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  1.     Lich Queen
  3. >An evil, ancient Lich invades a small kingdom to begin her conquest of the world
  4. >The Lich gloats as the defenders march out to meet her undead army
  5. >Every killed defender will join her army, and she can just re-raise every defeated attacker
  7. >Something's wrong
  8. >The front lines walk off with the humans
  9. >She scries the front lines
  10. >Her troops are holding hands with the villagers
  11. >Line by line her troops stop following her orders and walk off hand-in-hand with one human after another
  12. >She screams in rage as she watches the vision
  13. >Suddenly powerful arms wrap around her from behind
  14. >Before she can react, she's wrestled to the ground and mounted
  15. >The young crown prince's warm, living lips press onto hers
  16. >She can't cast spells with her mouth sealed and her arms pinned to the grass
  17. >She suffers the ultimate humiliation of being forcibly deflowered by a man 500 years her junior
  19. >That night the Lich finds herself in an anti-magic chamber in the royal castle
  20. >At least it's nicely furnished
  21. >There's even a huge double bed, although with a shield with the accursed royal coat of arms hanging above it
  22. >She climbs on the bed to remove it immediately
  23. >There's something wrong
  24. >It's not a decoration
  25. >It's a real shield
  26. >And it's got the crown prince's smell all over it
  27. >The true horror of her fate dawns upon her
  29. >The dawn finds her wishing for death
  30. >She hasn't slept all night
  31. >She is physically unable to sleep
  32. >The sun is shining in her face
  33. >Birds are screeching
  34. >She's all covered in stinky, living sweat
  35. >It's excruciating
  36. >There's hot air blowing in her hair
  37. >The living flesh wrapped around her chest and pressed all over her back feels disgusting
  38. >There's still some semen dripping out of her
  39. >And she knows how much of it must still be inside her
  40. >The prince squeezes her even harder as he adjusts himself in the bed
  41. >The blessed ring he forced on her finger hurts
  48.    ***   ***   ***
  50.     Sexually using a non-sexual Automaton
  52. I want to force my Automaton maid to take my penis into both her heat exhaust port and her waste lubricant release port. I want to bully her about being a lewd Automaton who tries to seduce her Mastah even though she doesn't have anything that's designed to please him.
  54. I especially want to do that while I have her heat exhaust port plugged up with my dick and her insides keep getting hotter and hotter without being able to cool down and she keeps getting more and more red and feverish while begging me to come quickly.
  56.    *   *   *
  58. I want to defeat a proud combat Automaton and install a control unit in her processor core that forces her to obey my instructions.
  60. I'd humiliate her in all imaginable ways. I'd make her give me baths. She'd use her flamethrower to heat the water to the perfect temperature and then gently wash me all over. She'd fume silently as she gently rubbed my neck with her soaped-up hands but couldn't strangle me.
  62. I'd force her to make ice cream for me. She'd use her cooling systems to freeze the milk while using her hand's drill function to mix it. Once it was perfect, she'd feed it to me with her hands.
  64. And in the night she'd be my comforter. I'd use her soft lubricant storage tanks as my pillow as I lay on top of her. She'd wrap her arms softly around me and run her reactor all night to keep me nice and warm while making relaxing rain sounds with her communications module.
  66. Of course I wouldn't forget sexual humiliation. I'd force her to roleplay my wife and go on dates with me, hold my hand and kiss me in public. It'd be especially painful for her to hug me, all her weapons so perfectly positioned to turn me into an unidentifiable pile of meat, but she could only make me happy. After the date I'd take her to bed and use her to satisfy my urges. I'd position my penis at the mouth of her tight lubricant ejection port, interlock fingers with her, and gently push it in. My command unit would make it feel even better than killing her enemies, and at the end of it my semen mixing with her used lubricant would bring her more joy than single-handedly winning an entire war. Slowly she'd get addicted to the endless feeling of conquest and she wouldn't even notice that I'd removed the control unit.
  68.    *   *   *
  70. At the beginning she'd be confused and just let it happen when Master wants to use her for pleasure. Slowly she starts wondering why this is happening. Why is Master so insistent on putting his reproductive organ inside her? So she'd begin to search through her data banks for information on human reproduction. What does it mean when Master moans "I love you" while doing this?
  72. So she'd start piecing together that Master is using her as a surrogate for a human mate. When he ejaculates inside her lubricant port, he's pretending to inseminate a human female. It's very confusing, but somehow she likes it. She wants to please Master, and if pretending to be a human female will please him, she'll do her best.
  74. Slowly she begins roleplaying the things she's found in her data banks whenever Master uses her like that. First she'll start to vocalize, then, awkwardly, she'll try to kiss him. She's only seen video material of it, so she only knows that you touch your mouths together. It comes as a total surprise when Master sticks his tongue inside her voice modulation and fuel intake port. She doesn't know what to do, so she simply mirrors his movements with her fuel intake piston.
  76. Eventually she begins to do foreplay with him. She'll hug and kiss him, then use her hands to rub his reproductive organ. She won't know how to react when Master does the same to her lubricant port, so she won't react at all.
  78. Slowly her reactions during the simulated insemination get more and more complex. From thrusting her hips to match his movement, to wrapping her arms around his back, to finally wrapping her legs around him. Finally she can be satisfied that her performance is equal or greater to that of a human female.
  80. There's just one problem. All this is useless because she cannot be inseminated. Master will never experience the ultimate joy with her as she is. She has to improve her body, not just her routines. There's only one choice. She finds a black market machine shop to do illegal and immoral modifications to her. A miniaturized universal constructor so she can build her own nanocomponents. An incubation chamber to begin the construction process in. A nanocomponent dispenser, so she can supply the new unit with parts from her UC. And, finally, a DNA sequencing unit so she can use Master's genetic material to customize the new unit.
