My first gangbang (rewrite)

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  1. Jaiden's first night at raisins was going smoothly. Her natural shyness was beginning to melt away under the embarrassed gazes of the guests as she escorted them to their tables, most either looking away awkwardly, trying to conceal arousal or just holding themselves from the adorable sight of someone so young in a uniform so scandalous.
  2. And she was young, of course. Raisin employees weren't allowed to be any older than 12, and Jaiden was closer to the low end of that spectrum. Some were there for wholesome reasons, families in trouble, boredom, college, others were there for addiction, pimping, recruiting. Jaiden was more in the middle. She was there for a gameboy. A simple toy, overpriced to the point of meaninglessness, leaving a girl blind to the excess around her walking through the hungry gazes of 40 men.
  3. Jaiden was oblivious though. Too naive to really know what the cat calls, or stares ever meant to begin with. She just delivered the food, tried to act friendly, ran through the tips she was making, and quickly approached the final price of her prize. Every hand trailing to her behind or lewd comment flying over her head only putting her another 50 closer to the goal.
  4. As the night began to wrap up, Jaiden found that she had long since passed her goal, assuming she could get the paycheck and leave. All she needed to do was serve one last table. 4 late arrivals, each discussing some manner of business; websites, stock options, decent pizza places; topics flew back and forth at random, each one having less to say on the other's subject than their own. She was hungry, tired, but above all, satisfied from the long day. She walked over to the group and pulled out her notebook.
  5. "Hi, welcome to raisins! What can I get you." The men turned to their menus
  6. "Oh, yeah, uh... 2 grass on the fields and... uh... is a ‘baby on her back’ good?" The other three nodded in agreement. "And a baby on her back."
  7. "Alright, any drinks?"
  8. "double of whiskey,"
  9. "Beer, full pitcher"
  10. "I'll just have a glass of his"
  11. "same" Jaiden scribbled down the order quickly, her tongue poking out in instinct.
  12. "Alright, anything else I can get you guys?"
  13. "Oh, I'll have an order of hot wings to go with it." Jaiden scribbled down the last alteration and turned to see if anyone else needed anything. Each of them shook their heads, they were fine.
  14. "Alright. I'll be back with your drinks then."
  15. Jaiden came back with the pitcher of beer and the 3 glasses first, each one still cold from the fridge where it had been kept, tinged with a hint of ice and Chrystal clear. The men at the table were still talking about one thing or another.
  16. “I’m telling you, the old ones were fantastic. The new ones? Commercial garbage meant to cash in on nostalgia.”
  17.  “Dude, no one cares.”
  18. “Fine, fine, whatever.”
  19.  Jaiden walked back to the bar and picked up the whiskey. She’d only been gone for a few moments, but by the time she’d gotten back, there was already a decent dent in the pitcher, and foam was running down 2 of the glasses.
  20. “Thank you sweetie.”
  21. “You know,” A hand went down to jaiden’s butt and gave it a reaffirming squeeze, but she didn’t really care as she walked back to the bar waiting on the food. “I think I’m going to throw stock into that up and comer. I mean, it’s actually looking pretty decent.” She could still hear the conversation
  22. “Which one?”
  23. “You know, the one that was making all that new tech stuff? It’s started going to the Internet and now it’s become one of the top 3 in the world.”
  24. “Yahoo?”
  25. “No no… Wait, maybe. Does Yahoo have mail?”
  26. “Yeah”
  27. “Searching?”
  28. “Yeah”
  29. “Is it’s logo a giant string of O’s?”
  30. “None of them are.”
  31. “Damn… eh, fuck it I can’t remember.”
  32. “Oi, language. There are children present.” He was half joking, and a third drunk. Jaiden kept herself busy cleaning; sweeping, mopping, trying to get rid of the beer and not beer stains on the floor, put a few of the chairs up, changed the sign from open to close (it was technically past closing after all). There was a ring from the kitchen, and she started grabbing the food. 2 baskets of bloomin onions were first (jaiden didn’t really know why they were called ‘grass on the field’ but she also didn’t really care. She didn’t know why ‘blooming onions’ were called blooming onions either), and she left the wings and ribs for her second trip. The food was tricky to carry in small hands after all.
