[transform]Anon and his Friendo the Brony

Apr 22nd, 2015
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  1. >Be anon.
  2. >Be invited to your friend's place.
  3. >He didn't say why he wanted you there, but he sounded a bit worried.
  4. >You inquired. He said nothing.
  5. >You show up about the time he wants you there.
  6. >Bring some sick nasty Doritos and Mountain Dew.
  7. >Knock on the door.
  8. >Silence.
  9. >Knock again.
  10. >"Wh-Who's there?" you hear your friend stutter in an awkward, high pitched tone.
  11. >Is this boy ok?
  12. " wanted me over?"
  13. >Silence.
  14. >Few seconds later, you hear the bolt slide inside the door.
  15. >"C-Come on...a-and close the door behind you."
  16. >Now you feel uneasy.
  17. >You open up the door to friendo's place.
  18. >He's not there.
  19. "Yo?"
  20. >"Shut the door!" you hear him hiss.
  21. >You frown now, but close the door and then head upstairs in the direction you heard him from.
  22. >You open the door to his room.
  23. >friendo isn't there.
  24. >But you sure as hell shit your pants when you see what's curled up on his bed.
  26. >On friendo's bed is a dark green creature. It's curled up, so you can't tell what it is.
  27. >Your first thought is that it's dangerous, but you hear a little sob.
  28. "uh...."
  29. >"Sh-Shut up," it says.
  30. >Definitely your bud.
  31. >You step inside a few paces to get a bit closer. You start seeing more details.
  32. >Small body. Fluffy ears. Slightly different colored hair on head and tail.
  33. >Hooves.
  34. >Oh dear lord.
  35. "Uh...I don't mean to pry, but..."
  36. >He groans.
  37. >"Yeah, I'm a faggoty horse. Get it out of your system."
  38. "Why the hell did you call me here?"
  39. >Pause.
  40. >friendopone slowly gets up from the bed. You hear sniffling.
  41. >"I-I don't know...just..." He pauses again to rub his head "I don't know, help me not be a faghorse."
  42. >You frown.
  43. "How the fuck am I supposed to do that?"
  44. >friendopone groans again and slumps back down onto his bed.
  45. >"fuck me..." is all you can manage to hear.
  46. >Another awkward pause passes between you two.
  47. >You think you're frankly on the edge of insanity as it is. Fuck, this could be a bad dream.
  48. >Knowing your dreams, though, you'd probably be performing surgery on him already. It's weird how many times you do that in your dreams.
  49. >But it's not like now's a good time to question it. Where the hell do you even start questioning this shit?
  50. >You realize it's been about a minute of you just standing in the doorway and gawking at the...thing in the sea of blankets. You shake your head before stepping back a bit.
  51. "I'm...gunna..."
  52. >You shuffle back and forth uncomfortably.
  53. "I' down stairs if you ever get over your existential crisis."
  54. >He just groans.
  55. >You're really not sure what to do.
  56. >You slowly step out of his room. And close the door.
  57. >You start thinking you're a moron for not just talking to him about it. But you're totally autistic, so you just awkward yourself out of the situation. Until later, anyway.
  58. >You head downstairs and flip on the PlayBox 64.
  59. >....
  61. >You get pretty invested in your game of Call of Field 7, Fifa edition, and you don't even notice as an entire hour passes by.
  62. >You don't even notice the soft papfs of hooves coming down the stairs, or the scrunch of the psudo leather couch as the small horse climbs up onto it next to you.
  63. >You realized he was there after a while, but you didn't say anything.
  64. >Neither did he, for a while.
  65. >Neither of you really knew what to say. So, you just focused on the screen.
  66. >It feels nice for a little while. Just two buds on the couch, playin a game. Nothin freak-o-nature about either of you.
  67. >Finally, after a little bit of sniffling, the small horse finally squeaks something out between the soft sobbing.
  68. >"M-Man, you fucking suck."
  69. >You resist the urge to stuff your controller down his throat.
  70. "Ah, shut up, you're worse."
  71. >Your bud chuckles. "At least I'm not a total retard. I-I mean, did you even check your health bar?"
  72. >You chuckle a bit now and lean back into the couch cushion as the scores splash on the screen.
  73. "Yeah, whatever."
  74. >You almost forget that anything's even amiss. In fact, you glance over, and once again surprise yourself to find the little horse sitting next to you.
  75. >Things get a bit awkward again as silence soaks into the room like a shamwow.
  76. >You fidget a bit.
  77. "So...I mean, uh..."
  78. >You can't even find the words to ask him why the fuck he's a faggotty horse.
  79. >So, you let another awkward pause pass between you two, and you start to feel like an asshole.
  80. >You start thinking you should just leave. You weren't good at helping your friend with girlfriend trouble. Why the hell would you be helpful with this?
  81. >You were about to stand up when you feel something brush your shoulder and lean against it.
  82. >You feel yourself bristle a bit. You don't look down.
  83. >The little horse hums a little and puts its weight onto your arm. It feels soft, like a furry pillow. And warm.
  84. >You don't move a muscle...
  86. >Your bud sighs out loudly and loops a little hoof underneath your arm.
  87. >You start to feel a bit uncomfortable.
  88. >He's hugging your arm to his cheek. And totally nuzzling into you.
  89. >You turn your head away and cough awkwardly.
  90. "U-Uhh....I-I mean, you're a pony now, right?"
  91. >He slows down his nuzzling and grunts a bit.
  92. >You cough again.
  93. "How, long have you been a..."
  94. >The pony seems to hesitate and, after a moment, pulls his head away from you and lays it down. He mumbles something.
  95. "Uh...h-how long?"
  96. >"Two days..."