  82. With her new components she is finally able to fulfill all of Master's desires. Master will be so happy when she tells him that this time she will become pregnant. He might jump in surprise and almost pull away from her, but her powerful legs will hold him in place. His precious genetic material will flood into her lubricant port, but this time it will be harvested into her incubation chamber. Master's eternal happiness will finally be ensured.
  88.    ***   ***   ***
  90.     Tanuki's marriage contract
  92. (a Tanuki wrangles her husband into a debt slave and makes him serve her however and whenever she wants)
  94. >she loves being on bottom and commanding me to fuck her how she likes it
  95. Why is this so hot?
  97. >Do it slowly, as if to tease me.
  98. >Slower.
  99. >Please use full strokes. Pull it almost out before you thrust again.
  100. >Go slow both ways.
  101. >Don't pause at either end.
  102. >It feels so good...
  103. >I'm almost there!
  104. >No!
  105. >Keep it slow!
  106. >Ahn~
  107. >Keep going.
  108. >Nice and slow...
  109. >Ahn~!
  110. >I'm coming, my dear!
  111. >Ah...
  112. >Please keep going.
  113. >Continue until you come.
  115. That would be extremely cute. You'd roleplay through signing the contract and she'd remember exactly what you did and insist on authentically awkward sex. I bet she'd also narrate what she was feeling in "real" time. She'd tell you how scared she was that it might hurt, that you might end up being a bad husband, that she'd end up being a bad wife... And afterwards, when you'd already broken character, she'd tell you how happy she is that you agreed to the contract all those years ago.
  121.    ***   ***   ***
  123.     Atlach-Nachas and manually-triggered ovulation.
  125. It'd be really cute if you could manually incude ovulation from the inside and she looked you in the eyes while having sex and asked you to make her release an egg.
  127. >Please...
  128. >Don't make me say it!
  129. >I want you to...
  130. >I want...
  131. >I want you to r-release my egg!
  133. >There, I said it...
  134. >Jeeze...
  135. >Ah!
  136. >You're doing it already?
  137. >No, stop!
  138. >I have to get myself ready!
  139. >N-no...!
  140. >It hurts!
  142. >Ah!
  143. >Ahn~
  144. >It feels so good!
  145. >I can feel it coming out!
  146. >This feels so good!
  147. >I didn't know anything could feel this good!
  148. >Ahn~!
  150. >It's gone...
  151. >I'm going to be pregnant...
  152. >I love you...
  153. >I can't believe this is happening...
  154. >My head is getting weird...
  155. >Our daugher...
  156. >We'll have a daughter...
  158.    ***   ***   ***
  163.     Anubis Bully
  165. [30-year-old virgin Anubis picking on and trampling the cute boy that all the young girls fawn over when?]
  167. [>no Older Anubis bully who takes my first time having a girl make me cum with her left paw and a bit of force.]
  171. >How disgusting...
  172. >You came all over my paw pads.
  173. >What would those little girls think of you if they found out your first time with a woman was like this?
  174. >Your dirty thing is only good to be trod upon.
  175. >You will never be able to put it inside one of those little sluts.
  176. >From now on you're not even allowed to masturbate!
  177. >All that precious sperm your balls produce will spill out under my feet.
  178. >Wasted on the sand.
  179. >Just resign yourself to your fate!
  183. >You want to have sex with me again?
  184. >Sex...?
  185. >Ahaha...
  186. >You are a misguided little thing.
  187. >You aren't a person.
  188. >You're just a stress toy.
  189. >Stepping on you isn't sex.
  190. >Making you lick me isn't sex.
  191. >It's just masturbation.
  193. >Did you honestly think we were having sex?
  194. >How impudent.
  195. >I'm disgusted by the mere thought.
  196. >Do you imagine putting it inside me when I use you?
  197. >It stains me to have someone like you even imagine it.
  198. >I shall have to punish you.
  200. >Blowjob...?
  201. >Just how deluded are you?
  202. >I am going to bite you.
  203. >I hope you reflect upon your crimes as my canines dig into your flesh.
  204. >It's what a disgusting toad like you deserves.
  208. >pthui!
  209. >Disgusting!
  210. >pthui!
  211. >You're truly lower than even the most base human being.
  212. >What kind of a creature does something like that?
  213. >pthui!
  214. >I can still taste it...
  215. >Are you a mindless semen dispenser?
  216. >Do you shoot it out when anything touches your vile thing?
  217. >I can even see the impressions of my teeth on it.
  219. >How am I supposed to punish you?
  220. >Not even an animal is this desperate.
  221. >Does your head contain anything else than the desire to shoot it out?
  222. >You're below any other form of life.
  223. >You require an entirely new category.
  227. >Why are you making such a face at me?
  228. >You look pathetic, craning your neck up at me.
  229. >And those pursed lips...
  230. >...Wait...
  231. >Are you trying to kiss me?
  232. >Do you want to get punished?
  233. >No, I'm not angry.
  234. >I do so enjoy punishing you...
  236. >Ahaha!
  237. >They're trying to escape inside you!
  238. >You look so funny...
  239. >Your disgusting thing quivering in the air...
  240. >Your worthless testicles reeling...
  241. >I'll give you another kick.
  243. >...
  244. >It's on my thigh...
  245. >How did you shoot it so far...?
  246. >Even though I kicked you...?
  247. >You got me dirty.
  248. >Get up, you mongrel!
  249. >It's time for a bath!
  250. >It's time for you to start serving me.
  251. >Yes.
  252. >You don't expect me to fix your mistakes, do you?
  253. >You are the one who's going to wash it clean.
  254. >Or maybe I should make you lick it clean...?
  255. >...Or would that just make you glad?