  33. “And then she started to- Oh! Hello!” Jaiden placed the food in front of the group with a smile. “Thank you dear. Anyway, the point is, she’s in my black book now.”
  34. “Is that even legal?”
  35. “Having her number? Sure. Everything else is only provable if she goes to someone. And… well, even then…” Jaiden laid down the ribs with a clatter. “Besides, she seemed to be into it.”
  36. “I don’t think I could.”
  37. “Seriously?”
  38. “Well, look I know where we are,” The onions were next. “but still, it’s just a little weird to me, y’know? Like it feels like it’s not right.”
  39. “I mean, I’ve never tried it, but I’d be with it if someone offered.”
  40. “I’ve actually done it before, too. I always felt weird about it to be honest.”
  41. “It’s only wrong if they’re not into it. That’s my stance. And these days, that’s a minority.” Jaiden put the wings down with one hand. “Watch.” The man at the far end turned to her. “Ahem, excuse me?” Jaiden turned, curious. “Would you like to have some food and drinks with us?”
  42. “Oh, um, sure I geuss.” Jaiden shuffled into the seat in the table. A heavy uncomfortable silence descended onto the group. Even the man that had invited her in seemed a little worried, as though expecting the whole thing to not get so far. Jaiden shrugged a little and started to pick at the blooming onion. One of the four coughed. Jaiden’s eyes kept going back to the onion, occasionally shifting back to the customers with her as she took piece by piece.
  43. “So, what are your names?”
  44. “I-“
  45. “I’m Jeff!” The one that had invited her in shouted, cutting off the one at the other end, who gave him a momentarily perplexed look before nodding. “To my right is jim, steve, and alex.”
  46. “mm-hmm.” Alex at the other end of the table was nervously chewing on a rib, gnawing into the bone. “We were just… um… we were just talking about the local… sports… team.”
  47. “Oh. I don’t really follow sports too much. I mean,” Jaiden picked up a rib and started to eat “I’ve been in a few of them, but I don’t really think I could just watch people going after a ball for that long. Just seems more cool to play.”
  48. “Yeah, I don’t really see the hype either.” Jim said, picking up one of the wings. “I mean, I can just get all of the story and action from a decent anime and I don’t even have to bother with the down time. Plus I actually care about the characters besides where they-“
  49. “Dude,” Steve interrupted him “No one cares. Trust me. Unless there’s one with girls with great a-” He glanced over at jaiden, kicking her feet back and forth boredly. “Assets, then they just don’t have the same appeal as something like women’s gymnastics.” He coughed into his hand, missing jim about to speak up and make a point, while Alex held a hand up and shook his head in warning, “Or…um… amateur’s women’s gymnastics in a pinch.”
  50. “I’m personally more a fan of the diving.” Jeff said, looking off dreamily. “Have you seen what the Japanese girls can do? I swear they just keep getting younger every year too as they summersault through the air, gracefully breaching the water with narry a splash.” He sighed wistfully “I still remember that lovely summer where I had a whole team of juniors that I had to train. So niave to everything, asking me what every term meant as it came up.”
  51. “Like what?” Jaiden perked up, barbeque sauce smeared across her mouth.
  52. “…Well, have you ever heard of a devil’s triangle?” Jaiden shook her head, not noticing the wide eyes of the other two. “It’s an incredibly difficult diving technique. You have to be a woman in order to really pull it off, and the training requires a bunch of instructors.”
  53. “Oh… um, ok.”
  54. “Would you be interested in learning it?”
  55. “Not really. I’m not that interested in diving.” Jaiden picked up another piece of blooming onion and popped it in her mouth, crunching down on the deep fried junk food.
  56. “Ah. Well, maybe sometime when you’re older.” The other three tried to hold back giggles, and jaiden hid some annoyance as she dove in for another bite. “What are you interested in jaiden?”
