The Pink In Pinko [One-Shot, NSFW]

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  1. >"Don't you see? Only by being truly equal, can we achieve true happiness and success!"
  2. >A sizable part of you wants to cave Starlight's skull in, for continuing to go on about this commie bullshit.
  3. >"I've outlined this very clearly for you several times, now! What, exactly, is so difficult to understand?"
  4. >But you have a much better idea.
  5. >While she continues losing her cool over her inability to 'get through to you', you assume the standard 'makes me think' pose, half for show, and half for actual thinking.
  6. "Hmm," you start, "When you put it like that..."
  7. >A glimmer of hope sparks up in Starlight's eyes.
  8. >Pun absolutely intended.
  9. >And just like the spic lord of puns crushes his victim's prefrontal cortices, you too will crush that glimmer of hope she has.
  10. "Nope," you finish, assuming a relaxed pose, "Still sounds absolutely retarded."
  11. >The shattering of her hopes and dreams is pure pleasure to watch.
  12. >Oh, little does she know of the hordes of shills you once faced in your day.
  13. >Takes more than being locked in this shitty little prison house of hers to break you.
  14. >Her eye twitches eventually upgrade to her raising her head to the sky, and loosing a truly impressive autistic screech towards the heavens.
  15. >"You stupid monkey! Why won't you listen to me?!"
  16. "Oh, I have been. And I'm telling you that it's fucking stupid."
  17. >"Oh, really? Really?"
  18. "Really, really."
  19. >"Oh, all right then, smart-flank, if you know so much about running a village, why don't you tell me what you'd do, huh?!"
  20. "Wait, hold the phone," you say in a half-mocking tone, "You're going to listen to me?"
  21. >"No!" she yells out, before quickly realizing her mistake and course-correcting herself, "I-I mean, uh, yes."
  22. >Oh, she'll be listening, whether she wants to or not.
  23. "Well, first of all," you start, arms folding in front of you, "What the fuck kind of backwards-ass hellhole village needs a bunch of brainwashed hench-horses keeping the peasantry in line?"
  24. >"What did you just say?"
  25. >Ah, her jimmes are getting rustled, right on schedule.
  26. "Secondly, miss 'highly advanced society', care to explain to me why your food consists entirely of sand and dirt?"
  27. >"We don't eat sand and dirt, you idiot!"
  28. "No, sorry, you're right. Calling that shit your 'equal' chefs make is truly an insult to topsoil the world over, to say nothing of Arabia's second biggest export."
  29. >Huh, that one seemed to push her over the edge.
  30. >Was it the dirt comparison, or the much-needed diversity in your statement?
  31. >"You know what," she begins with some serious rage, complete with bulging neck veins, "I take all this time out of my day, to come here and try and help you understand our philosophy, and what do I get for it? Nothing but lip!"
  32. "Well, not like you have a lot else to do with your time, right?"
  33. >"Oh my bucking Goddess in Elysium, one of these days I'm going to throttle some sense into you!"
  34. "Rutting."
  35. >"Wh-what?"
  36. "'Bucking' doesn't even make any goddamn sense as an insult," you lecture with a snide tone, "Since that's a common thing you little-ass horses do."
  37. >You shrug a little bit for extra effect.
  38. "But hey, wouldn't be the first time you've fucked up something that basic, that badly, am I right?"
  39. >"Why, you dumb... mule!"
  40. >Ah, and here comes your favourite part of it all, the shouting contest.
  41. >For your part, you assume the folded-arm position, with the finest shit-eating grin you can muster.
  42. "Bitch."
  43. >"Ingrate!"
  44. "Cunt."
  45. >"Tailhole!"
  46. "Shitbird."
  47. >"Ape!"
  48. "Twatstain."
  49. >"LIMP-DICK!"
  50. >Whew, that was a loud one!
  51. >You assume the thinking pose for a beat, before your retort comes.
  52. "Virgin."
  53. >Her reply was cut short by her breath hitching.
  54. >Well, well, looks like we have a winner!
  55. >"T-tailhole!"
  56. "You already used that one."
  57. >"Shut up!"
  58. "What, running out of lines already, O chaste one?"
  59. >She glares at you, her eyes starting to get misty.
  60. >Shit, guess that one must cut deeper than you thought.
  61. >Wait, she keeps you in a virtual gulag for weeks on end, what do you care?
  62. >"Y-yeah, so what if I am?" she said, giving you a dirty look, "You think I'd just give it up to some random colt?"
