@blass_o_rama Doxed by @anonymousabu - Part Deux

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  1. @blass_o_rama PWNED! HACKED! DOXED! VENI! VIDI! VICI!
  2. By @anonymousabu for #antisec #anonymous
  3. We Anonymous just happen to be a group of people on the internet who need just kind of an outlet to do as we wish, that we wouldn't be able to do in regular society. ...That's more or less the point of it. Do as you wish.... we are doing it for the lulz.
  5. We are Anonymous.
  6. We are Legion.
  7. We do not forgive.
  8. We do not forget. Expect us.
  11. Part Deux!
  12. [22:59:39] <blass> we are friend aren't we?
  13. [23:00:33] <Sabu> <3
  14. [17:39:28] <Sabu> haha                                                         
  15. [17:39:31] <Sabu> you're fucking nutty
  16. [17:53:38] <blass> FREE AS A BIRD!
  17. [17:54:19] <blass> you don't need to fight for freedom bro. Me for example, i just take
  18.         it.
  19. [17:55:20] <blass> The world is not asking for a new hero, but for a new Tyrant, you are
  20.         the proof of that.
  21. [17:55:25] <blass> haha
  22. [17:56:19] <blass> Common bro, You, Me, Kim Jung Un, we can fuck these coward even harder,
  23.         Join Us!
  24. [17:57:38] <blass> He is so funny, i call him my favourite dwarf, he is always laughing
  25.         his ass off
  26. [18:00:33] <blass> We killed his father together man, it was our setup.
  27. [18:00:48] <blass> that's how we roll nigg!
  28. [18:05:32] <blass> hahaha
  29. [18:06:12] <blass> coincidence
  30. [18:06:32] <blass> we were killing pope for less than that a few hundreds years ago.
  31. [18:07:30] <blass> you guys started with Scientology bashing.
  32. [18:07:33] <blass> so funny
  33. [18:08:13] <blass> but what about Masonics? Rosicrucians? Rotary? just to name a few
  34. [18:09:00] <blass> Do you really know what Bethesda mean?
  35. [18:10:34] <blass> wow you won't find it on Internet.
  36. [18:11:05] <blass> but it was a temple somewhere, long time ago which had 5 doors
  37. [18:11:22] <blass> in bottom of the temple was a source of water
  38. [18:11:33] <blass> Water of Life.
  39. [18:11:58] <blass> those who drank it just don't die.
  40. [18:15:41] <blass> when money is not an object, time either.
  41. [18:17:41] <blass> funny, is every time some historical junkie is about to mediatise
  42.         something credible about small truth no one would believe otherwise he
  43.         disapear and a few month later a movie is released about it in
  44.         Hollywood.
  45. [18:23:04] <blass> HAHAHA
  46. [18:23:06] <blass> ok
  47. [18:24:58] <blass> You will see, when you will be in Guantanamo, that guards know how to
  48.         hack your security hole. You will end up with a bloody security
  49.         hole. Over exploited.
  50. [18:25:31] <blass> i know, easy one.
  51. [18:27:35] <blass> no worries they will drug yourself so bad you won't remember. Only
  52.         small flashback over time.
  53. [18:48:13] <blass> when you say "I have a life" do you realize we are over six billions
  54.         others to have one as well?
  55. [18:48:51] <blass> and don't tell me you are from the street, everybody have a street in
  56.         front of their house.
  57. [18:54:13] <blass> "i am an adult" yeah i believe it. i also believe you have psychoses
  58.         and paranoia and also bipolarity disorder. This totally explain all
  59.         about your ideas of greatness and ultimate need to prove yourself to
  60.         the world.
  61. [18:54:17] <blass> hahahaha
  62. [18:54:43] <blass> UP AND DOWN AND UP AND DOWN
  63. [18:54:48] <blass> LET'S DANCE!
  64. [19:00:37] <blass> how can you love if you can't even hate.
  65. [19:25:24] <blass> It's funny some of your guy call themselves Operation Blackout
  66. [19:26:00] <blass> It is exactly what the Chinese and Russian are planning to do to
  67.         America, The Big Blackout.
  68. [19:27:43] <blass> i believe 99% of people will go nuts when it happen later this year.
  69. [19:31:05] <blass> i hope you got your vault ticket already bro else i fear we will never
  70.         meet for real.
  71. [19:32:02] <blass> having 3 irradiated balls won't be enough at this point.
  72. [19:32:24] <blass> you will loose them one after the other.
  73. [19:32:29] <blass> just like that.
  74. [19:32:39] <blass> {:
  75. [19:42:02] <blass> bro seriously, we both know us military created the first computer and
  76.         software, they even created Arpanet who became Internet even irc is a
  77.         military protocol, and after that you still believe or want to make
  78.         believe using computer against computer is a revolutionary concept?