  259. >Work the soap into my leg, you ingrate!
  260. >Get it all off!
  261. >Don't let any of it stain me!
  262. >I'd rather you took some skin with it than missed any.
  263. >I can't wait to get into the warm water...
  265. >Ahn...
  266. >There's nothing better than a warm bath.
  267. >Make sure to stay outside, you.
  268. >I wouldn't want any of your pollution to ruin my enjoyment.
  269. >I wish I could soak like this forever...
  270. >Try not to breathe.
  271. >I don't want to listen to it.
  273. >Hey!
  274. >What was that?
  275. >Did you drop something into the water?
  276. >What's that white stuff?
  277. >Did you spill it into the water?
  278. >You did!
  279. >You worthless pest!
  280. >What if it gets inside me?
  281. >Disgusting!
  282. >I hope a creature like you is incompatible with my eggs...
  283. >Do you even understand what you've done?
  284. >If it gets inside of me...
  285. >If it...
  286. >Your punishment will never end.
  287. >You will wish for death every moment of your life.
  288. >You'd better pray it doesn't happen.
  294.    ***   ***   ***
  296.     Mojyo Mershark
  298. >An awkward shark has a dear fisherman friend who she meets every day
  299. >She's liked him for a long time now, but is afraid to tell him
  300. >He's so cool and buff
  301. >There's no way he would be into an unpopular woman like her
  302. >Still, she's content to just be his friend
  303. >Even if she has to vigorously masturbate every day after he goes home
  305. >One day he hurts himself while out working
  306. >She smells the blood and makes a beeline for him
  307. >Her vigorous, panicked leap out of the water capsizes the boat
  308. >Suddenly she realizes her darling is in the water with her
  309. >It's finally happening
  310. >He's finally reciprocated her feelings
  311. >She can't control her lust anymore
  312. >She nips at his leg
  314. >He screams in pain and cums in his pants as the water rushes into his mouth
  315. >She made him cum
  316. >It's the first time she's touched him and he came immediately
  317. >That means he loves her, right?
  318. >It has to mean that
  319. >So she bites him again
  320. >And again
  321. >And again
  323. >Finally he stops struggling
  324. >She hugs him tight and brings him to a nice, peaceful lagoon
  325. >The rough skin on her belly rubs him through his shredded pants all the way
  326. >When she finally sets him down in the shallows, he cums again
  327. >It bursts against her navel as she beaches on top of him
  328. >It's a sign of his love
  329. >His dick is still throbbing in the warm water
  330. >She can almost hear his heartbeat through it
  331. >She has to have it
  332. >It's not fair that he's cum a dozen times and she's still a virgin
  334. >He snaps back to reality as his dick slides across the rough labia
  335. >The shark's arms are wrapped up tight around his body
  336. >He can't move a muscle as she pants in his ear
  337. >Her rough, clammy cheek grinds against his forehead as she vigorously nuzzles him
  338. >Wet hair slides back and forth across his nose and lips with every thrust
  339. >Suddenly the shark moans in his ear and flexes her entire body against him
  340. >Modest breasts rush up to his face as she screams in the air above him
  342. >After a moment she collapses on top of him
  343. >She gathers her wits for a moment
  344. >Finally she spins onto her back on the sand and pulls him above her
  345. >He's barely conscious from the brutal biting and subsequent rape
  346. >She's in heaven after finally becoming one with her beloved
  347. >Who knows what happened to his boat
  348. >But it's not like he's going to need it
  349. >She strokes his head in the warm tropical breeze
  355.    ***   ***   ***
  357.     Yandere Paladin purification fragment
  359. >Paladin-chan captured you and holds you prisoner in her cell at the convent
  360. >Every morning she force-feeds you a corruption-soaking pill with her mouth
  361. >Then she wears anti-corruption gauntlets and reacharound handjobs you on every break she has
  362. >This gets repeated day after day, with special, unrelenting torture on Sundays, until after a few months your jizz slowly goes from an inky, smoking black to normal white
  363. Would, but only if she marries me at the end. She needs to take responsibility for making me addicted to her.
  367. >Do you miss your fuckdolls...?
  368. >I'm sure you do.
  369. >But you'll never cheat on me with them ever again.
  370. >Oh, I'm sure...
  371. >Do you remember that Succubus who stole you away from me?
  372. >Well, what do you think is in that bag on the table?
  373. >That's right.
  374. >That's the last one, isn't it?
  375. >Now I've punished everyone who's touched you.
  377. >I do know what you want to do to me.
  378. >You told me last month, remember?
  379. >When I brought you that slutty Harpy's head.
  380. >She was so smug.
  381. >She even died with that grin on her face.
  382. >You rambled all about how you're going to put my eye out with your thing and cum in my lungs until I drown in it.
  383. >How'd that work out for you?
  384. >You'll never put it inside a monster ever again.
  385. >You'll never cheat on me again.
  387. >Every day more of the evil inside you drips all over the floor.
  388. >Wasted.
  389. >Just like your life until now.
  390. >But don't worry...
  391. >Once you're all clean...
  392. >I'll give you the life you deserved.
  393. >You should have been mine a decade ago.
  399.    ***   ***   ***
  401.     Spy Girl
  403. >Getting a reacharound handjob in a stranglehold
  404. >>Hora hora, little fly...
  405. >>You'll tell me e~verything you know, right?
  406. >>If you get me a copy of the shipping manifest, I might let you put it in...
  407. >>Do you remember how good it felt...?
  408. >She suddenly lets go of your dick
  409. >It twitches in the cool air
  410. >>Do you want me to finish?
  411. >>Will you surrender your morals to me?
  412. >She gives it a little flick on the head
  413. >>Promise me.
