Mar 26th, 2012
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  1. [13:38:26] <BigTentacruel> It's the 25th of Summer, and, boy, is it hot out! The sweltering heat seems to bear down on the town, but despite this, it's the day of the long awaited Tomato Fight! The Mayor has gathered everyone out by the fields provided by local farmers for the entertainment. The road stretches out into the distance, at the edge of which a large cloud of dust can be seen billowing upwards. Something
  2. [13:38:26] <BigTentacruel> is coming!
  3. [13:38:26] <BigTentacruel> After a few moments, the Mayor calls for everyone's attention, saying, "Ahem. Welcome, one and all, to this year's Tomato Fight! The ammunition will arrive shortly, but for the time being, feel free to socialize."
  4. [13:41:07] * @Nephene wears a well-worn dress - one that she wouldn't be too sad to lose if the tomato sauce were to claim it.
  5. [13:50:47] * Nike looks over herself, wearing an iron breastplate. Maybe it was too much, even if it were easy to clean tomatoes off of?
  6. [13:52:37] * @Nephene looks over the rest of the competition.
  7. [13:52:57] <@Nephene> "That might be a little overkill. You're going to get hit by tomatoes, not bolts."
  8. [13:54:22] <BigTentacruel> There really aren't many of you out here today, by the way. So far, it's just the Mayor, you two, and a few older faces here to watch with mild amusement and cold beer. The Mayor looks around nervously. He was obviously hoping for a bigger turnout. Maybe they're just late.
  9. [13:54:44] <Nike> "I don't have a lot of clothes to start with." Shrug. "I just thought it'd be easier to clean up after the fight."
  10. [13:55:19] * @Nephene sighs. This was obviously a sign that they needed more people to come to the Valley.
  11. [13:58:19] <Nike> "These always seemed bigger when I was little. Then again, maybe we're all early."
  12. [13:59:44] <@Nephene> "Yeah, I know..."
  13. [14:34:59] * Balth is actually joining the fray as well! His Pokéball Arm Cannon appears to have been modified for vegetable use, and he tinkers it while waiting for the competition to start. "Time for some shooting, eh?"
  14. [14:35:21] <BigTentacruel> The dust clouds grow larger and larger with each passing moment until keen eyes can see... a pair of large dinosaur-like creatures pulling a cart. They are queer-looking things, not quite pokemon anyone's seen before.
  15. [14:36:29] * Nike pouts a little, folding her arms as she looks at Balth's cannon. "Wish my bow adapted as well as your--" she was about to mutter, before she looks up, and notices the approaching...she didn't know whats.
  16. [14:36:40] <@Nephene> "...."
  17. [14:37:38] <Ricki> The resident derp waddles up, right on Balthazar's tail... Surprisingly enough for the ... Man? Boy? How old is Balth, anyways? Not really relevant, but it's probably to Balth's relief that Ricki hadn't really done much of anything besides stare at the modified cannon resting upon his arm... And probably walk into things because he was too distracted by the cannon. He waves and says "Hai~"
  18. [14:37:38] <Ricki> to everyone before ADD sets in and draws his attention to the dinosaur thingies.
  19. [14:38:28] <BigTentacruel> As they draw closer, you can see that they ARE in fact pokemon some of you have seen, but not in this... breed. They're Tropius! But they're covered in leafy vines and there aren't bananas hanging from them but instead some kind of red fruit.
  20. [14:38:35] * Balth waves back with the cannon arm. "Oh hello zhere, eh?"
  21. [14:40:31] <Nike> "...Well, that's...different."
  22. [14:42:10] <@Nephene> "That explains the supply, then."
  23. [14:42:43] <Balth> "We getting ammo from zhat? No problem at all!" He finishes doing the last calibrations at the thing, READY FOR SHOOTAN.
  24. [14:43:13] <Ricki> "Those things are AWESOME~" he shouts out. Quite loudly at that, provoking a rumbling in the hat he's now wearing and covering up his head... Or what's left of it, anyways. A little Sewaddle pops out, equally curious as to what's going on outside.
  25. [14:44:52] <@Nephene> Amon simply waits by the inn, meditating. This wasn't too important to him.
  26. [14:45:26] <@Nephene> Candycrab, however, has flags in his claw grasp, and waves them in support of Neph as he does a fancy little jig. Tappity-tappity-tappity-tap...
  27. [14:46:02] <@Nephene> A small group of Torchic is also waiting on the sidelines, chirping happily. :D
  28. [14:46:21] <@Nephene> The Hoppip from earlier just lazes around, giving no fucks.
  29. [14:47:22] <Nike> Surt, meanwhile, is tied up at a hitching post nearby, munching on the grass as it watches the proceedings. The rest...are probably at the Sunglow River.
  30. [14:49:54] <Balth> There are no Pokémons out for our resident mad scientist since he's probably not risking letting them out on such a terrible place!
  31. [14:50:26] <@Nephene> ( NOT EVEN THE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING? )
  32. [14:58:28] <BigTentacruel> Finally, the cart pulls to a startling halt at the road. Atop the cart is a younger girl of dark complexion. She's probably about Balthazar's age or so. "Haha! Oranites! The Rangarajan family sends its greetings! I am Devika, and here are your-" A tomato suddenly flies out and hits Balthazar in the face. "Weapons! Haha!"
  33. [15:03:43] * Balth gets Tomatoe'd. "Oh you...!" He reaches to the tomato and shoots it back with his arm-mounted howitzer!
  34. [15:05:15] * Ricki looks at Balthazar, then the Tropius, then Balthazar, confusion forming upon his face as he attempts to logic. Before he hurts himself too hard with thinking, though, Ricki attempts to pull some of the wreckage off of Balthazar's tomato-covered face in what appears to be a personal stroke of brilliance.
  35. [15:05:49] <@Nephene> "Fire when ready, then."
  36. [15:06:39] * Nike limbers up, and runs through the rules in her head once more.
  37. [15:07:13] <BigTentacruel> Devika deftly dodges the device's discharge. "Haha! You won't catch the Rangarajan daughter off guard. Tomatoes are my specialty!" She grins broadly and gestures at the cart. "So sorry my father couldn't bring this year's harvest, but he sent me instead. I'm thinking about settling around here, so- Whoa, whoa, hold up, sister. Haha! There's not enough here for even teams. We'll wait for
  38. [15:07:13] <BigTentacruel> one more yet!"
  39. [15:28:51] <Ricki> Well, he... Manages to get a little bit of the tomato off Balth's face, whether he likes it, resists it, or not, and licks it off his hand. He then shouts at Devika, though more in an 'A-ha!' manner than a malicious one, "Hey, these aren't weapons, lady! They're too tasty to hurt people with 'em!"
  40. [15:29:31] <@Nephene> "....well, that's the entire point, Ricki. We're not hurting each other."
  41. [15:30:22] * Nike looks at her chestplate, now feeling MORE silly. "Maybe I'm giving the wrong impression."
  42. [15:31:07] <@Nephene> "What impression would you want to give at a -tomato fight-?"
  43. [15:33:50] <Ricki> "Then why'd she call 'em weapons? Why's it called a fight?" He points to Nike's armor, getting a bit distracted by an amount proportional to its shinyness before returning to his train of thought. "Why's she wearing that stuff that protects people from getting hurt as bad?!?"
  44. [15:34:23] <Ricki> Jesus Christ he's asking a lot of questions today... Is this perhaps a sign of intellectual development?
  45. [15:34:28] <Nike> "Because it's easier to clean," Nike points out. "I just have to polish it, and it's all good."
