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  3. 50 is 5x the square of 2.
  4. 2 is the active and masculine number.
  5. The chapter should be read in connection with Chapter 31, for ZIP now reappears.
  6. The chapter heading, the Terebinth, is a tree or shrub common in the Levant region (especially Israel and Syria), and this connects the chapter with Chapters 28 and 29; but this is only an allusion, for the subject of the chapter is OUR LADY QADASHU, who is conceived as the male counterpart of ZIP.
  7. This does not agree very well with the common or orthodox theogony of Chapter 11; but it is to be explained by the diagrammatic nature of the chapter.
  8. In paragraph 3 NEMO is of course ENOCH, the Mogh. Liber 419 will explain most of the allusions in this chapter.
  9. In paragraphs 5 and 6 the author frankly identifies himself with the LION-SERPENT referred to in this book, and in Book of Revelation, and in Liber Voluntas. In paragraph 6 the word “wheat” may refer to his mission, and the word “date-palm” to the sigil of his ascendant. (Tamara = Date palm = palm tree = Virgo and Jupiter in the Zodiac, which like Date tree itself has the stem-form, Kaph first written כ = Lingam-Yoni and Jupiter. )
  10. Paragraph 7 explains the theological difficulty referred to above. There is only one symbol, but this symbol has many names: of these names QADASHU is the holiest. It is the name referred to in Liber Voluntas, 1, 22.
  11. It will be noticed that the figure, or sigil, of QADASHU is a seal upon a menat, and this menat is upon the chest of ZIP. This identifies further the symbol with itself.
  12. It will be noticed that this seal, except for the absence of a border, is the official seal of the A∴A∴. Compare Chapter 3.
  13. It is also said to be the seal upon the tombs of them that he hath risen, that is, of the Magicians.
  14. In connection with the number 50, see Liber 419, the 22nd Aethyr, as well as the usual authorities.
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