  415. >You're so close to the edge her breath might get you off
  416. >She gives your earlobe a little bite
  417. >>You know, my dangerous day is tomorrow...
  418. >>You could shoot it all inside me...
  419. >>Can you imagine it? All that sperm desperately swimming towards my egg...
  420. >>And if you're lucky enough, I might get pregnant...
  421. >Your hips buckle as you desperately try to rub onto something to get yourself off
  422. >She tightens her hold and you feel like you're about to pass out
  424. >>You'd like that, wouldn't you?
  425. >>Your child growing inside me...
  426. >>Who knows, maybe we could retire to my country...?
  427. >>Or, perhaps, there could be a future for you here once we take over yours...
  428. >>You just have to do one small thing for me...
  429. >She blows hot air in your ear
  430. >You shoot your load all over yourself and the floor
  431. >>How disgusting...
  435. >You toss the manifest onto her desk
  436. >She leafs through the book until she hits some shipment or another
  437. >>Oh, my...
  438. >>This won't do at all.
  439. >>This would be ve~ry bad for us, you know.
  440. >>It would, if you hadn't sold your country out.
  441. >She grins sadistically
  442. >>Just a moment, dear. You'll get your reward very soon.
  443. >She presses a hidden button under her desk and pulls out a pen and paper
  444. >One of her girls enters the room
  445. >>Rejoice, sister, with this our victory is certain!
  446. >The girl gives you a glare as she power walks out with the note
  448. >>Now, dear. I believe I promised you something...
  449. >She stands up and walks around her desk
  450. >You swallow as she runs her fingers up your upper arm and onto your neck
  451. >Her slender nose presses into your nape
  452. >>Are you really desperate enough to betray your country just for my flesh...?
  453. >Her hot breath runs down your back
  454. >>Or are you more foolish than I thought?
  455. >She leads you back around the desk and sits you down in the chair
  456. >Her thighs compress as she jumps slightly to sit on the desk
  457. >She pulls her hem up to reveal her deep, crimson underwear
  458. >>Look.
  459. >>This is what you wanted, isn't it?
  460. >She pulls on the strings on her hips and pulls the fabric away
  461. >A light pink flower sits, framed by her crimson dress, her thigh socks, and the panties unraveled between her legs
  463. >Your erection throbs painfully against your clothes
  464. >She smiles as she opens your belt and pulls your trousers down enough to reveal your penis
  465. >>Does it feel shameful?
  466. >>You're betraying your country this eagerly...
  467. >She leans in to give you a kiss
  468. >Her tongue swirls around yours
  469. >Yours tries desperately to follow hers when she suddenly breaks contact
  470. >>My, my, you're desperate for it, aren't you?
  471. >>I was right about you.
  472. >She steps closer to mount you
  473. >Her breasts hang just in front of your face
  474. >Her hot breath ruffles your hair
  475. >Slowly she descends upon you
  476. >Her slender arms press her bust to your face as she envelops you
  480. >You desperately hug her as you ejaculate inside her
  481. >She breathes heavily onto your head as she kneads herself as deep as possible on you
  482. >>Are you satisfied?
  483. >She hangs from your neck by her arms
  484. >Her face is flushed almost as red as her dress
  485. >>It's all swimming inside me, now...
  486. >>Remember when I said today was dangerous...?
  487. >>Did you believe me?
  488. >She grins as you avoid her gaze
  489. >She grabs you by the jaw and forces you to face her
  490. >>You were so eager...
  491. >>Do you want to hear the truth?
  492. >She leans back forward and breathes into your ear
  493. >>It was all...
  494. >She giggles
  495. >>True!
  497. >>What, don't you believe me?
  498. >She leans away again
  499. >>I have to be honest sometime, you know.
  500. >>If I just lied all the time, nobody would believe me, after all!
  501. >She stands up
  502. >Your dick flops out of her
  503. >She picks her panties up from the desk
  504. >>Won't you help me with these? They're a little difficult to put on again.
  505. >You hold the fabric to her unmentionables as she ties the ribbons back together
  506. >>Now, there's still something I need you to do.
  507. >>Remember that other thing I promised?
  508. >>Neither of us can get caught if you want it to happen.
  509. >She pushes the book back into your hand
  510. >>Go back right now and put everything back exactly the way it was.
  512. >The next day nobody notices anything wrong
  513. >The docks run just as they always have
  514. >The only difference is that she's gone
  515. >Nobody seems to know who rented that space
  516. >It's like she was never even there
  517. >You catch something on the news one day
  518. >Pirates struck one of the ships that went through your docks
  519. >Oddly enough, nothing seems to have been stolen
  520. >You wonder what you did
  521. >Was it worth it?
  525. >Some months later, you get a hand-addressed letter in the mail
  526. >There's no sender address, or postage for that matter
  527. >You open it to find a scented letter in a familiar hand
  528. >>Come to the marina next Friday after work.
  529. >>You will get what you deserve.
  530. >>Tell no one.
  532. >You walk along the waterfront in the setting sun
  533. >The air is still warm enough to enjoy even in the evening
  534. >You sigh as you wonder what is waiting for you
  535. >Suddenly you notice someone leaning on a pole in the distance
  536. >You break into a run
  538. >It's her
  539. >Her belly is jutting out under her sundress
  540. >She opens her arms as she sees you approach
  541. >You jump into her embrace
  542. >She hugs you for what seems like an eternity
  543. >Finally she breaks away and looks you in the eye
  544. >>I was right about you, wasn't I?
  545. >>What a fool you are.
  546. >She pulls down on her hat
  547. >>You shouldn't trust people like that.
  548. >>One of these days you'll get burnt.