  46. [15:37:44] <BigTentacruel> After but a few minutes of waiting, Devika's patience fails and she stands up and shouts, "Alright, Oranites! We'll just do it this way." She shuffles around a moment amongst her wares, hunting for something. After a moment, a pokeball appears in her hand, from within which she releases a Maractus! It's just as tomato-themed as everything else on her cart. "Haha! Shiva and Devika will be
  47. [15:37:44] <BigTentacruel> their own team."
  48. [15:38:40] <@Nephene> "Well, Nike. Let's show them what we've got, yeah?"
  49. [15:39:19] * Nike looks to Nephene, and clasps her hand in a firm shake, before looking to the competition and the ammunition.
  50. [15:39:25] <BigTentacruel> "Here's how things work for those of you who don't know," the mayor says. "You'll be separated into two- er... three teams and are each permitted one Pokemon for the event. The hay bales are your cover, and the tomatoes will be scattered around for you to use. Last man standing wins for his or her team!"
  51. [15:40:23] <Clarity> "WAIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" WHOMP. In the distance, a teenager falls over and proceeds to be dragged forward by a Shinx, which takes a freakishly long time.
  52. [15:40:53] <@Nephene> "....."
  53. [15:41:34] <Nike> "...I think we just picked up a new teammate." Nike leaves to unhitch Surt, and bring the girl and the Shinx to the field in a more timely fashion.
  54. [15:42:11] <BigTentacruel> "Haha! Another one? Then maybe I'll join a team, myself. I won't take any winnings, of course. Wouldn't be fair!"
  55. [15:42:26] * Clarity is extremely draggable, and upon closer notice can only stand up when slumped over in addition to having massive dark bags under her eyes . It's really horrendous. Sky apologizes with his eyes.
  56. [15:43:16] <Clarity> "I better not be too lazzzzzzzzzzzzz"
  57. [15:44:11] * Nike pats Clarity on the shoulder, and nods in understanding to Sky. "Not at all. I'd say you're...exactly on time."
  58. [15:44:24] <@Nephene> "Who should we have for our Pokemon? We might want something fast, to pick up all the tomatoes."
  59. [15:44:30] <@Nephene> "Actually...TEAM MEETING!"
  60. [15:44:44] * @Nephene whispers conspiratorially with her best friend.
  61. [15:45:15] * Clarity jolts up. "WHOOP! Oh, okay... IforgotwhatIwasdoing." BUT WHO WAS BALTHAZAR?
  62. [15:45:24] <BigTentacruel> Devika wanders over to the men on the other team and says rather loudly, "Looks like us men are in this together then, eh? Haha!"
  63. [15:47:24] <Ricki> "Ooh, we get to bring a Pokemon for a friend?" Jeapordy music plays OOC while he ponders this. After a long time of deliberating... "Hey! Hey, Button!" He calls out to nowhere in particular before not one, but THREE little, angry moled faces pop out of the ground nearby Devika. "Button says hello~" he says to Balth and Devika.
  64. [15:48:23] <Nike> "Alright, Clarity, I'm going to take care of getting ammunition. You and Nephene are going to be throwing them. Just keep cover behind the hay and I'll flush them out."
  65. [15:49:06] <Clarity> "Oh!" Her fist slams on an open palm. "That's right! I came here to get hit lots, that's right! Okaaaay~ You can just watch, 'kay Sky?"
  66. [15:49:06] * Nike takes off her boots, and then her socks, before putting her boots back on. She then ties up her socks in a sort of makeshift sling.
  67. [15:50:41] <Clarity> Sky lets out the most lionesque groan he's capable of and, omanyte hat on head, hops on top of the sweet ride that is a koffing. Physics? Fuck off.
  68. [15:51:35] <Nike> "...Close enough. Alright, get ready everyone." Nike mounts up, Surt rearing back with a loud whiny, letting everyone know he was ready.
  69. [15:55:07] <Clarity> "Uh-huhuh-huh." Not-awake-at-all Clarity fakes energy and prepares to leap. "OKAY! Full assaaaauuuuult~!"
  70. [15:55:14] <Ricki> "Hey, Button~" He attempts to poke the noses, but it only ends up with the three of 'em retreating, if only for a moment. "We're gonna go beat 'em up with tomatoes, okay?" :D He seems way too happy about this concept, and Button can only shake his heads at the idea. One of them drives his head into the dirt.
  71. [15:56:26] <BigTentacruel> "Haha! Well, then! Skinny man, you gonna pick a friend for this? Shiva and I are ready!" she says to Balthazar.
  72. [15:57:26] <Balth> "Eeeh!"
  73. [15:57:58] <Clarity> Sky calms his ass down and floats further in the air on his badass platform, nevermind that that's probably physically impossible. He gives so few shits he might as well be wearing sunglasses.
  74. [15:58:40] * @Nephene whistles. "Amon, you're up. Think of this as agility training." The Lucario seems thoroughly unconvinced, but takes his place behind the bale of hay.
  75. [15:59:07] * Balth looks around and releases Rodan from his ball. <Yo Chief, ya wanna me to tomato deez punks?> the Archen says while swooping around his master.
  76. [15:59:58] <@Nephene> The Torchic siblings happily give their support by chirping and flapping up a storm.
  77. [16:00:11] <Balth> "Clari! You are vith us, eh?" He waves at the sleepygirl while approaching her. "Oh, ve are going to win, right?"
  78. [16:00:29] <@Nephene> "Nope! She's with us!"
  79. [16:00:45] * @Nephene grins from ear-to-ear. "If you want her, you're going to have to take her back!"
  80. [16:00:54] * Clarity points a finger in Balth's direction, then another in Nephene's, arm-crossing. "Uhh... yeah! ... One of those!"
  81. [16:01:09] <@Nephene> "Battle of the sexes, let's go!"
  82. [16:01:26] <Clarity> "Awwwwww SCREW it Balthie, I'm gonna tomato you in the face and you're gonna like it~!" Clarity promptly falls over in an attempt to dash forward.
  83. [16:01:45] <BigTentacruel> "Haha! Don't worry, skinny man! We're men and we'll win!" Nevermind that Devika is quite obviously female.
  84. [16:01:54] <Balth> "Oh!" He looks a bit down from that. "T-take easy on me then!" He approaches Ricki and Devika's team. "...I shouldn't 'ave come 'ere." He says while gauging his teammates and opponents. "Oh dear!"
  85. [16:02:39] * @Nephene pounds her fist into her palm, and retreats behind the hay bale.
  86. [16:02:43] <Ricki> "But, but... You don't wanna beat 'em up with tomatoes?!? C'mon, it's gonna be FUN!" He's tugging on Balth's arm. "PLEASE~ ?"
  87. [16:03:00] * Clarity wiggles on the ground and sleepwalks to the tomatoes.
  88. [16:03:56] * Nike snaps the reins, and Surt charges forward, making a beeline for the tomatoes with the intent to snatch them up and then take off back to the others.
  89. [16:04:02] * Balth tries to wriggle away from the other kid. "Okay, but just don't cling, eh?"
  90. [16:04:23] <BigTentacruel> (Everybody roll 1d20+Dex for initiative, please.)
  91. [16:04:33] <Clarity> Of course, while Clarity halfasses, the floating, hat-wearing shinx is descending toward the tomatoes.
  92. [16:04:43] <Clarity> 1d20+1 how fun
  93. [16:04:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, how fun: 19 [1d20=18]
  94. [16:04:46] <Ricki> "O~kay!" Pew pew, to the tomato-y doom!