  97. >Your eyes go wide.
  98. "Shit...that's a long time..."
  99. >He doesn't make a sound in response. He just curls up a bit into himself.
  100. >'re fucking this up.
  101. >Your friend needs you to stop being a faggot right now and be his friend.
  102. >But you're just pussyfooting around. You're letting your awkwardness get in the way.
  103. >A knot forms in your throat and a hot pressure rises in your chest.
  104. >You swallow uncomfortably.
  105. >You reach a hand out, just above his head.
  106. >You lower it slowly.
  107. >"It's not all that bad," he mumbles in a low tone "at least I..."
  108. >His ears perk up once your hand touches his head.
  109. >You start acting without thinking.
  110. >You run your hand down the length of the little pony's neck.
  111. >Then you move your hand back, gently placing it on his head to once again slide down his neck.
  112. >The stallion's ears start to drift back down as you continue slowly. You can even feel his muscles relaxing underneath your hand.
  113. >You repeat your petting motion again, this time running down the length of his back.
  114. >You get a low hum in return.
  115. >His fur feels incredibly soft against your palm. His individual hairs all brush against your skin, his soft body gives a bit underneath your hand, and the small contours in his back just feel...natural to run your hand down.
  116. >You keep petting the little horse, just feeling his tiny body, and listening to the little noises he made.
  118. >Your little bro is breathing in a slow, steady rate as you continued to pet him, that warm afternoon. His sobbing has completely went away by now. You weren't even sure if he was still awake.
  119. >But the motion of petting him felt hypnotic, so you kept at it for a little while longer.
  120. >Your game had launched into another round of flagpoint domination by now, but you just let it run without touching the controller.
  121. >"hey...I'm sorry..." your bro mumbles "I'm can stop if you want to."
  122. >He doesn't move to stop you, though.
  123. "You like it, huh?"
  124. >He hesitates.
  125. >"Y-Yeah...a-a little..."
  126. >You smile a bit and stop suddenly as your hand reaches his lower back again.
  127. >He whimpers a little bit, but doesn't do much else besides shift a bit closer to your hand.
  128. >You smirk.
  129. >Before he could do anything else, you pull at his side, sliding him across the cushions to sit pressed up against you again.
  130. >He squeaks a bit as his side presses against your thigh.
  131. >You chuckle audibly now.
  132. "Come on, faggot," you say in a low tone.
  133. >He looks up at you with uncertainty. His cheeks were stained with tears. Maybe tears of fatigue?
  134. >You pat your lap with a hand and gave him a warm smile.
  135. >He still frowns a little bit.
  136. "What are you waiting for, a hug?"
  137. >His eyes go wide and, after a short moment of hesitation, he smirks a bit before shakily getting to his hooves.
  138. >The little stallion climbs into your lap and sits down slowly. And shit, he was a heavy boy. He might have been about half of your size, but god damn.
  139. >He settles down and leans his back against your chest. His body is so warm, almost impossibly so.
  140. >He's also shaking a little bit on your lap.
  141. >Slowly, you wrap your arms around the little stallion's middle and hug him to your body. Another little squeak comes from his throat.
  142. >You lean in closer to his ear, just prodding it with your nose.
  143. "You like that...don't you, you little faggy horse?"
  144. >The little guy whines a little, but stays perfectly still.
  146. >You give the little horse in your lap a squeeze around his middle, resulting in a little squirm.
  147. >"H-Hey," he choked out, trying to push against your arms "Not too much...p-please..."
  148. >You chuckle a little bit and start gently rubbing his sides with your thumbs.
  149. "Shhhh~"
  150. >You whisper gently into his ear, telling him to relax.
  151. >And slowly, your little bro started to calm down, and his little ridged body started to go limp in your arms.
  152. >With the warm pony sitting snuggled up close to your body, you start to feel a deep sense of relaxation creep into your muscles as well.
  153. >You let your chin rest just on top of his head and hummed in a low tone.
  154. >His breathing started to match up with your steady rhythm. Any sign of resistance were long gone, now that the little pony had given into the embrace.
  155. >You just soaked up the warmth and comfort you felt from this little pony in your arms. You felt like you could just sit here and cuddle with your little bro forever.
  156. >Then, as if by instinct, you started rocking your body very slowly forwards and backwards.
  157. >You don't know why you started doing it, but once you started, you definitely didn't want to stop. The sensation just draws all of your attention away from everything else. All you could think about was the pony in your arms and how good it felt to have him so tightly cuddled.
  158. >Before you knew it, half of the afternoon starts to slip away from you. A couple hours passed by, but to you it only felt like a few minutes.
  159. >You groan a little and straighten up a bit, careful not to jostle around your tiny bro.
  160. >You turn your head to get a good look at his face.
  161. >He's definitely fast asleep in your arms, sleeping like a baby.
  162. >You smile softly and kiss his cheek.
  163. >Wait...kiss his cheek?
  164. >You don't know if you're ready to get that gay with your bud just yet.
  165. >You thank godthulu that he wasn't awake to feel your gay ass lips against his cheek and you lay your head back on the couch cushion.
  167. >Your mind, preoccupied with the comforting warmth and soft pillow of a creature in your lap, plus the fact that he was a bit too heavy to just move around, you begin to grow drowsy as lethargy takes over.
  168. >You close your eyes and let sleep wash over you...
  170. >morning.
  171. >You awake to the feeling of something wet on your face. It feels weird, like a slimy sort of tentacle that decided to molest your cheek.
  172. >You groan and lift your head from the couch cushion before sitting up straight to stretch your back and arms out.
  173. >As you feel satisfied and sigh out loudly, you hear a little voice grumble at you.
