Fly Away

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  1. The wind blew, making the small, innocent boy shiver from the cold. His body felt lighter, his feet barely stepping on the snow as he walked. Walking became a chore while he heard snow lightly crunching below his feet. After a few minutes, a shadow started looming over him, so he looked up, revealing a lady, spreading her large wings. She smiled, offering her hand, which he gladly accepted. With her, he felt warmth and comfort. She cradled the boy, who had become drowsy from the warmth.
  3. "Do not worry. With me, you will have a perfect life." She comforted, as they slowly flew off, leaving a cold body of a small boy, who once had a short tale of life.
  5. The boy had slept in her arms as they flew away.
  7. "Rest in peace, young one."
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