  95. [16:04:51] <@Nephene> 1d20+6 Inephtiative
  96. [16:04:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, Inephtiative: 26 [1d20=20]
  97. [16:04:57] <Balth> 1d20+4 oy bey
  98. [16:04:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Balth, oy bey: 14 [1d20=10]
  99. [16:04:58] <Ricki> 1d20+3 Oh God we're doomed
  100. [16:04:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, Oh God we're doomed: 9 [1d20=6]
  101. [16:05:33] <Nike> 1d20+4 Mobility Initiative
  102. [16:05:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, Mobility Initiative: 17 [1d20=13]
  103. [16:05:47] <@BigTentacruel> 1d20+4
  104. [16:05:47] <DiceMaid-9001> BigTentacruel, 1d20+4: 17 [1d20=13]
  105. [16:06:40] * BigTentacruel changes topic to 'Nephene > Clarity > Nike = Devika > Balthazar > Ricki || 'mans go when trainers go.'
  106. [16:08:47] * @Nephene sneaks from hay bale to hay bale, attempting to maneuver closer to a source of delicious ammo. Amon wanders more openly towards a pile, and picks one up. Taken together, the two move in opposite directions, attempting to start a tactical flank.
  107. [16:10:21] * Clarity wiggles over as Sky descends-- only, the latter lets out one of his usual sighs and inhales deeply afterward, letting out a deafening, horrifying roar hardly befitting his size to the other team's approaching whoevers while Clarity attempts to grab a tomato but ends up smashing her face into them and snoring instead. Oops.
  108. [16:10:23] <@Nephene> "Hey, Balthazar? You going to save Clarity?"
  109. [16:10:27] <Clarity> 1d20 THIS IS ROAR
  110. [16:10:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, THIS IS ROAR: 6 [1d20=6]
  111. [16:10:39] <Clarity> The shinx actually just kinda coughs though.
  112. [16:10:42] <Balth> "Y-yeah i am!"
  113. [16:13:44] <Nike> As Nike closes in on the tomato ammunition, she gives Surt one more snap of the reins. Surt's mane begins to glow hotter as he charges forward even faster. However, targeting no one, Surt just dashes past the tomatoes as Nike reaches down and scoops up as many as she can, before turning on a dime and galloping back.
  114. [16:14:17] <Nike> (Flame Charge + Stick To It combination. Want me to roll for any of that, since Flame Charge is just to give Surt the +1 Speed CS)
  115. [16:14:28] <@BigTentacruel> (Nah, you're fine.)
  116. [16:15:02] <@BigTentacruel> "Haha! Shiva, cover our tracks!" Devika says, starting forward with Shiva in tow. The Maractus wanders towards the enemies, and a burst of odorous pollen is spread from its body right as Nike charges past!
  117. [16:15:40] <@BigTentacruel> 1d20 AC 2
  118. [16:15:41] <DiceMaid-9001> BigTentacruel, AC 2: 18 [1d20=18]
  119. [16:15:41] * Balth grabs a tomato and loads him on his cannon as Rodan grabs another tomato and tries to bomb the opposing team with it. "Artillery plus Bombardment! Zis is ze groundbase of var zese days!"
  120. [16:16:52] * Ricki is too pre-occupied by 'Oh boy, oh boy, tomatoes~' to do much of anything like that! "C'mon, Button, we gotta get the tomatoes so we can beat 'em up with 'em and stuff! We gotta beat ALL of 'em up!" Button ... Takes note of the other people's Pokemon actually, y'know... DOING things... And doesn't follow along in pursuit of tomatoes quite yet.
  121. [16:16:57] <@BigTentacruel> Nike and Surt are hit with a burst of smell as they ride past, making them instinctively turn towards the Maractus! It's Sweet Scent! (-2 to hit Nike or Surt for the encounter)
  122. [16:19:06] <@BigTentacruel> Both Balth and Rodan have to take a moment to collect their ammunition before throwing. It takes an action to load up on ammo.
  123. [16:19:45] <Balth> (Thought i did that?)
  124. [16:19:54] <Balth> (Taken the turn to load up?)
  125. [16:20:06] <@BigTentacruel> (Yes, but Rodan can't throw same turn.)
  126. [16:20:07] <Clarity> (He was explaining what you did from a narrative perspective)
  127. [16:20:58] <@BigTentacruel> Round 2! Same order, I've concluded. Go Nephene and Amon!
  128. [16:21:57] * @Nephene continues her pursuit, knocking over a hay bale near the enemy team before picking up a tomato herself.
  129. [16:22:14] <Nike> (Considering Mobility, would Nike and Surt go up the turn order because of Flame Charge?)
  130. [16:22:46] <@Nephene> The bale scatters hay everywhere, allowing Neph to collect in the midst of the chaos!
  131. [16:23:11] <@BigTentacruel> (Yes? What's Surt's new speed?)
  132. [16:23:59] <Nike> (Lesse, 1 CS is about 4 points, so...20 from 16?)
  133. [16:24:17] <@BigTentacruel> (Sounds good.)
  134. [16:24:28] * Clarity remains TOMATOFACE during all this, waking up to grab the tomatoes she'd come there for in the first place. Well, actually she came there for tanking hits, but being there anyway sort of lets you do that. So sleepily, tomatoes start getting flung around everywhere without a single shit being given! In a world where 'shit' is 'wakefulness.' Additionally, Sky floats up into the air and hangs back on his koffing-mount, hat barely keeping from sliding off. He's assumed commandeering position.
  135. [16:25:00] <Clarity> (It's okay because we're on the same team! ... And I need to check my plans for a few minutes anyway)
  136. [16:26:37] <@BigTentacruel> (If Clarity is attacking, roll to hit... something?)
  137. [16:26:42] <Clarity> 1d20 oh, okay!
  138. [16:26:44] <@Nephene> Oh, right. Amon flings his tomato Balth-ward.
  139. [16:26:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, oh, okay!: 3 [1d20=3]
  140. [16:26:55] <@Nephene> 1d20
  141. [16:26:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20: 16 [1d20=16]
  142. [16:27:13] * Clarity begins snoring loudly again, face still in the pile.
  143. [16:27:32] <Nike> As Nike made her return to the others, she loaded up one of her tomatoes into her makeshift sling, and lobs it in the direction of the Maractus.
  144. [16:27:37] <Nike> 1d20
  145. [16:27:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 1d20: 9 [1d20=9]
  146. [16:27:49] <@BigTentacruel> Clarity's tomato misses wildly. In fact, it misses the other team so bad, it splats right into the Mayor's face! He wipes it away with none the happy look, but it gets an uproarious cheer from the crowd.
  147. [16:29:00] <@BigTentacruel> Meanwhile, Nephene's tomato pegs Balthazar square on the chest! A hit! A hit, I say! Nike's tomato just barely smacks into the Maractus as well! Everyone's finding out that tomatoes are particularly hard to throw accurately!
  148. [16:29:15] <@Nephene> "Good shot, Amon!"
  149. [16:30:11] * Balth gets tomatoe'd on the face, but retaliates by shooting the Tomato in the air. "Vith ze wind conditions... Angle... Haha!" It descends right on Nephene's direction! Meanwhile, Rodan does a sweeping run above Nike, dropping a tomato on her like a miniature B-29!
  150. [16:31:07] <@BigTentacruel> Make a rollllll.
  151. [16:31:40] <@Nephene> ( Neph's evasion is 6, if that matters )
  152. [16:31:48] <Balth> 2#1d20
  153. [16:31:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Balth, 2#1d20: 9 [1d20=9], 19 [1d20=19]
  154. [16:31:58] <@BigTentacruel> (Aye. Is that with the -2 from Sweet Scent?)