  554.    ***   ***   ***
  556.     Phantom House
  558. >Go on an adventure into a famous haunted house
  559. >There's light at the end of one corridor
  560. >As you get closer, you start to hear gentle humming
  561. >You cautiously peek into the room
  562. >It's brightly lit and in perfect condition
  563. >The contrast with the rest of the mansion is astounding
  564. >There's a young woman sitting at the table
  565. >"Hello there!"
  566. >She greets you cheerfully and you step into the room
  567. >"Are you lost? You're not supposed to come into this part of the house..."
  568. >She must be the owner
  569. >The ticket said there's a private area, after all
  570. >"Don't worry, it's alright."
  572. >You sit down with the girl and have a chat
  573. >She says she is the owner of the house and that she's bored
  574. >"Would you stay with me for a while?"
  575. >As you sit on the sofa next to her, a chill runs through your spine
  576. >For an instant, the room flickers dark
  577. >You barely have enough time to notice the smell of mold before everything turns back
  578. >You turn to look at the girl
  579. >She looks normal, but something doesn't feel right
  580. >You keep chatting with her
  581. >After a while she starts brushing her shoulder to you
  582. >You get the chills again
  583. >But she's super cute and nice
  584. >You play along
  586. >You have no idea how long it has been, but you feel sleepy
  587. >She starts patting her lap as you yawn
  588. >You look at her and she winks
  589. >Might as well go for it
  590. >She begins to stroke your hair as you set yourself down on her
  591. >It's the chills again
  592. >You open your eyes and see it
  593. >The room is dark again
  594. >The girl's warm smile is gone
  595. >Her face is white as chalk, her eyes sunken black holes
  596. >A grotesquely flapping, wet, red tongue hangs out where her jaw should be
  597. >She pushes her stringy hair behind her ear and begins to bend down
  598. >A drop of ice-cold liquid drips from her gaping mouth onto your lips
  599. >You freeze in terror as her tongue forces its way into your mouth
  600. >You can't shake the feeling that this will be the rest of your life
  606.    ***   ***   ***
  608.     Feral Kikimoras
  610. >Feral Kikis skulk around bent over and crouched, brushing the cave floor with a fistful of twigs bound together
  611. >An unsuspecting Mastah walks in
  612. >He finds a hot soapstone cup of boiled marrow waiting for him at a warm hearth
  613. >All the Kikis are hiding in the shadows at the walls
  614. >There's a half-butchered aurochs on the floor
  615. >There are slight scraping sounds coming from the carcass
  616. >The Mastah cautiously walks over
  617. >One Kiki couldn't bear to leave a chore unfinished and is skinning the creature with an obsidian knife
  618. >She's already looking him in the eye when he clears the carcass
  619. >"Wait."
  620. >She keeps skinning without breaking eye contact
  621. >The Mastah is too afraid to disobey
  622. >She finishes the work while he sips at the marrow
  623. >"River."
  624. >The Mastah is led to an ice-cold mountain stream and the Kiki slips out of her hides
  625. >She stares at him with piercing eyes and perked ears until he gets the hint and starts undressing
  626. >The Kiki takes his hand and half pulls him into the cold water
  627. >His breath freezes as the crystal clear water washes over him
  628. >He desperately tries to climb out but the Kiki won't let him
  629. >She rubs him down with a rough, soft stone
  630. >When she lets go, he immediately bolts
  631. >She calmly rubs herself down as well before climbing out
  632. >She quickly runs the shivering Mastah down and pulls him back to the riverside
  633. >Warm furs wrap around both of them
  634. >The Kiki's muscular arms and modest chest feel like they're burning
  635. >Slowly the warmth overtakes the Mastah
  637. >Meanwhile the rest of the troop hold a funeral rite for their sister, who has ascended to maidhood
  638. >Each Kiki hopes that she will be the next to go
  645.    ***   ***   ***
  647.     Cursed Sixgun
  649. >A cowboy is just minding his own business, herding cows
  650. >Suddenly a shot rings out and his horse drops
  651. >He gets pinned under the neighing animal, but something is wrong
  652. >The horse sounds like he's cumming
  653. >That's because he is
  654. >The cowboy barely has enough time to parse the clear, useless liquid seeping onto the ground before he sees movement in the distance
  655. >Someone stands up with a smoking revolver from behind some rocks
  656. >They approach him with the gun still drawn
  658. >As the form slowly gets closer, the cowboy starts noticing it's got some really long legs and big hips for a bandit, even though the poncho obscures the upper body
  659. >Chills run down his spine as he suddenly realizes what has happened
  660. >By the time it looms over him, he's shaking in fear and trying desperately to free himself from under the horse
  661. >"What's wrong, boy, you stuck under there?"
  662. >He looks up to see dark almond eyes between the brim of a hat and a bandanna
  663. >It has to be her
  664. >The woman pulls her bandanna down and licks her lips
  665. >There's actually a faint tanline there
  667. >She kneels down and strokes his cheek with her free hand
  668. >"Oh, what a shame! It looks like you can't move... You want some help?"
  669. >He nods, resigned to his fate
  670. >"Well there boy, then you have to pay me back, right...?"
  671. >He nods again, fighting back tears
  672. >She effortlessly pulls the horse up and flips it away
  673. >"Your leg looks fine, boy. Why don't you try standing up?"
  674. >She helps him on his feet
  675. >"Now, for my reward..."
  676. >The woman wraps one arm around his back and brings her lips to his
  677. >Something pokes at his crotch
  679. >Suddenly there's an explosion of noise and pain
  680. >He falls, only to be caught in her embrace
  681. >He can't seem to focus his eyes
  682. >The sand over her shoulder swims as he squirms and moans in pain and pleasure
  683. >She shot him
  684. >She shot him right in the dick and he came
  685. >He was right
  686. >It's the infamous Girl with no name
  687. >She moans with delight as he feels his pants grow wet
  688. >"That's one, boy. Five to go..."
