Clop Chat Jan 6 2015

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  1. [7:23:57 AM] Sir Scarfalot: hm
  2. [7:24:09 AM] Sir Scarfalot: at long last, I finally got Myrami to admit to his shit
  3. [7:24:35 AM] Sir Scarfalot: somewhat late, but at least he finally admits to being a lying faggot.
  4. [7:27:39 AM] Sir Scarfalot:
  5. [7:57:56 AM] Carthima: which shit is this?
  6. [7:57:59 AM] *** Carthima is behind the times ***
  7. [7:58:42 AM] Carthima: awww
  8. [7:58:44 AM] Carthima: lying
  9. [7:58:45 AM] Carthima: gasp
  10. [7:59:02 AM] Carthima: who would have thought someone would have lied in such a game about decite and treachery
  11. [7:59:10 AM] Carthima: what monsters
  12. [7:59:20 AM] *** Carthima isnt suprised at all really ***
  13. [7:59:22 AM] Sir Scarfalot: I've only been harping on it for weeks.
  14. [8:00:00 AM] Carthima: harp
  15. [8:00:03 AM] Carthima: get it
  16. [8:00:08 AM] Carthima: cause you avatar as lyra
  17. [8:00:13 AM] Carthima: and a lyra is kinda like a harp
  18. [8:00:16 AM] Carthima: get it?
  19. [8:00:22 AM] *** Carthima is jokemaster ***
  20. [8:00:30 AM] Sir Scarfalot: Does that make me a....
  21. [8:00:40 AM] Sir Scarfalot: Lyre?~~~~~~
  22. [8:00:44 AM] Carthima: lel
  23. [8:00:59 AM] Carthima: people who make horse jokes...
  24. [8:01:01 AM] Carthima: arent stable
  25. [8:01:32 AM] *** Sir Scarfalot attempts to go back to sleep~~ ***
  26. [8:05:05 AM] TKoE: Those jokes deserve PUNishment
  27. [8:42:30 AM] Four04 (Luis): On 1/5/2015, at 11:01 PM, carthima wrote:
  28. > arent stable
  29. What is this, fallout?
  30. [8:45:28 AM] Cyberpony: They were never meant to save anypony anyway
  31. [4:22:40 PM | Edited 4:34:50 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: WTSell
  32. 100k coffee
  33. 100k copper
  34. 200k oil
  35. 100k sugar
  37. WTBuy
  38. Resource Shelters
  39. [4:52:37 PM] Four04 (Luis): anyone selling a zeb or saddle?
  40. [8:29:28 PM] Princess Candyass: at long last, I finally got Myrami to admit to his shitCongrats, everyone knew already that I wasn't going to ascend. Since no one can do anything about this, nothing changes at all.
  41. [8:40:01 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: This is what I've been saying for a while
  42. [8:40:19 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Kinda gave up after noticing nobody was willing to listen, though
  43. [8:47:16 PM] Princess Candyass: I won two wars and I have some good allies who have my back, so I don't think I did anything wrong. :P
  44. [8:47:55 PM] Cyberpony: You are such an asshole though
  45. [8:48:04 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Considering there's quite a few people ready to tell you what they see as wrong, I'm not gonna mention that
  46. [8:48:07 PM] Cyberpony: But I'll keep that to the board, I guess
  47. [8:48:22 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: I gotta admit, at least you're not oblivious to what you did
  48. [8:48:24 PM] Cyberpony: No reason to bring my exploded ass' bits around here
  49. [8:48:59 PM] Princess Candyass: I'm an asshole? What did I ever do? xD
  50. [8:49:10 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: You traded allies, mostly
  51. [8:49:17 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Hopped sides
  52. [8:49:21 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Usually considered "rude"
  53. [8:49:35 PM] Princess Candyass: Hopped sidesI didn't
  54. [8:49:42 PM] Cyberpony: Just because you've bullied the whole game into submission doesn't mean you can blatantly lie to everybody's face and fucking accuse some people of something
  55. [8:49:50 PM] Cyberpony: YOU have no right to accuse
  56. [8:49:50 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: I wasn't there to say it with complete certainty
  57. [8:50:05 PM] Cyberpony: Okay, fuck it, lie all you want
  58. [8:50:10 PM] Cyberpony: Nobody believes you anyway
  59. [8:50:27 PM] Princess Candyass: If you say so. :P
  60. [8:50:31 PM] Cyberpony: But being a cheeky faggot and trying to give us that "they're all guilty" shit
  61. [8:50:36 PM] Cyberpony: That's so low, wow
  62. [8:50:43 PM] Cyberpony: I thought you at least had some class
  63. [8:50:53 PM] Cyberpony: And there, I brought my explosive ass here
  64. [8:51:02 PM] Cyberpony: Fuck you and congratulations
  65. [8:51:07 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Just a piece of advice, Myra, and this is coming from someone that's not assblasted about the whole thing, despite everything
  66. [8:51:17 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: What you did, admitting to lying to survive and stuff
  67. [8:51:31 PM] Princess Candyass: I just got some revenge on the people who fucked with me.