  63. >You raise your finger to respond, but it freezes in mid-air as your almonds activate.
  64. >Huh.
  65. >You know what, the girl-horse does have a point there.
  66. "Touché, little horse," you concede, "Touché, indeed."
  67. >If nothing else, that small victorious smile was well-earned on her part.
  68. >"Well, isn't that just fascinating?" she starts with a second wave of smugness, "The one thing we agree on, and it's on the subject of sex?"
  69. >And just when you were about to praise her on the merits of not being a dirty thot.
  70. >"Sounds to me like you've got one dirty little mind there, Anon."
  71. "What can I say," you reply with a shrug, "You've gotta wade through the shit to find the diamonds, right?"
  72. >Looks like that was a good comeback on your part.
  73. >But then again, you always have the best comebacks.
  74. >"Huh, touché," she says with a semi-thoughtful look.
  75. >It's at that point that the 'conversation' enters an awkward little lull.
  76. >"Well, uh, I... don't really think this is going anywhere, Anon."
  77. "Aww, leaving poor me so soon?"
  78. >"What, you want me to stick around longer?" she fires back rather smugly, "Want me to tell you more about how wrong you are?"
  79. "I'd rather not," you reply with yet another shrug, "But hell, not like I've got much else to do."
  80. >"Oh, I could think of a few things."
  81. "Such as?"
  82. >All she responds with is a little chuckle.
  83. >Logic dictates that all chuckles from evil captors, particularly filthy pinko captors, usually means that they've hatched some evil plan to torment you further.
  84. >Either way, you don't like it.
  85. >"Oh, nothing," she ends with a grin, "But it is getting late, and I have things to do around town. How about we continue this tomorrow, Anon?"
  86. "Bring it on."
  88. >The grin never leaves her, as she trots towards the door out, a slight sway to her hips as she leaves.
  89. >And thus, the same routine repeated itself, day after day.
  90. >Every time, she'd try to convince you more of her crazy ideas, and every time she'd get shot down by yours truly.
  91. >No matter how close she got to you during the yelling matches, she never broke you.
  92. >Every time she left your roomy prison in this town, she never came closer to 'convincing' you.
  93. >Though you have to admit, she seemed a lot less focused on winning with you, as of late.
  94. >In fact, she almost looked like she was having a little fun with it.
  95. >Very unlike a dirty Red, having fun while dealing with her enemy.
  96. >Something must be up, but you can't put a finger on it, just yet.
  97. >And as she leaves for today, hips swaying their way out of the door, you take the time to put in your secret makeshift earplugs, do some exercises to pass the time, and finally head to bed for the night.
  98. <...
  99. >You wake up with a little bit of a start, after a particularly bad dream involving the Jews facing off against the lunar Reich.
  100. >Well shit, might as well--
  101. >Hang on a second, was it always that dark outside in the mornings?
  102. >A few quiet clip-clops of hoofsteps immediately draw your attention, however.
  103. >Realizing that you're no longer alone, you bolt upright, scanning around for--
  104. >"Eep!"
  105. >A particularly feminine voice rings out.
  106. >An all-too-familiar feminine voice.
  107. >Your eyes lock on to where you heard the voice, the silhouette of a pony visible in the darkness.
  108. >Said pony then illuminates the room with that freaky magic horn of hers.
  109. "What the--," you exclaim, giving your eyes a good rub to ensure that you're not hallucinating, "Starlight?"
  110. >She looks pretty pissed, and more than a little conflicted.
  111. >"How?" she all but mutters, "How are you so... obtuse?"
  112. >You quickly check the wall clock, verifying that yes indeed, it was close to midnight right now.
  113. >Oh, god, is she going to start a new night shift of mental sparring with you?
  114. "Can we do this later?" you say, cutting yourself off with a small yawn, "It's too damn late for this--"
  115. >"No," came her sharp little reply.
  116. >Of course she's not gonna cave that easily.
  117. "Alright, fuck it, I guess," you say, righting yourself into a sitting position on the bed, facing towards her, "Let's just get this over with."
  118. >You don't quite know why, but that statement seemed to hurt her more than you thought it would.
  119. >"Why won't you just... give up, already?!" comes her frustrated response, as she walks up towards you, "We've been doing this for close to a month, now!"
  120. "What, and let the globalists win? I think not."
  121. >"That doesn't even--" she starts, before cutting herself off with a frustrated groan, "You're insane! I don't see how else you can keep doing this!"
