Off brand bleach and a candy overdose

Sep 9th, 2012
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  1. >Drink off-brand bleach
  2. >Wake up in r63 Equestria
  3. >None of the mares will even give you the time of day
  4. >Not that you can blame them, with all the massive ponyshafts that are always on display
  5. >Just leaking candy-flavored (or so you've heard) spooge all over the place
  6. >You can't help but watch the pretty ponies getting mounted all over town
  7. >You're more than a little bit jealous
  8. >The only one who will listen to your whining at the bar is a minty-green unicorn stallion
  9. >You tell him you just don't understand what all the fuss is about
  10. >He tells you he wouldn't mind showing you, if you'll just follow him back to the alley
  11. So you follow him out, not even noticing the signal he flashes at the rest of the patrons
  13. "See Anon? They're not interested in you because you can't compete."
  14. >You're hardly listening to him, more focused on the thick, fleshy tube that's hanging out of his sheath
  15. >You've seen marshmallow horsecocks all around town but you haven't had a chance to get a good luck at one
  16. >He's clearly enjoying the attention, his formerly limp member hardens and starts to drool
  17. >You lean in and take a deep whiff of his pulsing balls
  18. >It's as musky as you would expect, but with sweet minty undertones
  19. >He can tell you like it
  20. "Go on, have a taste"
  21. >A quick lick couldn't hurt anything right?
  22. >He shudders as you run your tongue over his head
  23. >Of course it's fucking delicious, why wouldn't it be?
  24. >Discarding your remaining dignity, you wrap your hands around his base and shove the shaft in your mouth
  25. >Apparently he's a pretty sensitive guy, it doesn't take much teasing with your tongue before you're choking down delicious candy semen
  26. >You pull away and lie back against the wall, he stands over you with a grin
  27. >He's going limp but still spurting, your jeans are probably going to be ruined by the pool of thick horsecum that's gathering in your crotch
  28. "So now that you've had a taste, you want the main event?"
  29. >You're not sure what exactly he means, but you nod anyway
  30. Can't be that bad, right?
  32. >He tells you to stand, so you do
  33. >He tells you to walk over to the stack of crates, so you do
  34. >He tells you to remove your pants, you hesitate, but they're already a mess so you do
  35. >Your boxers are soaked through, so you go ahead and take those off too
  36. >You're licking your fingers clean when he tells you to turn around
  37. >He tells you this will only hurt a bit, you start to ask what when he jumps on your back
  38. >You lean over the stacked crates and shudder as he enters you
  39. "Oof, you're a tight one"
  40. >You're glad that at least he's got your spit for lube
  41. >And he's nice enough to jerk you off with his magic
  42. >Well, it's not so much of a jerking as it is a light teasing
  43. >Still, anything to distract you from the pain of penetration
  44. >Although now that you've had a chance to adjust to it, it's really not so bad
  45. >His rhythmic pounding is actually kind of nice, and the warm pre he's pumping you with feels pretty good
  46. >The two of you climax simultaneously, he fills you up while you spray a larger than average load from your swollen, purple cock
  47. Wait, what?
  49. >You collapse against the wall, he sits next to you, panting
  50. >You just stare at your cock, it's not nearly as big as your new friend's, but it's definitely larger than normal
  51. >Plus your erection isn't normally deep purple
  52. >You turn to the unicorn to ask him what's going on when you notice that the two of you aren't alone
  53. >How long have these stallions been watching, anyway?
  54. >The bartender speaks up
  55. "You're looking pretty confused, kid. The long and short of it is you're becoming one of us."
  56. "Well, not exactly one of us. We're here to make sure you come out right"
  57. >He turns to the unicorn beside him, the only mare in the gang
  58. "If you would be so kind as to get us started, ma'am"
  59. >She nods her head, her horn glows brightly
  60. >You hardly notice the glow on all the stallion's cocks because you're too busy focusing on the wonderful pressure that's being applied to your own
  62. >A slight tickle on your massive horseballs is all it takes for you to spray yourself in the face
  63. >Blinded, you cry out and fall on your side as the ponies in front of you moan and grunt obscenely
  64. >You try to wipe the cream out of your eyes, but your efforts are fruitless
  65. >You're peppered with a warm, sticky torrent as the stallions unload on you
  66. >Rope after rope of thick, delicious spunk coats your body makes it harder and harder to move
  67. >You're practically glued to the ground at this point
  68. >The tingling electricity running through your skin is making it hard to think
  69. >Not to mention those beers are starting to catch up with you
  70. >You decide maybe you'll just go to sleep in the little cocoon the ponies were nice enough to provide you with
  71. >As the darkness overtakes you, you hear the muffled voice of the unicorn mare asking the men if they're up for another round
  73. >You awaken the next morning, feeling refreshed but drenched from the hard rain that's washed you clean
  74. >Passing out in an alley on the night before a storm? You must have gotten pretty hammered last night
  75. >You check your reflection in a puddle
  76. >Your mane is a mess but otherwise you're looking great
  77. >You give your firm, earthpony flank a shake to confirm you've got it going on (of course you do)
  78. >You thought you had some errands to run in town, but nothing comes to mind, so you wander around briefly before settling on a bench
  79. >It's not long before you're interrupted by a handsome stallion clearing his throat
  80. "If you don't mind me asking, what is a pretty lady like yourself doing alone in the rain?"
  81. >His horn glows as the umbrella he was wearing on his back floats up and over you
  82. >He's an attractive unicorn, off-white coat and a fancy raincoat
  83. >When you don't answer, he asks if you would be so kind as to join him for breakfast
  84. >Apparently he's just finished work on a dress and he needs a model for a show this weekend
  85. >You tell him you've never done anything like that before, he's shocked because a pretty mare like you will be perfect for his pretty dresses
  86. >You're not sure about that, but you are pretty sure you're gonna go crazy if you can't get this guy to fuck you
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