  57. “Um, well, I was into soccer.”
  58. “Ah, yes, soccer.” Steve cleared his throat.
  59. “Ykno, that thing your eating is named after a soccer term.” Jaiden looked down at the ‘grass on the hill’ and broke off another piece “Yeah. It’s a reference to this idea that you can’t play on a field until there’s enough grass that you can see it on a nearby h-hill.” Jaiden ate another piece.
  60. “Ok.”
  61. “Yeah. That’s why there are all these hills near… near soccer fields.”
  62. “There wasn’t near the field I was playing in.”
  63. “Oh, they replaced it with a device to check the grass… density. Heheh. Um… yeah, so if they needed to pave over the hill or if it was a town in a flat place, they could tell.” Jaiden swallowed the onion piece and looked back and forth in confusion. “Ok.” The other three started to laugh again.
  64. “Hey jaiden,” Jim asked, “Wanna have a four way?” Jaiden blunk twice, and the other three looked at jim with a half drunk comedy.
  65. “N-no? I kinda have to get home after this and there aren’t really any stops between here and there that are… that busy. Plus, owning a road sounds like it’d be a real pain.” The other three threw back their heads laughing.
  66. “H-hey jaiden!” Alex called across the table, over everyone else’s laughter and between his own. “Have you ever given anyone a blowjob?” At this point, jaiden was actually frustrated and wasn’t bothering to hide it anymore.
  67. "Oh, yeah, all the time. I'm just the queen of blowjobs. Could give you all blowjobs if I wanted!" The four men looked at her in shock, as though they were watching an innocent façade fade away than a child no knowing what was going on and just trying to fit in. Jaiden grabbed the pitcher of beer and the glass, poured herself some, and took a long drink. She knew it wasn’t for kids. That was the whole point. She wasn’t a kid, she’d given blowjobs before, whatever that was.
  68. “See? I know my fay ahound a bowjib." Jaiden was already slurring, already weaving back and forth as the alcohol hit her hard. The other 4, already fairly drunk, didn’t even notice the rapid change.
  69. “Uh.” Alex spoke up from the other side of the table, and all 4 turned to him. “Were you serious that you could blow all of us? Because I…um… I’d like to try that, I guess. I mean, if you’re up for it.”
  70. “Yeaaahh… of course. I mean, it’s like easy, right? I’d just need a few tips or-hic-or something and it’ll be great.” Jaiden was actually referring to hints, but the 4 couldn’t tell. Jeff was the first to speak.
  71. “How does 4 times whatever you’re being paid sound for all of us?”
  72. “Yeahhh… man, that sounds awesome. I cannn totally do all sorts of stuff with that.” Jeff turned to the group.
  73. “Well… she’s offering. Are you gentlemen in?” Jim spoke up immediately.
  74. “I’m in.” He counted out a stack of bills onto the table. “I think my share would be… 100$?” He turned to look at the eyes on him “…been watching a lot of more… questionable stuff- look it doesn’t matter. I’m in is the point.”
  75. “… I dunno, I mean the first time kinda weighs on me still-“ Jaiden lost her balance and started to lean against jeff, quietly drooling on his shirt. “…god she’s so much cuter than the one in the Philippines. Alright, fine.” He pulled out another stack of bills, counting out a hundred. “But I’d better not see you scoring stuff with this, ok?”
  76. “mm-hmm.” Jaiden nodded sleepily into Jeff’s shirt. Jeff pulled out a crisp hundred from his wallet, probably thinking that he was going to spend it on some other girl anyway. The three turned to Alex.
  77. “Um… I’m not sure I should.”
  78. “C’mon, man. She’s literally asking for it!”
  79. “Dude, this is the only opportunity you’re going to get for this kind of thing.”
  80. “Trust me, as someone who rarely leaves their basement, even I have to say ‘live a little’ sometimes. This is that time!” Alex wasn’t totally convinced, then jaiden looked up at him from a haze and tried to see his eyes.