  122. "Okay, that's close enough," you say with your hands held out, as she gets a whole lot closer to you than you'd like.
  123. >A warning that goes unheeded, as she rears up and plants her hooves on your shoulders, much to your surprise and alarm.
  124. >"Why do you have to be such a jerk?!"
  125. "Well, I pref-- mmph?!"
  126. >She chooses that exact moment to mash her lips up against yours, where she stays for a moment before pulling back with a light smack.
  127. >"Why is is always the jerks?!"
  128. >She goes right back to locking lips with you, while you sit there like a total dumbshit, still stunned at the one-eighty this all just took.
  129. >Your shock allows her to push you back onto the bed, and have her whole body rest up against yours, all while still sucking face with you.
  130. >"Heheh, wh-what's wrong?" she breathes out as she stops for air, "G-got nothing to say, you big jerk?"
  131. >She dives right back in for some more kissing, right as your brain decides to start functioning again.
  132. >And it all comes together.
  133. >You've seen her little 'followers', totally subservient to her every whim, all with those creepy fucking Stepford smiles.
  134. >Not the biggest cucks you've seen, not by a country mile, but definitely the first magic horse cucks you've seen.
  135. >Far from pick of the litter, that's for damn sure.
  136. >All those man-horses she could've picked out, dominated even more, and turned into her personal numale manslaves, and of course, she shuns all of that for the human stranger who stands up to her shit.
  137. >Just like God intended it.
  138. >And it's then, that the answer comes to you.
  139. >You know how to get her to cave in, now.
  140. >You know what must be done.
  141. >Giving a silent prayer to the Lord for strength, you begin your approach.
  142. >"T-totally speechless, huh?" she remarks after what feels like an hour's worth of kissing, "Maybe there's some hope for you, after-- Aaaah!"
  143. >Your arms wrap around the pony's soft little body, and you flip her around on the bed, pinning her underneath you.
  144. "You know what, I have to agree," you start with your own grin, in contrast with her own shocked look, "That was rather obtuse of me. But let it never be said that Anonymous doesn't eventually deliver."
  145. >And with that, you lean down to kiss her for yourself, an action which breaks her out of her stupor, as she begins struggling against your hold.
  146. >Too bad you've got the weight advantage over her.
  147. >In contrast with her sloppy, lip-only kisses, you slip your tongue into the mix, giving this make-out a much needed upgrade.
  148. >She squeaks into your mouth, feeling the muscle invading her, and even after her tongue meets yours, she's reluctant at first to reciprocate, even as her struggling starts to taper off.
  149. >Of course, she does eventually give in, the sounds of your kissing now quite audible as your tongues wrestle, her struggles by this point long forgotten.
  150. >Alas, all good things must end, if only temporarily, and you break the kiss to surface for air, leaving Starlight panting beneath you, eyes glazed over slightly.
  151. >"Woooooow," she breathes.
  152. "So," you begin with another grin, "What was all that, about being speechless?"
  154. >She flushes, at first out of anger, but eventually settling on plain ol' embarrassment.
  155. >"Y-you jerk!"
  156. "In the flesh, on the scene, and always right."
  157. >She huffs a little, but her pouting, as cute as it now looks, doesn't last too long, once one of your hands starts rubbing her chest, much to her conflicted enjoyment.
  158. "So, tell me," you say, "When did you start digging me, Starlight?"
  159. >"E-ever since I spent the first two weeks, trying to convince you," she starts with no shortage of reluctance.
  160. >Ah, yes, when you called her a virgin.
  161. >It occurs to you then, that she'd been putting that little extra sway in her hips, after that day.
  162. >Seems that even you can be given to density, at times.
  163. >"I don't want to keep fighting," she says, beginning to tear up, "I don't want you to be unhappy. Th-that's why I kept coming, after that day. I just wanted you to be as happy as us!"
  164. "But Starlight," you counter, "They're not happy, aren't they?"
  165. >"Th-they're just not following my ideas right! I-I know it's the right way, I... I just must not be trying it right!"
  166. "You are trying it right, Starlight. But it isn't going to work."
  167. >"N-no, you're wrong!" she replies, now quite agitated and tearful, "Please, just... give it a chance! M-maybe you can help me fix it!"
  168. "I've got a better idea," you say, leaning in to give her a quick peck, "Why don't you give my way a chance?"
  169. >That's got her speechless again, just not from direct tongue application.
  170. >"I... I don't know," she says, "D-does it involve giving them their cutie marks back?"
  171. "Sure does."