  174. >"Breakfast is, uh...go get it."
  175. >You grunt a bit in acknowledgement at the voice and nod, folding your arms back up to hug your pony again.
  176. >Uh...I mean...if your pony was still there.
  177. >You open your eyes groggily and look down at your empty lap.
  178. >You almost feel lonely against the cold air and nothing to squash you down.
  179. >You look over to where the voice came from, watching the small horse start walkin away in the direction of the kitchen.
  180. >You almost whine a little to see him walk off.
  181. >But you quickly regain your composure.
  182. >You achingly get up from the couch and stretch your legs next, taking extra time to get the knots out of your back and the fuzzy feeling out of your head.
  183. >Once you feel situated, you shuffle over to the kitchen and sit down at the table.
  184. >There's already a plate where you're sitting at, surprisingly, topped off with a big load of pancakes and a dollop of fluffy butter. Your mouth started to water at the sight of it all.
  185. "Shit do this?"
  186. >The pony fidgets a bit just after putting the other plate down at the other side of the table.
  187. >"Yeah...yeah I kinda did."
  189. >You cut up yourself a bit of pancake and nom yourself a mouthful of the fluffy goodness.
  190. >And when you say fluffy goodness, you mean god damn, this is better than you've had in a long time.
  191. >Your bro's never even cooked a cup of noodles before.
  192. >You put the fork down and shake your head.
  193. "Mm, nuh uh, no way."
  194. >Lil brony looks up. "whuh..."
  195. "No way, you didn't make these. These are too good."
  196. >Bropone huffed a bit. "Dude, shut up, I know it's weird." He groaned a bit and shuffled a little in his seat.
  197. >"I don't know what it think being a little horse makes me stupid good at cooking."
  198. >You raise your eyebrow.
  199. >You lift up one of your hands and just wiggle your fingers, to which tiny bro scrunched up his muzzle. You almost gagged at how cute that was.
  200. >"I-I've had a lot of practice, shut up, ok?"
  201. >You smirk and throw your hands up defensively.
  202. "Ok ok, whatever you...."
  203. >You frown.
  204. "Practice? Like...two days of practice."
  205. >His eyes go a bit wider, but he stays silent.
  206. "Bro..."
  207. >He looks down at his plate and starts grazing on his pancakes.
  208. "Bro. Just spit it out already."
  209. >He flinches a bit and whimpers a little.
  210. >After a moment of hesitation, he finally swallows down the food stuff in his mouth and looks up at you nervously.
  211. >"I...uh...ya know when I said...I've been a pony for two days?"
  212. >You just raise an eyebrow.
  213. >He gulps nervously again.
  214. >"Uh...It's do you say...hermph hrrff..."
  215. >You give him a tired 'taking no shit' look.
  216. "Bro."
  217. >He grimaces.
  218. >"Two...months..."
  219. >There was a little bit of a pause.
  220. >You tried to process what he just said.
  221. >Your fork drops out of your hand and clatters against the plate loudly.
  222. >Your mouth hangs open.
  223. "Two..."
  224. >He fidgets a bit.
  225. "...Months..."
  226. >He suddenly gets up and starts making his way to the kitchen door.
  227. >"Ah-, you know what? I'mgunnaskipbreakfastifthat'sokwith- EEP!"
  228. >He never got to the door way. You were too fast on the draw.
  230. >You lifted the tiny horse high up into the air, letting his little legs flail in the air as he tried to squirm out of your grip.
  231. >"C-Come on, lemme go!" he whined "I-If I was a unicorn, I'd blast your ass!"
  232. >You didn't even bother questioning what that meant.
  233. >Instead, you brought your head down right into his belly and blew.
  234. >You blew the raspberriest raspberry of your life into the little fella's belly.
  235. >And by gum, if he started flailing any harder, you might have been knocked off balance.
  236. >"G-G-Gaah! A-Anon!" he squealed like a child "H-Haha! St-Stop it, i-it isn't pfff-HAHA!"
  237. >The little pony continued to squirm helplessly in your grasp, desperately pushing his forehooves against your head to try and push you off.
  238. >Maybe you took it a bit too far. Maybe you shouldn't have waited until he was in tears and barely gasping for breath.
  239. >You thought it was worth it anyway.
  240. >You finally stop and, grinning a stupid grin as he pants hard and protects his belly with his forelegs.
  241. >"H-Huh, huh...f-fuck you," he mumbled.
  242. >You just chuckled and sat back down in your chair, still cradling him.
  243. >You let the little guy catch his breath for a few moments, giving yourself a little bit of time to settle down in the chair.
  244. "Heh...two months?" you finally ask again.
  245. >The panting pony nodded meekly, putting a hoof up to cover his eyes.
  246. "No one knew where you went, man. Even your boss said he hasn't seen you in a while."
  247. >He didn't answer, maybe too caught up in breathing.
  248. "We thought you were dead man."
  249. >"I-I'm sorry, ok?" he huffed out "I was afraid, man. What would you do if you were suddenly turned into a faggoty freak?"
  250. >You frown a bit.
  251. "But...Have you even had any company since then?"
  252. >He was silent again.
  253. "You didn't even have anyone to talk to?"
  254. >Another moment of hesitation later, he started trying to wriggle out of your grasp.
  255. >"Yeah...I...I can deal with it, ok?"
  256. >You hug him closer to your chest.
  257. >"D-dude, come on, let me down."
  259. >You look the little guy right in the eyes. He glares back at you in a sort of cute pout.
  260. >"Seriously, I'm fine. I don't need to be coddled like a child."
  261. >You shake your head.
  262. "I'm not treating you like a child, man."
  263. >You hoist his body around so that it faces you. And after supporting his little rump with an arm, you hug him close to your body again with your other arm.