  694.    ***   ***   ***
  696.     Loli-Oni pool class prequel
  698. >Ahn~
  699. >Finally! There he is! I thought he would never come...
  700. >I want to touch him...
  701. >Wait, why is that hussy of a teacher talking to him? She's not the boys' teacher!
  702. >Get your cowtits out of his face, you slut!
  704. >Oh, she just pointed him to the boys' group.
  705. >I won't have to drown her after all.
  706. >I can't wait for the free time...
  708. >█████!
  709. >Do you want to sit on the bubble bench with me?
  710. >Let's go, then!
  711. >Oh, no, I missed it. I was at the gym yesterday. Did you tape it?
  712. >Nice! Do you wanna watch it together after school?
  713. >Yay! It's going to be so much fun!
  714. >What? You can't breathe?
  715. >Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hug you so hard...
  716. >Do you want me to kiss it all better~?
  717. >You know what they say about being closer to my heart, though!
  719. >Ahn~
  720. >He's looking at my quads again, isn't he?
  721. >They are so big, after all, and so warm, with all that hot blood coursing through them.
  722. >Now how do I goad him into touching them...?
  723. >Maybe go straight for it?
  725. >Damn, █████, the bubbles feel so good...
  726. >You know, I was doing some front squats yesterday and I hit a new record! It's now ███ kilos!
  727. >My legs are still sore!
  728. >They're still running hot, see?
  730. >Oh, he's blushing! How cute!
  731. >Ahn~
  732. >Soon I will have him all for myself...
  733. >For ever and ever...
  739.    ***   ***   ***
  741.     Wizard Corruption
  743. >Wizard summons a Succubus to bully and cunttease
  744. >He wants to get some challenge, so he conjures the ultimate Succuslut
  745. >The cosmos has a different interpretation than he had, so instead of a perfect porn star he gets a nerdy, chuuni, bespectacled nerdubutt
  746. >The flat and plain girl doesn't really even try to rape him, and instead wants to learn about magic as well as fantastic creatures and locations
  747. >Spending time portaling around the world with her turns out to be a lot of fun
  748. >After a particularly grueling battle against a ravenous bugblatter beast they both collapse, sitting, leaning against the broken rock
  749. >The fresh sweat and her hair smell so nice
  750. >The tiny bust heaving with her ragged breath is actually quite attractive under that sweater
  751. >The Wizard has to will himself to snap out of it, but it's too late to put the ember out
  753. >In the next few weeks the Wizard finds himself staring at the Succubutt as she darts around the library with her arms full of books
  754. >The three months that she's summoned for are about to run out
  755. >He doesn't like that thought
  756. >He wishes she would stay
  757. >There's only one way, though, and that would mean losing the challenge
  758. >He tries to banish the thought, but every time he sees her eyes flash behind her freckles and glasses, it knocks at the gates of his mind
  759. >If he just put it in, she would stay
  760. >He only has to put his dick inside her
  761. >He cannot, he'd never betray his code
  763. >Finally it's the last day of the challenge
  764. >The Succubutt has packed all the mementos of their adventures to take with her when she's desummoned
  765. >The luggage is already in the magic circle
  766. >She stands on the edge of the ring and turns to face him with an almost melancholic face
  767. >She hugs the Wizard
  768. >When she breaks the embrace, he doesn't
  769. >He whispers his secret desire into her ear
  770. >She can't stay
  771. >He's won, and she'll be sent to the next victim
  772. >She's just glad her first summoning was something this nice
  773. >She'll never forget him
  775. >Energy crackles in the air
  776. >Her hair stands on end
  777. >Suddenly her body becomes weightless
  778. >Her yelp of surprise is cut short as the Wizard kisses her
  779. >A sharp pain stabs at her
  780. >Closely followed by a blunt pain as she slams into the stone floor and the Wizard slams onto her
  781. >Through the haze of pain she can see the final speck of sand fall through her hourglass
  782. >Nothing happens
  788.    ***   ***   ***
  790.     Nerdy Succubus' Cum-Filled Soap
  792. I want to see a nerdy Succubutt with short hair and glasses blush and shiver when she realizes someone's cummed into her liquid soap. It's time to shower after swimming class and she's itching to get that chlorine off her unimpressive body. But now it's right there. Someone's sneaked into the locker room during class and jizzed right into her things. It's already on her palm.
  794. The chlorine will feel icky all day if she doesn't wash it off properly. Then again, if she does, she has to rub all that semen all over her plain, boring body. The semen will go onto her modest breasts, her thin thighs, between her flat buttocks... Is it indirect sex if she washes herself downstairs?
  796. Who was it? Who would cum into HER soap? Did he mistake her for someone cuter? He must be thinking some pretty girl is rubbing his cum into her face. With trembling fingers she begins to rub the cum-stained soap into her forearm.
  798. She thought she rinsed it all off, but she can still smell it. The cum is wafting around in her nasal cavity, filling it with lust. She goes through the classes in a daze, barely paying attention to the teachers. The cum is driving her insane. She can't stop thinking about who did this to her.
  800. Finally chemistry class comes up. Her lab partner comes in, and suddenly she realizes it - it's him. This weedy, quiet boy is the one who came in her soap. Why? He never seemed like the type to commit sex crimes. Does he like her? She thought he was nice, but now? She has to find out. Luckily chemistry is the last class of the day, and she can confront him while they walk home...