  79.         this is totally nut'tard dude. And we both know so either you are shit
  80.         or you are military/government sponsored. If at least you had an once
  81.         of creativity i could
  82. <blass> revoke this tho, but you just don't. :~(
  83. [19:44:37] <blass> You know ive been reading people behind computers for almost 2
  84.         decades, and what i read here is shit, pure shit.
  85. [19:44:43] <blass> hahahaha.
  86. [19:45:34] <blass> you sound just like an e-chat customer service representative, nothing
  87.         much.
  88. [19:46:17] <blass> either if your a fed or a hacker or both my advice is to go get a gun
  89.         and martyrise your head over the wall bro.
  90. [19:46:24] <blass> :)
  91. [19:52:02] <blass> you see, in the 90's on internet people were still fighting other
  92.         people thinking and were still able to adopt a sense of critics. after
  93.         2001 the masses, including yourself were mentally colonised, their
  94.         soul was extracted, they lost theses faculties. Now that nobody own
  95.         his soul they also lost personality. So people tend to unites for any
  96.         freaking reason hoping to find a new personality. Unfortunately they
  97.         won't they also believe it is
  98. <blass> okay to ignore the critics and to follow some random anonymous coward
  99.         dictatorship. because they loose the faculty of following themselves.
  100. [19:53:51] <blass> (insert your penis here: (_o_))
  101. [20:23:22] <Sabu> you sound mad bro
  102. [20:27:18] <blass> NEVER!
  103. [20:27:48] <Sabu> what is your angle anyway?
  104. [20:28:16] <Sabu> one day I joke with you, next day you're having mental breakdowns on my
  105.        screen. then the next day you're blogging on twitter that you been
  106.        doxed
  107. [20:28:35] <blass> Je suis toujours vif et joyeux, vil et dégueu!
  108. [20:29:04] <Sabu> french people seem to be such drama queens
  109. <blass> It is all bullshit and false mayhem
  110. [20:29:12] <blass> hahahaha!
  111. [20:29:32] <blass> how about you suck on my mental dick for a moment before speaking...
  112. [20:29:47] <blass> :):
  113. [20:30:49] <blass> who tell you i am French?
  114. [20:30:51] <Sabu> you're so insecure and full of complexes. you lack any mental capacity
  115.        really. everything you say or do seems to revolve around me. like some
  116.        celebrity-stalker or a fanboy
  117. (This last sentence was pre-recorded, obviously.)
  118. [20:30:52] <blass> me.
  119. [20:30:56] <blass> What am i?
  120. [20:30:59] <blass> you?
  121. [20:31:16] <blass> don't reflect your mental state over me bro
  122. [20:31:21] <blass> i am made of Teflon
  123. [20:32:03] <Sabu> you're made of tissue
  124. [20:32:06] <Sabu> you're soft. hence why you're here
  125. (keep talking, sound so smart...)
  127. [20:32:09] <blass> you first said you loved me so fuck off Sabu
  128. [20:32:10] <blass> :)
  129. [20:32:18] <Sabu> I love you <3
  130. [20:32:28] <blass> I rape your mind :)
  131. [20:32:32] <blass> like a Sir!
  132. [20:32:39] <Sabu> mainly because you're infantile. I noticed how retarded you were from
  133.        the moment you started hitting me up
  134. (No Need to explain anything here, as you may have already noticed.)
  136. [20:32:52] <blass> because we are bro!
  137. [20:32:56] <blass> <3
  138. [20:33:01] <Sabu> haven't you noticed how I've paid you literally no attention?
  139. <Sabu> I tend to ignore idiots, et al
  140. [20:33:08] <Sabu> and when we did speak it was mainly out of boredom
  141. [20:33:11] <blass> haha
  142. [20:33:17] <Sabu> which reminds me, brb
  143. [20:33:19] <blass> just like me.
  144. [20:33:27] <blass> HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  145. [20:33:40] <blass> go make a hole in your bedroom wall in my honnor!
  146. [20:33:41] <blass> :)
  147. [20:35:09] <blass> The Mental Colonisation Has NOW BEGUN!
  148. [20:35:18] <blass> WELCOME TO THE SOFT PARADE!
  149. [20:35:21] <blass> :):
  150. [20:36:15] <blass> you make yourself so important assuming i was a random fanboy, boy.
  151. [20:36:22] <blass> i told you many time
  152. [20:36:35] <blass> You are less than poo for people like me.
  153. [20:39:20] <blass> here you are a half sized window from wich i save random stuff i write
  154.         out of boredom, this also i told you many time already...
  155. [20:39:32] <blass> U mad bro?