  264. "You invited me here in the first place. Now I'm gunna make sure you don't have to live alone."
  265. >You hear a little sniffle.
  266. "If there's anything you need, just tell me."
  267. >He sniffs again and lightly hugs you.
  268. >"I don't want to be a st-stupid little horse anymore..."
  269. >You shoosh into his ear gently and pat his back, hopefully comfortingly.
  270. "There there," you say automatically "everything will be alright...we'll find a way to fix this."
  271. >"I...don't think there is..." he mumbles "I looked on the internet...I couldn't find anything u-useful..."
  272. >You shush him again.
  273. "Everything will be fine," you kept telling him.
  274. >You really weren't sure if you meant it anymore, or if you were just stalling at this point. For all of the zombie plans and Macguiver tools you learned to make, you never once in your wildest imagination thought about this...
  275. >But you weren't sure about what else to do. He seemed to like it last night. Maybe he'll calm down if you do this again.
  276. >"I-I'm gunna be a faggot horse forever..."
  277. >He was limp in your grasp once again and tearing up.
  278. >"I...I don't even remember what it's like to be normal's been too long...too long without...mrrph...."
  279. >He fell silent again, just sniffling at this point, so you kept on patting his back gently.
  280. "If you want me to do anything at all," you hum "Just tell me. Ok?"
  281. >There was a long moment of hesitation in which you could only focus on his slow breathing. Then, very subtly, he nodded.
  282. >"O-ok, Anon...a-and...thanks bro..."
  285. >You spent another good few minutes just hugging the little guy, forgetting about the time again. You only realized how long it had been when you heard a little grumble escape your teddy bear's belly.
  286. >The guy's little ears folded back a bit and he smiled sheepishly. "Heh...maybe we should finish breakfast first...huh?"
  287. >You smile warmly and let him down onto the bench next to you before pulling his plate right up in front of him.
  288. >He seemed to hesitate a bit, but shrugged off his concern before going back to his grazing.
  289. >You had to admit, you didn't exactly do your hunger any favors by waiting so long either, so you sat back down and started chowing down on the dios ex machina pancakes.
  290. >The two of you sat in silence for a little while.
  291. >Every couple minutes or so, though, you'd shuffle a bit or lean into him a little, which would elicit a little nudge in return.
  292. >One time, after a particularly heavy lean against him, he giggled a bit and pressed his hooves against your shoulder.
  293. >"C-Come on, stop it man," he said between little chuckles.
  294. >You couldn't help but smile and swing an arm around him.
  295. "I can't help it, I'm just so darn heavy~"
  296. >You put a lot more weight on him, which makes him nearly topple over onto the bench, giggling all the while.
  297. >"Anon! God, stop being such a fucking nerd!"
  298. >You snicker as he shoves you back yet again, letting yourself fall over the other way.
  299. >The two of you laughed together a little while longer and started shit talking after a little while. You kept teasing him about being a tiny horse, he responded by saying how he'd still get more chicks than you as a pony.
  300. >After a little while, you two calmed down and finished up your breakfast. He sighs as he gets the last bit of pancake down and slumps in his seat.
  301. >"Ah...too bad that was the last of the batter," he mumbled
  303. >You eat the last bite of food on your plate before sighing loudly in satisfaction.
  304. "Aw, too bad that," he mumble.
  305. >"Yeah, I'm gunna miss pancakes..."
  306. >You smirk and give his shoulder a nudge.
  307. "Oh, don't be so dramatic."
  308. >He shrugs "I mean, it's not like I can get any..." his ears perk up "Oh yeah, you're here!"
  309. >You raise an eyebrow.
  310. >"Can you, uh...go out and get some pancakse?" he asks a bit quieter "And, uh...bread and milk and, uh...two months worth of groceries?"
  311. >Your eyes widen.
  312. "heh...uh...what?"
  313. >He chuckles nervously "Well, uh...I gotta stock up on food again, ya know? Last month's rations barely held up this long."
  314. >You just smirk now.
  315. >"Wh-What? I don't want to go out very often looking like...this."
  316. "Dude...really?"
  317. >He looks at you with a confused expression.
  318. >You then give a little sigh.
  319. "I'll just get groceries every week or so, ok?"
  320. >He keeps staring like a deer trapped in the headlights for a few more seconds. Then, all at once, he gets it.
  321. >"OOOoh. oh..right, haha"
  322. >He rolls onto his side and snorts.
  323. >"Hah...hah...oh god I'm a little horse," he just mumbles.
  324. >You groan and stand up, lightly smacking his rump before going to grab your coat.
  325. "Just make sure you don't go crazy until I get back, ok?"
  326. >He suddenly looks up at you with a worried expression.
  327. >"W-Wait, you're going now?"
  328. >You shrug.
  329. "Well, you're out of food, right?"
  330. >He fidgets a bit before laying his head on the bench.
  331. >"I, uh...I guess so..."
  332. >You hesitate a moment, just looking over at him.
  333. "I'll be back soon, ok?"
  334. >He just groans.
  335. >Ok...he seems fine. You start walking off to the front door.
  336. "See ya soon!" you call out before the door shuts behind you...
  338. >A couple hours pass by. You didn't expect grocery shopping would take so long. Plus you thought you'd take a quick trip home to pick up a pack of cards and a couple board games.
  339. >One can never be too certain.
  341. >You open up the door to your friendo's place, arms full of grocery bags, and call out.
  342. "Alright, I'm back!"
  343. >You don't get an immediate answer, so you just move to the kitchen and start unloading bags onto the counter.
  344. >A few minutes into your sorting escapades, you hear the soft "piff paff" of hooves against the carpet behind you.
