Boredom’s Curse

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  1. Kris let out a tired sigh as he lay on his bed, why were people so hard to understand?
  2. He did everything right, why did he still feel nothing?
  3. He find someone who cared for him, liked what he liked, loved his dry humor, and was fun to be around.
  4. He took her on dates, they kissed, then made out, and today, they had sex, Kris looked to the large lizard that was currently hugging him tightly, her snores filling the room.
  5. Her eyes hidden, and mouth slightly agape as she drools on his favorite pillow.
  6. Yeah, it felt nice alright, the sex was anyway.
  7. Yet as he his being hugged by his “girlfriend” he can’t help but feel....nothing.
  8. He’s supposed to feel something isn’t he?
  9. Love, contentment, something...
  10. Well he did feel something, anger.
  11. This whole damn thing, all those months of dating, the money he spent to buy meals for her.
  12. All the teasing, the cuddling, the listening to her emotional problems.
  13. And this was it!?
  14. Kris balled his fists as Susie held him tight against her scaled breasts.
  15. His crimson eyes wide open, as his face became half hidden in her bust.
  16. He still couldn’t feel anything!
  17. Why!?
  18. Wasn’t he supposed to care about her now?
  19. Kris sighed and leaned into Susie.
  20. Damn it, Susie would get boring now.
  21. And he hated being bored.
  22. Kris didn’t get why he still didn’t feel anything, but he supposed he would just have to try again.
  23. Maybe Catti this time?
  24. Maybe someone with more cushion would make him care about her more.
  25. Her body was a stark contrast with Susie, he would have should try that sometime.
  26. If he gets the chance that is.
  27. He is currently being held in a one armed hug from Susie as they walk down the street.
  28. Her grip is tight on him and she seems to have identified him as her “mate” if he had to guess.
  29. He did not want this, as such he had to get rid of it as soon as possible.
  30. But how?
  31. He could try setting her up with the deer.
  32. But she was also another candidate for him.
  33. After all meek and wholesome is said to be “cute” which is said to lead to better romances.
  34. He thinks.
  35. But this would be difficult either way, Susie has been keeping close to him ever since they had sex.
  36. He didn’t get the big deal, it was just sex after all.
  37. No need to follow him around and hug him so much.
  38. He felt annoyed, but knew how to hide it, a simple smile being his chosen mask for annoyance.
  39. As well as his default expression when around Susie.
  40. It helped make it seem like he cared about her.
  41. Girls love that, not sure why though.
  42. Susie nuzzles the top of his head lightly as they walked towards his house again.
  43. He had to find a way to meet other candidates without her knowing.
  44. He didn’t care about her feelings, but he knows she would likely try to harm him.
  45. Then he could feign ignorance and have her arrested if that was the case.
  46. Hmmm,no , people might believe her given their current relationship if she told them he cheated,it’s a last resort if anything.
  47. He mentally sighed as Susie entered his room and began to strip down, might as well get this over with.
  48. Sex, the feeling he once longed for, the reason he shifted through months of bullshit with Susie.
  49. Felt monotonous now, her screams of pleasure, were more annoying than arousing now.
  50. Her muscles, that once drove him to her, were losing the spell they once had on him.
  51. Her panting and leg locking him in place, all bored him now.
  52. He still felt pleasure form entering her, but it was much less so than the first time.
  53. He’s felt her body, every hard and tough bit of it.
  54. Boring, he found sex boring now.
  55. At least with her.
  56. She enjoyed it though, he desperately wanted to ask her how, but knew that she would get upset that he didn’t find her attractive anymore.
  57. As her modest breaths bounced from his thrusts, he couldn’t help but imagine what this would be like with someone else.
  58. Would he just feel as empty as he does now?
  59. Kris sighed as he rolled off of a panting Susie.
  60. 2 hours should be enough.
  61. He took his almost required place next to her and gets cuddled by the sweaty dragon.
  62. Kris really didn’t get this,he had to do something about this, or date someone in private.
  63. Because he can’t stand another week of this monotony.
  64. Kris looked at the blank ceiling of his room.
  65. What if, he found a way to meet them in a place Susie would never look for.
  66. Kris narrowed his red eyes slightly, determination filling him.
  67. He would find a way out of this bland relationship, no matter who got hurt, he would feel something by the end of this, he swears it.
  68. And his first candidate for this, was a certain gothic, and large cat.
  69. They should get along well enough, he’d just have to put it to the test.
  70. She would not be as grabby as Susie, he was sure of that.
  71. Susie felt something, whenever she was with Kris, her treasure made her feel...wanted,
  72. Like she wasn’t a failure, like she was a good person. She held him closer to her, prompting the human to lean on closer to her naked body once more.
  73. She loved him, and she was sure he loved her back.
  74. The way he moves when they make love, his teasing, she can’t get enough of it.
  75. she hold onto him as,if he will float away at a moments notice, and nuzzles him.