  172. >"Then--"
  173. >You silence her with a finger to her lips.
  174. "You know that they don't like you for doing that, right?" you interrupt, "They only smile on the outside, to make you think it's all working. But I guarantee, when you're gone, and they get back to their homes, with their families, they're cursing your name."
  175. >Her tearing up has resumed.
  176. >You actually feel a little sorry for her, but this has to be done, lest she starts putting up actual gulags.
  177. "No matter how much you tell them that things are better, they know deep down that it's worse. And I'm telling you now, there's only so much they can take, before they eventually decide that none of this is worth the trouble.
  178. "And besides," you say, moving a hand down to her haunch while she's not looking, "How do you think they're gonna react, when they figure out you don't even follow your own rules?"
  179. >She squeaks in fear, as your hand rubs across the equal sign on her flank.
  180. >A very painted-on equals sign, as you predicted, that smudges away to reveal a decidedly unequal mark underneath.
  181. >"H-h-how did you--?!"
  182. "I thought it was weird, how you were the only colourful-looking one."
  183. >As she tries to stutter out an excuse, you silence her once again.
  184. "That's why your way doesn't work, Starlight," you finish, "You've gotta play the game the same way they do."
  185. >"B-but cutie marks make ponies unhappy! I know they do!"
  186. "You being alone made you unhappy, Starlight."
  187. >From the way she went dead silent, staring at you with disbelief, you'd say that was a direct hit.
  188. >A silence that lasts quite a while, before she begins to cry.
  189. >You get up off of her, allowing her to sit up with you, at which point she throws her forelegs around your neck, hugging you closely.
  190. >She cries into your shoulder, saying something about her best friend leaving her, before she keeps repeating "I'm sorry" in between sobs.
  191. >Ah, abandonment, how it makes the leftism flourish so.
  192. >At the very least, you can take a little bit of solace in reducing their number by one.
  193. >You're dimly aware of you rubbing her back, as she gets everything out of her system.
  194. >"Wh-what do I do?" she cries, "What do I do to f-fix this?"
  195. >You sit there for a while, giving it some genuine thought, before lifting her head to look her in the eyes, wiping said eyes with a free hand.
  196. "Tell you what," you start, "Why don't you let me run the town for a bit? Show you how it's supposed to work?"
  197. >National capitalism shall rise again, if you have anything to say about it.
  198. >"B-but... wh-what about me?" she says with uncertainty, and a little bit of hope in her eyes, "What do I g-get out of this?"
  199. "You," you reply, leaning in to peck her again, "Don't get to be alone, anymore."
  200. >That spark of hope just turned into an inferno, and she dives forward to seal the deal with another long, wet kiss.
  201. >She holds on tightly, all legs wrapped around you at this point, while one hand cradles the back of her head.
  202. >As your tongues continue to tango, your other hand snakes down her back, fingers tracing down her spine as you go.
  203. >"P-promise?" she says as she stops for air.
  204. "Promise," you respond, your hand finding it's way to her rear end.
  205. >She gasps a little at the touch, biting her lip for a moment as she considers whether or not she's okay with your hand's current choice of locale.
  206. >You'll take her moving back to kiss you, as a sign to proceed.
  207. >Your hand dig into the pony's rump, giving the sizable mass an experimental squeeze, electing a small moan from your soon-to-be-former communist partner.
  208. >Firm, with just the right mix of muscle and fat.
  209. >It occurs to you then, that all of this could technically count as miscegenation.
  210. >"A-Anon," she moans, "P-please, don't stop..."
  211. >And you just as quickly discard the idea, since she's technically not a different race, just species.
  212. >That's your excuse, and you're sticking to it.
  213. >Starlight eventually finds herself on her back again, soft moans escaping her from the combination of kissing and groping.
  214. >You had to admit, hearing her moan like that was hot as all hell.
  215. >You break the kiss, moving your head further down to plant a kiss on her jaw.
  216. >Your kissing continues in this fashion, one kiss after another planted lower and lower, down her neck, then down her chest.
  217. >Her coat was unbelievably soft, and the hairs short and fine enough to keep them from sticking to your lips.
  219. >The smell was something else, too: the light smell of lilac, along with an unfamiliar, yet unmistakably feminine musk.
  220. >Put simply, you were hooked.
  221. >More of this was definitely on the menu.
  222. >Starlight had since pressed her front hooves onto your head, her soft moans continuing as you went down.
  223. >"A-aaah..."