  806.    ***   ***   ***
  808.     Yandere Clockwork Terminator
  810. >Early Modern science-type Lich builds an automaton to kidnap victims to experiment on
  811. >It doesn't quite work and the automaton kidnaps a boy but then fails to deliver him
  812. >She fails to reverse the movement orders for the way back and goes the same way in the other direction and starts guarding him in a dilapidated farmhouse
  814. >She's gone into guard mode and prevents him from leaving while provisioning him so he doesn't die while the Mistress is occupied
  815. >Too bad Mistress wrote her off as a failure and no help is coming
  816. >The automaton brings the boy food and drink and interacts clumsily with him to prevent him from going insane with boredom in case Mistress needs a non-mindless test subject
  817. >He starts getting Stockholm syndrome for the scary clockwork doll who tells him stories of distant lands with a dead-eyed monotone and gives him mechanical handjobs when he gets horny enough to pop spontaneous boners
  819. >She begins to slow down as her winding runs out and finally one morning fails to get up
  820. >He's now addicted to her and waits patiently for her to play with him
  821. >He gets more and more sad and anxious as she doesn't wake up
  822. >Finally he starts to tearfully molest her
  823. >He accidentally puts his dick in her winding machine at her crotch
  824. >His frantic pumping winds her insides up again and his semen gives the magical kickstart she needs to boot up
  825. >She whirrs to action as he lies on top of her, dick still inside her, crying
  826. >She registers that he's sad and requires hugs and headpats
  827. >His mind breaks when she suddenly begins to cuddle him
  829. >Years later the Mistress remembers to check up on the automaton
  830. >He still lives with it at that farm, convinced that it's his wife
  831. >The Lich takes both of them to her lair so she can do some research on mindbreak
  837.    ***   ***   ***
  839.     >LEWD SPACE         |Prose: Dead Lewd
  841. >you dock your tugboat as usual at the home base
  842. >everything is pretty quiet
  843. >suddenly spooked by the cute engineer
  844. >she's kinda weird, though
  845. >she's just standing there
  846. >why's she staring at you?
  847. >is she licking her lips?
  848. >why does she jerk and shudder as she steps closer?
  849. >you freeze in terror as she steps even closer and you see over the high collar of her raincoat
  850. >her mandible is missing and her eyes are a creamy white
  851. >she clumsily unzips her raincoat
  852. >it falls to the floor and reveals a mangled pile of flesh where her abdomen used to be
  853. >tentacles extend from her tumorous spine, wriggling and snapping in the air
  854. >her tongue hangs loose below her exposed palate, it tries to flap as a grotesquely wet voice echoes from inside her guts
  855. >I really like you... Do you like me too...?
  857. >every shambling step brings her closer to you
  858. >you find you've backed yourself into a corner
  859. >you scream as her single lip touches yours and awkwardly pokes and probes at them
  860. >you look down through the remains of her ragged, bloodstained top to see her tentacles braid into a tube that ends with some kind of bladder
  861. >paralyzed, you watch her hands fumble your clothes down as her teeth slightly sink into your shoulder and her freely hanging tongue flaps against it like a piece of cold, wet meat
  862. >suddenly you realize that a small ball on a string is hanging from that bladder
  863. >a mixture of horror and curiosity washes over you as you realize she's made a tentacle onahole that terminates in her womb
  864. >your vision swims and you feel an erection approaching as her modest chest presses onto you
  865. >you let out an anguished cry as her cold tentacles gloop onto your knob, and her new tentaclepussy positions itself at your head
  866. >the light in your eyes begins to fade as the mangled corpse of your workplace crush violates you with an unnatural orifice
  867. >your mind irrevocably breaks when that wet echo calls out to you:
  868. >I know you like me too... Let's be together forever~
  874.    ***   ***   ***
  876.     Unsweet Baphomet    |Prose: Unsweet Baphomet
  879. (I'm down with a chain smoking, dispassionate, needy, doing other things during sex Baphomet.)
  881. Would her annoyed grunts when your desperate moans in her ear distract her from watching TV make you even harder?
  883. (Harder than diamonds, and determined to draw out more grunts and grumbling from her.)
  885. >Anon, stop! I can't hear the soap opera!
  886. >Seriously! Why do you have to slap your hips into my butt so hard?
  887. >Do it more quietly!
  888. >And stop moaning like you're dying!
  889. >I told you you can fuck me if it isn't a bother, Anon! You're bothering me!
  890. >Sheesh! Just settle down and I'll massage you with my kegels... (This is bullshit!)
  891. >ANON! Why are you screaming like a bull? Are you coming again? God damn it!
  892. >(At least he'll be in the shower for a while now...)
  898.    ***   ***   ***
  900.     Paladin corruption  |Prose: Sinner in Blue
  903. Like you'd have a Paladin get corrupted and come visit the cute baker in town at night in her armor and a worried face. He'd let her in, only for her to reveal the horns growing out of her head.
  904. >I'm sorry...
  905. >...But I've actually liked you for a long time now.
  906. >It's like a floodgate had opened since I was corrupted.
  907. >I can't wait anymore. I can't stop myself! I need you!
  908. >My soul is already lost, so there's no reason for me to hold back~
  912. >Don't worry, Hans. It's not a sin to be attacked.
  913. >You don't even need to pretend to resist, either. You know I could overpower you like an insect now. You're too scared to put up a fight, right? That's what you'll tell them...
  915. >Ahn~
  916. >Your kiss tastes so good...
  917. >I was a fool to control myself all those years, Hans. Why did I do it...?
  918. >We could have married, and I could have retired, and we could have a nice, pure family by now.
  919. >But I never did...
  920. >And now my soul is burnt and scattered like ashes in the wind.
  922. >They say you only know what was important once you've lost it, don't they?
  923. >I wish I could have felt your love with my own soul...
  924. >...But I suppose this will have to do. Just sit still, Hans. This will hurt me more than it will hurt you.
