Chapter 3: Easing In

Jun 11th, 2014
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  1. I was standing in a dark room, when all of a sudden a bright light flashed before my eyes. A tree! A tree was coming right toward me? I couldn’t move and this tree headed towards me.
  3. >Crash!
  5. Metal was mangled and I felt constricted, like I couldn’t move.
  7. “Oh nononono! It wasn’t a dream this is bad!” I woke up in a sweaty shock. “Um Anon? Is that you can you still hear me? You are still Anonymous right?”
  9. “Ugh,” my head was groggy from just waking up. I looked down, still hooves, but then why did my dream involve me on two feet? “Yeah Twilight, I’m still me, or at least kind of me. Please tell me you’ve got breakfast ready, I’m so hungry I could eat a horse” Twilight looked back at me. “You know what I mean”
  11. “No, I don’t but I we can make our way downstairs, do you need help walking? Do I need to carry you are you okay to eat with hooves? Are you..?”
  13. “Twilight, I learned to walk last night carrying your sorry,” remembering Spike’s concerns last night, “rear.” I rolled out of bed and landed on four hooves, “See! I’m a complete natural!” It was oddly satisfying landing on four hooves, proving my point. I almost felt like I was going to miss being a technicolor horse. As we made our way to the kitchen I decided to work with Twilight here, “So Twilight it was fun being a pony and all but when are you going to turn me back?”
  15. “Oh no, that’s why you’re so okay with all of this. Um Anon…”
  17. “Twilight, understand that there’s an answer that I want to hear, and I don’t want to hear anything else, you can make me a human right?” My question was faced with a worried look, “you can at least make me back into a dude right? I don’t have to be stuck with this thing?” I raised my tail towards Twilight.
  19. “I’m so sorry Anonymous, the magic I used was permanent.”
  23. “Well Anon, I expected for you to become a pony version of yourself not this little filly?”
  27. “IT WAS AN ACCIDENT OKAY!” tears began streaming down her face, “I overloaded my magic and I lost concentration and my combined spell accidentally overwrote the initial plan I had for the spell I used and instead of shaping you into the Anonymous I thought of, you kind of became the Anonymous I panicked imagining. I’m so sorry! Please! Just understand!”
  29. “LOSING MY DICK IS NO ACCIDENT! BECOMING A YOUNG FILLY IS NO ACCIDENT!” I stormed off, at least I could wallow in silence in my own room.
  31. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  32. My room was completely silent. I debated between whether to scream into my pillow or cry into it. Just to think, twenty four hours ago I was enjoying my life in Ponyville and Equestria and not three months prior I was back on Earth enjoying my life. My life was great from what I can remember a constant stream of partying and living it up until I was thrust here. “I HATE THIS” I screamed into a pillow, my will finally breaking down, and streams of tears began rolling down my face. Emotions began raging through my body, first I was sad, then I was angry, then I was scared. “WHY AM I A LITTLE GIRL AND WHY IS THIS SO HARD!” More tears began pouring down my face , I was surprised I had any water left in me. This was until I turned to the mirror and I looked the young blue body facing me and I was angry at what I saw. I grabbed the nearest heavy object and chucked it at the mirror.
  34. “You know you get seven years of bad luck if you break one of these right?” I heard a voice walk in as magic seemed to encapsulate the book I threw.
  36. “Get out Twilight…” I said with whatever stern tone I could voice.
  38. “I hear you’re in a bit of a predicament miss..” I looked up and there stood the god-princess of the land.
  40. “Princess…”
  42. “Just call me Celestia. Miss Anonymous?”
  44. “Could you just call me Anonymous, I’m not really comfortable with the miss part, if you didn’t hear”
  46. “Okay, Anonymous, well I can see your form is a bit different than when we first met you, you do remember your first day here in Equestria, right?”
  48. “Yeah, I was alone in a castle when you, Luna and Twilight showed up.”
  50. “Do you recall the actions of us three that transpired?”
  52. “From what I remember you wanted to send me straight to the moon,” I replied with a stern annoyed tone. “Something about an influx of magical energy, I assumed something about me appearing from my world into your own”
  54. “And who was it that saved you from my premature wrath?”
