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Song of Swords chargen walkthrough

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Mar 6th, 2014
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  1. Right, here goes. We'll detail the character of Heinz Hammerzeit, a hopeful peasant lad striking out for glory.
  3. First, we start with the power level. To keep it quick and simple, we'll just use the historical one. That means we get 14 Character creation points (CrP) in total, and can only devote a maximum of 6 to each category.
  5. We go to the table 1.2 on page 9 and go through it left to right, spending our CrP as we go.
  6. Race: Though his sister may dispute it, Heinz is in fact human. Humans are a tier 1 race, so we'll pay 1 CrP for this.
  7. Attributes: Carting around manure all day long makes for a surprisingly good workout. We'll put 5 CrP into this.
  8. Skills: Nobody ever accused Heinz of being clever, so a mere 2 CrP here will be fine
  9. Proficiencies: Hitting things is a simple pastime for a simple man. Having spent much of his free time doing it, Heinz gets 3 CrP here
  10. Social Class: It's a peasant's life. 2 CrP
  11. Boons & Banes: Some heroes have been destined for greatness from their births. Not Heinz, though, as he gets only 1 CrP here.
  13. Okay, that's all 14 CrP spent. Now we go through the Attributes, Skill, Proficiency, Boons&Banes and equipment sections and spend the points/resources we just purchased with our CrP there.
  15. Attributes: 5 CrP give us a total 38 points to freely distribute among our attributes, though every one must have at least 1 point in them and no more than 8. Racial modifiers (which humans don't have, so it's unimportant for Heinz) may push them above 8 points, but may not reduce them below 1. Personally I like to start by putting 4 (standing for an average human) into everything and then adjusting stuff from there, but that's entirely up to you. Anyways, these are Heinz' stats:
  16. Strength 7 Agility 4 Health 6 Endurance 7
  17. Will 4 Wit 4 Intelligence 3 Perception 3
  19. My, a hale and hearthy lad, our Heinz is! But then again that is really all he has going for him. From these 8 base stats we derive the compound attributes. Note that we always round fractions down, such as in the case of Toughness.
  20. Adroitness ((AGI+WIT)/2): 4 Toughness((STR+HLT+END)/3): 6 Charisma ((WIL+Per+WIT)/2): 5 Mobility ((STR+AGI+END)/2): 9 Grit (WIL/2): 2
  22. Skills: This is nice and simple, our 2 CrP investment gives us a total of 3 points to put directly into any of the skills. Note that when you purchase a skill for the first time, you automatically gain a subskill. Subskills usually denote a certain focus or speciality. Being an outdoorsman by necessity as well as choice, Heinz gets two points into Athletics, with Climbing as the subskill. As his family actually owns a horse that he was occasionally allowed to ride, he also gets 1 point in Ride (ride doesn't have any subskills as of yet, so that's it). So here are his skills:
  23. Athletics (Climbing): 2, Ride: 1
  25. Proficiencies:
  26. This is probably the most complex part. 3 CrP gives us 6 proficiency points to distribute. Let's start by picking a school. This is not necessary, as you can just purchase proficiencies directly, but it usually does carry some advantages that make them worth it, especially when you're human.
  27. Now, Heinz obviously has no access to formal training, so the Self-Taught school it is. Looking at it, we see that it actually costs 0 points by itself, so that's good. Next, we add some proficiencies to it, we need at least three of them to buy a school. Once again, the Self-Taught school imposes no extra costs on this.
  28. Usually, adding a proficiency to a school has a base cost of 2 proficiency points. But since Heinz is a human (or at least passes as one. In bad light. If you squint), he gets a 1-point discount on that, meaning they only cost 1 point each to add.
  29. So, first we'll add the Polearm proficiency as our primary proficiency, because Heinz swings a scythe like no other. Next we add Wrestling as a secondary, and 1-handed blunt as well. Throwing people is almost as fun as hitting them with a big stick!
  30. With three in total, that's enough to finish our school. We look at the bonuses and penalties of the Self-Taught school and decide that we will choose Blind-Toss as our special move, whereas we pick Hook and Pommel Strike as those that will have Bad Form.
  31. Now, that's done and our school sits finished at level one. It only cost us a mere 3 proficiency points to create, so we pay our remaining 3 proficiency points to raise it to level 4, paying 1 point for each level. That means that effectively, our primary proficiency Polearms is at level 4 as well, while Wrestling and one-handed Blunt have a -1 due to being secondary and as such have level 3.
  33. Now, we are at the second-to-last part, Boons and Banes. Having spent only 1 CrP here, we are at a -15. That means we have to spend at least -15 points in Banes just to break even.
  34. As a wee lad, Heinz had a very unfortunate run-in with an angry rooster that cost him an eye. As such, he has the One-Eyed bane, worth -15 points.
  35. That alone makes him break even. From there on, any further Banes we purchase (to a maximum worth of 20) can be used to buy Boons for up to as many points. So we make poor Heinz a Braggart (-3) and a Hothead (-3), which also lead to him garnering a Bad Reputation (-3). He was probably compensating for something.
  37. This gives us a total of 9 points to spend on Boons. Heinz can always count on his family, so he'll get Folks Back Home (6). He's always had a way with the farm animals, giving him Animal Affinity (2). For the last point we give him Literate(1), because Mama Hammerzeit raised no village idiot, no sir!
  39. Now, finally (FINALLY!) we're at the very last part, purchasing equipment. His station as a peasant gives Heinz 1gp (equaling 20 sp) to buy his stuff with. Being a fugal frella, Heinz simply picks out some of his farm tools to use as his weapons. He takes with him his favourite Large Knife (7 cp), a small hatchet/Hand Axe (6cp) and, in an unusual stroke of genius, he converts a scythe into a makeshift Falx (1sp).
  40. For his defense, he goes with a nice thick Quilted Coat(5sp) and Leggings(2cp), made by his ma, as well as his best pair of leather boots (1sp). Then he goes out to the market and puts his last money towards a well-made Kettle Helmet (2sp), a Heater Shield(1sp) and, remembering the last piece of advice his grandfather had given him, a metal codpiece (5sp)
  41. Tallying all that up, it comes out to 16sp and 3 cp. The rest of the money goes to some assorted goods like food, a change of clothes, rucksack and other utilities that we don't need to tally up right now. The weight of all this only comes up to a mere 2 in total, which is lower than Heinz Endurance (7), meaning that he is completely unencumbered.
  42. His Combat pool is made up from his Adroitness, added to the proficiency level of the weapon he uses and any bonuses or penalties from Boons and Banes. So for Heinz wielding his Falx, this would be 4(ADR)+4(Proficiency)-1(One Eye) = 7 CP.
  44. And that's that, pretty much. If you got any more questions or spotted any errors, feel free to ask in a thread.
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