  76. He was her treasure one that nobody could take away.
  78. Kris awoke in his bed next to a unconscious he sighed got out of bed and began his usual monotonous self grooming.
  79. Two months, that’s how long they have had sex like this. TWO MONTHS!!!
  80. He was down right sick of it, he swear is she strips down when he gets home today.....
  81. Well, getting her in the hospital will open up his realtionship.
  82. But how? Food poisoning could work, but then people would expect him to see her day after day.
  83. No, that’s out of the question as well.
  84. Kris goes down stairs, his mother is there reading a book, the usual one about snails.
  85. He’s thankful he thought ahead and bought insulation for his room, something he sees as a huge waste of time now.
  86. Getting his dad to give him some was a hassle and a half.
  87. Mother looked at him and smiled, “Good Morning Kris!” the goat beamed at him.
  88. Kris nodded and walked out the front door. Toriel sighed as he left.
  89. He was such an emotional boy, but he was also a very good child. She made sure of that.
  90. Toriel cotinues to read a smile on her face, her children were pure, if they weren’t.
  91. That would be disappointing.
  92. Like when asgore began to bore her.
  93. And she hated being bored.
  94. Kris hoped Susie would sleep in today, she usual does, thus arriving two hours late to class was common for her.
  95. Common, but not always.
  96. But two hours should be enough time to set things in motion.
  97. Kris enters the classroom, jockkngton is chatting to the disinterested cat, oblivious or not caring that she isn’t paying attention to him. Jockington, he’s not too loud, but very vocal, and upbeat. And one of Catti’s only friends. Her only object of male attention.
  98. Kris smiled to himself, he knew what to do. Kris excused himself from class, saying he had to go to the bathroom. He had just gotten to class but alphas was a pushover when it came to these things. Which is why he liked her.
  99. Kris left the classroom, and walked towards the closet, the one that him and Susie first feel into.
  100. The damn thing also got boring, it reset every time they went. Meeting the same people so many times is boring, doing the same quest is boring. Killing what might as well be cardboard cutouts it boring.
  101. Everyone in the dark world is fake, something Susie refused to acknowledge.
  102. But the damage you suffer in there is quite real. He had the scar on his chest to prove it.
  103. Kris took out a pack of cards from his pocket, sports cards in specific, something the snake wouldn’t shut up about.
  104. He opened the door feeling the darkness wash over him, he took out half, threw the box inside and stuffed part of the deck he had under the door. And three cards leading up to the door.
  105. He and Susie could survive the dark world, but a single monster, let alone one with no limbs?
  106. Kris wordlessly went back to the classroom.
  107. He took his seat and looked at the clock it was almost 10am. a Half hour passes, and as he planned the snake excused himself to go to the bathroom, likely to practice poses in the mirror.
  108. Kris couldn’t help but smile, seeing the oblivious snake slither out the door.
  109. One obstacle, has been taken care of.
  110. Kris leans back in his seat, a content smile on his face. Now to wait. Fifteen minutes pass, and jockinton has not come back.
  111. Nobody is surprised by this, since some students usually just use their bathroom breaks to mess around.
  112. Half an hour has passed since jockington left.
  113. Catti seems to notice that he is taking a long time to just mess around, but nobody else in the class seems to notice this much.
  114. One hour has passed since jockington left.
  115. Alphys sighs, and asks if someone is willing to go find jockington, likely thinking it’s a Susie and Kris situation. To his surprise Catti volunteers, her eyes are have their familiar lazy look to them but look more annoyed than usual. Just as she is about the begrudgingly get up, Susie enters seemingly coming from the hallway that lead to the bathroom.
  116. She takes her seat, just as Catti slowly gets out of her seat. Susie always goes to the bathroom as soon as she gets there, a secret she’s embarrassed about. Apparently she does it to clean her teeth, apparently she’s paranoid about her teeth rotting, so she uses literal soap to clean them.
  117. And she wonders why her teeth are still yellow.
  118. Catti left for ten minutes, then another ten, when she came back to class,she had a slightly worried look in her eyes.
  119. “I cant find him.” Catti says her voice betraying her eyes. ”C-come a-again?” Alphys asked her voice cracking.
  120. ”I checked the all the bathrooms, classrooms, closets, and even the roof. I can’t find him.”. Alphys is silent, as she shakes her head.
  121. ”A-are you saying he skipped?” Alphys asked her queasy voice sounding surprised and disappointed.
  122. Catti blinked, and nodded, seemingly calmed down by the suggestion.As Catti sat back down telling herself that the teacher must be right. I mean that’s the only explanation right? Doesn’t sound like something he would do, since he thought the “be cool stay in school” posters was actual advice for being cool.
  123. Catti shook her head, she was sure he was alright.
  124. She just hoped this day would end soon so she could properly guilt him for leaving her alone in this boring class.
  125. A day passed and jockingtons parents have called the police, apparently he didn’t come home last night.
  126. Upon questioning there seemed to be no witnesses to seeing him from leave the school.
  127. He left the class and seemed to just...disappear.
  128. This news rattled hometown, Undyne was literally leaving no stone unturned overturning rocks to see if he was hiding under any. Kris had no idea how Catti would take the news, but he knew that it hurt her, and would slowly break her down over the weeks. Kris smiled to himself, as he down the street school was cancelled following his disappearance.