  224. >The hand groping her rear ceased, moving to her inner thigh instead, and helping to spread the leg connected to it.
  225. >It took you a little by surprise, just how warm her thigh was.
  226. >Definitely not a terrible surprise, not by any stretch.
  227. >Your lips move along her belly, gasps making their way into her moans by this point.
  228. >Just like her thigh, it was really warm here.
  229. >Your other hand makes it's way to her other thigh, helping to spread both of her legs out, to make room for your head's southward approach.
  230. >She gasps a little louder than usual, prompting you to refocus on what you're kissing over.
  231. >What meets you is...
  232. >Wait, are those...?
  233. >Holy hell, they totally are!
  234. >A slightly rounded pair of small teats, hiding in between her legs.
  235. >Honestly, you probably should have seen this coming, her being on all fours, and all.
  236. >Well, let's see how they match up, shall we?
  237. >Head diving in again, you plant a kiss over one of the nipples, getting a loud gasp from Starlight.
  238. >A lick gets you a nice, loud moan.
  239. >Oh yeah, you can work with this.
  240. >One of your hands moves from her thigh to the other teat, kneading the small mound, and occasionally tracing your fingers around the nipple.
  241. >While that happens, your attention flips back to the mammary in front of you, as you take the mound into your mouth properly, sucking on the rapidly stiffening nub, and tracing your tongue around it, for good measure.
  242. >Starlight's vocalizations rapidly dial up, squeals finding their way into the moans she's putting out.
  243. >She writhes underneath all the attention you're giving her girls, and you soon find her thighs pressing against your head, despite your hand's lacklustre effort to keep them apart.
  244. >You release the teat from your mouth's hold, moving over to start suckling and licking the other one.
  245. >Let it never be said that you were not a fair man.
  246. >"Aah! A-aaah! O-ooohmygooosh...!"
  247. >You keep this going for a minute or two, but eventually, you have to surface, to cool your head.
  248. >Quite literally.
  249. >It's unreal, just how hot her undercarriage is!
  250. >At the very least, it lets you better survey how Starlight's holding up.
  251. >There she lays, looking at you with glazed eyes, her tongue lolling out as she pants heavily.
  252. >Drying, kiss-shaped patches of her coat, trailing down to her teats, with the nipples proudly protruding, stiff as rocks, and still covered in a thin layer of drool.
  253. >You know, you had your doubts on their placement and size, but you'll admit, they're growing on you.
  254. >Or maybe that's the sight talking.
  255. >Who knows, who cares?
  256. >"Haah... oh, my... I... I didn't know that... y-you could do that...!"
  257. "Oh, the teat stuff? It's a human thing."
  258. >"A-any other human things I should know about?" she asks with a dopey, yet still slightly nervous smile.
  259. "Well," you reply with a wolfish grin, hands finding their way back to her thighs, "Let's find out, shall we?"
  260. >She gasps a little at the touch, swallowing dry a little soon after, her eyes full of barely restrained desire.
  261. >You spread her legs once again, this time with your sights set quite a bit lower.
  262. >And there it was, on full display for you.
  263. >Her marehood.
  264. >Very un-humanlike, as you would imagine, but again, very far from unpleasant.
  265. >The dark purple folds masked a small opening of much lighter, much pinker flesh.
  266. >You are thoroughly intrigued by what you see, and decide that this requires a much more... intimate inspection.
  267. >Your hands slide down her thighs, towards her opening, and your head leans down to get a better--
  268. >"W-wait!" comes Starlight's very nervous voice.
  269. "What's wrong?" you reply, looking up to her equally nervous expression.
  270. >Shit, were you going too fast for her?
  271. >"I... I don't want..." she stutters out, before swallowing dry and recomposing herself a little, "P-please don't... put anything in. A-at least, n-not yet..."
  272. >Ohh, right, she's still chaste!
  273. >Phew, all right then, you're still good!
  274. "Sure thing," you say, head moving up to give her a reassuring kiss, "Let's save the best for last, shall we?"
  275. >A small, needy whine leaves her at you proclamation, and she gives you a little affirmative nod.
  276. >Your head moves back down, hovering above her nethers.
  277. >You don't break eye contact with her until you finish moving your head, letting you see the desire and curiosity building up in those big eyes of hers.
  278. >Now, back to the inspection.
  279. >A hand comes up to her labia, fingers tracing around the darker folds protecting her entrance.
  280. >Starlight lets out a shaky gasp, soon replaced with more moaning.
  281. >Your fingers soon position themselves on both sides, ready to--
  282. >Whoa, what the hell?