  156. [20:41:47] <blass> to show you once more how i don't give a shit i am actually writing
  157.         these words just for the hell of it, using my "typewriter"
  158. [20:42:56] <blass> it's easy with true retard like mike virus, the jester, HbGary and
  159.         such
  160. [20:43:05] <blass> how about The blass ?
  161. [20:43:29] <blass> you never met that species before don't you? even tho you say you did.
  162. [20:45:30] <blass> it's all right dude, here you hate me, on the next window i am your
  163.         brethren, and the other a bro, etc.
  164. [20:45:36] <blass> you like game?
  165. [20:45:40] <blass> i do!
  166. [20:47:07] <blass> what's up bro you don't like mayhem?
  167. [20:47:15] <blass> the mental mayhem!?
  168. [20:47:30] <blass> you will soon learn to live with him
  169. [20:47:43] <blass> BECAUSE I CURSE YOU MOTHER FUCKER!
  170. [20:48:05] <blass> I reside in your mental landscape as A CONQUEROR!
  171. [20:48:24] <blass> I
  172. [20:48:26] <blass> AM
  173. [20:48:29] <blass> blass
  174. [20:54:48] <blass> You think all the people you hack absolutely want to deal with the
  175.         Great Sabu, dethroned Nigerian Prince of my Ass?
  176. [20:55:08] <blass> just like them face it, faggot!
  177. [20:55:14] <blass> :):
  178. [20:55:47] <blass> i don't need you to pay attention to me, i know you are very mad at
  179.         the moment bro (:
  180. [20:55:55] <blass> you know nothing else.
  181. [20:56:39] <blass> Being mad is your virtue, now you will have to deal with it, may you
  182.         want it or not, this i don't give a fuck, as usual.
  183. [20:56:44] <blass> brb bro.
  184. [20:59:45] <blass> After all, you were the first to mention you would like to write a
  185.         book about your exploit or see someone doing so. It's what i'm doing
  186.         at the moment, should i ask your permission? i don’t think so... Do i
  187.         get paid for that? LARGELY! will you benefit of that? nop, you will be
  188.         at Guantanamo.
  189. [21:00:45] <blass> This once boy, we will sell a billion of anonymous mask. ((:
  190. [21:02:06] <blass> True Revolution need money to be achieve.
  191. [21:02:16] <blass> THAT'S HOW WE ROLL NIGG!!!
  192. [21:02:22] <blass> :)
  193. [21:03:01] <blass> we save so much on marketing because of you it is a business MIRACLE!
  194. [21:04:36] <blass> I will fuck with theses logs again tonight and we both know.
  195. [21:04:42] <blass> :)))
  196. [21:05:22] <blass> and if people retweet me SLAM! i ban and report them for spam
  197. [21:05:30] <blass> JUST LIKE THAT MOTHER FUCKA!
  198. [21:05:33] <blass> HAHAHAHA
  199. [21:09:10] <blass> i give you bout 20 minutes to "pwn" me to death while i relax in the
  200.         hot tub, okay? brb.
  201. [21:22:57] <blass> pretty much too late already, bro.
  204. Background Music:
  205. "Down in the street there is violence
  206. And a lots of work to be done
  207. No place to hang out our washing
  208. And I can't blame all on the sun, oh no
  210. CHORUS:
  211. We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue
  212. And then we'll take it higher
  213. Oh we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue
  214. And then we'll take it higher
  216. Workin' so hard like a soldier
  217. Can't afford a thing on TV
  218. Deep in my heart I'm a warrior
  219. Can't get food for them kid, good God
  221. CHORUS
  223. Oh no...
  224. Oh no...
  225. Oh no...
  226. Oh no...
  228. CHORUS
  230. Who is to blame in one country
  231. Never can get to the one
  232. Dealin' in multiplication
  233. And they still can't feed everyone, oh no
  235. CHORUS
  237. Out in the street...
  238. Out in the street...
  239. Out in the playground...
  240. In the dark side of town...
  242. CHORUS
  244. Rock it in the daytime
  245. Rock it in the night ..."
  249. Trolled bitch! You mad?
  250. Tell me how you feel!?
  252. We are blass!
  253. We are legion of bastards!
  254. We forgive and forget!
  255. We just don't give a shit!
  256. Expect us!
  257. Yeah Dude!
  259. ............../??/).............(\?`\..............
  260. ............/....//..............\\....\...........
  261. .........../....//................\\....\..........
  262. ....../??/..../??\............/?` ....\?`\.........
  263. ..././.../..../..../.|_....._|.\....\....\...\.\...
  264. (.(....(....(..../.)..).....(..(.\....)....)....).)
  265. .\................\/.../....\...\/................/
  266. ..\................. /........\................../.
  267. ....\..............(............)............../...
  268. ......\.............\.........../............./....
  271. blass
  272. @blass_o_rama
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