  68. [8:51:33 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: People never admit to that, because others will still fall for it
  69. [8:51:52 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Now that you admitted it, you probably won't get any extra chances if you ever fall into that position again
  70. [8:52:10 PM] Cyberpony: [7:50 PM] Princess Candyass:
  72. <<< I just got some revenge on the people who fucked with me.WHO DID?!
  73. [8:52:16 PM] Cyberpony: WHO DID FUCK WITH YOU!?
  74. [8:52:22 PM] Cyberpony: Sephi, okay, maybe
  75. [8:52:24 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: So, uh, watch your back? Not a threat, just telling you to never fall there again
  76. [8:52:33 PM] Cyberpony: BUT EVERYONE ELSE?!
  77. [8:52:38 PM] Princess Candyass: CK, Sephi, Poland, Pibb. There's a long list
  78. [8:52:38 PM] Cyberpony: NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU
  79. [8:52:54 PM] polandball the East Internet Patriarch of Constantinople: [8:52 PM] Princess Candyass:
  81. <<<  Polandwas about to say that :P
  82. [8:52:57 PM] Carthima: Am i on it?
  83. [8:53:10 PM] Princess Candyass: was about to say that :PAt least you took my nation to space  :P
  85. [8:53:15 PM] Cyberpony: By backstabbing
  86. [8:53:18 PM] Cyberpony: Or allying
  87. [8:53:21 PM] Cyberpony: I don't care
  88. [8:53:40 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Lamb, calm down
  89. [8:53:47 PM] Carthima: Everyone is madness
  90. [8:53:48 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: You're misinterpreting his actions
  91. [8:54:02 PM] Cyberpony: But you just went and accused half the game of trying to fuck--excuse me, how could a bunch of noobs still in their first week EVER scheme against you?
  92. [8:54:05 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: He was able to enact his revenge by allying himself to people who had other goals
  93. [8:54:06 PM] Princess Candyass: Holy shit, you are one raging little faggot. :D
  94. [8:54:13 PM] Edward Isaacs: *munches popcorn*
  95. [8:54:20 PM] Cyberpony: I don't even care about that
  96. [8:54:32 PM] Cyberpony: I'm butthurt because he said that FotA is rotten to the core
  97. [8:54:47 PM] Cyberpony: Yes, maybe, like, two or three people did want you dead
  98. [8:54:58 PM] Princess Candyass: It is. Oh, wait... it WAS. :P
  99. [8:55:04 PM] Cyberpony: But most of them didn't even know the war was going on
  100. [8:55:15 PM] Cyberpony: Holy fuck I'm mad
  101. [8:55:22 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: [8:54 PM] Princess Candyass:
  103. <<< It is. Oh, wait... it WAS. :Plol'd
  104. [8:55:25 PM] Carthima: Fighting is only going to hurt your own image
  105. [8:55:36 PM] Princess Candyass: Am i on it?Nope, you helped us during the NASA conflict. You're okay. :D
  106. [8:55:52 PM] Schatten: Myra, am I right with my assumption that you didn't actually attack FotA's casuals?