  155. [16:32:14] <Nike> (That's Nike)
  156. [16:32:30] <@BigTentacruel> (Oh, right. Dyslexia or something.)
  157. [16:33:32] <@BigTentacruel> Well, Balth's tomato whizzes by the agile Nephene, but the dive bomber tomato coats Nike's head in a slurry of red juice, soaking her hair. A good hit!
  158. [16:34:56] <@BigTentacruel> Devika, meanwhile, grabs a tomato beside a nearby hay bale and crouches in cover. "You gotta get down if you wanna get by, boys! Haha! That's the ticket to win it!" The Maractus does similar, grabbing for cover. It pulls a tomato out of its own body, though! What a cheater!
  159. [16:35:39] <Ricki> Ricki giggles at Balth. "You look silly~" He runs to safety with his tomato. "I don't wanna look silly like that, do you, Button?" Button likes this idea, and takes it as motivation to not suffer the same fate. ( Activating Stat Boost on Button, both behind cover~ )
  160. [16:36:45] <@BigTentacruel> (Right! New stats for Button?)
  161. [16:36:51] <Ricki> ( 42 Speed )
  162. [16:37:04] <Ricki> ( ... err, 43 )
  163. [16:37:06] <@BigTentacruel> (Holy shit. Speedtrio.)
  164. [16:37:54] <@Nephene> ( Pokemon go at the same time as their trainers, though =P )
  165. [16:38:29] <Nike> (Nike's the exception because of the Rider feat Mobility, where Surt's SPD becomes her DEX)
  166. [16:38:39] <Ricki> ( Oh, I know. )
  167. [16:38:56] <@BigTentacruel> (It's a legitimate dodge bonus though for BT's secret tomato dodging formula.)
  168. [16:40:15] <@Nephene> ( Neph's probably still under the cover of flying hay )
  169. [16:40:39] <@BigTentacruel> Oh, right. My bad. Round 3! Nephene is staying in cover?
  170. [16:41:40] * @Nephene has a tomato, and lobs it Balth-ward to complete the flank! The tomato has some spin to it, and has a planned trajectory that intersects with his face.
  171. [16:41:48] <@Nephene> 1d20 Pressure Point Tomato
  172. [16:41:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, Pressure Point Tomato: 8 [1d20=8]
  173. [16:42:10] <@Nephene> Amon picks up a tomato and retreats behind cover.
  174. [16:42:43] <@BigTentacruel> Oshi- Unfortunately, the tomato's spin puts it just off kilter so that Balth can dodge it successfully.
  175. [16:43:08] <@Nephene> "Focus fire, gals!"
  176. [16:45:03] <@BigTentacruel> "Haha! Focus? Focus on the kitchen, ladies! Sandwiches need making!" Devika says from behind her bale, taunting them.
  177. [16:45:23] <Nike> As Nike loads up another tomato into her sling, Surt spits out an ember at fire at one of the hay bales being used as cover by Devika and the Maractus!
  178. [16:45:29] <Balth> "Zhat's not nice to say, you know."
  179. [16:47:08] <Clarity> Clar does some sleepmumbling in the tomato cover, whilst finally the monstrosity that is TEAM S descends! And upon doing so, the tomatopile becomes all clouded and smoky-like. Not that Clarity really notices it, since can anyone even tell if she's awake? The answer, actually, is 'if they could before, they sure as fuck can't now.' Although one of the mumbles does resemble "can'tevencook."
  180. [16:47:22] <@BigTentacruel> Devika just grins at Balth, but then suddenly her hay bale catches fire! WOOSH! "Ahhhh!" she yells as she retreats into the open with Shiva. "Haha! Did I rustle someone's feathers?"
  181. [16:48:09] <Nike> Nike lets the tomato fly towards the exposed Devika as Surt continues to be a moving target.
  182. [16:48:34] <Nike> 1d20
  183. [16:48:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 1d20: 18 [1d20=18]
  184. [16:49:30] <Balth> Rodan swoops again above Nike, plucking the Tomato she just loaded and eating it with one gulp as Balth dives under cover while grabbing another Tomato for himself. Meanwhile, Ricki throws a tomato at the exposed Nephy as Button cuts escape routes by Rock Sliding the space behind the girls' side!
  185. [16:49:46] <Balth> 1d20 rickimato
  186. [16:49:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Balth, rickimato: 18 [1d20=18]
  187. [16:50:33] <Clarity> Hey hey wait! Clarity's throwing random, unaimed tomatoes at ??? while asleep as all this is going on. ... Through smokescreens too.
  188. [16:50:35] <Clarity> 1d20 check my 1
  189. [16:50:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, check my 1: 6 [1d20=6]
  190. [16:50:40] <Clarity> Carry on!
  191. [16:50:48] <@BigTentacruel> Devika gets knocks right in the face. Suddenly, her shirt and sash are covered in tomato remains. "There you go. Just needs bacon and lettuce now, right?" Determined to retaliate, she and her Maractus both lob tomatoes at Nike and Nephene respectively!
  192. [16:51:12] <@BigTentacruel> Ricki's tomato smacks into Nephene somehow!
  193. [16:51:22] <@BigTentacruel> 2#1d20
  194. [16:51:22] <DiceMaid-9001> BigTentacruel, 2#1d20: 10 [1d20=10], 1 [1d20=1]
  195. [16:51:25] <@Nephene> Amon quickly takes charge, and lobs a tomato at Devika to throw off her aim!
  196. [16:51:29] <@Nephene> 1d20 Quick Attack
  197. [16:51:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, Quick Attack: 10 [1d20=10]
  198. [16:51:36] <@BigTentacruel> And both Devika and Shiva miss wildly!
  199. [16:52:29] <@BigTentacruel> Fortunately Devika somehow dodges Nephene's tomato in her throw, which is likely why her own attack missed so badly. "Haha! No, no, bacon and lettuce! Maybe some bread!"
  200. [16:53:02] <Clarity> "mmmphmpmmhsoundsawful"
  201. [16:53:39] * Clarity YANKS herself out of the tomatopile with an enormous war cry. "TOMATO CURRYYY!!!!"
  202. [16:53:52] <Balth> "Y-yikes!"
  203. [16:53:59] <Clarity> ... and then slams back into it.
  204. [16:54:03] <@BigTentacruel> Round 4! Go go go Team Ovaries!
  205. [16:54:49] * @Nephene picks up a tomato, and retreats behind cover.
  206. [16:55:17] <@Nephene> Amon has forfeited the initiative with his counterattack, and hunkers down behind cover to stay safe.
  207. [16:56:17] <Nike> Nike, however, chooses to remain on the offensive; loading up her last tomato on hand, she readies and and lets it fly towards Balthazar's position, as Surt gallops off to cover of their own.
  208. [16:57:35] <Clarity> Horrifyingly, Clarity pulls back and places both hands on the sides of the tomatopile. Dark bags growing evermore under her eyes, the eyes themselves look glazed over and possessed. The wacky teenager has achieved a new level of sleep deprivation! And with that she chants as the shinxffingnyte spins around, turning the tomatopile she's next to into a burning bonfire. "RUN COWARDS I WILL END YOU ALL"
  209. [16:57:46] <Clarity> WILL-O-WISP ON TOMATOPILE
  210. [16:57:52] <Clarity> 1d20 AND CHUCKING THE ENTIRE PILE AT THE OTHER TEAM
  211. [16:57:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, AND CHUCKING THE ENTIRE PILE AT THE OTHER TEAM: 6 [1d20=6]
  212. [16:58:53] <@BigTentacruel> Nike would like to load her tomato, but it would appear it's not there! There is a rather large bird eating it!