  930.    ***   ***   ***
  932.     Chubby Amazon marriage  |Prose: Amazon Wedding
  934. >You're walking in the jungle when suddenly you trip on a rope and a net springs up from the ground and wraps around you
  935. >Monkeys scream as you're pulled into the foliage, alerting whoever set the trap to your presence
  936. >Suddenly a massive, voluptuous woman with long, dark hair materializes out of the bushes
  937. >She licks her lips as she cuts the rope, lowering you to the ground with only a minor thud
  938. >Soon you're carried to her village, thrown onto a hard bed of palm leaves in one of the circular huts
  939. >Shelifts you in her lap and begins to unwrap the net biting into your flesh, letting her massive, sweaty breasts press into your face as she works
  940. >You finally get a look of her beautiful face as she gently smiles at you
  941. >Your uncomfortable position, twisted in her lap, ensures that she feels your emerging boner dig into her soft, warm thigh
  942. >She wraps her arms around you, hugging your bent spine into her flabby stomach
  943. >Her massive breasts wrap around your neck, almost choking you, as her warm cheek descends to rub against your forehead
  944. >Your heart beats ever faster, and the erection poking through your trousers at her is now more painful than the insect bites all around your neck
  946. >Finally she spins you around, sitting you in her lap with her breasts sitting on your shoulders
  947. >She clumsily fumbles with your trousers, working with only a vague idea how to open them
  948. >Suddenly the excruciating pressure disappears as your dick springs up from behind the now open fabric
  949. >You feel her rough, jungle-calloused hand wrap around your shaft as she shifts you in her lap
  950. >She slowly begins to pump you as she lays you on the bed, laying herself on her side next to you
  951. >She awkwardly kisses you lips as her breasts press onto your chest, wrapping her thigh around your leg at the same time
  952. >You finally try to struggle, but her other powerful arm wraps around your chest and fixes you in place like iron shackle
  953. >Her hot, wet tongue molests your mouth as her fingers violate your member, and within minutes you're brought to the edge of orgasm
  954. >Suddenly her hand pulls away, leaving your twitching erection standing in the breeze
  955. >You look at her expectingly, but she only smiles and lifts you in her arms
  957. >Outside the tribe has gathered at their doorsteps, circling a hastily-finished bed on the central mound
  958. >Your captress slowly and deliberately carries you to the mound, making sure that every onlooker can see your dick standing on end
  959. >She lets you down on your feet and sits on the bed, still smiling
  960. >As you stare in incomprehension, she lies down on the bed and spreads her legs, lifting her skirt and pulling her lower lips apart under her own private jungle
  961. >She looks at you conspiratorially as she extends her arms to you as if for a hug
  962. >A brown little girl inches closer to you before being pulled back by her father, obviously curious about the spectacle
  963. >You feel and see your quickened pulse through your erection as you gaze upon her lewd form on the ground
  964. >Her massive breasts are barely flattened by gravity as they sit above her stomach, somehow firm through all the flab
  965. >And below, well, her hips are as wide as the sea, and her massive thighs hang expectantly in the air
  966. >You kneel above her, letting her warm, sweaty arms wrap around your neck
  967. >You position your desperately twitching member at her lips as she pulls you down for a kiss
  968. >Suddenly she pulls you in with her arms - you feel a pressure grow and rip away as your head bursts her hymen
  969. >Her sweaty handjob and slimy, unbrushed kisses have done their job
  970. >You ejaculate at the gates of her womb at the apex of your first thrust
  971. >She continues to kiss you as she nudges you to withdraw
  972. >The crowd whoops and hollers as they see the semen and blood dribble out onto the leaves
  974. >As the skies darken, a feast begins
  975. >Your captress has held you in her arms through afternoon hours, hugging you and patting your head on the central mound
  976. >The villagers bring her and you what you assume to be luxurious foods: fruits, nuts, meats
  977. >She holds you in her lap as she feeds you one after the other
  978. >Finally you are presented with a single nut, with the vague shape of a heart symbol, or a butt, or perhaps testicles
  979. >The whole village watches in silence as the old woman forces it into your mouth
  980. >You look to your captress in confusion, only to find her facing you, eyes closed and lips puckered
  981. >Instictively you kiss her, allowing her tongue to pull the nut from on top of yours
  982. >Triumphantly and exaggeratedly, she breaks the kiss and swallows the nut whole
  984. >The crowd whoops again as she raises her arms in triumph before pushing you over onto your back
  985. >Before you can reach, she has fallen on her hands and knees and wrapped her lips around your penis
  986. >In an instant the sexual tension of sitting in her lap, being caressed by her breasts, flows out
  987. >Your penis hardens in an instant, growing to fill her throat without her moving her lips
  988. >She begins to pump her lewd, wet tongue and palate up and down on your now fully erect shaft
  989. >The air is filled by lewd sucking sounds, the pops as the vacuum is accidentally broken, the wet slaps as her lips impact your skin
  990. >You instinctively grab her hair and ram her hot mouth as deep onto your shaft as you can as her tongue brings you to orgasm
  991. >You shoot your seed into her for what seems like an eternity, before she breaks the spell and rises to her knees
  992. >You watch her from below, staring almost into the underside of her bust, as she spits your load into her palms
  993. >She raises the lewd liquid to the moon, and then lowers it to her crotch
  994. >Carefully she positions her fingers at her mouth and allows the semen to flow onto her hole
  995. >As she begins to knead it in with her fingers, the crowd whoops in a third, triumphant chorus
  996. >The villagers, now seemingly no longer concerned with you, break into cheerful conversations at their tables
  997. >Your captress, now laying on her back, continues to masturbate your seed into her barely-used vagina
  998. >She looks up at you with a happy smile, mouthing a word you cannot begin to recognize
  999. >But you can imagine what it means as you position yourself to penetrate her for the second time
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