The ballad of Victor at NLC

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  1. I met this goofy when I first started going to college that introduced me to some other folk who would play card games, fighters, and smash bros at the student life center.
  2. Vic is a 23 year old jobless wonder who has had a group including me and other friends to literally create a job application for him at a grocery store because he wouldn't do it himself while he fed us information. He didn't go to his interview.
  3. While also working at the school's bookstore, rumor has it (before I met him) camera's caught him stealing chocolate milk and getting fired within the week.
  4. There's another story that circulated to me when I became close to others, when they went to a Chinese place, and his father's credit card declined and he was left there. Victor was found head in arms allegedly crying instead of offering to wash dishes when they came back with his brother to pay for him.
  6. Along with being at a community college for 7 years , Vic still has yet to earn a single degree for his software engineering major since he continues to skip classes in place for good fortnite streaks and 1v1s in Smash bros. (He usually brings his own PS4 and Switch to the college, and almost always brings his switch when invited to go eat.)
  7. When Vic is invited to go eat somewhere with complimentary sides (Texas Roadhouse bread, Olive Garden breadsticks), he will offer to not order anything just to come with so he can fill up on those very things. He uses the McDonalds app when exploits are found to get free food, sometimes asking other friends to download the app so he can get extras.
  8. There was a stink about him not showing up during Summer Semester because his parents barred him from coming since he didn't have any classes in the first place. A 23 year old with a driver's license was grounded from going to college.
  9. A long running joke I've picked up on which is partly true is that all video games are banned from his household, which he uses a school locker to hide away his stuff, often asking for 25 cents to use them so he can go home around 8pm without his parents all the wiser.
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