  213. [16:59:11] <@Nephene> ( Smear the remains on Rodan for a hit! )
  214. [17:00:05] <@BigTentacruel> Meanwhile, the rain of tomatoes just lands awkwardly too short to hit anyone, though one that wasn't on fire hits the Mayor, who grumbles angrily and moves further from the action. The crowd is beginning to cheer Clarity's name loudly!
  215. [17:00:24] <Clarity> "Ohcrapwhathappened."
  216. [17:00:47] <Clarity> "Skyyyyyy, why're you givin' me that look?"
  217. [17:04:17] <@BigTentacruel> Clarity is very much out of tomatoes and very much revealed after her attack, incidentally. The smoke has all drifted away with the force of the attack.
  218. [17:05:31] <Clarity> "Ohhh yeah, here's when I do that thing, right? Hit me if you c- yaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN~" Clarity tries to stand up and tank but just curls down and takes a nap on the floor instead. Neither Salt nor Smoke have arms of any kind so Sky just facepawlms three times in a row.
  219. [17:07:49] * Balth is actually relieved that Clari went to sleep, so he actually can shoot the other two! He again does an artillery strike at Nephy from behind cover while Rodan tries to grab another tomato. "TIMBERRRRRRRR!"
  220. [17:08:06] <Balth> 1d20
  221. [17:08:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Balth, 1d20: 12 [1d20=12]
  222. [17:09:12] <@BigTentacruel> That's a miss on Balthazar's part, but only barely! Nephene's evasion let's her get out of the way of the tomato.
  223. [17:10:43] <Ricki> Ricki goes for more tomatoes, while Button starts chucking dirt at people. "Whee, this is fun~" He shouts as he goes en route for tomato-y goodness.
  224. [17:10:52] <Ricki> 1d20 Sand-Attack on Nike+Surt
  225. [17:10:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, Sand-Attack on Nike+Surt: 14 [1d20=14]
  226. [17:12:40] <@BigTentacruel> Devika and Shiva, meanwhile, duck behind another hay bale near Balthazar to grab another tomato each. "Haha! Skinny man, you'll have to throw better than that to hit her. She's got the moves like Cacturne!"
  227. [17:13:41] <@BigTentacruel> The Sand-Attack hits Nike and Surt together! They have their accuracy lowered by 1!
  228. [17:17:27] * @Nephene , again, lobs the tomato at Balth, putting the same spin on it! Slowly, but surely, the sneak attack would come into place.
  229. [17:17:36] <@Nephene> 1d20 Pressure Point Tomato
  230. [17:17:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, Pressure Point Tomato: 10 [1d20=10]
  231. [17:18:24] <@Nephene> Amon picks up a tomato, ready to alpha-strike a sucker.
  232. [17:18:51] <@BigTentacruel> Through some kind of sheer luck or divine influence or something of that nature, the tomato strikes Balth in the ear, filling his head with tomato-based goodness!
  233. [17:19:06] <@Nephene> ( Do I get the flinch? =P )
  234. [17:19:17] <Balth> (wait, how do i get hit on a 10 and miss on a 12)
  235. [17:19:18] <@BigTentacruel> (Yeah. Tomato in your ear tends to do that.)
  236. [17:19:23] <@BigTentacruel> (Lady luck.)
  237. [17:19:31] <@BigTentacruel> (And BT's secret tomato hit formula.)
  238. [17:21:20] <Nike> Nike, noticing she's out of ammunition, tugs on the reins, getting Surt to change direction. She rides up next to Nephene, and dismounts, taking cover as she tries to wipe the sand from her eyes. "Alright, what's the ammo situation?"
  239. [17:21:41] <@Nephene> "All out. You aren't looking so hot, though."
  240. [17:22:11] <@Nephene> "Focus on the girl - Balth will stay busy for a bit."
  241. [17:22:52] <Nike> "Right. Next chance I get, we'll make another break for the tomatoes."
  242. [17:23:14] * Balth was fuzzed, got dizzy!
  243. [17:23:39] <@BigTentacruel> "Hey, girls! Don't take too long! I'm getting hungry!" Devika calls. Her Maractus makes some fake stomach sounds for her.
  244. [17:23:44] <Clarity> With no Clarity to give commands- oh wait, they never listened to her ANYWAY because she was purposely trained wrong as a trainer, as a joke! So the group floats over to load from wherever the remaining pile is, leaving behind smoke as they go. Of course, it's the kind of smoke that rots the tomatoes and makes everything smell godawful.
  245. [17:23:53] <Clarity> 1d20 POISON GAS on nearby otherteamers if applicable
  246. [17:23:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, POISON GAS on nearby otherteamers if applicable: 11 [1d20=11]
  247. [17:24:57] <Clarity> And that shit's AC6 but it's just there to be obnoxious.
  248. [17:27:12] <@BigTentacruel> The poison gas is incredibly noxious and seeps towards Ricki and his Dugtrio. Fortunately, Button is fast enough to get far from the gas long before it arrives. Ricki... unless he acts on it, not so much.
  249. [17:29:24] <@BigTentacruel> Devika, meanwhile, stands up from behind her cover and lobs her tomato at Nephene while Shiva targets Nike! Tomato on!
  250. [17:29:25] <Balth> Rodan divebombs another tomato on Nephene as it flies back to the tomato pile. <That's fer shooting the boss, ya hussy!>
  251. [17:29:31] <@BigTentacruel> 2#1d20
  252. [17:29:32] <DiceMaid-9001> BigTentacruel, 2#1d20: 6 [1d20=6], 1 [1d20=1]
  253. [17:29:59] <@BigTentacruel> And both miss. The latter hits the Mayor for a final blow. "Haha! Hey, Mayor Day! You're out, man!"
  254. [17:30:04] <Balth> 1d20
  255. [17:30:05] * @Nephene salutes the Archen as he flies past. "Maybe you can get me -once-."
  256. [17:30:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Balth, 1d20: 14 [1d20=14]
  257. [17:30:24] <@Nephene> ( Balth is flinched! )
  258. [17:30:31] <Balth> (That was the Archen's roll)
  259. [17:31:10] <@BigTentacruel> Oho! A hit right as Neph utters her words! Her face goes all slimey as the tomato splatters.
  260. [17:31:25] <@Nephene> "....and once is -all- you're getting."
  261. [17:32:34] <Nike> "Well, twice," Nike observes, looking Nephene over.
  262. [17:33:24] <Ricki> >Ricki >Acting on danger - Pick one. Ricki's too pre-occupied with giggling at Nephene's tomato-y complexion. "Hey, lady! You should be less bad at getting beat up with tomatoes~ Like Button~ He's REAL good at it." He then launches one at full power at the resident meatwall.
  263. [17:33:36] <Ricki> 1d20 I will OBSCURE the Clarity!
  264. [17:33:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, I will OBSCURE the Clarity!: 6 [1d20=6]
  265. [17:33:56] <Ricki> Button begins taking up the offensive as well, arming himself with a tomato at lightning speed!
  266. [17:34:03] <@BigTentacruel> Nope! Not a hit to be found! Ricki's tomato flies off into the field for a Miltank to get later.
  268. [17:34:16] <@BigTentacruel> (Ohohoho.)
  269. [17:34:29] <@BigTentacruel> Next round! Nephene and Amon! You can do it!
