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  1. <gliitch> im sick and tired of the shitty justice system and so are you man. everyone is. he a bad guy i wish mods would stop being so blind :( i dont want to lose you as ...no wait irc is seperate from forums
  2. <japsander> look, he was banned for trolling but he IS being victimised. we cant punish the wierd unless they break rules
  3. <japsander> :(
  4. <gliitch> no one likes him and he is runing hax for all of us. me and sam are just fighting our corner. we lost adam dood . :'(
  5. <japsander> no matter how wierd he is, he is a member and we have to stick up for anyone who is getting bullied. you and samson just pick fights about anne frank with him. i hate it but its not a rule breaker
  6. <gliitch> agh
  7. <japsander> just chill out and dont respond to him unmless he trolls you
  8. <gliitch> you shouldnt give him the opitunity
  9. <gliitch> >_> ugh greg is as blind a freaking fruit bat :'(
  10. <japsander> you troll him!
  11. <japsander> whats the diff?
  12. <gliitch> i dont troll. i tell the truth, some of which are too scared to do . ah man i hate this website. pile of shit.  
  13. <japsander> >.<
  14. <gliitch> doesnt change the fact we have lost good men :'(
  15. <japsander> jumping into a thread and abusing someone over a sig is trolling, just chill out or use the ignore option. (at least you have the liberty of using it)
  16. <japsander> i know we lost good men
  17. <japsander> thats why i want this shitty grudge to end
  18. <japsander> since his ban he has been fine
  19. <japsander> he has trolled in responce to a troll
  20. <gliitch> well i dont care. >_<
  21. <gliitch> you and all the guys i speak to are all awesome. why it is that the same people become asses when on the forum and all because pirate wants to earn a bit of cash off his members >< in advertising .
  22. <japsander> moderating is a job. we have more rules than any member to follow
  23. <gliitch> i dont get it, im really gonna leave this time. and i know this site needs me. but fuck it. if greg wants some smart ass shit then let him have it.
  24. <japsander> all you need to do is use the report button. if you troll, you look just as bad
  25. <gliitch> why is it when i tell the truth or what people know is right, its called trolling. but when that douche types anything its just like any other post. the site really needs an over haul on its system, seriously. because its "talk about anything here " section is complete bull
  26. <japsander> personal = trolling, general = off topic
  27. <gliitch> well the sites cred will keep on going down hill. :(
  28. <gliitch> im done with posting, because clearly the same peeps with the mod jobs turn into douches. no offence japs you yourself is an awesome guy. its just the mod part i cant stant
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