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[AiE] Anon is stuck as a slave to roman griffons

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  1. >The whip cracks, its tip breaking the barrier of sound
  2. >And with a bellowing scream, a deep gash is left on your back, instantly leaking a thick red stream
  3. >You plead for mercy, not ready for the pain
  4. >The griffon just chuckles loudly, her face contorting in pure amusement. Like someone cracked a great joke
  5. >"Just nine more." she muses and reels back for the second whip lash
  6. >In the movies, the protagonists always bit their way through these things
  7. >Not even screaming
  8. >Defying their tormentors by showing them that they can take it
  9. >Not you
  10. >You cry like a little bitch
  11. >The second time the whip kisses your skin, the pain is so intense that you howl like an animal
  12. >With all your strength you fight against your binding, but only manage to chafe the rough rope into your skin
  13. >The pain is nothing compared to the whip and the post both of your wrists are tied to is ordinarily used for combat practice, marked with indentations from countless training weapons
  14. >Nothing you can do would ever budge it
  15. >On the side, the rest of the slaves are watching. Just outside the sandy area of the training yard
  16. >Mainly diamond dogs and starved minotaurs barely any larger than you are
  18. >Some are terrified, some show no emotion, and a few look at you with a content expression. Like you're getting what you deserve and it pleases them that it's you and not them
  19. >Feeling like they are above you, when in fact they are at the bottom of the barrel, no different than you
  20. >"Hnng!" the griffon behind you swings her whip with a grunt
  21. >Searing pain spreads from your back and radiates into every fiber of your body as your are rocked forth by the force of the lash
  22. >Your mind goes numb with pain as you ask for forgiveness
  23. >That last hit must have broken at least two ribs, every breath is a world of pain
  24. >And you're wheezing like you just ran a marathon
  25. >Bumping your head against the post, you succumb to your fate and wait for the next hit
  26. >Weeping like a little child
  27. >"Hnng!" she grunts and your whole body tenses up in pure panic
  28. >Your legs quiver and if you hadn't been on your knees already, you would have fallen over like a log
  29. >You wet yourself then and there
  30. >But the strike never comes
  31. >Reluctantly turning your head in confusion, you see her
  32. >The most sadistic creature on this side of the equator, whirling her whip idly like a flail, Klawsteen Velvettail
  33. >A griffon of the raven sub-species
  34. >Pitch black from the beak to the end of her tail, and altough called 'Raven' sub-species, her beak is still shaped like that of an eagle
  35. >The only thing not black are her eyes, cold steel-blue orbs that seem to pierce right through you
  36. >Secretly, you call her a nigger
  37. >"Hey, don't kill him." a voice quips from the balcony overseeing the training yard "Mom says he's rare."
  38. >Tolip Feathercrest, the only son of your owner and as snotty a brat as they get
  39. >Klawsteen just clicks her tongue twice whith a grin and gives him a wink
  40. >The successor of the Feathercrests appears to be satisfied with that as an answer and vanishes back inside the villa
  41. >You've never seen him being snotty with her
  42. >Shortly after he is gone your punishment continues in full
  44. >Klawsteen knew exactly how far she could go, where to hit to maximize the agony, what to say to break your will
  45. >Whether she succeeded or not, you weren't sure yourself
  46. >After it was over, another slave was told to stitch you back together
  47. >But you were still bound to the post, was it not over?
  48. >Melony was the one to tend to your wounds, a gentle tauress
  49. >Well endowed and with a simple demeanor
  50. >She wiped off the blood and got to work when you noticed something black in the corner of your eye
  51. >"Are you ready to tell me what really happened to that jug of wine?" Klawsteen asked, voice calm and full of satisfaction
  52. >Your voice quivers like a soft penis
  53. "Yes."
  54. >Two black claws clamp around your cheeks and turn your head, forcing those cold blue eyes into view "You didn't drop it on accident." she stated matter-of-factly
  55. >You recollect what got you into this situation and shake your head, still in her grip
  56. "No."
  57. >She raised her eyebrows "You didn't drop it at all." her act of surprise is intentionally bad "Do you know how I know?"