  270. [17:34:47] * @Nephene dive-rolls past the tomato pile, claiming one tomato in each hand!
  271. [17:35:20] <@Nephene> Amon alpha-strikes Balthazar, intent on entring the fray and ending this once and for all.
  272. [17:35:31] <@Nephene> 1d20 ALPHA-STRIKE
  273. [17:35:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, ALPHA-STRIKE: 9 [1d20=9]
  274. [17:35:45] <@Nephene> The Lucario CHAAAAARGES
  275. [17:37:05] <@Nephene> And attempts a face dunk.
  276. [17:39:43] <@BigTentacruel> (Errr... Alpha-strike?)
  277. [17:40:48] <@Nephene> ( He's actually charging Balth and dunking the tomato in melee instead of throwing it. )
  278. [17:41:20] <@BigTentacruel> (Oh, dang.)
  279. [17:41:30] <@BigTentacruel> 1d2 Whatsayyoudicemaido
  280. [17:41:31] <DiceMaid-9001> BigTentacruel, Whatsayyoudicemaido: 1 [1d2=1]
  281. [17:41:57] <Ricki> ( I know he's on my team and all, but... Coup de grace~ )
  282. [17:42:03] <@BigTentacruel> The melee attack is quick enough to catch the flinched Balthazar off-guard and suddenly he's been tomato'd HARD.
  283. [17:42:10] <Balth> "Y-yeow!"
  284. [17:43:27] <@BigTentacruel> "Haha! Skinny Man, take 10. You're out!" Devika says from her spot with Shiva.
  285. [17:43:30] <Clarity> "nnnngrngrgvengennmmmnyaa"
  286. [17:43:31] <@Nephene> With a mental kiai that rings through everyone's heads, Amon slams the tomato in Balth's face with messy results.
  287. [17:43:58] <Nike> As Nephene and Amon handle Balthazar, Nike makes her own grab at the pile. Since she can't dive roll in her chest plate, she instead just makes a quick rush in, rush back, now with a few more tomatoes in her arms.
  288. [17:45:30] <Clarity> Politely, Sky grabs the tomato that Smoke gathered during their gathering run and winds a paw up! He decides Devika is the most threatening and aims a tomato there, much unlike a certain SOMEBODY who's still asleep and had no idea how to aim.
  289. [17:45:33] <Clarity> 1d20 tossu~
  290. [17:45:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, tossu~: 1 [1d20=1]
  291. [17:45:57] <Balth> (oh wow)
  292. [17:46:12] <@BigTentacruel> Nope! As he goes to throw it, Salt greedily reaches out to eat it!
  293. [17:46:26] <Clarity> The shinx facepawlms hard.
  294. [17:47:55] <@BigTentacruel> Devika goes for broke! "Shiva, Growth! Let's get some ammunition here!" Shiva sprouts a tomato rapid-fire from her own body and hands it to Devika who lobs it at Nephene in a last-ditch attempt to knock out the weakest link in the opposition.
  295. [17:47:57] <@BigTentacruel> 1d20
  296. [17:47:57] <DiceMaid-9001> BigTentacruel, 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  297. [17:47:59] <@BigTentacruel> Nope!
  298. [17:48:10] <@BigTentacruel> "Haha! I can't throw these at all, can I?"
  299. [17:48:57] <@BigTentacruel> Ricki!
  300. [17:50:32] * Balth shrugs as he cleans the gunk out of his face and returns Rodan to his ball. "Hmph, ze cannon needs more firepower... Should 'ave made it shoot vith six-barrels... Or automatic fire, 100 tomatoes per second." He heads to the audience and starts cheering on Clarity!
  301. [17:51:12] <@Nephene> "Nike! Help me make a sandwich out of the girl, here!"
  302. [17:51:21] <@Nephene> "She's asking for one."
  303. [17:51:27] <Ricki> Button starts popping up all over the place. *Boing* *Boing* *Boing* He's like all over the place, and somewhere along the way during its Lightning Speed Whack-A-Mole-ing, the tomato vanishes. Because it's en route to hopefully smash Nike in the back of the head.
  304. [17:51:31] <Ricki> 1d20 TOMATOES~
  305. [17:51:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, TOMATOES~: 12 [1d20=12]
  306. [17:51:58] <@BigTentacruel> A hit! A hit! My kingdom for a hit! The tomato whizzes from out of nowhere into Nike!
  307. [17:52:38] <Ricki> In the meantime, Ricki attempts to cheer Devika on while he's en route for more tomatoes! "Come on, lady, we can beat 'em up!"
  308. [17:53:16] <@BigTentacruel> "Lady? The ladies are the enemy, silly! Haha! The men will win the day!"
  309. [17:53:49] * @Nephene lobs a tomato at Devika, completing one half of the potential knockout assault. Amon picks up a tomato and AURASNEAKS behind Ricki.
  310. [17:53:57] <@Nephene> 1d20 SANDWICH THIS, BITCH
  311. [17:53:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, SANDWICH THIS, BITCH: 20 [1d20=20]
  312. [17:54:17] <@Nephene> ( Does that count for double? )
  313. [17:55:13] <@BigTentacruel> "Haha! Got ano- OOF!" The tomato knocks her off her feet, where she kind of lays on the ground. Another tomato that she was going to pick up also splattered in her face. "Ouch. Guess I'm out!"
  314. [17:55:44] <@Nephene> "Go, Nike!"
  315. [18:00:58] <Nike> Nike had to flash a thumbs up to Nephene. That was lucky. Now armed again, she peaks up behind her hay barrier, and attempts to flush out Ricki with a pitch.
  316. [18:01:23] <Nike> 1d20
  317. [18:01:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  318. [18:03:18] <@BigTentacruel> Nope! a failed attempt! Clarity!
  319. [18:03:29] <Clarity> RIGHT.
  320. [18:04:42] <Ricki> Ricki sees the tomato go off, and taunts Nike with the silliest... Dance-esque... thing... possible. "Missed me~ missed me~ Na-na na-na..." He pauses because he totally forgot what came next.
  321. [18:04:47] * Clarity rolls over. Meanwhile, Sky on his balloon leans down to grab another tomato, instructing his comrades to not fuck it up this time. Will they? Yes. But he desperately hopes otherwise.
  322. [18:05:28] <@BigTentacruel> Ricki!
  323. [18:05:36] <Clarity> "Poo poo." Zzzzzzzzzz.
  324. [18:06:28] <Ricki> But then goes back to dancing anyways before he remembers he was supposed to be beating them up with tomatoes. And FWIIING~ Right at Nephene! Unbeknownst to the woman, Button surfaces behind her, with a tomato now that he loaded in the middle of the round. 'cause freakin' speed demons, man!
  325. [18:06:37] <Ricki> 1d20 Ricki FLINGS~ Button just loaded this round.
  326. [18:06:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, Ricki FLINGS~ Button just loaded this round.: 7 [1d20=7]
  327. [18:07:54] <@BigTentacruel> Nope! You're giving her all she's got, Captain!
  328. [18:07:58] <@BigTentacruel> Next Round! Nephene!
  329. [18:08:12] <Ricki> "Oh, poo poo!" He says as the tomato misses. Not because he missed, but because Clarity filled in the blank. "Thanks, lady in the mud~"
  330. [18:08:29] * @Nephene runs past the tomato pile, picking up more ammunition in an attempt to flush Ricki out.
  331. [18:08:44] <@Nephene> Amon kiais, and attempts to smash the tomato in the back of Ricki's head.
