Bookworm x Rapemaid A

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  1. [14:44:31] <Giantree> But anyway, you said you'd be going to the library?  The big, Central Library in the middle of town?
  2. [14:44:38] <``Lucas> Probably yeah
  3. [14:44:43] <``Lucas> But whatever works best for you
  4. [14:44:45] <Giantree> Or would you rather take your chances and ask Steyr to take you to the underground one with forbidden knowledge?
  5. [14:44:54] <Giantree> just tell me which one lucie finds more interesting
  6. [14:45:14] <``Lucas> standard library, not about to looking into super forbidden records. He's curious, but he fears the knowledge might lead to some bad shit
  7. [14:45:30] <Giantree> Alright, you have chosen the Eily route then
  8. [14:45:38] <``Lucas> Neat
  9. [14:47:22] <Giantree> It's not unthinkable that Nihi would go to this one, but it'd be to get the cuck books and read shit about... man, what are women even into in medieval fantasy land?  Knights?  So it's like modern earth books about cowboy vampire rape but it just happens to be knights violating young maidens instead.  Which is WEIRD because you'd think knights would be the opposite of that in real life?  And it may just be true that they are, but, horny middle-aged ladies still write novels about women with boyfriends getting cuckolded in favor of strong, black knights with massive dongs.  People never change.
  10. [14:47:49] <``Lucas> How awful
  11. [14:48:09] <Giantree> However, that said the dragon spends a lot of her time downstairs because she wants to read the shit that's important.  After all, she probably already had a lot of copies of the stuff she could find at the regular library.  But she's also a dragon and you're not, so there's bound to be plenty of stuff you haven't read before there.
  12. [14:50:22] <``Lucas> "Hmpm" He'd groan a little bit, reaching around the shelves to find something of interest. Unfortauntely, the search wasn't going well, just about all the books he felt would be interesting he'd already taken out the before, where..mysteriously enough, the vanished after he'd left in the hall for a short while. "The nerve of some people, I was honestly hoping for a good read."
  13. [14:50:40] <Giantree> Eily.. man this makes her seem like a boring maid god damn, what is character development?  Whatever, you go to the Central Library and find that it's not quite Acaiah quality, but has books on topics you haven't read much about.  Mostly technology, a lot of bizarre modern philosophies including stuff about "spooks" and the ego and its own, strange magic theories including time magic(???? how is that even supposed to work, it all looks like gibberish even to someone who comprehends wizard shit).  But Eileen manages to show up while you're in the middle of reading, looking for something much lighter.
  14. [14:52:25] <Giantree> In fact, she taps you from behind while you're looking, holding a cookbook in her arms.  "Guess who?"
  15. [14:52:27] <Giantree> ...
  16. [14:52:35] <Giantree> Taps you on the left shoulder while she's standing on your right.
  17. [14:55:16] <``Lucas> "huh?" he'd curiously stare to his left, panicking a slight bit as he turned the other way, only to jump back a bit in shock. "Gods, don't scare me like that. I'm not quite used to being taken by surprise." He'd turn back to place a few books back on the shelf before giving his full attention. "Come to find something to read then, have we? You've been well since our last, I hope?"
  18. [14:56:00] <``Lucas> Just remembering the embarassing speech he'd give cause him to blush ever slightly, but he quickly shook it off.
  19. [14:56:19] <``Lucas> english is hard okay
  20. [14:58:53] <Giantree> nice
  21. [15:00:27] <Giantree> "Yeppers!"  She smiles big.  "Thank ya kindly for all that."  In fact, she kind of curties a little- she's still wearing the peasant dress from earlier, but took out her sidetail and lets her hair down naturally now.  "Just came here 'cause I thought I might be able to spice up meals a bit; can't have 'em gettin' all samey now, eh?"
