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  1. --><link="">DISCORD LINK CLICK HERE</link><--
  4. RULES
  5. 1. No excessive spamming on intercoms or in spectator chat.
  6. 2. No meta-gaming.
  7.     - Don't reveal the location of players whilst dead to other alive players anywhere (Discord, Steam, etc.)
  8. 3. No abusing exploits.
  9. 4. No delaying the round.
  10.     - If you're the last one against an entire wave of MTF, just give up.
  11. 5. The only teaming NOT allowed is MTF/Facility Guards + SCPs.
  12. 6. No spawn camping.
  13. 7. No racism, sexism, or any other form of harassment.
  15. FriendlyFire = OFF.
  16. Decontamination is at 10 minutes.
  17. AutoNuke is at 20 minutes.
  20. 1. StackingItems
  21.     - Global stack-size of 3. 914 upgrades the item in your hand.
  22. 2. SCP-008
  23.     - Zombies who hit other players will infect them, and they will slowly lose health until they
  24.       turn into a zombie or find a medkit.
  25. 3. SingleUseDoor
  26.     - Keycard doors will stay open after being interacted with. This does not apply to 914.
  27. 4. LaterJoin
  28.     - Those who join late will still spawn.
  29. 5. DisarmedProtection
  30.     - Disarmed people can only be hurt by SCPs or fall damage.
  31. 6. SCP-575
  32.     - Blackouts will happen occasionally. Any player caught in the dark without a flashlight will become prey for SCP-575, slowly losing health until they either die, leave the affected area, pull out a flashlight, or the blackout ends.
  33. 7. SCP-035
  34.     - If a player picks up the item that SCP-035 is disguised as, the player will be killed and a random spectator will be assigned their possessed body. This player will be able to kill their own class, bypassing friendly fire rules. They will also deal corrosive damage when in a set range of another player. Once SCP-035 dies, he will return to disguising into items until his next victim picks him up.
  35. 8. Better SCP Options
  36.     - In order to help balance teams, SCPs have buffed damage resistance so while their HP values are default, they take less damage overall.
  39.     - ".stalk" allows SCP-106 to teleport to a random player by placing a portal beneath their feet.
  40.     - ".pocket" allows 106 to enter his pocket dimension at will.
  41.     - SCP-106's portal now leads to his pocket dimension, so don't step on it.
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