  332. [18:08:49] <@Nephene> 1d20 LUCARIO SMASH
  333. [18:08:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, LUCARIO SMASH: 11 [1d20=11]
  334. [18:09:47] <@BigTentacruel> 1d2 Lady Luuuuck?
  335. [18:09:48] <DiceMaid-9001> BigTentacruel, Lady Luuuuck?: 2 [1d2=2]
  336. [18:10:38] <@BigTentacruel> That's a miss! Ricki's freaky dance causes Amon's tomato to fall harmlessly by.
  337. [18:10:46] <@BigTentacruel> Nike!
  338. [18:11:45] <Ricki> The Sewaddle hears the "KIAI", and pops out from the underside of Ricki's hat just in time to freak out at the charging Lucario incoming. Poor thing probably nearly had a heart attack.
  339. [18:12:54] <Nike> Nike "hmphs" a little, before mounting up on Surt, and loading up her tomato on a sling. She kicks Surt in the ribs, and he takes off galloping again, turning Nike back into a mounted...slinger.
  340. [18:13:22] <@BigTentacruel> Clarity!
  341. [18:13:37] <Clarity> Is still asleep! ...She's giving a thumbs-up down there for some reason.
  342. [18:13:47] <Clarity> 1d20 BUT IN RICKI'S FACE, A TOMATO!
  343. [18:13:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, BUT IN RICKI'S FACE, A TOMATO!: 6 [1d20=6]
  344. [18:14:05] <Clarity> ... As Sky shoves it in the koffing's mouth and kicks him to shoot it out.
  345. [18:16:15] <@BigTentacruel> Well, at least Clarity can say her pokemon are getting well-fed today! Them some good tomatoes!
  346. [18:16:21] <@BigTentacruel> Ricki!
  347. [18:17:01] <Clarity> Sick of this shit, the shinx sticks his hat on Smoke and hops off. The latter gets distracted by something in the distance and forget there's even a contest going on.
  348. [18:17:50] <Ricki> "You guys are silly! You're supposed to try and BEAT ME UP with the tomatoes, not EAT them!" While he restocks on tomatoes, Button goes for the advance on Nephene and tries to trip her.
  349. [18:18:21] <Ricki> By messing up the ground in front of her (Groundshaper)
  350. [18:18:44] <@BigTentacruel> Roll a dex check. Use Surt's speed as your dex, Nike.
  351. [18:19:00] <@Nephene> ( Um, me, you mean? )
  352. [18:19:12] <@Nephene> ( DEX check, so Precisionist applies )
  353. [18:19:34] <@BigTentacruel> (Aye.)
  354. [18:19:42] <Ricki> ( Okay, that was a bad idea. )
  355. [18:19:49] <@BigTentacruel> (Yeah. That's what I meant. I'm incredibly dyslexic apparently.)
  356. [18:20:07] <@Nephene> 1d20+11 DEX CHECK
  357. [18:20:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, DEX CHECK: 22 [1d20=11]
  358. [18:21:23] <@BigTentacruel> Oh, yeah, Nephene isn't bothered one bit by Button's antics. She jumps around the damaged ground with the utmost athleticism.
  359. [18:21:32] <Nike> 1d20+6
  360. [18:21:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 1d20+6: 9 [1d20=3]
  361. [18:21:50] <@BigTentacruel> (Sorry, Nike. I misread Nephene... again.)
  362. [18:21:57] <@BigTentacruel> Nephene! You're up!
  363. [18:21:59] * @Nephene leaps past the damaged ground, and pulls herself into a slide, hopefully striking home with the throw....
  364. [18:22:02] <@Nephene> 1d20 BLUH
  365. [18:22:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, BLUH: 14 [1d20=14]
  366. [18:22:21] <@Nephene> Amon sneaks back, attempting to retrieve a tomato in silence. The direct approach wasn't going to work.
  367. [18:22:33] <@BigTentacruel> "Come on, you gotta end this sometime, ladies! You gonna give up and let us men win? Haha! I hope you won't!"
  368. [18:22:57] <@BigTentacruel> Nephene's attack smacks into Ricki! Hooray for her! At last some progress!
  369. [18:22:59] <@Nephene> "Says the tomato sandwich!"
  370. [18:23:22] <@BigTentacruel> "Haha! All I know is you ladies made me a sandwich one way or another!"
  371. [18:23:40] <Ricki> ( Where'd it hit Ricki? )
  372. [18:23:44] <@Nephene> "You should have specified!"
  373. [18:24:04] * Nike rolls her eyes as she steadies Surt.
  374. [18:24:09] <@BigTentacruel> (Chest.)
  375. [18:25:23] <@BigTentacruel> Devika rocks back and forth on a hay bale, watching the action carefully. "Hey, big guy. If you beat them, you get a special prize, you know? I didn't come here to leave people empty-handed. Haha!"
  376. [18:26:44] <Ricki> "Eeew... It's all GOOEY~" He grabs at his chest after impact, his eyes going wide in horror shortly after. "Oh no, I'm DYING!" Because he totally mistook blood for tomato. "If I'm going down, you're ALL going with me >:(" Ricki is MAAAD.
  377. [18:28:05] <@Nephene> <Take it out on me, then.>
  378. [18:28:05] <Nike> "It's tomato juice, Ricki, it's far too thin to be blood!" Nike calls out, as she slings her tomato towards the boy in a ride by.
  379. [18:28:25] <@Nephene> Amon beckons Ricki over with a confident "bring it on" motion.
  380. [18:28:41] <Nike> 1d20
  381. [18:28:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  382. [18:28:42] <@Nephene> <Follow the good doggy.>
  383. [18:29:14] <Nike> Of course, Amon's badass call out to Amon is interrupted by a cherry red tomato sailing right through the space between the two of them. "Tck!"
  384. [18:29:22] <Nike> >call out to Ricki
  385. [18:29:46] <@Nephene> Amon seems largely unfazed. <Doggy wants a treat,> he says flatly.
  386. [18:29:47] <@BigTentacruel> Nope! No such luck. The tomato misses the rage-fueled derp.
  387. [18:30:28] <Ricki> 1d20-5 INT check
  388. [18:30:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, INT check: 6 [1d20=11]
  389. [18:31:34] <Ricki> Noep. Ricki is an idiot. He cannot see past the doggy's tactics, but he is so mad he wants to nail SOMETHING. Button shakes his head as Ricki charges the doggy and just tries to take out Nephene as he charges at her with a tomato at lightning speed!
  390. [18:31:41] <Ricki> 1d20 Ricki @ Amon;1d20 Button @ Neph
  391. [18:31:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Ricki, Ricki @ Amon: 10 [1d20=10]; Button @ Neph: 3 [1d20=3]
  392. [18:32:29] <@Nephene> Neph gets the hell out of dodge, but for the seasoned martial artist Amon, everything was going to plan.
  393. [18:33:03] <Ricki> Ricki charges at him and tries to jam it right into his chest, tomato going everywhere regardless.
  394. [18:34:24] <@Nephene> 1d20 Amondex
  395. [18:34:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, Amondex: 4 [1d20=4]
  396. [18:34:55] <@BigTentacruel> Oh, boy. Nephene, of course, artfully avoids the attack. Amon... fails in his attempt to be dextrous. There's a very angry and large Ricki headed his way, after all.
  397. [18:35:34] <@Nephene> ( Think Clarity needs to act. Sky loads a tomato for throwing. )
  398. [18:35:46] <Ricki> ( That was last turn Sky loaded up. )
  399. [18:35:50] <Ricki> ( So this turn he can launch. )
  400. [18:36:31] <@BigTentacruel> As this happens, Sky gives a highly concerned look on his face and attempts to contribute to ending this fight. Ricki's aggression has him sighing and furrowing his Sky-brows.