  58. >You can only shake your head in response and she continues "Because I checked the trash, no broken jugs. No intact jugs either. In fact, there weren't any jugs at all. Where is it?"
  59. >Hesitation is foreign to you
  60. "In the corridor to the cellar... there is a loose tile at the end of the hallway in the wall, with a large space behind it."
  61. >The tauress behind you sighs loudly as soon as Klawsteen had vanished inside the villa "You shouldn't do things like that, she always finds out."
  62. >It never occured to you that anyone would check the garbage over a broken jug
  63. >Was it just bad luck?
  64. >In the two weeks you were here, nothing like this happened before
  65. >And you didn't expect such a severe punishment
  66. >The black menace returns eventually, a redish brown jug full of wine in one of her talons
  67. >She stands before you silently for a full minute, until she has your undivided attention
  68. >What is she gonna-
  70. >Her arm stretches out and slowly tilts the jug
  71. >The yellow sand greedily drinks every drop "I fathom you wanted this for yourself?" the words hurt more with everything the sand swallows
  72. >When the jug is empty, she shoves her beak into your face and you rear back enough to barely avoid kissing her "Was it worth it?"
  73. >You shut your eyes and shake your head, your backside burning like fire
  74. "No."
  75. >"Listen, meat. The mistress cut you some slack because she knew you are not used to your role as a servant. The usual punishment for stealing from her, is 30 lashes. Then you get sold off to work in the coal mines."
  76. >"But I don't believe you got the message quite yet. You'll sleep in the pens with the diamond dogs for a month and you're forbidden from having dinner for the same duration."
  77. >One meal per day and cuddling with smelly, drooling retards. Sounds delightful
  78. >"I'll also have you wear one of these." she takes a dog collar from under a black wing and drops it in front of you, "So you have something at all times to remind you where you stand."
  79. >Klawsteen chucks the jug to the side and it lands in the sand with a 'thud', then rips off your binding and vanishes back into the villa again
  80. >Days went by
  81. >Once you grew accustomed to the smell, sleeping with the diamond dogs wasn't as horrible as you thought
  82. >Life around you settled into a rythm
  83. >Working in the kitchen was yours
  84. >Peeling potatoes, cutting vegetables, cooking meat, cleaning dishes, and nobody would be bothered by the occasional apple just vanishing
  85. >You were just one of five servants in here, the other four were all minotaurs
  86. >For some mysterious reasons the mistress doesn't want diamond dogs to prepare food for her family and guests
  87. >Wonder why
  88. >Probably because they eat poop
  89. >Heh
  90. >"What's so funny?" Melony asks with a coy grin "Got the next great heist all planned out already?"
  91. >You'd rather sudoku yourself than risk another meeting with Klawsteen's whip
  93. >"How about a friendly pat on the back to get you talking?"
  94. "Was imagining what the mistress' face would look like if a diamond dog served her a tray of poop."
  95. >The well endowed tauress makes a grimace "Yuck! They can be so nasty."
  96. >Bramon enters the kitchen with a big tub of potatoes in his arms, he's the biggest minotaur in this estate, which isn't saying much
  97. >The really big and strong ones get to fight in the arenas and work jobs that require brawn unattainable for griffons
  98. >Or you for that matter
  99. >Magic could do the trick probably, but you haven't seen a single pony in chains
  100. >Not even on the big market
  101. >The wooden tub'o'tatos falls to the ground with a bang
  102. >"The mistress wants the meal tripled, she's expecting guests. She also wants stuffed and flavored salmons with spinach, use the big oven to make them all in one batch." Bramon looks at the two of you chatting, a smirk across his features "Are you flirting?"
  103. >Melony rolls her eyes "We're talking about poop."
  104. >He raises his hands as if to yield "Close enough." and was about to leave the kitchen again
  105. "Wait, Bramon. Who are the guests?"
  106. >The taur shrugs "Some griffons from the senate and their cohorts, I think. But I might be wrong, didn't hear anything specific."
  107. >And with that he left
  108. >Melony mumbles to herself more than to you "Senate, huh? Important people." she mocks
  109. >You almost make a joke about putting poop in the fish when the pitch black griffon passes by the door
  110. >She doesn't even register you, but you still peel twice as fast without a sound coming over your lips
  111. >Melony didn't notice "What's wrong?"