  345. >But, you keep yourself busy, shuffling cans of cream of butt around with the cans of horse stcock.
  346. >You were just about to put the re-fried pleabs in another stack when you felt a gentle tugging at your leg and a familiar nuzzling.
  347. >You hear a low, grumbling sound come from it.
  348. >"pkm-p..."
  349. >You stop what you're doing and look down.
  350. "Huh?"
  351. >He grumbles again.
  352. >"please...pick m-...pick me up, please..."
  353. >There was a moment of hesitation before you smiled wide.
  354. "Aw, miss me that much?"
  355. >The pony whimpered and pressed his forehead into your leg.
  356. >"D-Do it before I kick you in the balls, you dick.."
  357. >You stifle a chuckle and lean down to pick up the little fella and cradle him like a wee baby again.
  358. >You're growing used to his weight, and it seems like he's growing used to being carried like this, already snuggling into your chest.
  359. >You can't help but chuckle now.
  360. "Ya know, if we keep doing this, I'll have some trouble taking care of you," you say with a little hum.
  361. >"Just..." He groans a little "Please don't leave me alone...i-if you can help it?"
  362. >He loops his forelegs around your neck.
  363. >"God damn, I'm lonely..."
  364. >You smile warmly and just kiss him on the forehead.
  365. "Whatever you say, faggot~"
  366. >He smirks at the comment and nuzzles your chest again.
  368. >It took you a couple minutes to realize you kissed him again without thinking.
  369. >Oh god, he's gotta think you're so gay now.
  371. >You put the thought to the back of your head after a few seconds without him reacting to it. Maybe he was just cool with it.
  372. >You gave him another little squeeze and spoke softly into his ear.
  373. " about you go through my backpack and pick something out while I finish up here?"
  374. >The little guy shook his head and pressed his face a bit firmer into your chest.
  375. "Oh, come on, I gotta make sure the icecream doesn't me-"
  376. >"Icecream?" the little guy inturrupted, looking up at you again with a bit of awe in his face.
  377. >You can't help but smile wide.
  378. "Go on, go get some icecream," you hum into his ear.
  379. >You start lowering him onto the ground when he suddenly clung to your arm.
  380. >"Wait...let me help."
  381. >You chuckle.
  382. "Sure, you can help, just let me..."
  383. >The pony reached out to grabbed one of the bags on the ground and hoisted it up.
  384. >"Take me to the fridge!"
  385. "Uh...excuse me?"
  386. >The pony pointed a hindleg to his desired location. "We'll only be wasting more time by not going to the fridge! Besides, this is more efficient."
  387. >You opened your mouth to interject, but he grabbed your head gently with one hoof and pushed it in the other direcrion. "Go go!"
  388. >So, with the little pony directing your movements, you move to the fridge, getting close enough for him to open the door and then closer still for him to start putting items in.
  389. >The whole thing felt stiff and awkward, but he seemed to be having fun on the second and third run, so you kept at it, carrying him from counter to fridge as he carried the heavy items.
  390. >After about 10 minutes of just carrying the little guy, plus heavy jugs and melons, you finish up the last bag and slowly sink to the floor.
  392. >With a groan, you let the little guy down and then just tumble over onto your side.
  393. >You weren't particularly fit, but then again, you weren't used to holding someone half your size for very long, so your muscles felt worn out already.
  394. >As you lay in a groaning mess, the tiny stallion poked your side. "Aw, bro, what's up? Skipped leg day?"
  395. >You nod and let out another groan.
  396. >Your bro let out a little whimper. " about, uh..."
  397. >He circles around you a little bit, going out of your field of view. Then, you felt his little muzzle pushing its way underneath your chest.
  398. >"Come on, let me under," he grumbled as he wriggled his head beneath you.
  399. >Curious, you comply, lifting your body up so he could get his underneath.
  400. >You once again reflect on how he feels like a warm pillow and how nice it'd be to sleep on him.
  401. >Mid thought, however, you are suddenly jerked up as the tiny guy stands up under your weight and lifts you up.
  402. >He grunts a bit and starts moving forward, dragging you along by your chest.
  403. >"Come on," he groaned "Let's go eat some icecream, anon."
  404. >One heroic journy to the spoon drawer, and a couple of rough drops, later, you are being propped up on the floor by the little pony. He then sits just in front of you, letting you lean gently against him.
  405. >He then reaches over and pulls a couple of bowls in front of the two of you and hands, err...hoofs you a spoon.
  406. >"Alright, now serve up the ice cream," he said a little excitedly, wriggling a little against you.
  407. >You take a brief moment to chuckle and hug the little guy, curling your legs in to enclose him a little more.
  408. "As you wish," you say warmly before grabbing the carton and scooping some out.
  409. >And so, you two spent the next half hour or so sitting on the floor just eating icecream, pressing your body against his warm body to cancel out the cold feeling.
  410. >Neither of you said a word as you ate your icecream. After all, time spent talking is time not spent eating icecream.
  412. >The sounds of metal scraping against ceramic echoed throughout the kitchen as the little horse tried to get the last dregs of icecream onto his spoon. You just spent your time hugging the little guy, now that your bowl was empty, eyes closed, just enjoying the abnoramlly high warmth coming from this guy.
  413. >You would question it, but it feels too good.
  414. >Eventually, he sighs loudly, satisfied with his fill and leans back into you.
  415. >"Ah man, I haven't had icecream in forever," he says, patting his now partially stained belly, smudging the spilled stuff over clean parts of his fur.
  416. >You hum in response, too busy enjoying the third impromptu cuddle session of the day to give a real response.
