Tits: Double Goo Loss (Female)

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  1. You go down hard.
  3. With you out of the way, the double-headed goo is free to focus her attention entirely upon the lone suula, knocking her on her back and tearing open her crotch plate as easily as a can of tuna. A big, hard dick pops out, impressively long for how little bulge it presented. “Yum!”
  5. “N-no!” Azra haphazardly protests, twisting from side to side. Her enormous prong slaps against each of her thighs in turn. The tentacles that ring the tip wildly flail and she actually gets harder. Is she trying to show it off?
  7. Hands bigger than Azra’s head pin her wrists into the loamy ground as the silvery slut leans down, hair cascading like a metal waterfall. “So much nummy cum,” she coos through both pairs of expanding, puffed-up lips. The left side bites her bottom lip, eyes fixed on Azra’s jutting cock. The right licks her lips as her breasts slip closer to the shark-girl’s turgid mast. “This could’ve been so much nicer.”
  9. Azra is rock-hard by now, dick pointing straight up and visibly throbbing. “I d-didn’t consent!” She closes her eyes and looks away, yet the acres of gelatinous tit descend all the same, brushing a very sensitive-looking cocktip.
  11. Azra and the goos moan together.
  13. “Whaaa?” the left head cries in confusion, squeezing her tits together between her forearms in confusion. “So hooooot.”
  15. From where you’ve fallen, you can see Azra’s tendrils going wild against the goo-monster’s less-than-solid breast-flesh. That’s right... suula’s genital tendrils can release an aphrodisiac sting! From the way they’re writhing, they must be stinging like mad!
  17. The right-side of the goo monster doesn’t seem to mind. Her eyes drift closed, then fade away entirely, leaving her little more than puckered mouth and obscene, four-foot tongue. That selfsame tongue dives into her breasts in search of Azra’s dick, lavishing it with licks and caresses. You can hardly see where the tongue ends and the breasts begin. It actually vanishes into one tit only to emerge on the other side, wrapping up Azra in so much slick warmth that the winged woman must be going mad.
  19. When Azra looks your way, you can see that all the fight has gone out of her. Her eyes keep trying to roll back, and her sharp-toothed maw keeps opening and closing in lurid moans. Sometimes, she even whimpers, “Yes!” or “More! Please more!” When she sees you looking, she screams and arches her back, hips pumping, fucking her dick deep into the glimmering white-gold melons.
  21. Creamy eruptions sputter from the silvered cleavage, splattering the twinned chins in sequence before the right head can dive down on it, embedding her whole face into her tits just to directly lap at Azra’s viscous seed. The left side seems put out until the load on her face sinks beneath the liquid surface of her skin, after which her features sink into an expression of sublime euphoria.
  23. Sordid-sounding sucks tease your ears and inflame your passions as you’re forced to watch your chief biologist blowing her load. She just keeps cumming! Her balls clench, and her hands ball into cute little fists with every blissful pulse. She must have been pretty backed up, because the longer the right head works to swallow her load, the bigger the goo-girl’s tits, lips, and ass get. And with those puffy cock-suckers expertly working Azra’s tip, how could Azra possibly give her less than every drop of delicious suula spooge?
  25. “Mmmmmmmyeeeaaaaaa,” the left-head coos, taking her hand off Azra’s wrist to pet the suula’s sweat-matted hair. “Sthoooo good.” The new size of her lips seems to confuse her at first, but simple thrill replaces it not long after. “More, yeth?” she asks as the right side finally releases the scientist’s well-drained dick.
  27. “No-” Azra tries to answer before left kisses her, stuffing her tongue so far into her mouth that you swear you can see it bulging the golden suula’s throat. She struggles to little avail, slapping at the goo-woman’s tit until her arm pushes inside, but she can’t seem to draw it back. Her struggles only make the person-sized orb wobble.
  29. Meanwhile, the right head forms a pair of eyelashes and blinks open newly-made eyelids, a confused look on her face as she absorbs the residual shark-girl spunk. “Ooh, we should grow more boobs.” She lets go of Azra’s other arm and begins playing with her expanded assets with almost child-like glee.
  31. Azra stares at you, wide-eyed as the left head slowly extracts inch after inch of silver tongue from her sharky maw, face flushing redder and redder. When it finally escapes, it does a circuit across Azra’s muzzle, paying special attention to her gasping lips. Below, Azra’s hips violently thrust, hard enough to bounce the titanic gray goo a few inches off the ground. “What did you do to me?”