  129. The town was bustling today, mostly due to most of the town pitching in the help search for jockington.
  130. Why? They didn’t know the kid. Why should they care?
  131. Why should he put up fliers for a kid whose entire personality was based around differently shaped balls?
  132. Kris mumbles to himself as he staples a flier to tree.
  133. He did not account his mother forcing him to help, but it was something different to do at least.
  134. It wasn’t totally boring, could be worse.
  135. Kris hears the sound of a stapler, he looks across the street, and sees catti.
  136. Other than an obvious new layer of eyeliner that was added for obvious reasons.
  137. She looked the same, albeit she was slightly shaking as she stapled them down.
  138. Susie wasn’t here, perfect.
  139. Kris walks over to the cat, and places a hand on her shoulder from behind.
  140. She jumps spins around.
  141. To see Kris, with a pained expression on his face.
  142. ”I’m not the best at this, but....If you need someone to talk to catti, I can help.” Kris says with a fake tired smile.
  143. She bats his hand away and goes back to stealing posters.
  144. Kris makes sure to stare at her for a moment before leaving.
  145. He had to make himself look like the only one who cared for her.
  146. Kris has to be patient he knows this, little by little he will make himself known as the person to lean on in these trying times.
  147. Kris having finished with his part of the posters goes towards his house, where Susie “surprises” him with a mix of a tackle and a hug.
  148. It shocks him and forces him to let out a loud “Bwuh!” Before falling onto the grass of his front yard.
  149. A laughing Susie get off of him making fun of his help of shock, he feigned a smile.
  150. He didn’t understand how it was funny, or how this was romantic, he didn’t get her, which has started to piss him off, the sooner he gets someone else to play with the better.
  152. A week passes and the authorities have come up empty handed, no clothing, no witnesses to seeing him leave, nothing.
  153. But they did have a suspect, the only one that went to the bathroom as well.
  154. ”The hell do you mean I’m a suspect?!” Susie yelled to the cops who appeared at the door to her run down house.
  155. “Catti, As well as Berdly and noelle said they saw you come back from the bathroom, during his disappearance.” The dog-like officer explained.
  156. ”But he was gone before then! You can’t pin this one me!” Susie yelled.
  157. ”Pin what on you exactly?” The officer asked with a raised brow.
  158. Susie froze, shit he was playing mind games now.
  159. ”Fine I’ll go! Just don’t let Undyne know.” Susie almost begged that last part.
  160. The officer smiled.
  162. Kris woke up to his phone ringing, 8am who could calling now?
  163. ”This is the dreemur residence” Kris says with an obvious monotone.
  164. ”Kris? It’s me.” Kris sat up, Susie didn’t have a phone, how is?
  165. ”I, uh, I’m in a bit of trouble at the moment?” Susie says her voice seemingly struggling to keep its usual hoarse and tough tone.
  166. ”T-they, seem to think that I, may have something to do with jockington disappearing.”
  167. Susie says her voice cracking.
  168. Kris’s eyes widen, and he feels a smile cross his face.
  169. ”Are you okay Susie?” Kris says trying his best to sound concerned.
  170. “Yeah, I might be here for a day or two though, they have no other leads on jockington, dumbasses” Susie mumbles the last part under her breath.
  171. Kris spends the call mostly agreeing with her about how unfair it was that she got caught.
  172. I mean it’s obvious why she is, being the only sus and all.
  173. After she vents, Kris can hear voices in the background.
  174. Her time must be up.
  175. ”I love you, Kris”
  176. *click*
  177. Kris looks at his phone for a moment, this was...odd.
  178. Kris looked to his clock, seems like he will be late, oh well.
  179. Kris gets out of bed a prepared for the day ahead of him.
  180. The town is slightly calmer now but is still abuzz looking for the snake.
  181. Kris entered his classroom, to see that nobody seemed to be in a very chatty mood.
  182. Everyone just seemed so depressed after jockington “disappeared”.
  183. They barely talked to the kid, why is everyone besides catti so invested in this.
  184. Noelle seemed to be shivering in her seat, an action that confused him, was she scared of something?
  185. As Kris took his seat in the class room, the class door opened to reveal catti...
  186. He nor his class were prepared for what they saw, he thought catti might be sad or depressed sure, maybe her fur is a bit unkept but that’s the extent.
  187. Right? That’s all depression was, being sad, so why Did she look so...terrible?
  188. Catti’s fur is matted, her hair is unkempt, she seems about 20 pounds heavier, her shirt is both stained and strained. With different splotches on the shirt that is being ridden up by her stomach.
  189. What....he didn’t, he didn’t want that....
  190. He didn’t want this.
  191. The entire class watches as she wordless moves towards her seat.
  192. The chair creaking slightly as she did so.
  193. T-this wasn’t meant to happen!
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