  417. >Not that he seemed to mind, as he turned slightly into you and hugged around your middle as far as his little hooves could reach.
  418. >Hmmm, you could definitely get used to having a living teddy bear.
  419. >Then after a bit, you notice something odd happening with your shit, especially whenever you felt his hooves moving.
  420. >It takes a minute before you put two and two together and look down at him again.
  421. >He had a lot more icecream stains on his coat than you realized.
  422. "Oh geeze, looks like someone needs a bath," you say with a little chuckle.
  423. >His ears fold back and he freezes.
  424. >"Uh...maybe later? Heheh, I like what we're doing here."
  425. >You shake your head and unwrap your arms, feeling the sticky stuff stick to you and make a bit of a mess of you as well.
  426. "Hah, looks like I might need one too, at this rate."
  427. >The tiny pony pawed against your chest and whined a bit "Aw, please no?"
  428. >You let out a little giggle.
  429. "Oh, come on, it can't be that bad."
  430. >You slowly shift to get up, only to have your middle hugged again and dead weight drag it down. He looks up at you with the saddest child/puppy/pony looking expression he could muster, quivering lip and all.
  432. >Despite his pathetic, pleading look, your mind was set on that bath. Hell, if he didn't really need one, you still definintely needed one, and by jove, you were gunna get one!
  433. >So, you lifted him up as you stood up, cradling him once again in your arms. You made sure to put more of his weight above your center of mass so you didn't overexert yourself.
  434. >And so, you, and the now grumbling little pony in your arms, made your way up to the bathroom, and promptly after started running the tub's hot water.
  435. >You let your tiny bro down onto the cool tile floor before you stared to strip. You just got your shirt off before he shuffled a bit.
  436. >"Uh...what are you doing?" he asekd in a concerned tone.
  437. "What? I'm taking a bath. I'm not gunna do it with my clothes on."
  438. >"Dude! I'll cuddle all you want, but I'm not getting in the tub with you naked!"
  439. >Oh yeah, that's right. That would be totally gay, wouldn't it? Wait...would it?
  440. >You think for a second.
  441. " else am I going to make sure you're clean? I mean...I don't want to get my clothes wet."
  442. >He just stares blankly at you. "...r-really?"
  443. >You smirk.
  444. "Besides, it saves us time." You grin mischeviously. "And gives us more cuddle time."
  445. >He fidgets. "but like...I mean...naked..."
  446. "You're already naked, dude."
  447. >He frowns loudly and crosses his arms...err, forelegs.
  448. >Then a moment of festering goes by.
  449. >"....f-fine...fine, whatever...but...totally platonic bath, ok?" he says, voice going quieter and quieter before he finished.
  450. >You nodded simply and continued slipping off your pants.
  451. "Of course," you simply say.
  452. >In only a few more seconds, you stood there, completely naked in front of the half sized stallion, junk dangling bare for him to see. You don't even bother turning to save yourself some descency.
  453. >He visibly blushes, turns his head, and covers his eyes with a hoof.
  454. >"God damn it, man," he mumbled.
  455. >You just chuckle a little and slip into the bath tub, taking a moment to exadurate a sigh.
  457. >The pony sitting on the tiling just in front of the tum grumbles a bit.
  458. >"You sure it's safe to look now?" he asks after a little while.
  459. "Oh, stop being such a baby."
  460. >He huffs and finally gets up and moves closer.
  461. >"Stop bein weird, and I'll consider it," he mumbles.
  462. >Good to know that he at least still has his old scarcastic charm. Well, at least sometimes.
  463. >You lay your head back and close your eyes, starting to relax in the warm water.
  464. "Come on, faggot, just do it already," you say teasingly.
  465. >He groans one more time, but puts his forehooves up onto the lip of the tub, at least, looking down at the water.
  466. >And incidentally your dick, which elicits another blush and a very tsundere avertion of his gaze.
  467. >"Whatever," he groans before climbing up over the lip and settling down into the tub, just between your legs.
  468. >Now that he was finally in the tub, you sit back up For his convenience, you even sit cross legged, which he seems to least from the way he stopped pouting and fidgeting, it seemed that way.
  469. >You scoot back a bit to give him some room and smile.
  470. "Alright, you know the drill. Under the water."
  471. >He groans. "Do I have to?"
  472. >To which you nod.
  473. >To which he groans again and, very hesitantly, leans forward to submerge his upper body in the water, soaking his fur through. He surfaces a second later, looking rather miserable now that he was utterly soaked and his fur clumped up awkwardly all over his face.
  474. >"F-Friggen hate baths," he mumbles before you start lathering up your hands with some shampoo.
  475. "Oh, it's not that bad," you quip.
  476. >Once you were satisfied with your lather, you scoot back over to the pony and start lathering up his mane first, getting it nice and soapy.
  477. >You can't help but chuckle at the fact that he's grumbling the entire time you work the soap into his mane and fur, especially as you had him lift up his forelegs so you could get underneath them.
  479. >You tell him to dunk again, once you finish, to which he begrugingly complies, again submerging, and again grumbling loudly as his fur coat dripped water heavily.
  480. >You stifle a chuckle and give him a circling guesture with your finger.
  481. "Alright, now for your butt."
  482. >"Uh...say what?"
  483. >You shake your head.
  484. "No, your butt."
  485. >He frowns at you.
  486. >"Is that supposed to be a pun?"
  487. >You do the guesture again.
  488. "Hey! Enough chit chat, more bath time!"
  489. >He opened his mouth to rebutt, but closed it and grumbled yet again. He stood up in the bath and turned around as per your request, now leaving his rump turned toward you.
  490. >Of course, he kept his short tail close to his rump, which was made easy as it nearly stuck to him, with how much water was stuck in it.