  33. Left giggles. “Gave you back your cummy-venom, sthilly!” Right pinches her nipple, squirting silver onto Azra’s chest. “So you can cum again!” They share a look and lift their single pair of hips, positioning a slime-drooling slit just above Azra’s quivering cock. “You know you want to fuck us.” The left adds, “And cum sthoooo hard!”
  35. Azra’s face screws up, alternating between irritation, rage, lust, and desperation. She looks your way imploringly, but there’s nothing you can do besides let her know that it’s okay. You give her a slight nod, and she finally gives the goos exactly what they were asking for.
  37. Nearly two feet of painfully erect suula-cock spears its way into the sloppy goo-cunt in a half second. Azra’s hips slam into the two-headed woman’s crotch hard enough to make her entire body ripple from the force of the impact. The ensuing loss of cohesion is exactly what the suula scientist needs to free her hand from a silver tit, and she makes good use of her newfound freedom by grabbing the goo by her thickened thighs to fuck her all the harder.
  39. Azra’s wings flare wide in ecstasy, stained brownish-red with Tarkus’ soil. She draws back to expose her glossy fuck-stick. The tentacles are almost limp now, flat against the golden-orange surface of her dick and waving back and forth to further stimulate her. She rams it back inside without a second thought. Her face is locked in a rictus grin of pleasure, her eyes wide and fanatical. You can only imagine at the amount of venom coursing through her body. The double-goo atop her must have pumped at least a double-dose back into her belly, to say nothing of any incidental stings she gave herself before.
  41. It’s all the two-headed creature can do to stay together while Azra pounds her. Her sloppy skin bubbles and drips. More than once, one of her arms falls off and splatters to the ground, only to grow anew a second later and resume caressing a goo-leaking tit. The heads themselves have given up any pretense of restraint and started making out, their silvery tongues entwined until you cannot see where one ends and the other begins.
  43. Whimpering, Azra drives herself in with incessant strokes, her weighty balls slapping hard against the goo monster’s jiggling ass, slickened with sweat and silver alike. They’re quivering with unspent lust. You can only imagine the biological arms race taking place in there as they race to produce another potent load so soon on the heels of the first. Still, Azra fucks on. She works the gooey slit with machine-like determination, pounding it faster and harder with every stroke, her cock pulling back wet strands of chrome to cover her thighs.
  45. Again, Azra looks your way, but she’s like an entirely different person, buried dick-deep in a monster twice her size with her teeth bared in a frenzy. If she wasn’t pinned beneath the mammoth, you’d think she meant to rape you. Then her manic expression slackens. Her eyes roll back, and her thrusts come to one climactic stop, impacting the goo with enough force to embed Azra’s hips halfway into the shimmering being’s body.
  47. A small, rounded dome appears in the beast’s middle, swelling larger by the second. Azra whimpers, and tongue lolling collapses, dick slipping half-way out. A tide of spooge washes back with her, coating her still-flexing dick in white. With every straining bulge of her urethra, another stream of viscous goo backwashes out to paint her crotch. The monster above doesn’t seem to care. She’s wicking up enough to grow the second pair of tits she asked for, looking on in pleased ecstasy as a pair of E-cups swell into her palms.
  49. By the time Azra finally stops jizzing, the two-headed woman is cradling a second set of G-cup melons and sprawling back against the wall, rubbing her tummy and sighing in delight.
  51. You do the best to clean up the evidence of your own masturbatory orgasm, but you’re pretty sure Azra will know all the same. After all, she saw you getting off to her defilement. You stagger over to Azra with an apologetic look on your face and help her to her feet, which is easier said than done considering she’s nine feet tall and you’re barely over five. The poor girl is absolutely shell-shocked, but she manages a few half-hearted tugs at her dripping dong all the same. “Wha... so much... cum?” You drag her away before the silver behemoth decides to come back for thirds. What a mess.
  53. Together, you stagger through the wasted ruins. Azra plays with her dick for most of the trip, but by the time the Novahome comes into view, she’s recovered enough of her sense to tuck the turgid tool back into her armor.
  55. “I think... I need a nap,” the suula declares.
  57. You nod. “Me too.”
  59. Looking at you hesitantly, Azra posits, “We got beat up by some gray goos and ran back here. Nothing else happened.”
  61. You start to shake your head.
  65. Putting up your hands, you defer. “Okay okay...”
  67. Azra nods curtly and vanishes into her quarters. Her shower comes on shortly after.
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