  283. >With a light squelching sound, a large nub of bright pink flesh popped out of her opening, staying out for a few moments before retreating back into her folds, a moan leaving Starlight all the while.
  284. >Was that her...?
  285. >A few moments later, it pops back out, letting you get a better look.
  286. >Yeah, no doubt about it, that's her clitoris!
  287. >Jeez, it can stick out on it's own?
  288. >Now that the shock's passed, that's surprisingly hot.
  289. >It only fuels your curiosity even more, and your fingers resume what they were doing before, positioning themselves on both sides of her vulva, and slowly spreading her folds apart, a long moan from Starlight punctuating the act.
  290. >A bright pink, perfectly clean entrance greets you, the feminine musk getting much stronger at this point.
  291. >The heat was unbelievable, being even hotter than her thighs and body, without even touching the pink flesh itself.
  292. >God, imagine what it feels like, being inside this thing...
  293. >The thought alone gets a throb out of your little soldier.
  294. >Well, you guess you're about to find out, huh?
  296. >Her clit pops out one last time as you let go of her folds, your eyes going up to Starlight again, who by this point is biting her lip, her eyes screwed shut.
  297. "Alright, I think that's enough playing around," you say, getting Starlight to open her eyes and look at you, "How about we get to the main event?"
  298. >She nods rapidly in response, getting a smile out of you.
  299. >Your hands come off of her, moving to your pants, instead.
  300. >"W-wait," says Starlight, "D-do you mind if I...?"
  301. "Absolutely not," you respond, letting your hands fall to the side.
  302. >Starlight's horn lights in response, a glow surrounding your clothes as she pulls off your belt, shirt, and pants, leaving only your very tented underwear.
  303. >Instead of pulling that off with her magic, she sits up and leans in towards you, her face hovering near your crotch.
  304. >She presses her nose against the tent, taking a good, long sniff, with a much needier whine leaving her as she exhales, before her teeth grab your waistband, pulling your underwear down, and letting your manhood spring free.
  305. >It comes close to flicking her nose.
  306. >She spends a few moments, wide-eyed, staring at the occasionally throbbing pillar of flesh.
  307. >Her hoof comes up, her fetlock rubbing against it a little bit, but other than that, she's at a bit of a loss as to what she should do.
  308. >Guess that's your cue to take charge, huh?
  309. "So," you begin with a hand on her withers, getting her to look back up at you, "You still up for this?"
  310. >"Uh-huh," she nods, unable to keep herself from licking her lips a little.
  311. >With another winning smile, you push her back against the bed, giving her another kiss once her head hits the pillow.
  312. >"B-be gentle, please..." she all but whines, her voice nervous yet full of need.
  313. "Of course."
  314. >Propping yourself above her with one hand, the other goes down to your member, lining it up with her marehood.
  315. >The sheer heat from her entrance gets a small groan out of you, while Starlight gasps at the contact.
  316. >You can feel her clit popping out again, and you decide to use that as a guide for sliding in.
  317. >A good call, as it turns out, and you soon find your head enveloped by her opening.
  318. >Starlight grunts and shudders, her forelegs wrapping around you, while your guiding hand returns to your side, propping you up above her.
  319. >And with that, you start pushing inside of her.
  320. >Slowly, inch by tantalizing inch, you work your way in, the heat of her marehood almost scalding in it's intensity.
  321. >Your head meets some resistance, however, getting a grunt from Starlight.
  322. >Preemptively reaching for her cheek, and leaning in for a reassuring kiss, you push onwards.
  323. >Her grunts and groans become more painful, her teeth gritting as you deflower her.
  324. >Fortunately, it doesn't last long, the resistance breaking with a small yelp from her, allowing you to quickly sink the rest of the way inside of her, your hips connecting with a very light smack.
  325. >You give her a moment to adjust and recover, taking in the sensation of her marehood all the while.
  326. >It's extremely tight, and her muscles slowly squeeze and ripple around you, almost in a sucking motion.
  327. >Just imagining her vagina sucking you in like that, gets a throb and a groan out of you.
  328. >No, no, keep it together, Anon!
  329. >You're not blowing now, before you've even started moving!
  330. "Hey," you quietly call to her, rubbing her cheek, "You all right?"
  331. >She nods, her eyes slightly wet as she looks up at you.
  332. >While you wait for the OK to move, you kiss her again, a move she returns with a small hum, her forelegs tightening around you.
