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  1. Dear Secret Journal,
  4. Many years have passed since I came to Equestria, and I have all but forgotten the life I once had. Although I have already forgiven her, I still can’t find the strength to let that one memory go, despite how happy I am now. I still miss my real family.
  7. It all started when I was home-sitting for a family member, browsing the Internet on my laptop and seeing what my fellow online bronies had to share and discuss. Outside the house, the sky was dark and overcast, and I got the impression that a thunderstorm was approaching. Still, I continued to browse until something sparked my interest. Apparently, some bronies had created a personality test and others decided to share their results. I thought ‘Why not?’, so I took the test.
  10. Most of the questions were related to friendship; that wasn’t too surprising. What did surprise me was my result: I highly resembled four of the Mane Six, with Fluttershy as being the closest.
  12. Sure, my parents raised me to be kind and thoughtful, but I couldn’t see myself passing for her.
  15. Then, all of a sudden, electricity surged through my corded mouse and into my body as a thundering boom hit my ears a split-second afterward. The jolt knocked me off my chair and I collapsed onto the carpet. I could only focus on the burning pain along my arm, down my torso, and through my legs. Miraculously, nothing in or around the house caught fire, but something else caught my attention.
  18. When I finally broke free from my state of shock I tried to upright myself. I thought my dominant arm and legs were goners, but I managed to sit straight as if nothing happened. Then just as I made that realization, the burns in my body began to shrink and disappear and that’s when I started to really feel funny.
  21. I began to feel an ‘electrifying’ feeling in my abdomen. At first, it felt like a small spark arcing in my guts. A second later, it intensified and spread throughout my body like wildfire, incapacitating me and causing painful discomfort and tingling everywhere. All I could do to cope was lie down and wriggle like an upset eel out of water as everything began to happen suddenly and all at once.
  24. Somewhat dazed by the unrelenting sensations, I passively watched my skin color begin to change from a peachy beige to a pastel yellow. The hair on my arms thickened but remained relatively short as my fingers pulled together and began to form bony stumps.
  27. As my shoulders pulled closer to my chest, two joints formed on my back, from which two new fleshy limbs sprouted like a couple of tree branches tearing through my shirt. In addition to the burning and tingling, I felt pinching and pricking in my new arms as feathers began to grow.
  30. My tailbone curled outward and lengthened while my neck stretched, pushing my head away from my collarbone as my jaws began to elongate slightly. I felt more sensation in my ears as they shifted to higher spots on my head and morphed into tubular funnels. My short dark hair shedded off my skull and an new crop of flowing pink hair emerged to replace it while my new tail sprouted its own.
  33. My groaning gradually shifted to a higher pitch as I felt a burning and an inward pull in my widening pelvis, while my breasts swelled slightly and ‘slid’ down my torso to my lower abdomen.
  36. When it was all over, I could only breathe and lie limp on the ground in utter exhaustion. Soon after, I heard a gleeful, malicious, mischievous giggle before someone or something began to lift me into the air. It was then I saw her face for the first time, one I came to resent for a long time.
  39. She smiled at me with a toothy dragon’s maw as I looked blearily back at her yellow eyes. She caressed my face and played with my bangs like I was her plaything, whispering sweet nothings that fell on my practically deaf ears. I was too tired to pay attention, but I knew she was responsible. When she was done toying with me, she tapped my forehead and soon I felt like I was falling into a rabbit hole and I fell asleep.
  42. When I came to, I found myself staring at a ceiling from the comfort of a bed, one that was oddly familiar. I turned to the side and saw a lush forest outside the bedroom window, accompanied by a beautiful sunrise. Wooden furniture surrounded me and on the nightstand was a picture of the pegasus mare I had become along with her pet rabbit.
  45. I felt lost and confused. Was this simply a dream I could not wake from, or was it a cruel joke? I didn’t have time to ponder then, as the once foreign memories planted in my head told me I had the responsibility to care for the animals residing in my cottage and the ones that lived far from the treacherous forest just outside my backyard.
  48. I kept my previous life a secret from everypony, that I used to be a young man, and that I met her before. All the while, I embraced the new life she thrust me into, letting all my new little quirks and tastes grow on me.
  51. After my friends and I stopped her with the Elements of Harmony, I could have smashed her stony, imprisoned body when nobody would have seen me, but I knew I couldn’t: that wasn’t what the new me would do, and for the old me it wasn’t worth the risk of destroying the only one who could bring me back home.
  54. Reforming her was even harder on me. After the way she took advantage of my patience and hospitality, barely held back the old me when she betrayed my trust and I vocally rejected her selfish friendship in front of my pony friends.
  57. Now, after the incident with Tirek, she’s been so nice to me, even though she still jokes and pulls more acceptable pranks on me and my friends. Despite this, I just can’t find the courage to bring up the questions my old self wants answered, even when she and I have our private tea parties.
  60. I’m happy in Equestria, I really am. With so many friends and the satisfaction of making animals’ lives better, why shouldn’t I be? But I miss my old life just as much, no matter how much I forget about it, and she’s never discussed anything about the past either. I don’t even know how long I’ve been away as far as my old friends and family are concerned.
  63. But if this is all real, though, I guess I wouldn’t mind staying in Equestria for the rest of my days. It’s not all that bad, but I hope that Eris will let me return, visit, or at least tell me why she brought me here before I die. Did she bring me here just for amusement? To toy with my emotions? Or could she be like me and she just wanted someone else who could relate to her? I can only imagine.
  66. Until next time.
  69. The Gentle Yellow Pegasus
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