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Humanity perks

Trap_God23 Jan 23rd, 2019 108 Never
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  1. 1.Perk menu of course
  2. 2.Perks should save to DB and persist through restarts and go away once server db is wiped.
  3. 3.Mission file i sent u has a menu of yours we can use and it also has perks made but were made for XP system.
  4. 4.Once a player Buys a perk it should remove the amount of humanity used for perk. EX: Perk="Repair with No Parts"; 150K Humanity.
  5. 5.If possible a place on the menu a player can check which perk he has already bought.
  6. 6.Perks that i want. 1.Repair with no parts! 2.Raise bank limit to 100Mill! 3.Raise base objects. 4.Raise VG Store limit 5.Fast deploy       
  7.     6. Double weed when harvesting
  8.  _____i got your money locked and loaded ahah____
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