  333. >Her hindlegs, meanwhile, wrap around your waist lightly, the fetlocks brushing upwards along your back.
  334. >Right, reversed knees, makes sense.
  335. >"I'm ready," she breathes after breaking the kiss, "M-make me yours..."
  336. >Another throb on your part.
  337. >You slowly pull yourself out of her, her teeth gritting a little all the while, before sliding right back into her, getting a moan for your trouble.
  338. >You repeat the action just as slowly a few times, to get both of you used to the sensation.
  339. >Her entrance was quickly getting wetter and wetter, making your passage progressively easier as time went on.
  340. >You start to pick up speed, working up to a steady pace of thrusts into her.
  341. >All the while, you take stock of Starlight's face, which had since went from staring at your crotch, to her eyes screwing shut, her tongue lolling out of her as she squeaks and moans with your movements.
  342. >"Aah, aah, haah, ohh..."
  343. >A particularly deep thrust has your head meeting some resistance, her eyes popping open as a small squeal escapes her.
  344. >You pick up speed a little bit, feeling an all-too-familiar pressure beginning to build up.
  345. >Meanwhile, Starlight was going wild beneath you, her hooves dragging along your back, her voice getting louder and louder.
  346. >"A-aah! Aah, A-Anon... Anon, I... I'm gonna-- Haaah! Aaaaaaah!"
  347. >She cries out, her legs tightening around you, her face buried in your neck.
  348. >Her marehood tightens and convulses around you, the sudden sensation forcing you to stop, lest you finish before you're ready.
  349. >You let her ride her orgasm out, enjoying the sensation of her walls very actively trying to milk you for everything you had to give.
  350. >Heh, chalk one up for ponies.
  351. >Her hold around you slackens, her head falling back onto the pillow, a look of both burning desire and pure bliss on her face, as she looks up at you, panting like she's run a marathon.
  352. >"Haah... haah... o-ohmygosh..." she pants, "Th-that was... ohh..."
  353. >Smiling at the display, you give her another kiss.
  354. >"W-wait," she says, shortly after breaking the kiss, "You're... you're not done yet?"
  355. "Not by a long shot."
  356. >"H-how?"
  357. "Another one of those human things," you reply, the desire in her eyes overtaking her contentment, "Want to find out how long this can go for?"
  358. >"Ohhmygosh, I..." she says in disbelief, before swallowing dry, her eyes by now totally full of desire, "Y-yes, please..."
  360. >Smiling, you resume your movements, now quite aware of the abundance of fluids covering your groin, courtesy of the little pony beneath you.
  361. >Starlight's moans are lower this time around, and not quite as loud, though still pure pleasure to hear.
  362. >You quickly build back to your previous pace, the building pressure from before taking longer to return to it's prior glory, allowing you to pick up the pace a little bit.
  363. >The smell of sex by now completely saturates the air, with lewd, wet squelches very audible as you continue pistoning the pony beneath you.
  364. >Your own groans become more audible, your point of no return approaching.
  365. "S-Starlight?", you groan out, slowing your pace a little, "N-need you to-- guh! Let me go..."
  366. >"Aah! Wh-why?"
  367. "Gotta p-pull out..."
  368. >She gasps, and the complete opposite of your request happens, her hindlegs pulling tighter around you.
  369. >"No! D-don't pull out, p-please...!"
  370. "Huh?" you exclaim, hilting to a stop inside her, "Starlight, what's--"
  371. >"P-please! I... I want to know what it feels like!"
  372. "Even if you end up pregnant?"
  373. >"N-no, I won't," she says in a pleading tone, "E-estrus isn't for another couple of months..."
  374. >Estrus?
  375. >Wait.
  376. >She goes into heat?
  377. >So, even if you could knock her up, you can't right now!
  378. "Sorry," you reply, giving her a quick kiss, "Didn't know."
  379. >"Did..." she begins, looking you in the eye, "Did you want me to be...?"
  380. >Did she just offer you kids?
  381. >That gets another throb out of you, this time with a groan to go with it.
  382. "L-later. Now, where were we?"
  383. >Your thrusting resumes, your finish not very far away.
  384. >Starlight's moaning and squeaking begin anew, her newfound grip on you making it a little tougher to thrust into her.
  385. >A little more, and--
  386. "Guh!"
  387. >That's it, no turning back, now!
  388. "S-Starlight, I'm--"
  389. >"Aaah! I-Inside! P-please!"
  390. "Gaaaah!"