  401. [18:36:37] <@BigTentacruel> 1d20 Launch!
  402. [18:36:37] <DiceMaid-9001> BigTentacruel, Launch!: 15 [1d20=15]
  403. [18:36:46] <Clarity> (I HAVE RETURNED AND I WILL FLUFF THIS)
  404. [18:36:56] <Clarity> (... That does hit, right?)
  405. [18:37:01] <@BigTentacruel> Aye.
  406. [18:37:16] <@Nephene> As Clarity launches the tomato however Tree wants to fluff it, Amon takes the tomato in his grasp and jams it into Ricki's side.
  407. [18:37:22] <@Nephene> ( Counter, no AC )
  408. [18:38:29] <@Nephene> ( Waiting on Clarity's description before I end this )
  409. [18:38:33] <@BigTentacruel> (I assume Clarity is fluffing. I'll- Yes.)
  410. [18:38:35] <Clarity> Sky gets a hand on his small animal shoulder as he begins his attempt, as behnd him is a teen wih glowing eyes and a wicked, almost ghostly smile. Clarity has entered ULTIMATE SLEEP DEPRIVATION EX MODE. "You have done well, my friend." Both his hind paws immediately enter her grasp as she takes a step to the side with one foot... then the other, and then the other, until they both spin and become completely dizzy.
  411. [18:38:56] <Clarity> "The time of exorcism is at hand! Venomous servants, unleash thy dark flames!"
  412. [18:38:59] * Clarity begins floating.
  413. [18:39:06] <Clarity> "CALAMITY TOMATO!!"
  414. [18:39:55] <Clarity> Both Sky AND the tomato are unleashed at totally bullshit veolcity as Clarity lands... and then the dark bags return as that koffing flies out from under her shirt. "Oh man, that was trippy."
  415. [18:40:42] <@Nephene> SPLASH, SPLASH!
  416. [18:41:11] <@Nephene> Both Pokemon-assisted tomatoes hit home. Amon grins.
  417. [18:41:16] <@Nephene> <You are already eliminated.>
  418. [18:41:40] <Ricki> Oh, please. He's not tall. Just MUSCLES. Aaand then Nike's "it's just tomato" clicks only after Ricki's jammed his open palm right into the spike. And then he's happy again. "Oh, umm... Whoops. Sorry, lady~" He waves apologetically with his free hand before getting slammed upside his head with a tomato. That might've caused brain damage if there was any more brain to be damaged. Days since
  419. [18:41:40] <Ricki> Oran's Last Accident: 0.
  420. [18:42:56] <@BigTentacruel> "Okay! Okay! Haha! That's it! Game over!" Devika says, coming onto the field again. "Very nice, ladies. I guess chivalry will have to win the day, won't it! Skinny man and big guy put up a good fight though." She grins before running over to her cart. "Tell you what. I have something for everyone and then I have something for the winners."
  421. [18:43:44] * Clarity happily prances over and snags the terrified shinx, immediately curling up on the ground and using him as a pillow. His face says 'HELP.'
  422. [18:43:57] <Nike> Nike dismounts, and approaches Nephene and Clarity to give them both congratulations on their victory. In a silent, barely smiling sort of way, with tomato still in her hair and on her breastplate.
  423. [18:45:52] <Nike> She then looks over to Ricki, and then to the crowd. "We have a medic in the stands? I think we have an actual cut, here." Well, impalement...
  424. [18:47:21] <Ricki> "Oh, that's okay. It's just tomato, like you said~" He then offers that same hand to Nephene in handshake form. "That was a lotta fun, we should do that again~"
  425. [18:47:42] <@BigTentacruel> Luckily, Mrs. Widdershin was watching. "I'll take Ricki for you," she says. "Come on, let's get that tomato cleaned up."
  426. [18:48:11] * @Nephene accepts the hand. "Quite fun. Just....don't go all out like that next time. It's just tomatoes."
  427. [18:48:27] <@BigTentacruel> Meanwhile, Devika comes back out holding a bag of coin. "I have 1000 gold for each of you, and for the ladies, a few special stones found only on Rangarajan lands..." She pauses, handing out the coins, leaving Ricki and Balthazar's reward with the Mayor, and then a stone to each of the victorious team. "For the MVP, which is definitely the sandwich maker, herself, I have this!" It's an egg!
  428. [18:48:27] <@BigTentacruel> It's decorated with a few vines and some red stains that could either be tomato juice or actually part of the egg.
  429. [18:48:35] <@BigTentacruel> Devika hands it to Nephene carefully.
  430. [18:49:52] * Clarity rolls around, bearing only self-inflicted tomatoface.
  431. [18:50:13] * @Nephene takes the egg with a nod of thanks. Was it a Tomatropius egg, perhaps?
  432. [18:50:28] <@BigTentacruel> It does certainly resemble them!
  433. [18:51:00] <Clarity> Sky instead takes Clarity's stone because she's asleep as fuck, looking at it quizzically.
  434. [18:51:12] <Nike> "Ms....Devika, was it?" Nike asks. She then offers her hand once Devika's were emptied. "Good match."
  435. [18:52:52] <@BigTentacruel> With the broadest grin possible that her face can maintain, she grabs Nike's hand with both of hers and shakes vigorously. "Haha! I wouldn't have asked for a better one! I'm finding a place to start my own tomato patches here aysap. Yep. It'll be a great place to settle. Haha!"
  436. [18:53:30] * @Nephene takes a look at the stone, slowly rotating it with her free hand.
  437. [18:54:07] <@BigTentacruel> Sky, who is holding Clarity's stone, can feel the stone sort of... weigh him down. It makes him feel sure of himself and stable and unchanging.
  438. [18:56:08] <Clarity> He realizes what the fuck, Clarity's not going to give a shit about this, and cuddles it in ABSOLUTE, UNWAVERING LOVE. ... And he's right, she doesn't get up.
  439. [18:56:38] <@BigTentacruel> "And, uh, that concludes this year's tomato fight!" The mayor says, moving towards the road to town. "We'll see you in a couple of weeks for the Pokeathlon. In the meantime, dear, I'd like to go home and bathe." And with that, he's gone.
  440. [18:57:21] * Clarity sleeprolls into Balthazar's scrawny arms.
  441. [18:57:24] <Clarity> *ROMANCE*
  442. [18:57:49] <@Nephene> "....I better go home and change."
  443. [18:58:08] <@Nephene> "Good match this year, Nike. If we keep this up, we'll be unstoppable next year."
  444. [18:58:13] * Nike sighs, and smirks a little. "We'd be happy to have you. Nephene was just saying this place needed new blood." She looked down at her armour, and brushed some tomato skin off, before deciding to go home and polish it.
  445. [18:58:52] <@Nephene> "....well, Devika, if you need help getting settled, just ask me. I'mpretty much always in the Lazing Slaking - that wide building in the down square."
  446. [18:59:07] * Nike doesn't verbally answer Nephene, but she does take her hand in a firm handshake, before taking her gold, her strange stone (which she now took time to investigate), and mounted up for home.
  447. [18:59:19] <@BigTentacruel> Devika, meanwhile, is packing her cart! "Haha! Don't worry, Oranites. You haven't seen the last of Devika Rangarajan! I'll be around soon. Let's go, Ganesha, Karthik!"
  448. [19:01:19] <@BigTentacruel> </session>
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