  107. [8:56:05 PM] Princess Candyass: I only attacked Sephi
  108. [8:56:15 PM] Schatten: As I thought.
  109. [8:56:37 PM] Carthima: I helped you? I don't remember that
  110. [8:56:50 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Carth has helped too many people to remember
  111. [8:56:51 PM] Princess Candyass: I didn't even attack any Lunafag. I promised DV that I wouldn't attack him again after I killed him during the Luna-Celestia war
  112. [8:56:59 PM] Schatten: See, Lambda? He may be allied with some of the worst bullies, and Myra certainly did some despicable things, but he didn't do everything of that shit of the Guild.
  113. [8:57:36 PM] Carthima: Lambda is feeling the rage i felt when i learned AMEP NOE was fake lol
  114. [8:57:41 PM] Cyberpony: What? I don't give a shit.
  115. [8:57:49 PM] Cyberpony: I'm mad about his recent post on the board.
  116. [8:57:55 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Oh, you felt rage about that, Carth?
  117. [8:58:01 PM] Carthima: I did
  118. [8:58:03 PM] Cyberpony: I get that nobody's safe in this game, but come on
  119. [8:58:05 PM] Carthima: I was furious
  120. [8:58:08 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Am I literally the only one that doesn't feel any genuine rage over this game at all?
  121. [8:58:11 PM] Cyberpony: Accusing a bunch of nobodies of something?
  122. [8:58:14 PM] Cyberpony: This is so low
  123. [8:58:24 PM] Cyberpony: Seriously
  124. [8:58:25 PM] Schatten: Nah, I'm chill as well.
  125. [8:58:33 PM] Princess Candyass: I'm mad about his recent post on the board.I would make a post right now, but MLPchan seems to be buggy. ^^
  126. [8:58:48 PM] Cyberpony: Oh, I'm making a post as well
  127. [8:58:52 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Guys, come on
  128. [8:58:54 PM | Edited 8:59:18 PM] Carthima: Getting mad only makes thing worse
  129. [8:59:01 PM] Cyberpony: Call me a butthurt little faggot all you want
  130. [8:59:11 PM] Carthima: Y'all need a drink
  131. [8:59:15 PM] Princess Candyass: Accusing a bunch of nobodies of something?I primarily accused Sephi and Scarf.
  132. [8:59:27 PM] Carthima: Some screwdrivers will calm you down
  133. [8:59:28 PM] Cyberpony: I have an opinion and I will post it
  134. [8:59:43 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Ok, Lamb, calm down
  135. [8:59:56 PM] Princess Candyass: Everyone has an opinion.
  136. [8:59:58 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: I thought we had agreed on this chat being for friendly chat
  137. [9:00:16 PM] Carthima: Lets all just hug and make up
  138. [9:00:17 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Everyone has done shitty things, even Carth exploited
  139. [9:00:26 PM] Carthima: Yes. I did.
  140. [9:00:44 PM] Princess Candyass: Yes, but I have to admit that seeing him raging like that is pretty funny.
  141. [9:00:56 PM] Schatten: I can't remember of any shitty thing I did. Yet. ^.^
  142. [9:01:11 PM] Cyberpony: Yes, I'm sorry, I'm just so mad I can't hold it
  143. [9:01:13 PM] Carthima: It happens
  144. [9:01:24 PM] Cyberpony: Please, stick to the board if you want more cyberrage
  145. [9:01:26 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Sorry to ruin your fun, Myra
  146. [9:01:45 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: But this is neither the place nor the time
  147. [9:01:45 PM] Princess Candyass: Sorry to ruin your fun, MyraNah, it's OK. I shouldn't have provoked him. ^^
  148. [9:02:03 PM] Carthima: I'm actually a terrible person and orchestrated wars all the time, manipulating superpowers and alliances
  149. [9:02:14 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: I doubt I would have been able to contain myself if I was in your position to be honest
  150. [9:02:28 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: That was one hell of a burn
  151. [9:03:16 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: In any case, how was everyone's Christmas/New Year?
  152. [9:03:35 PM] Carthima: Taco tuesday!