  391. >You hilt inside of Starlight, grunting with exertion as you begin to throb and release inside of her.
  392. >You swear the first jet is audible, and it gets a loud squeal from Starlight.
  393. >The second has her tightening her grip even more, crying out all the while.
  394. >"Haaaaaaah! Y-yes! Ohmygosh, yeeeeess! Aaaaah!"
  395. "Ffffuck...!"
  396. >Everything seems to blur together as you ride out your orgasm, Starlight's squeals faintly audible all throughout.
  397. >When you come to, you find yourself hovering barely an inch above Starlight, muscles burning from exertion, as you both sweat and pant like animals.
  398. >You fall to your side, Starlight's weakening but still firm grip taking her along for the ride.
  399. >When she finishes catching her breath, she pulls herself as close as possible, giving you a slow, loving kiss.
  400. >"Haah... I love you, Anon..."
  401. >Aww...
  402. >Your arms wrap around her, your union finally taking it's toll.
  403. >She's already fallen asleep in your grasp, nestled close by, and you're not that far off.
  404. >You briefly wonder if she really would let you try and put kids in her.
  405. >Well, you guess you can find out, later.
  406. >Baby steps.
  407. <...
  408. >"This is where the map sent us?" says Rainbow Dash, "Looks like the scariest place in Equestria!"
  409. >"Sure ain't like any village Ah've ever seen," Applejack adds.
  410. >"The architecture is so... imposing!" Rarity says, "Majestic, yes, but imposing!"
  411. >"I-it's pretty s-scary..." Fluttershy squeaks.
  412. >"So what the hay," cries Pinkie, "Why are they all smiling so much?!"
  413. "Forget the smiles," you say, pointing out the ponies milling around the large, bustling, yet towering town, "Look at their cutie marks!"
  414. >Why in Celestia's name did they all have the same cross pattern, underneath them?
  415. >Something weird is going on here, and you intend to find out!
  416. >So you and the girls all make your way down the road, straight towards the town.
  417. >The townsponies call out welcomes on their way, but you can see some suspicion in their eyes, despite their friendly smiles.
  418. >Your group approaches a large building in the centre of town, standing tall over all the others, a clocktower jutting up from it's center, with watchponies standing at the very top.
  419. >"Halt!"
  420. >You all jump at the interruption, a white earth pony in strange armour standing guard outside the building.
  421. >"What business do you have at the Reichstag?"
  422. >The what?
  423. "We're, uh... not entirely sure."
  424. >The door opens, revealing a pink-coated unicorn mare in a rather conservative dress, her purple and aquamarine mane done up in a ponytail.
  425. >"Oh my, are these guests?"
  426. >"Strangers, my lady!"
  427. >"I'll take care of them, Double Diamond."
  428. >He salutes towards the unicorn, who then greets you with a wide smile.
  429. >"Welcome to Unsere Stadt, strangers! I'm Starlight Glimmer, who might you be?"
  430. >Everypony introduces themselves.
  431. >"Forgive my bluntness, but I'm assuming it's 'princess' Twilight Sparkle?"
  432. "Yes, but 'Twilight' is fine."
  433. >"Oh, of course, of course! Oh, but it seems so improper, addressing a princess like that!"
  434. "Uhh..."
  435. >"Oh, I'm sorry, listen to me ramble like a filly! Come in, come in! I'm sure my husband will want to see you!"
  436. >Her husband?
  437. >She turns to lead the way, the faint glint of a wedding band at the base of her horn visible.
  438. >Wow, you didn't even notice that, with her bangs covering it up!
  439. >Regardless, you and the girls follow Starlight into the lavishly decorated building.
  440. >Funny, it's almost like a different take on your castle, being a mix of both a large home, and a government building!
  441. >Your group makes it's way to a large dining room, with a--
  442. >Whoa, is that a human?!
  443. >Just like the ones from the mirror!
  444. >What's it doing here?
  445. >"Here they are, love!"
  446. >"Ah, thank you, honey."
  447. >Starlight bounds over to the human's side, giving him a quick kiss.
  448. >It's then that you notice her belly is a little bigger than usual.
  449. >"So, to what do I owe the pleasure, your majesty?"
  450. "Well, uh..." you start, everypony seating themselves, "We're here because we heard there were some problems."
  451. >"Problems? Ah, yes, I know exactly what you mean, your majesty."
  452. >He leans in, a serious look on his face.
  453. >"Let me tell you about the Jews."
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  456. @@@ May the dream never die. @@@
  457. @@@ @@@
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