  112. "Uh, I... thought..."
  113. >You hold up the potato
  114. "...there was vodka in is thing."
  115. >She just laughs a little and goes back to peeling carrots "You're an idiot sometimes."
  116. >You need a plan
  117. >A plan to escape this place
  118. >You want brunch, and a warm bed
  119. >Money, a garden, freedom
  120. >But most of all, you want to tap that puffy pony pussy
  122. "Mirabelle, what's the punishment for running away?"
  123. >The busty cow stops and looks at you uncertain "Don't. Just, don't even think about it." she emplores "Really, I mean it. If you get away, all the slaves in the household have to be executed."
  124. >Damn it, if only Mirabelle wouldn't be so cute
  125. >And Bramon not such a bro
  126. >And Nuffy the diamond dog so cuddly
  127. "Forget I asked, bad idea."
  128. >Two hours later the guests are feasting on the food Mirabelle, Bramon and you made
  129. >While Mirabelle and Melony and most others are tending to them, you're still stuck in the kitchen
  130. >Cleaning duty
  131. >That and you're not desired to be seen by the guests, the relatively fresh wounds on your back still bleed a little from time to time and the mistress wants to avoid making the impression that her servant are insubordinant
  132. >White toga's aren't exactly good at hiding red stains, that's not only applicable for wine
  133. >It's actually preferrable this way, when you think about it
  134. >Guests can get grabby
  135. >Especially when there's wine involved
  136. >You touch the collar around your neck and sigh while the background noises from the feast tell a story of joy, fun and unbridled sex with changing partners
  137. >The pans and pots are cleaned in no time and you make a little hill in the bubble mountain of the sink kingdom
  138. >A clicking noise behind you catches your attention, but there is nothing when you look
  139. >The sun begins to set outside the window, the kitchen has a nice view this time of the day
  140. >Too bad there's no one you can share it with, you're all alone scrubbing forks and knifes
  141. >Maybe Fork-san can be your girlfriend tonight
  142. >Looking through the bubbles at the fork in your hand, you try to imagine whether or not there are ways for a man to satisfy himself with nothing but this tool
  143. >Maybe if you were horribly masochistic
  144. >Not an option
  145. >What about Knife-sama?
  147. >Cleaning the cutting tool of scraps, you marvel at yourself in the blade's reflection
  148. >There is someone behind you
  149. >It's too dark to make out any distinct outline, but two steel-blue orbs gaze into your eyes through the reflection
  150. >You whirl around with eyes as big as saucers, spraying drops of water and bubbles in an arc around you
  151. >There she stands
  152. >Though she is smaller in height, she weighs more than you
  153. >Quite a bit in actuality
  154. >Like real lions, bundles of muscle and energy
  155. >You always wondered if the beak made them more dangerous than lions
  156. >Standing on all fours, her head is level with your chest
  157. >Why isn't she saying anything?
  158. >You're about to break the silence when she raises an ashen talon slowly, reaching for your own hands and squeezing them together
  159. >That's when you notice that there is still Knife-sama clutched in between them, held forward in something that could be considered a threatening gesture
  160. >She could have you flayed alive for this
  161. >An attempt to release your weapon is hindered by her own talon, she doesn't crush your hands. God knows, she could do it
  162. >Griffons talons are freaks of nature, you've seen them stop blades and crush stones
  163. >But she doesn't, she stares you in the eyes
  164. >No malice, no sadism, you can't read her at all
  165. >Like a creepy doll
  166. >After what felt like minutes, her talon wanders to the knife and pulls it from your fingers without resistance
  167. >The blade reflecting the last rays of an orange sun vanishing behind the horizon
  168. "I-I didn't mean to-"
  169. >She puts the knife on a counter and turns to leave "Wash yourself, and change your rags. Your presence was requested by one of the guests."
  170. >The raven exits the kitchen
  171. >Not exactly the romantic sunset you had in mind, and certainly not as relaxing as you hoped
  173. []=======================================[]
  175. >"Looks like a minotaur to me." an old griffon patriarch says, a dozen golden necklaces hanging from his neck
  177. >You're standing in the biggest room the villa has, it has a fancy name you don't remember, but it doesn't matter anyhow
  178. >"Yes, yes." a second one agrees, clinging to the first one like a tumor "Like a mishappen minotaur, a naked mishappen minotaur. Are you sure he doesn't have any sicknesses?"