  153. [9:03:40 PM] Carthima: Cya chumps later
  154. [9:03:44 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Cya Carth
  155. [9:06:13 PM] Cyberpony: [8:02 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~:
  157. <<<  how was everyone's Christmas/New YearGave her four hickeys and still a virgin. Man, this sucks.
  158. [9:06:25 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: lol
  159. [9:06:31 PM] Princess Candyass: I'm downloading Dark Souls at the moment. This game will be so frustrating.
  160. [9:06:44 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Embrace the frustration
  161. [9:07:43 PM] Cyberpony: Meanwhile Fuel is still the best arcade racing game
  162. [9:08:04 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: That reminds me
  163. [9:08:09 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: I found my Wii a few weeks ago
  164. [9:08:27 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: you lost it?
  165. [9:08:30 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: NFS Undercover feels a ton easier now than it did back in the day
  166. [9:08:33 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: how do you lose a wii
  167. [9:08:35 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Long story
  168. [9:08:51 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Summary is pretty much "stored it and forgot where"
  169. [9:09:01 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Which is almost the same as saying "lost it"
  170. [9:09:16 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: you people continue to surprise me
  171. [9:09:26 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: In any case, I loved the customization aspects of Undercover
  172. [9:09:31 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Really?
  173. [9:09:33 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Why?
  174. [9:10:24 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: every day somebody does or things of something i wouldve never thought of, thanks to you guys i have so many wonderful and weird ideas all the time
  175. [9:10:34 PM] Princess Candyass: In any case, how was everyone's Christmas/New Year?Got drunk with two other people (a shitload of pony-cocktails). Ruined another persons 200euro jacket with a firecracker. Partied until 8am. Managed not to puke. Success
  176. [9:11:22 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Ouch
  177. [9:12:15 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Wait, pony-cocktails?
  178. [9:12:53 PM] Princess Candyass: Yes, pony related cocktails.
  179. [9:13:14 PM] Princess Candyass: They have pony names and are colored like the regarding horse.
  180. [9:13:14 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: namely applejacks?
  181. [9:13:23 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: oh, so no actual applejacks?
  182. [9:13:32 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: kek
  183. [9:13:50 PM] Princess Candyass: I mostly drunk Lyras.
  184. [9:13:55 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: lel
  185. [9:14:07 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Mint vodka?
  186. [9:14:24 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: I'd have probably done the same
  187. [9:14:56 PM] Princess Candyass: Mint vodka?There were more ingredients.
  188. [9:15:16 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Wouldn't be a cocktail otherwise
  189. [9:15:29 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: But that's pretty much the most important part, says I
  190. [9:16:01 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: i wouldve thought youd be a cadence person, but i guess people change when it comes to drinks
  191. [9:16:32 PM] Princess Candyass: The drink called Cadance was frickin disgusting.  xD
  192. [9:16:56 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: that seems like a bit of an oxymoron
  193. [9:17:01 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Just because a thing has a name for a thing you like doesn't mean it's just as good as that thing
  194. [9:18:08 PM] Princess Candyass: like apple?
  195. [9:18:35 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: >disliking real apples
  196. [9:18:43 PM] Princess Candyass: the fruit is awesome. The company is shit
  197. [9:18:58 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: oh, i thought you ment fruit kek
  198. [9:20:01 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: I'm guessing you didn't make the cocktails yourself
  199. [9:20:22 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Since you couldn't digest the Cadance one
  200. [9:21:15 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: pour hot sugar down your throat, thats a cadence, hot and sweet
  201. [9:21:24 PM] Princess Candyass: I'm guessing you didn't make the cocktails yourselfI had some recipes. There's actually a whole book filled with pony related cocktails.
  202. [9:21:40 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: ...I can't say I'm surprised
  203. [9:21:47 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: So you didn't attempt to make a better Cadance?
  204. [9:21:48 PM] Schatten: You can find ANYTHING on the internet, huh?^^
  205. [9:23:02 PM] Princess Candyass: You can find ANYTHING on the internet, huh?^^It was made by someone from I couldn't avoid this shit.