  81. “You’ve got to… like live and stuff… mannn. Change things up.” Alex nodded looking into jaiden’s face. She broke into a wavy smile and laughed a little.
  82. “Alright, fine, I’m in.” Alex said with a nervous smile, putting up his hands in mock surrender, hoping no one would notice their shaking. “I’m going to pay off the tab. You guys find a nice place for this, ok?” Jeff slipped a hand around jaiden’s waist, grabbed the money on the table and began to guide her out the door, followed by steve and Jim, Jim rubbing his hands in excitement, and Steve pulling a joint from his hat. The hot fresh air felt stale as they guided her towards the car.
  83. “Uh…” Steve spoke up “I don’t think we’re all gonna fit in there.” Jeff turned and smiled at the stoner.
  84. “Nonsense. The girl can sit in my lap.”
  85. “Yeah, but fucking so close together, isn’t that kind of…”
  86. “We’re going back to the hotel, idiot.” Jaiden perked up at the word hotel.
  87. “Nuh… no hotel. Need to get home after this, and they’re too far. Can walk from here, but there… nuh…”
  88. “I can just give you a ri-“
  89. “Nuh, nuh, nuh. Don trust you guys that much. Don’t want stranger danger.” Jeff looked at her with some confusion and it began to dawn on him just how drunk the girl actually was.
  90. “Ok… where do you want to go then?”
  91. “mm… anywhere dark would be good. This light hurts.” Jaiden was referring to the streetlight shining down on the parking lot. Jeff started to lead her to the back of the restaurant, a hand in her back pocket with more of a nervous edge to it then a flirty one. Even on the other side of the restaurant, her neon orange shorts cast a degree of light whether they wanted to or not, but it was all they could do on such short notice and with such bizzare stipulations.
  92. “Is this fine?”
  93. “mmm… yeah.. this’ll be good.” Jeff laid her down on the ground, careful to place the girl in the grass a few feet away from the actual building. Comfort for this kind of thing was preferable. Jeff pulled down his pants and underwear, swiftly followed by his friends, and 3 hard cocks surrounded a drunk, sleepy Jaiden on all sides. She looked dizzily from one to the other, and giggled softly, thinking about how weird it was that a bunch of snakes were flying around her.
  94. “Alright, are you gonna blow us or…?” Jeff let the sentence and implied answer drift off in the air, but jaiden simply stared at him with a drunken bewilderment as she tried to understand what he wanted. She blunk twice when she realized there wasn’t a part 2 to the question, stuck out her tongue at the cock in front of her and blew raspberries at the engorged member.
  95. “How was that?” It was at this moment, Jeff knew he’d taken his cock out in front of a sexually naïve, DRUNK child that had no idea what she was doing.
  96. “Guys, we should probably go. Now.” He started to tuck his dick into his pants, two steps behind Steve.
  97. “Nuh, nuh, nuh, wait. You guys said that you were gonna pay me for a blowjob.” Jaiden grabbed Jeff’s dick before it could vanish, making him flinch “Just show me what it is, I can take care of the rest!” With the small hand on his dick, and the big eyes looking up at him, Jeff began to get a really awful idea. An idea he knew he was going to regret the next morning, if not in the next half hour. He looked at jim, who still hadn’t put his away, then turned to Steve who was gesturing frantically to get the hell out of there. Jeff sighed.
  98. “Alright. A blowjob is when you put someone else’s dick in your mouth, sucking and moving your head back and forth along it.” Jaiden looked at him with confusion “…your holding my dick.”
  99. “Oooh… so that’s what a dick looks like.” Jaiden’s hand crept over it, getting a feel for the entire length, small digits roaming over the glands and head.
  100. “Guys, what the fuck are you doing!?” Steve shouted at the trio
  101. “We promised the girl money, and she doesn’t mind, so we’re getting our moneys worth!” Jaiden had rubbed along the whole length of Jeff’s member and began to experiment with Jim’s, which brought along many an uncomfortable moan. “You don’t like it, head home!”
  102. “You’re my ride!”