  56. “Twilight looked at me and said I was safe and not a problem. She told you that she would watch over me and help me integrate into this land”
  57. “So when Twilight gives you a chance to become a member of my lands you yell and scream at her?”
  59. “It’s just I didn’t want to look like this… I lost everything that made me special, I was a human. A human MALE.”
  61. “But, you are special! Every single one of my subjects is special in their own way, as you should be aware. And I hope that you too will find what makes you special, but first I need you to make peace with someone dear to me, and you.”
  63. “I’m, just, I spent 22 years of my life used to my body the way I was and now I have to throw it all away to be this little filly. I… I just I want my old life back.”
  65. “It seems that the universe has given you a chance at a new life, and you should embrace that, it’s a new dawn for you. Why don’t we go down to talk to Twilight.”
  67. “Okay… I think I’m ready…”
  69. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  70. As Celestia and I made our way down the treehouse castle, butterflies began spawning in my stomach. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say or do and whether Twilight would work with me. I heard sobbing coming from the kitchen. It broke my heart in two.
  72. “Princess Twilight! I have a little missy who wishes to talk to you,” Celestia began emphasizing on the missy part. Damnit, The new title and gender still stung.
  74. “Um, Twilight?” I said meekly, “I didn’t mean everything I was just so…”
  76. “I understand, I didn’t mean to change you permanently without letting you know everything” Twilight said, “I just wanted you to”
  78. “Be happy, and become included and not just an outsider to Equestria” I replied.
  80. “I didn’t mean to make you a little filly, it”
  82. “Was an accident, I know I’m just getting used to becoming a girl.”
  84. “I’ve also always wanted a little sister so I’m sorry if”
  86. “you’re a little bit excited about me?”
  88. “Well it seems like you two have made up, so if you don’t mind I’m going to take my leave, ladies” Celestia said before walking out the door, “I’ll be back in a week for brunch?”
  90. “That sounds wonderful,” Twilight and I said in unison.
  92. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  93. “So how do we handle me?” I asked Twilight as she was making me a sandwich.
  95. “Well, first I suggest you get a new name. Anonymous isn’t too much of a pony name so there’s a start.” Twilight’s horn was glowing and utensils were flying around the kitchen. I wondered where spike was in all of this, probably sleeping, he must have been really tuckered out from last night.
  97. “Okay names aside when are you going to teach me magic?”
  99. “Oh Anon, you’re silly, we can start whenever! But understand that while my talent is magic you might not have the same aptitude for magic that I do. It doesn’t matter I’ll be happy to teach you!”
  102. “You’ll find that I’m a great student Twilight, and I think magic will be bad-ass”
  103. “Also about your language, I wish to speak to you,”
  105. “I’ll stop swearing, Spike already bi”
  107. “AHEM”
  109. “Talked to me about it, and I’m working on it! It’s not like I can just turn off a switch!” Twilight put down two sandwiches in front of us.
  111. “Lettuce, Tulips and Tomatoes, I know you’re not used to flowers but I think you’ll be fine as long as I introduce you into a traditional pony diet.” I had stopped paying attention to Twilight as soon she dropped the food in front of me. I took a bite of the sandwich and it was delicious.
  113. “Are vegetables always this delicious? Twilight, this pony thing is slowly becoming better by the minute!”
  115. “I’m glad you’re easing into this, like I said I’ve always wanted a little sister we’ll be able to do so many things together, spa dates, makeovers, shopping…”
  117. “Twilight!” I shouted, “Remember I’m still getting used to this. Let’s get back to my situation” Wolfing down the rest of my sandwich in a single gulp.
  119. “Well I guess we can be sisters right, and then…”
  121. “You can’t tell me that you can tell everyone about another sibling out of nowhere! It won’t make sense.”
  123. “True, but you can’t deny the resemblance between us two, plus what else can we say to make you showing up and living with me make sense?”
  124. “Distant cousin? Student?”
  126. “Cousin can work, plus I’d much rather not have it be a student, I’m older than you now but I’m not THAT old. Have you decided on a name yet?”
  128. “I’m not sure, but something about what Celestia said to me stuck with me. She had told me that I had been given a new chance, a new dawn in my life. Also it’s kind of a weird parallel contrast to your name, to I think I’m going to go with Dawn.”
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