  491. >Again, you think for his sake, you actually don't start with his butt, instead taking one of his legs and lather it up next.
  492. >Getting his legs soaped up was a bit more of a hassle, especially when he lost his ballence and wobbled a bit.
  493. >You get done with his legs and finally, you run your fingers up his thighs, slowly creeping up to his rump.
  494. >Which immediately makes him jump.
  495. >"O-Ohh, fuck, jesus!" he cried out as he suddenly moved forward, pressing his chest against the wall oposite you. "Wh-What the fuck was that?"
  496. >You blink for a couple seconds and slowly reach for his rump again, this time, making sure to not do so much creeping as just putting your finger tips on his rump.
  497. >But again, his body twitches, and he sends a rear hoof flying in your direction, which comes just short of your face anyway.
  498. >He starts wriggling away from you and tries to turn around in the tiny stall of a bathtub.
  499. >"D-Dude, my heart is going a million miles a second right now," he huffs "Wh-What the fuck are you doing back there?"
  500. >You just blink again.
  501. "Uh...I, uh...touched your butt."
  502. >He panted for a couple more seconds before sighing loudly in annoyance.
  503. >"H-Heh...I guess this means you can't wash my butt after all."
  505. >He chuckles a little before sitting his butt back down into the water. "Heheh, horse antics one, dork zero."
  506. "Psh, whatever," you huff out "I'll get your butt washed some day if I have to strap you down and use a foot long brush."
  507. >He frowns. "Please don't actually do that?"
  508. >He looks at you with a sincere look of concern. "A-Anon, please tell me you're not actually thinking about doing that."
  509. >You just chuckle.
  510. >"D-Dude!"
  511. >You splash some water up onto his muzzle, which stuns him for a little bit.
  512. "Hush hush~" you mutter "Let me worry about it."
  513. >To which, he just frowned, but seemed to calm down.
  514. >You quickly finish up the bath by washing yourself down before you unplug the drain and let the water drain out. In the next moment, you stand up and grab a towel for yourself and another for him.
  515. >As you turn back around to face him, you barely catch a glimpse of him glancing at your crotch before again, turning his head away and scrunching up his muzzle in indignation.
  516. >But, you ignore it for now and grab the pony by his middle using the towel and set him down on the bathmat, still dripping from nearly every inch of his body.
  517. >The little guy quivers in the cold air, standing as still as he could as you toweled him dry. dry as you could make him. He fur did make it a bit hard to do so, and he was still damp after a good few minutes of just rubbing the towel over his body.
  518. >You shrug and start drying yourself off.
  519. >After a minute, tiny bropone starts to wobble his way over to the door of the bathroom, taking careful steps.
  520. >You notice he actually grimmaces a bit each time he lifts a hoof up to take a step, and one time even shivering again, but less of a 'brrr, cold' shiver and more of a 'ooogh, creepy' shiver.
  521. >In either case, it at least amused you all the way up to when he reached the door, somehow got it open, and let another cold draft of air in.
  523. >The outside air washed over the little pony in a sudden wave of cold, buffetting his fur a bit as it did.
  524. >He stood there for a few moments in the doorway, unmoving.
  525. >The next moment, he was crouched on the ground and shivering like a newborn kitten.
  526. >"C-C-c-c-C-Cooooooolyshitfuckgoddammit"
  527. >The stallion spat out curse after curse at the cold air, gritting his teeth at it.
  528. >He burries his muzzle in his hooves, teeth chattering and everything.
  529. >Oh dear, probably should help the poor guy.
  530. >You step over to him and wrap him up in a towel.
  531. >He just lets out another long shudder and curls up a bit more.
  532. >"Sh-Sheesh, who t-t-turned up the AC? I-It's like a f-f-fuckin blizard i-i-in he-"
  533. >The stallion suddenly stopped his muttering when he realized he was, once again, no longer on the ground.
  534. >Instead, he was once again in your arms with his face pressed up against your chest.
  535. >Oh yes, his complaining, along with his shivering, had definitely died down.
  536. >"Sh-Sheesh..." he mumbled.
  537. >You step out of the bathroom to meet the cool air of the not-bathroom, which does feel pretty uncomfortable. But you shrug it off after a little bit.
  538. >You take your bro back to his bedroom and sit down on his bed, pony still in your arms. You don't even bother putting him down as you just lay in his warm bed.
  539. >But again, the little guy starts to wriggle.
  540. >"D-Dude, what are you doing...?" he mutters "It's like...2 in the afternoon..."
  541. >You just hug his little face closer to your bare chest, which elicits a little squeak from him.
  542. >Again, he gently presses a hoof against your chest.
  543. >"D-Don't wanna go to bed yet..." he muttered, breathing against your chest.
  544. >You hum a little bit and start thumbing his belly fur closest to your hand.
  546. "Just sit here with me a little, won't you?"
  547. >There was a little moment of hesitation as you closed your eyes and simply kept your embrace around the little guy. Then a little whimpering started coming from him again.
  548. >He starts pushing against you again.
  549. >"A-A-Actually, c-can I go, Anon?" he asks quietly.
  550. >You shuffle a bit, moving him to your side so you can wrap an arm around him.
  551. "Aw, why's that?," you mumble.
  552. >He starts huffing a bit and, yet again, presses his hoof against your chest to push against you.
  553. >"J-Just please," he mutters a bit more worriedly.
  554. >You grumble a little and lift your head to get a better look at him.
  555. "Bro, I thought you were just starting to like all of these snuggles," you begin "You're acting a bit we-...."
  556. >You catch something moving in the corner of your eye.
  557. >He sees your hesitation and frowns uncomfortably. You could swear, his blush was starting to flare up all over again.