  103. “Then just shut up and keep watch.” Steve grumbled angrily and held a look out at the wall, as Jaiden finished examining the two members. She looked up at Jeff.
  104. “Does it taste good?” Jeff shrugged.
  105. “I wouldn’t know. Never gotten any complaints.” Jaiden popped the dick into her mouth, her face scrunched, but she didn’t take it out. She started to suck and move up and down along the member. Jeff began to visually relax.
  106. “H-hey. Can I get some action too?” Jim asked, a little annoyed at the lack of attention. Jaiden shrugged and moved to his dick. Again, her face scrunched as the taste entered her mouth, but she shrugged and kept going, moving from one to the other. Jim was willing to experiment, and whenever her mouth moved off of him, he tried to teach her to jerk him off, but whenever his hand left hers, she would just go slack and let it hang on his erection. Eventually he gave up trying to teach her, and just enjoyed it when her mouth wrapped around his dick.
  107. “ah~!” Jim moaned as Jaiden’s little mouth went back to him. “God, if I was going to die tomorrow, I’d be fine with it after this.” Jeff smacked him. “What? It’s not lik- Oh… Oh, right.” Jaiden looked up
  108. “Mmmph?” Jim stroked her hair a little
  109. “it’s not really anything for little girls to worry about, don’t think about it.” Jeff suddenly snapped up to attention.
  110. “Oh, shit! Alex! He thinks she’s just a child whore!” Jim looked to him
  111. “So, he’ll just-wait… ah shit! And we were supposed to take him out to get laid tonight!”
  112. “IT WAS ON THE LIST!”
  113. “What are you dudes shouting about?” Steve walked over, red eyed.
  114. “We need to get Alex laid, remember?”
  115. “So?”
  116. “So, he’s expecting to nut inside a girl’s ass that just found out what a blowjob is! You know him, do you really think he’ll be fine with that?!” Steve hesitated for a moment, before his eyes went wide as well.
  117. “Aw… shit. We need to get out of here. We find a red light district or something, hope for the best with what time we have left-“
  118. “Do you seriously think there’s going to be one this late!?” Steve put his hands in his hair in a panic as jaiden stared between the two, Jim’s dick poking into her cheek. Suddenly jim looked down at her.
  119. “Wanna make another three hundred bucks?” The pair looked at him in shock as Jaiden nodded.
  120. “What the hell are you doing?” Steve shouted at him furiously.
  121. “We’re short on time and options!”
  122. “We’re not tricking Alex into taking a girl’s virginity!”
  123. “Have you got a better idea? Gonna go onto tinder and open every conversation with ‘hey, my friend has cancer, wanna bone him?’ It’s this or nothing.” Jeff began to nod his head in agreement, and Jim coughed a little. “Which, is also why you’re going to have to do something a little more difficult than just going along with it.”
  124. “What?”
  125. “Well… We need to act like she’s super experienced or else Alex is going to know something is up, and… that means…”
  126. “…Oh, fuck no, man.”
  127. “We don’t have time to argue, just guide her hand, maybe look disappointed. He’ll never know.”
  128. “I’m not doing this again!”
  129. “You won’t be! This’ll just be something that happened in her life and faded into a drunken haze. She won’t be a junkie, she won’t go asking for more, she’s just doing this for a Gameboy and is in over her head for one night. That’s it. Watch.” Jim looked down to jaiden. “Jaiden, do you do drugs?”
  130. “Nmpph.” She pulled her head off his cock. “No. Drugs aren’t cool.”
  131. “What about smoking?”
  132. “Nah, I don’t want lung cancer.” She started to move to Jeff’s dick, but he kept her off.
  133. “What about weed, do you smoke weed?”
  134. “What’s weed?” Jim gestured back and forth between her and steve. Steve looked resistant, but after a while started to slink over to her right side.
  135. “Just a handjob.”