  206. People wanted pony cocktails for the Halloween party I organized.
  207. [9:23:43 PM] Princess Candyass: So you didn't attempt to make a better Cadance?Nah, I'm not a bartender. ^^
  208. [9:24:07 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Well, you had the stuff to make the other drinks
  209. [9:24:24 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: You don't need to be a bartender to mix stuff around and see if anything works
  210. [9:25:37 PM] Princess Candyass: mix stuff around and see if anything worksThe last time I did that, Vincenzo almost puked trough a drinking straw.
  211. [9:25:54 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: >Drinking straw
  212. [9:26:18 PM] Princess Candyass: We had a bucket with booze and very long drinking straws
  213. [9:26:27 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Oh lol
  214. [9:26:32 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Now I want to hear this story
  215. [9:26:34 PM] Schatten: Bloody Mary?^^
  216. [9:26:39 PM] Princess Candyass: There must be a pic on the board
  217. [9:26:48 PM] Princess Candyass: We posted a photo
  218. [9:26:52 PM] Schatten: Oh, that was it? Heh.^^
  219. [9:26:59 PM] Schatten: I can remember.^^
  220. [9:27:07 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: I think I might have gone over it
  221. [9:27:20 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: ...Now I'll have to look for it
  222. [9:27:34 PM] Schatten: It was way back, after Halloween. The start of the NASA war.
  223. [9:27:36 PM] Princess Candyass: It's probably in the AMEP thread
  224. [9:28:04 PM] Princess Candyass: Yep, I entered stasis. CK used this opportunity to kill Vinz
  225. [9:28:08 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Yeah, that was the first place I looked
  226. [9:28:28 PM] Princess Candyass: Fucking ruined the party for him
  227. [9:29:04 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~:
  228. This one, right?
  229. [9:29:24 PM] Princess Candyass: no
  230. [9:29:29 PM] Princess Candyass: that's another party
  231. [9:29:45 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: my sides
  232. [9:29:52 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Who's who, btw?
  233. [9:30:14 PM] Princess Candyass: from left to right: Myra, Ted, Hoovy, Vinz
  234. [9:30:21 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Don't think there's any other, though
  235. [9:30:40 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Oh, right, only the last 50 messages loaded
  236. [9:32:30 PM] Princess Candyass: I can't find it
  237. [9:32:51 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: what am i seeing?
  238. [9:33:10 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: I'm not sure
  239. [9:33:48 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: It looks just enough homoerotic in nature that it might just be the beginning of an orgy
  240. [9:33:58 PM] Princess Candyass: Parties in my garden usually end like this
  241. [9:34:17 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: at first i was like 'is this modern art?'
  242. [9:34:22 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: hue
  243. [9:34:30 PM] Schatten: >like this
  244. Like the foto, or like orgies?^^
  245. [9:35:12 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Maybe they pose like that at the end of every party?
  246. [9:35:18 PM | Edited 9:35:44 PM] Princess Candyass: People get way too drunk for orgies. ^^
  247. [9:35:41 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: >tfw haven't gotten hammered in weeks
  248. [9:35:52 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Dunno about you, but I can't bring myself to drink with my family
  249. [9:36:47 PM] Princess Candyass: Me neither
  250. [9:36:58 PM] Princess Candyass: They don't drink that much, anyway
  251. [9:38:17 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: It's more about not being able to go wild about it
  252. [9:38:43 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: I've got a nice resistance to alcohol, so I need a good buildup to feel much
  253. [9:38:56 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: It literally takes effort... And then what?
  254. [9:39:15 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: I'm drunk off my ass, and can't do anything about it because family is there
  255. [9:39:42 PM] Schatten: Anyone else up for some Soldat?
  256. [9:39:58 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Busy, sorry
  257. [9:42:49 PM] Schatten: Myra, maybe?^^
  258. [9:45:03 PM] Princess Candyass: Sorry, but I'm just waiting for my download to finish ^^
  259. [9:45:21 PM] Sephi Xarados: Oh, you got into your Skype. Welcome back, Myra.
  260. [9:45:31 PM] Princess Candyass: Thanks.