  179. >The mistress Feathercrest answers him promptly "If he had any communicable diseases, I wouldn't have bought him in the first place."
  180. >She gestures Mirabelle to fan her just a tad bit quicker with the twirl of a claw, her boobs jiggling faster accordingly
  181. >D-Down, boy!
  182. >The feast is loud and all around you
  183. >Almost two dozen important bird people of different paths in life are conversing without a care in the world
  184. >Stuffing their bellies with your food, there is a spark of proudness coming to life in your chest, no one dislikes it
  185. >Most have one of their own servants with them, always the same white roughspun tunics
  186. >Like a uniform for slaves
  187. >Imperial guards are stationed at every entrance, the city provides them for a small fee at these banquets
  188. >They're armored with pompous helmets and the uniforms of the griffon army, flashy red cloth and silver plate
  189. >You wonder what they are thinking
  190. >Probably nothing, soldiers don't think
  191. >They're just here to make these people feel safe
  192. >And as insurance that you behave, the black bitch lounges nearby and eats to her hearts content
  193. >Never quite letting you out of the corner of her blue eyes
  194. >Hopefully she chokes on it
  195. >"No, you fools." An elderly griffon berates the other two "I've seen one of those before. He's not mishappen. In the murals of the old temple..."
  196. >Yes!
  197. >Tell them what a pristine example of a human you are!
  198. >"He's an octopus hybrid." The old fart goes on
  199. >Oh god, why
  200. >"Tell him to get rid of the toga, my dear." The old one is very familiar with you owner, who in turn just points at you with a half-hearted nod
  201. >You get the message and rid yourself of the fabric
  202. >Let them bask in your nakedness
  204. >The griffon with the gold chains rubs his chin and his second 'hmm's
  205. >As if they knew what they were looking at
  206. >"He has those stunted teats that male minotaurs have." Goldie exclaims
  207. >His tumor grabs him by the shoulder and jerks him once "Yes, but no hooves, no horns. His gait isn't that of a cripple."
  208. >Your eyes wander over to Klawsteen, she's talking with a gruff looking griffon with a full beard and more scars than feathers
  209. >No one to save you, Mirabelle is looking at you very scrutinizing though
  210. >It's cold in here, okay?
  211. >"Does his dick work?" the old one asks nonchalantly
  212. >Your owner nods in reply and the griffon, who's more gold than bird, pipes in "Make him fuck. I want to see it, please."
  213. >"If it's one of your slaves, sure." Feathercrest states "But I'm warning you, the guy I got him from said he's one of those breeders."
  214. >If it's sentient and has a pussy, you're gonna make it pregorate
  215. >And it's not gonna be a hybrid, and it's not gonna be a human
  216. >Goldie makes a face "Ugh, I already have two pregnant slaves. No thanks... what about your servant manager?"
  217. >Feathercrest wrinkles her forehead "You'll have to ask her that yourself, I have her employed, not in servitude."
  218. >Servitude, they love using euphemisms to make slavery sound less like slavery
  219. >The rich griffon jumps up without warning and and makes his way towards the raven one
  220. >Giving your backside a glance while passing by "Ooh, looks like some servant was naughty."
  221. >You see a telling twitch in the corner of your mistress' eye
  222. >She didn't like that
  223. >Pray to all the gods that you don't get punished because people saw you got punished
  224. >That would be ass
  225. >Over near the banquet table, you see a pitch black griffon make a denying gesture to a griffon with mad bling bling
  226. >He folds his talons and bows, but she just shakes her head
  227. >They talk heatedly for a full minute and eventually Klawsteen points to the senators chest
  228. >Looks like they're talking about space shuttles
  230. >He then holds up one of his accessoirs and she says a short sentence you can't hear through the noise, while circling a claw over all of them
  231. >You feel a bad feel when the senator comes back in proud strides, entirely without anything golden to his body
  232. >Following in his wake is the raven, looking like Mister T
  233. >You're not sure whether you should laugh or cry
  234. >It suits her surprisingly well
  235. >"Dear Chicks and Gentleroosters, we have a show." The senator announces, much louder than neccessary and obviously trying to get more attention than you'd like
  236. >Altough that threshold's been crossed the moment you entered this room
  237. >Heads turn and chairs are moved
  238. >In no time you have an audience of over a dozen smug chickens
  239. >Melony appears amused, why?
