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  1.  OK
  3. so real review post, other than my south bay fangirling
  5. This is a fucken feminist movie. Intersectional, too. (although, tbh I didn't see any particular Danvers/Rambeau romance)
  7. I wasn't looking for it while watching, but now, I'm curious how many times we might see the motif of "Can't go over it, Can't go under it, Can't go around it, Got to go through it!" It starts in the Skrull ship, when she's broken out of the upside down ankle chains and is punching off Skrulls with her fists still imprisoned. When there is no immediate way to improve her fist situation, Carol makes do.
  9. When she gets to Earth and has no way of contacting her team, she makes do. (She's a phone phr34ker!)
  11. When she's only got a ghost of a memory of the name on a sign and is confronted with 1995 web technology with no mapquest, she fucking makes the map do the work.
  13. Fury rigs up a clever fingerprint similacrum, but she goes *through*.
  15. IDK, but the saying about Ginger Rogers comes to mind.
  18. Anyway, there's plenty of places where the movie shows a woman's touch.
  20. She lands in Blockbuster, and it messes up her hair. You know how many movies would ignore that? Did you notice how quickly she has smoothed it down again afterward?
  22. What about how she goes back for her boots in the Skrull ship so she won't be friggin' barefoot? When a Skrull transforms into a surfer dude, he kinda fucked up because then they show him running barefoot over rooftops. Not a very foot-friendly place. I would get on the train, too.
  24. The biker that pulls up next to the net café and starts demanding her attention. "Let's see a smile", while revving the engine to punctuate his misogyny. He's summarily punished. (I was glad she didn't get into any wrecks, because that helmet probably didn't fit)
  26. In the bar by the air force base, we begin to see tantalizing snippets of a movie that would be the feminist inverse of TOP✩GUN. Where TOP✩GUN was all about machismo, adrenaline rushing, being the best and defying death, TOP✩FEMME is about gals being pals, sticking up for themselves in a place where no one believes in them except them. At best, they are mandated out of the most prestigious positions as a matter of policy/law, and at worst, they're subjected to sexual harassment and emotional abuse. (glad it wasn't any worser than that, tbh)
  28. ( There's a point later on where Maria Rambeau casually references the triple whammy she herself experiences being woman *and* black *and* a single mother. )
  31. Monica Rambeau is the epitome of Girl Power. I love it. That is what being a 90s kid is about. She can do anything and she knows it! No one except Fury tries to talk her head down from the clouds.
  33. At the end, when Jude Law is trying to mansplain to her what exactly are the requirements for her to be considered in full control of her power, she refuses to let him dictate terms. This was the last shackle she needed to throw off, and is one that women are still teaching themselves today to not let bind them. It was a very important moment.
  35. I love the structure; I think it makes perfect sense. We the audience know as much about Carol Danvers as Carol Danvers does. The first scenes with the Kree are bland and unsatisfying, just like her life would have been at that time. We are haunted by the same tantalizing flashbacks she is, and know just as much about them as she does. The movie carries us along, and we experience the same love of life and exhilaration of being that she discovers, once she reclaims the fragments of identity and come into her own viz. her powers.
  37. Like many contemporary villains, we find the Kree pulling the familiar stunt of blindsiding by accusing the enemy of using the very tactics they employ. In Vers's fractured dream in the beginning, she sees the unknown Dr. Lawson and a Skrull enemy approaching. Her own blood is Kree blue. Later, when she is mentally reconstructing the scene while listening to the flight recorder, we see both that she has normal human-red blood (unlike Dr. Lawson), and that the figure approaching is Jude Law. The Kree's brainwashing techniques may not be as concrete as what they suggest the Skrulls have at their disposal, but over a period of six years, they have done the trick.
  40. One thing I like is that the writers throw Goose's loyalties into question by having him rub up against Talos and later, what appears to be a Kree soldier. In both cases, Goose is vindicated, because Talos turns out to be sympathetic, and the soldier turns out to be Talos.
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