  22. [15:01:56] <Giantree> "Seems they really like meats down 'ere in Sirrolant.  We haven't been catchin them animals for food a whole lot lately, so ah'll have ta swing down by the market while we're here.  Maybe find some fresh fish?"  Of course it would've been a MUCH better idea to do that in one of the port towns, and I guess since she used to live right next to one she'd probably had enough fish for a lifetime, but she seems cheery about the idea regardless, concealing any misgivings she may have.
  23. [15:04:52] <``Lucas> "If you'd like, I could accompany you while you shop. Having someone to carry extra bags would be handy." A fact he knew firsthand. Boy was he glad to have written that down. "But regardless, it's quite nice of you to think ahead like this. You've cooked us a variety of meals even with what limited resources we have, I'm sure most of us wouldn't mind just eating more of the same."
  24. [15:05:51] <``Lucas> He'd turn to one corner of the library to maybe scout of a few cooking books himself, he was getting a bit curious now. Hold up...where are the books? He'd look on to a specific section categorized for a particular brand of fiction. "Uhh.." Completely Empty. Weird.
  25. [15:07:59] <Giantree> Eily joins you, chattily all the while, until you both end up at the section of erotic fiction that Nihi had emptied out by checking out every single one.  And she (as in Eily duh) chuckles, "H-Heheh, m-maybe we should be lookin' elsewhere?"
  26. [15:10:49] <Giantree> "But... ah gots a question fer ya, maybe we could go somewhere more quiet?"  Looking at her after she asks, she doesn't have the 'i'm going to ask you to push me down and have your way with me' face that somebody would normally have after making that sort of request, but maybe she's just pokerfacing really well.
  27. [15:12:09] <``Lucas> "More quiet than a library? You've got my attention then, where shall we be heading?" He'd of course, follow blindly if need be, he was trusting enough for that at the very least.
  28. [15:13:34] <Giantree> "Er... I mean... empty.  Without people 'round."  Now she looks a little nervous, and if I wanted to go even wacker I would have her go to a secluded alleyway, but nah, she just checks out a few cookbooks and heads to an empty room in the inn.  She can go to the market later anyway.
  29. [15:15:31] <Giantree> Once the two of you are alone together, she starts pulling down her dress....
  30. [15:16:00] <Giantree> ... And reaches inside it, pulling out Erst's red dragonstone.  What, you expected something else?  "I want ya t'be my partner."
  31. [15:17:32] <``Lucas> Alone with a lady in her room, he was flustered to say the least. "Y-your p-partner?" He'd shrink back a little, seems he took that out of context without even looking at the object.
  32. [15:19:15] <Giantree> "... Yeah."  She leans in close, looking you in the eyes pleadingly.  "Eddy n' Kiuru are so perfect fer each other... doin' what they've been doing."  She blushes a little bit.  "So ah wanted to do the same, and accomplish the things they're gonna be doin' together."
  33. [15:21:30] <``Lucas> Falling over a tad bit, he tried to avert his gaze, but he felt it a bit too piercing to ignore. "I uh...don't know what to say Miss Eileen..I don't, I uhh, I mean I can't really..wait no, that is to say I shouldn't...uhhh...." He'd simply trail off, not even bothering to finish.
  34. [15:23:18] <Giantree> "Please?"  She leans even closer, almost getting on top of you, her eyes begging.  ... When suddenly you see a reddish image of a pretty man in your mind.  4"He thinks you're asking him to sleep with you.  Be clearer."
  35. [15:23:25] <Giantree> normally i'd never use colored text but, two characters
  36. [15:23:58] <Giantree> After Erst speaks up, Eileen notices the easily-misinterpretable position she's taken crawling all over you and her face goes BEET red.
  37. [15:24:08] <``Lucas> "Wah" he actually does fall down now, due to the sudden voice speaking up of course.
  38. [15:24:10] <Giantree> "Ah... I... er... I-I mean..."
  39. [15:25:05] <Giantree> The other voice 'hmph's and, promptly, