@Jack> "Maybe he was just getting a better perspective on one of the diagrams?"
  40. [21:19:57] <Maka> "M-maybe..." Maka sends Dahl off with the books. "Um...I h-hope you enjoy reading that one too."
  41. [21:20:09] <@Jack> "I'm sure I will. Anyway, uh," Jack considers, "are there any kinds of books the library is particularly lacking?"
  42. [21:22:27] * Maka glances at the nearby shelves. They're almost all full with practical handbooks and other boring things. "H-honestly?" she looks a bit embarassed. "kind of...everything...there's not much here that isn't just a how-to or um...reference book. I wish we had more novels..."
  43. [21:23:00] <@Jack> "More novels? Hm, I'll keep that in mind, then," Jack says confidently.
  44. [21:23:43] * Maka gives a very short nod.
  45. [21:24:32] <@Jack> "Anyway, I don't have much left to do for the rest of the day," Jack comments, "need any help around here? Free of charge, of course."
  46. [21:27:11] * Maka shakes her head. "T-thanks, but I just finished cleaning and organizing." She glances over at Dahl. " should eat some of the candy though...or Dahl's going to get cavities..." the drowzee stops a second, then resumes eating faster than ever at hearing this comment. "Oh're free to stay here and read more books if you'd like."
  47. [21:30:01] <@Jack> "I guess I could spare a bit of time," Jack smiles, browsing around the Library for more books.
  48. [21:32:06] <Maka> (...and I've actually run out of these sorts of book titles, sorry! So if you'd like there are a few novels and such listed on Maka's page as far as books go)
  49. [21:32:35] <Nike> The door opened as Nike steps in and shuts behind herself. She glances about, looking for the librarian.
  50. [21:32:59] <@Jack> (It's alright. I wasn't looking for mor etitles.)
  51. [21:34:21] * Maka has settled down behind her desk again, reading a book. "Oh um...hi Nike. A-are you looking for a book?"
  52. [21:35:09] * Nike looks to Maka, and nods, approaching the desk. "Yes. You have books on the local area? Or at least a few maps?"
  53. [21:35:15] * @Jack looks up from his own reading of a very non-current pokemon magazine.
  54. [21:37:11] <Maka> "Oh um..." Maka looks around for Jack again. "Y-you can ask Jack over there. I lent him a book, and I left a map of Iris Hill in there. If he's not using it right now...or..." Maka offers the book she was reading. It's 'The Volcarona Manuscript'. "Um, there's local folklore in here, but no maps..."
  55. [21:38:06] <Nike> "Folklore..." Nike mutters, before holding out her hand. She then flinches, and pulls her hand back. "Oh, only if you're finished with it."
  56. [21:39:26] * @Jack offers the book to Nike, opening the page to the map, "if you're interested in heading up, we're planning a trip sometime this week."
  57. [21:39:45] * Maka nods. "Um...y-yeah, I'm done. If..if you want maps though, do you know if anyone can make them? I wanted to start a, you know, for adventurers...with lots of maps to help them. B-b-but I don't have many myself..."
  58. [21:40:57] * Nike looks curiously at Jack. "There? Again?" She considers, before realizing. "You mean where we rescued the lost mareep, yes? You're going back up there?"
  59. [21:41:13] <Nike> She then looks to Maka, and considers. A lightness on her face suggests an idea is brewing in her head.
  60. [21:41:22] <@Jack> "Looking to catch a gible," he explains, "to keep a promise."
  61. [21:42:45] * Maka gets up and gestures at a relatively empty side-room in the library. There's only one shelf there, and Dahl is at it, restocking it with all the books he had removed earlier. "I wanted to make an explorers' room, you know, with a big table and maps for planning adventures."
  62. [21:44:13] <Nike> "...I just so happen to be looking to plan an adventure later on," Nike muses. "It's sort of why I wanted the maps..."
  63. [21:44:30] <Nike> She turns her attention back to Jack. "How many of you are going to catch the gible?"
  64. [21:45:38] <@Jack> "Myself, Maka, and maybe Clairty so far. We could probably use a more skilled fighter's protection, as tough as my pokemon are."
  65. [21:46:38] * Maka nods. "I'm going to finish that map of Iris Hill while we're there..." she adds quietly.
  66. [21:47:18] <Nike> "..." Nike leans to one side, and nods. "Well, if you need a fighter, I can provide. Perhaps after that, I could ask a favour in return?"
  67. [21:49:24] <@Jack> "What would that be?"
  68. [21:51:15] <Nike> "I found something while I was out with my father and Arawn, preparing for the upcoming Fireworks Festival. I'm going to be looking into it, and when I've finished that, I can get back to you."
  69. [21:51:47] <Maka> (...oh god damnit, did I forget to take ancient pulse with Maka? I did...)
  70. [21:52:09] <Cress> (That statement might have to be adjusted; Fireworks Festival was 1st and I think this is afterwards)
  71. [21:52:14] <Cress> (</interruption>)
  72. [21:52:33] <Maka> (oh yes, that's right, this is the 3rd)
  73. [21:53:33] <Nike> (Still, she could have been out helping them get stuff before the 1st. So really, only the "upcoming" needs to be changed. Even then, only the Beach Portion has been done, yes? There's still a bit more on the way. To what I understand)
  74. [21:53:54] <@Jack> ((There are 3 sessions, but they happen at the same time.))
  75. [21:53:57] <Maka> (yeah but they happen concurrently, so they're all on the first. But yeah, the upcoming is all that needs to be changed)
  76. [21:54:03] <Clarity> (OOC, yes, but they're all on the first, yeah)
  77. [21:54:38] <Nike> (Either way...)
  78. [21:57:06] <Nike> "Anyway, if this pans out, I might ask you both for a favour. Either way, if you need my help out at Iris Hill, I'd be happy to provide."
  79. [21:57:34] <Maka> "Um...what kind of favor? W-what'd you find?"
  80. [21:59:16] * Maka sneezes. Someone must be talking about her somewhere.
  81. [22:00:45] * Nike pulls out a frayed map from her back pocket, and places it on the desk. "Bless you. This map apparently leads to an old ruin, and it has a few instructions on how to go through it. The problem is, there's no way for me to verify where the location on this map is in relation to our town. It's why I was hoping to cross reference a few maps."
  82. [22:01:21] <Maka> (is this ruin the shrine in the old forest, related to it at all, or a different place altogether?)
  83. [22:01:33] <@Jack> "I see," Jack considers, looking it over, "interesting."
  84. [22:02:24] <Nike> (different place altogether)
  85. [22:03:12] <Maka> "C-can I come if you go there? I...I like ruins, but I've only ever been able to visit the forest shrine..."
  86. [22:03:57] <@Jack> "I'll come as well, if you'd like. I'm interested in seeing this, and I may be able to help you there," Jack comments, "although...there is the matter of finding it first, yes?"
  87. [22:04:48] <Nike> "I was hoping you'd come, Maka. I'd need a scholar to help bring out the full value of this ruin." Nike looks over to Jack. "If this is authentic and I can find its location, a full team would be a godsend."
  88. [22:06:01] <@Jack> "You know, doesn't that Lisa girl go on expeditions like this a lot? She might know something a bit more about this map."
  89. [22:06:57] * Maka smiles and leans over for a closer look at the map. After a second, she pulls out some paper and sketches an exacting copy of the map. "I'll um...I'll go look and see if I have any other maps to check this with...okay?"
  90. [22:08:01] <Maka> (yay for quick draw)
  91. [22:08:42] <Nike> "Thank you, Maka. That'd be most appreciated." Nike steps back, and thinks for a second. "Hmm, yes, I was hoping to ask her about this. But only if we could verify where this would be, exactly. Wouldn't want to bother her if this turned out to be a fraud."
  92. [22:09:35] <@Jack> "If it were a fruad, she'd probably know better than anyone," he shrugs, "how've you been, anyway?"
  93. [22:11:20] <Maka> "That book I just gave you might have something too...I think."
  94. [22:11:59] <Nike> Nike's eyes widen a bit. "Um...fine...just been keeping to helping my father and Arawn, letting my Pokemon get some exercise." Nike takes 'The Volcarona Manuscript' with the intend on reading through it carefully.
  95. [22:12:58] <@Jack> "Well, that's always good. Most pokemon need a lot of it."
  96. [22:22:26] <Nike> "So..." Nike chews her lip. "How...did you find the Firework Festival?" The Fyron family put a lot of work into it this year, she hoped it went well in the others' eyes.
  97. [22:22:59] <Maka> (ffffffff, Maka hasn't actually done her part in the festival yet, so I'm gonna have her disappear for a bit to not answer that)
  98. [22:23:10] <@Jack> "It was nice," Jack smiles, "I liked it quite a bit."
  99. [22:23:32] <Nike> (To be fair, neither has Nike)
  100. [22:24:23] * Maka is off in a corner of the library; she seems to be going over the books Dahl found earlier and teaching him about them. Or trying anyway.
  101. [22:25:12] * Nike seems to relax a little; that was nice to hear. "What did you end up doing for it?"
  102. [22:26:37] <@Jack> "I was by the beach, bought a few things," Jack comments, "sort of wish I went with someone, but maybe next year."
  103. [22:28:58] <Nike> "I'm sure there were many others who when on their own, right?"
  104. [22:30:43] <@Jack> "I suppose, yes," Jack shrugs, "I had fun either way."
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