Trial: The Law of Retribution Builds and Setup

Nov 6th, 2015
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  1. LAST UPDATED: 20.0.8
  3. Exilus slots are now factored in to these builds.
  4. Understand the difference between luxury and necessity; this is just a template.
  5. If you're already using an incompatible multi-forma build then use your own discretion.
  7. Install an Orokin Reactor for these frames and builds.
  9. BUILDS:
  13. LOKI PRIME :: Quick Thinking(5), Fleeting Expertise(4), Primed Flow(10), Streamline(4),
  14. (RADIAL DISARM) ;; Primed Continuity(10), Overextended(5), Irradiating Disarm(3), Stretch(5)
  15. ;; Exilus: Cunning Drift(5)
  16. ;; Variants: Replace Cunning Drift with Mobilize or maxed elemental bullet jump
  17. ;; -- 0 Forma. Arcane Swindle Helmet.
  18. ;; NOTE: Your job is to disarm above all else in Stage 2. Disarm first, then get to objectives.
  20. RHINO PRIME :: Stretch(5), Quick Thinking(5), Streamline(4), Fleeting Expertise(4),
  21. (STOMP) ;; Primed Flow(10), Primed Continuity(10), Natural Talent(3), Overextended(5)
  22. (+ROAR) ;; Exilus: Cunning Drift(5)
  23. ;; Variants: Add Mobilize instead of Speed Drift on Exlius or add more Forma to fit on an elemental one.
  24. ;; -- 2 Forma (— {AURA} — V).
  25. ;; The duration is only only about 14 seconds so be sure to Stomp often.
  26. ;; Roar won't provide a massive damage bonus without Power Strength, but you don't want
  27. ;; your stomp killing enemies either. You can use #1 to travel straight lines, too.
  29. NOVA PRIME :: Primed Continuity(10), Primed Flow(10), Constitution(3), Narrow Minded(10),
  30. (MOLECULAR PRIME);; Intensify(5), Quick Thinking(5), Cunning Drift(5), Stretch(5)
  31. (SLOW) ;; Exilus: Power Drift(5) (or swap places with Cunning Drift)
  32. ;; Variants: Escape Velocity, Streamline
  33. ;; -- 3/4 Forma (D D — —). Recommend changing 1x V to D or —. No Arcane Helmet.
  34. ;; NOTE: Molecular Prime once again slows Vay Hek
  36. TRINITY PRIME :: Quick Thinking(5), Transient Fortitude(10), Blind Rage(10), Fleeting Expertise(5),
  37. (ENERGY VAMPIRE) ;; Overextended(5), Primed Flow(10), Stretch(5), Vampire Leech(3)
  38. ;; Exilus: Power Drift(5)
  39. ;; Variants: Replace Power Drift with Mobilize or maxed elemental bullet jump
  40. ;; -- 3 Forma (— {AURA} — —). No Arcane Helmet.
  42. TRINITY PRIME :: Primed Flow(10), Quick Thinking(5), Blind Rage(3-5), Streamline(5),
  43. (BLESSING) ;; Natural Talent(3)*, Narrow Minded(10), Constitution(3), Primed Continuity(10)
  44. ;; Exilus: Power Drift(5)
  45. ;; Variants: Replace Power Drift with Mobilize or maxed elemental bullet jump for speed runs
  46. ;; You could just lazily throw on a max rank Transient Fortitude as well but be
  47. ;; mindful of the duration loss.
  48. ;; -- 3 Forma (— {AURA} — —). Aura swapped to —. Arcane Aura Helmet.
  50. VAUBAN :: Primed Continuity(10), Quick Thinking(5), Overextended(5), Repelling Bastille(3),
  51. (BASTILLE) ;; Primed Flow(10), Stretch(5), Streamline(5), Constitution(3)
  52. ;; Exilus: Cunning Drift(5)
  53. ;; Variants: Swap Quick Thinking for Narrow Minded
  54. ;; -- 3 Forma (D — —). Arcane Espirit Helmet.
  56. BANSHEE :: Primed Flow(10), Streamline(5), Quick Thinking(5), Blind Rage(6+),
  57. (SONAR) ;; Transient Fortitude(10), Stretch(5), Primed Continuity(10), Resonance(3)
  58. ;; Exilus: Power Drift(5)
  59. ;; Variants: Swap Transient Fortitude or Streamline for Energy Conversion or Intensify
  60. ;; Swap Power Drift for a bullet jump mod
  61. ;; -- 4 Forma (— {AURA} V D —). Arcane Chorus Helmet.
