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  1. Ghostown - Alive Lyrics
  3. Uploaded by LOVE4LYRICS at Pastebin.com
  5. Cig: You ever ask yourself like "What's the point of it? Like why even wake
  6. up anymore?" Shit, aint nuthin' ever gonna change man, same shit everyday. I
  7. heard Erin's my guardian angel, well if that's the case, heaven watch over me
  8. Yo
  10. [Cig]
  11. Got my moms personality, my fathers temper
  12. Look into my eyes and stare, it's as cold as Decembers
  13. The attitude is fuck it, anybody could get it
  14. Whomever, whenever, I don't give a fuck, it's whatever
  15. Days have been better, my nights have been worse
  16. It's kind of hard lookin' at you Katy, up in a herse
  17. I feel like I could've saved you from what you did
  18. Say goodbye to someone you know since you were a 4 year old kid?
  19. I can't do it, you said I could help you, I've been through it
  20. Now I'm wishin' I took up your proposition but I blew it
  21. And I knew it as soon as you committed suicide
  22. I didn't say nuthin' but there was a tear in my eye
  23. Which is hard, cause I don't show emotion, I got pride
  24. I thought about it myself, but I decided to survive
  25. In my brothers eyes, I'm a hero, he thinks I'mma make him rich
  26. But I can't look at him and let him know it's cause of this weed that I pitch
  27. Heard life's a bitch, well fuck it till you're done
  28. Never tuck it, just buck it son, and never fuckin' run
  29. And all this bullshit I don't deserve it none
  30. Got me feelin' like I don't even deserve to cum, so
  32. [Chorus]
  33. Sometimes I wonder why I'm even alive
  34. Like what's the point of it and why even try?
  35. Outside we're happy but it's all just a lie
  36. Join me and turn to angels up in the sky, as I puff my L
  38. [Cig]
  39. I gotta blow up, I gotta get signed, I gotta blow up, I gotta kick rhymes
  40. I gotta do me, gotta stay on the grind, I gotta blow up, my life's on the line
  41. Ask me bout the haters, they aint never blowin' up
  42. They like cops in the hood: They aint never showin' up
  43. A lot of friends need me to get my flowin' up
  44. Gotta make a lot of ends, so I aint never slowin' up
  45. Drunk all night with questions I ask God
  46. Like "Why is it every week I get a mass card?"
  47. It's hard, but Jaime wipe away the tears you cried
  48. They say the good die young, and that's why I'm still alive
  49. There's an angel in the sky that wants you to rise
  50. Stay strong cause you got good friends by your side
  51. And as for myself, know it would be a lie
  52. If I was to say I don't ever ask myself "Why?"
  54. [Chorus]
  56. [Cig]
  57. There's no words that express how much I love you
  58. I rap so you don't have to sell drugs too
  59. This phone keeps ringin' and I can't play Madden
  60. Or a show in the city to get this deal rappin'
  61. I'm sorry Michael, that I aint always there
  62. But please understand that I really do care
  63. Share a bond that they really can't match
  64. Weather it's life issues or you wanna play catch
  65. Cause you're the ruggedest youngin' that I know
  66. And you're lookin' more like me the more that you grow
  67. So when things are lookin' rough, I'mma guide you through it
  68. Cause I been through it, I'mma help you ride through it
  69. Pursue it, you aint gotta live the way I did
  70. Aint gotta be a man yet, enjoy bein' a kid
  71. I can't picture puttin' my life to an end
  72. Cause he's more then a brother, he's my best friend
  74. [Chorus]
  76. Cig: This song is dedicated to all the angels we lost in 2005. To all those
  77. who feel there is no hope, your loss is my pain, and I am your voice. Join me
  78. and pray for a safer and better 2006. God bless your family. I feel so alive,
  79. as I puff my L
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