  136. “Right. Exactly. Now, jaiden, you still want to earn another 300$?” Jaiden nodded. “Get naked, then get on all 4s.” Jaiden shook herself out of the revealing white top and the bright orange shorts, exposing her cute butt, then she got on all fours. “Ok, try to stretch out a little more than that, raise your butt up a bit.” Jaiden raised herself into the slightly awkward position.
  137. Jim started to move behind her, while Jeff went in front. He kneeled down a little in front of her to be in the right position, and Jaiden went back to what she was doing. She felt Jim’s hands grab her hips, and his dick between her cheeks.
  138. “Ok… so, this next part is going to be a bit painful. I want you to promise me you won’t bite down or act like it hurts too much, ok?” Jaiden looked a little worried, but nodded. Jim spat on his hands wiped it along his dick to go with jaiden’s spit and started to push it in. Jaiden shuddered first, then started to wince, then cry. It was some of the worst pain she’d ever remembered feeling. Inch by inch, the foreign object began to go into her, pushing apart her ring. She started to moan into Jeff’s dick, pain rushing out in a hushed guttural utterance. Jeff patted her hair, trying to comfort her. Finally it was in. Jim started to move back and forth, training her for the length she’d be receiving. She shuddered and shook as she took the length back and forth, trying to get herself numb to the pain as she sucked on the dick in front of her.
  139. “Guys, you were over here the whole time?” Came another voice, behind and to the right of all of them. Alex walked from the bar to them, annoyed, jogging closer to them. Steve grabbed jaiden’s hand and put it on his dick quickly as all 3 looked at him with hopeful smiles.
  140. “Uh, yeah… no, we were just over here the whole time.”
  141. “Sorry.”
  142. “Yeah. Sorry dude. Good news though, this one says she’ll go all the way with us.”
  143. “Cool. Shit, I meant to do that before tomorrow anyway! That’s really lucky.”
  144. “Yeah… lucky.”
  145. “So, do I get a hand or…”
  146. “No, no, you get underneath her. You can have her ‘cunny’.” Alex hesitated.
  147. “I dunno, I don’t want your balls in my face the whole time.”
  148. “…just do it you pussy.” Alex shrugged. He tapped jim on the shoulder, who pulled out of jaiden with a pop. He got underneath jaiden, and positioned himself underneath her, teasing her lips with his dick. Slowly, he started to push himself inside, not noticing the small trail of blood that started to run down his dick. Jaiden squealed in pain into Jeff’s dick, moaning with pain.
  149. “I… I think she likes it, Alex… hehe.” Jeff laughed awkwardly, but alex didn’t seem to notice. He started thrusting into the girl as she was spit roasted between the two men. Jim got back to where he was and began to tease her anus. Jaiden moaned in protest, but soon squealed again as the dick was shoved into her to the hilt. Together, the three of them thrusted and moaned and tried not to look too guilty as they fucked the young child. Jaiden started to feel something besides pain as the three took her virginities in every way. It was as though, something warm was building inside of her. The 3 men began to thrust faster, each one approaching an orgasm, each one on the verge of cuming. Jaiden’s legs began to shake, her head began to go numb, and she felt like something was about to hit her. She moaned into jeff’s dick that she was about to pee, and came wholeheartedly with the other 3 men, warmth flooding into her. As the orgasm faded, she began to taste the cum in her mouth and spat it onto the ground, inches next to Alex’s face.
  150. Almost instantly she collapsed onto the alex, dizzy from the exertion. Alex smiled up at her, and she smiled down at alex somewhere between glad that it was over and happy that it happened at all. The other two began to tuck their dicks back in their pants. She tried to stand up, but felt her legs go numb and fell to the ground once more. It was more than her legs, of course, she wasn’t going to walk right for a week, but the numbing feeling of a massive orgasm was keeping her from feeling any of it, fortunately. With a little shakiness, she stood once again, managing to get onto her feet in front of the four men. She cleared her throat.
  151. “…so… can you still give me a ride home?” Jeff nodded and handed her the 700$. Jaiden picked up her orange shorts and put it in, then slung them and the white top over her shoulder. She was hardly going to wear any of it with all the white leaking out of her.
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