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  1. From The Department of The
  2. United Nations (U.N)
  3. Asia Pacific, Bangkok Thailand.
  4. Rachadamnern Nok Avenue, Bangkok 10200, Thailand.
  6. Dear Email Beneficiary,
  8. Greetings to you.
  10. We hope this email meets you in good condition. We are United nations body (U.N) We are reaching to you due to the reason that your email was found in the database of some individuals around the world whom have one way or the other being victims of scams, unfinished Transactions, e.g Inheritance, Contract payments, Next of kin, Lotteries and many others. The United nations in conjuctions with the world Bank has decided to compensates some scammed victims whom have one way or the other being lost out of their hard earn monies.
  12. Your email was discovered on this categories, on seeing on the database, that is why you are receiving this alert message. The United nations in conjuctions with the world Bank in financing has decided to compensates each scammed victims with an amount of USD 350,000 ( Three hundred and fifty thousand dollars ) only. We don't know if you are still alive or dead, that is why we have just decided to noticed to you on email, so that if anyone of the scammed victims are still alive, you should still found a hope.
  14. Due to some disturbances on Banks by some governments on funds related transfers, The United Nations has decided to issued all compensations payment via ATM CARD payment master card which are expected to be received successfully without any governmental hitch.
  16. Your payment has been issued via HSBC Bank ATM payment master card. This master card is acceptable in any Banks worldwide, all you needs to do as soon as receiving is to take the ATM Card to your Bank, and the funds would be credited in your local account, or you might decided to use it for withdrawal by your self on any ATM machines but mind you this can only withdrawn an amount of USD 10,000 dollars only on daily basis as programmed.
  18. You should understands this, as you don't have to pay any money, All you needs is to come forward and picked up your ATM card compensation, and you should know that your failing to appear in person would only warranted you to pay for the service of an attorney ( A Lawyer ) who would be representing you on signing for the release of your ATM CARD/shipping courier delivering, which would not be more than just USD 500 only ( Attorney signing charges fee ) Apart from that, nothing anymore. But we would advised as it is better for you to come in person so as to avoid sending any money.
  20. Furthermore, you are advised to stopped communications with everyone, persons or offices concerning any transactions who might be promising you on some huge monies  some where in returns as they all are fakes. All their plans was to ripped you off of your money. Many of them ( scammers ) has been caught by our intelligence team and arrested, while many also are still on our lists wanted, but still on the running, as we believed we would soon got them on apprehended.
  22. Finally, On no account also shall you informed anybody or anyone of them ( Scammers ) of this compensation, so as to avoid from falling their victims again and be swindled off of this payment.
  24. We think you should have this in your brain as you are advised to keep this secrets to your self alone.
  26. Congratulations as you are advised to reply furthermore on this email:  so as to go ahead for the release of your payment.
  28. Yours Sincerely,
  29. Mr Alak Monchit
  30. Honourable coordinator
  31. United Nations office Compensation Unit
  32. Bangkok Thailand.
  34. Warning!!! This message and it contents are intendend for the sole recepient, and If you have received the email in an error, Do not hesitates to deletes any of the information or contents from your system. Note: All copyright or distribution of any part of the contents or information on this message are strictly prohibited.
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