  240. >You didn't really think this would happen, it hasn't fully sunk in yet
  241. >"Hey, slave." The tumor senator addresses you directly "How many children do you have?"
  242. >Wow, that's private
  243. "I've absconded sex in the pursuit of becoming a wizard."
  244. >The two senators, the old geezer and your mistress exchange glances before breaking into bellowing laughter that spreads through the audience
  245. >"A wimp, huh?" one of them says in amusement
  246. >Rude
  247. >Your goals are noble
  248. >Klawsteen appears from behind, pulling a lounger behind her
  249. >Didn't even notice her vanishing
  250. >You're starting to get nervous
  251. >Your soldier isn't ready to salute in front of so many generals
  252. >And griffons don't exactly have the curves to get him marching
  253. >A black talon pushes you back and you fall on the lounger with a 'pomf'
  254. >Before you can say 'Wah', she already has you straddled
  255. >Did she miss the part where they said you are quite fertile, even with griffons?
  256. >She was there when Feathercrest bought you off the market
  257. "Aren't you going to get pregnant?"
  259. >"Nah." she quips as she rubs her butt against you, testing and checking how best to proceed
  260. "Are you going to explain why?"
  261. >Long winded explanation about conception, you're an ace at this sex thing
  262. >"Nah." is all you get though
  263. "Listen, human sex is dangerous. Our secretions are volatile and aci#$%^Mmmpfh"
  264. >Her talon clamps shut over your mouth "Shut yer trap already, we're doing this one way or another."
  265. >Is it too late to revoke your consent?
  266. >[One rough intercourse later.]
  267. >Klawsteen lies comfortably on the lounger next to you, smoke rising from a pipe in her talon
  268. >The other arm stuck under your neck and flung over your chest
  269. >She just stares at nothing in particular, content with how things are while you silently cry into your palms
  270. >The attention of the feast quickly dissipated after you shot your cannon
  271. >A senator is still arguing with the old one whether you're a weird minotaur or an octopus hybrid and the mistress excused herself shortly after the raven was done with you
  272. >The feast is slowly coming to an end and a few guests are already leaving
  273. >The hysterical woman inside you is continiously screaming 'RAAAAAAPE!' and you lost your chance to become a wizard
  274. >But apart from that, you don't feel bad at all
  275. >You lean onto Klawsteen and draw sensible circles in the fur on her belly, telling her in a husky voice
  276. "You know, humans mate for life."
  277. >Her eyes shoot open as wide as saucers and her head snaps around to lock onto you in one lighting movement
  278. >You can literally hear her Jennies rustling
  279. >"That's just a cultural thing, right?" there is hope in her voice
  280. "I will literally die if I have sex with someone else."
  281. >She rolls her eyes, relaxes again and says with a smoke filled sigh "Good luck then."
  283. >She didn't buy it, damn
  284. >Her next sentence is whispered and she doesn't look in your direction on purpose "Hmpfh, keep doing that."
  285. >There is red under all that black, you know it
  286. >Your hand continues to draw abstract penises into her fur, and she starts making a weird sound with every breath
  287. >It takes you two full minutes to realize that she's trying her damndest to suppress her purrs
  288. >Unf
  289. >She avoids eye contact
  290. >You expand your abstract dongs into a detailed map of the pre-industrial cluster of northern european city states in alphabetical order
  291. >For the untrained eye it looks like ordinary belly rubs, but they aren't
  292. >One of the patrons notices what's going on and smirks, pointing at the two of you while talking to his friends
  293. >Klawsteen stops you and gets up as soon as she notices, then stomps out of the room with a tail swishing like mad
  294. >Since no one is interested in you anymore, you excuse yourself from the dying gathering
  295. >You find yourself wondering where the raven went
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