  558. >You turn your head to look down at what caught your eye.
  559. >It's...a bit unexpected. Or maybe you should have expected it. You didn't really think about it anyway.
  560. >There, just between his legs, was a tall, cylindrical tower of flesh, wobbling from side to side. And fuck. He's actually a bit bigger than you are.
  561. >He whimpers a little more after a while before he starts his wriggling all over again, trying to get out from under you.
  562. >"S-S-Sorry, Anon," he says in little squeaks "P-Please don't h-hate me..."
  563. >You just find yourself staring for a little while longer. It was weird, to be honest. You never pegged yourself for a dick, sort of guy. But, here you were, almost entranced by the thing.
  564. >It just looked so...grabable...and gay were you again? You should probably check yourself out again when you have the chance.
  566. >The little guy was almost wriggled out of your grasp when reality came back to you. Before he could escape completely, you tighten your hold on him and bring him back over to your side, making him squeak.
  567. >"A-Anon!" he whimpers.
  568. >You roll over so that you could hold yourself up just over him, arms besides each of his head as you lay nearly on top of him.
  569. >He looks up at you nervously. "A-Anon...what are you...."
  570. >He glances down for a moment...then looks down between both your crotch and his.
  571. >Now that you were naked, he could see your parts hanging freely, close to his own.
  572. >And fuck if you weren't hard enough.
  573. >"W-Wait, Anon!"
  574. >You give him a wide smile and lean down for a little smooch.
  575. "It's ok, little guy," you coo in a soft tone "I'm not gunna hate you if you got a little crush on me~"
  576. >The pony whimpers "A-Anon..."
  577. >You make an exadurated motion of licking your lips and hum in a low, hungry tone.
  578. "Ya know...I could really go for a little fun, now that I think about it. A little fun with my cute little teddy bear~"
  579. >Little Bro's breath comes out in a shudder between shaky rises and falls of his chest.
  580. >Oh, this was gunna be fun.
  581. >You scoot backwards a little bit and let one of your hands trail down the side of his belly and across his thigh.
  582. >You feel the little pony quivering underneath your finger as it slides along the inside of his thigh. You decide to just trail it up and down his fur for a little while, watching his face go from nervous to flustered as you continue your treatment.
  583. >Then, your finger was accompanied by several more, and the whole group traced along his leg as they drew closer to his crotch, just sliding around the base of his member.
  584. >Your fingers got tantilzingly close to his member. You could feel the warmth on your fingers.
  586. >"St-Stop!"
  587. >The pony underneath you suddenly squirmed away from you, putting a rearhoof on your chest for leverage to slide himself away.
  588. >The connection was pretty solid, and it left a stinging pain in your chest.
  589. "Ow, fuck," you mutter.
  590. >The pony scoots over to the other side of the bed and curled up into a ball, keeping a hindleg positioned to cover his manhood.
  591. >"S-Sorry..." he whimpered quietly as you sat back and rubbed the spot.
  592. "Ugh...what...what the hell was that..."
  593. >The pony's ears folded back.
  594. >"I...I'm not gay, A-Anon, what the f-fuck do you think you're..."
  595. >He stops when you raise and eyebrow.
  596. >"I-I mean...I-It'd be totally weird, cuz you're a human and I'm a horse and..."
  597. >You sigh and rub your brow with a hand.
  598. "If you just don't want to, you could have just said so..." you muttered.
  599. >He fidgets a bit and hesitates. It's hard for him to look you in the eye.
  600. >"I-I mean....I don't want to be gay," he murmurs into his hooves "It''s just too weird...I-I've never been gay's fucking scary..."
  601. >He paws the blankets a bit, nervously rubbing them together subconciously. "...a-and...d-dude...this is so sudden...I-I'd be nice to...finally get off after so long...but..."
  602. >He huffs a bit and finally gathers the courage to look you in the eye. His worried expression stays fixed, however. "I don't want to think of you as just just a fuck buddy. Sh-Shit, I don't to have sex with my bro. I-I mean...we don't do this shit. We're BROs. We...We..."
  603. >You scoot back up closer to him and put a finger to his lips, shooshing him a bit. He looks up at you with big, frightened looking eyes.
  604. >But you give him a little smile.
  605. "It's ok. I get it." You hold his chin in your hand. "If it's weird, then we're not gunna do it, ok?"
  606. >The little guy whimpers a bit. You could just see a little teardrop forming in the corner of his eye.
  608. >You rub a thumb against his cheek.
  609. "I'm sorry I came onto you like that, man. I just wanted you to be happy, ya know?"
  610. >You lean in close and put a little kiss on his forehead.
  611. "If I ever scare you again, tell me immedi-"
  612. >Your voice suddenly gets stuck in your throat as you feel little forelegs wrap around your neck and a big furry face rub against your cheek.
  613. >"I-I-I'm sorry, Anon," he says in little sobs " you..."
  614. >You hesitate for a couple of seconds, but you come around to hugging your friend, wrapping your arms around his small body.
  615. >And you two sit there amidst the sniffling for a little while longer. You eventually just lay down around him and let his head rest on your chest. He kept his tight hug around your neck, as if letting go would mean letting you float away from him.
  616. >So, you lay there, in the afternoon heat. You didn't move at all, and he didn't move from you. After a little while, the little guy's breathing grows steady and his idle, shivering movements stop.
  617. >You suspect he might have fallen asleep already.
  618. >heh, perhaps a midday nap was what both of you needed.
  619. >So, for the second time now, you fell asleep with a tiny pony wrapped in your arms, and feel into the mysterious land of dreams, fillied with ponies and sunshine.
  621. // to be continued later
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