  261. [9:48:17 PM] Sephi Xarados: Any word on that GMod server?
  262. [9:48:28 PM] Princess Candyass: nope
  263. [9:48:43 PM] Princess Candyass: I guess he doesn't want to host a server for us
  264. [9:49:55 PM] Princess Candyass: He's pretty inactive anyway. It's probably only a matter of time until he quits clop
  265. [9:50:15 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Vinz?
  266. [9:50:55 PM] Princess Candyass: yes
  267. [9:51:07 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Damn
  268. [9:51:59 PM] Princess Candyass: I haven't talked to him for the last few days. He seems do be a little mad. ^^
  269. [9:52:19 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: ...About what? What did I miss?
  270. [9:53:27 PM] Princess Candyass: I'm leading another chat. People complained about the spam, so I introduced some rules. After Vinz broke them, I berated him.
  271. [9:54:00 PM] Princess Candyass: Now he left the chat and hasn't talked to me ever since.
  272. [10:07:58 PM] Carthima: Back! Hows everyone
  273. [10:11:30 PM] Carthima: Getting drunk on pony drinks?
  274. [10:12:58 PM] JP KeK ~Lightning~: Apparently, yeah
  275. [10:43:59 PM] Sir Scarfalot: Alright, I'm going to have to head out shortly...
  277. But I refuse to ignore this.
  279. "See, Lambda? He may be allied with some of the worst bullies, and Myra certainly did some despicable things, but he didn't do everything of that shit of the Guild."
  281. No, he is VERY MUCH responsible for that. He was their power player, he funded them with stockpiles and provided them with calculations. Without his protection, the Guild would have never been able to survive, much less do as well as they did. There is no question of this, however THK may attempt to boast otherwise. Therefore, he is culpable for the crimes of his allies. As for the CoLC, again, he is ABSOLUTELY responsible for the attacks on them. They weren't even indirect, since Aryan already stated that it was MYRA's weapons and armor used in the war. He doesn't even have a prze, so it would have been Myra's parts in anything he built anyway.
  283. Although, I have to wonder why Myra is even bothering to deny his responsibility there. Myra, you know full well that I won't let it go, and you can't defeat me in an argument, so why not just admit that I'm right again?
  284. [10:44:57 PM] Sir Scarfalot: And I need to head out, sorry fellas
  285. [10:45:01 PM] Nicole (Nikouru): Bye Scarf
  286. [10:45:32 PM] Sir Scarfalot: Nicky :D
  287. [10:45:42 PM] Nicole (Nikouru): Hello again, Scarf :)
  288. [10:46:09 PM] Sir Scarfalot: I just delayed leaving to say hi ;3
  289. [10:46:28 PM] *** Sir Scarfalot heads out for reals ***
  290. [10:46:35 PM] Nicole (Nikouru): D: I've been left behind
  291. [10:50:31 PM] Princess Candyass: Myra, you know full well that I won't let it go, and you can't defeat me in an argument, so why not just admit that I'm right again?No one cares about the shit you say. You are even worse than Baldwin. xD
  292. [10:51:09 PM] Nicole (Nikouru): Who is this Lambda guy? Why is he using a latin sign used in Chemisty as his name?
  293. [10:51:30 PM] Princess Candyass: I guess he likes to play Half Life
  294. [10:51:47 PM] Nicole (Nikouru): ^ Good game. Still, I've never heard of him before
  295. [10:51:48 PM] Fourty the Net Lord: hl2 is best source game
  296. [10:55:06 PM] Sephi Xarados: Half Life: Source is best source game
  297. [10:55:10 PM] Sephi Xarados: That, and GMod (cat)
  298. [10:55:54 PM] Nicole (Nikouru): I'm going to go eat dinner, ttyl
  299. [10:56:30 PM] Cyberpony: Yes
  300. [10:56:34 PM] Cyberpony: Big fan of Half-Life
  301. [10:56:44 PM] Cyberpony: I'm me, by the by
  302. [10:56:53 PM] Cyberpony: I mean, the Lambda guy
  303. [10:57:00 PM] Cyberpony: If that was unclear
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