  62. ;; NOTE: Your sole purpose in the raid is to press #2 when G3 or Vay Hek are alive.
  63. ;; Avoid using Sonar when the EV Trin is trying to restore energy.
  65. VOLT :: Primed Flow(10), Stretch(5), Quick Thinking(5), Blind Rage(10),
  66. (SPEED) ;; Intensify(5), Primed Continuity(10), Cunning Drift(5), Streamline(5)
  67. ;; Exilus: Power Drift(5)
  68. ;; Variants: Energy Conversion, Transient Fortitude, Overextended
  69. ;; -- 3 Forma (— {AURA} D —). Arcane Pulse Helmet. Mostly a gimmick.
  70. ;; NOTE: Stack shields for faster Vay Hek kills.
  73. The Core
  74. Trinity :: EV build. Negative duration, positive strength, positive range. Will also do Blessings.
  75. Trinity #2:: Blessing build. Duration, Strength, and some Efficiency.
  76. Nova :: Molecular Prime (slow) build. Strength and Duration. Primed Flow recommended.
  77. Loki :: Irradiating Disarm build. Range and Efficiency. Primed Flow recommended.
  79. The Extras
  80. Trinity #2:: Energy Vampire build. Strength and Range (and negative Duration).
  81. Loki #2 :: Irradiating Disarm build. Range and Efficiency.
  82. Ivara #2 :: Quiver build. Range, Duration, and some efficiency. Coordinate for full stealth coverage.
  83. Vauban :: Bastille build. Range and Duration.
  84. Banshee :: Sonar build. Duration and Range. Power Strength optional for raid purposes
  85. but is listed as the recommended build. Optional Ext. Key negative power strength SQ CC.
  86. Volt :: Speed build. Strength and Energy (some Duration).
  88. Luxury Tier
  89. Ivara :: Quiver build. Range, Duration, and some efficiency. Cloak your squad.
  90. Octavia :: Range/Duration build. IPS buffs + Invisibility. Don't use #1.
  92. Other loadout considerations:
  93. Mod your weapons with Viral + Electric damage (best compromise between Nullifiers and G3)
  94. 4x Corrosive Projection Auras (remove enemy armor)
  95. 3-4x Energy Siphon (convenience)
  96. 1x Enemy Radar (useful for finding EV targets)
  97. There's no need for Rifle Amp / Steel Charge or Rejuvenation. Growing Power can be okay.
  98. (Large) Team Energy Restores / Health Restores / Shield Restores.
  99. Medium is fine, bring more. 50+ recommended for
  100. Energy/Health for worst-case scenarios.
  101. Remove sentinel weapons so that they do not kill anything.
  102. Avoid respawning enemies, maintain EV targets.
  103. Do not bother with sentinels or kubrows focused on damage dealing.
  105. Highest energy frames should carry: Loki, Nova, Vauban, or Volt.
  106. If you have a smaller group and a Blessing Trinity, make your Nova carry the bomb.
  107. MP is less important than Disarm + Blind.
  108. Bullet Jump mods HIGHLY recommend for speed runners. Being able to get around faster is king.
  111. Why these frames? Why not the others?
  112. Simply put: 90% of the raid is about crowd control. The more enemies you kill,
  113. the more that spawn. So instead of killing everything, you disarm them and trap
  114. them in bastilles while they move at a snail's pace. All the while Trinity keeps
  115. you nice and healthy with Blessing and Energy Vampire. You will most likely end
  116. up killing some enemies, though, and that's fine (particularly with Trinity's EV).
  117. But killing enemies is something you do on the side rather than a goal. As a
  118. result, frames like Excalibur, Ash, Hydroid, Valkyr, and Saryn (to name a few) are
  119. considered useless.
  120. Never bring Limbo to TLoR. Never. Literally no use and can hurt your progress.
  122. Kept for historical purposes/reference:
  124. Builds:
  125. MIRAGE :: Stretch(5), Quick Thinking(5), Streamline(4), Fleeting Expertise(4),
  126. (PRISM) ;; Primed Flow(10), Primed Continuity(10), Natural Talent(3), Overextended(5)
  127. ;; Exilus: Speed Drift(5)
  128. ;; Variants: Remove Fleeting Expertise in favor of Constitution. Requires more Forma.
  129. ;; -- 2 Forma (— —). Use your #4 and activate it again to instantly break it and blind enemies.
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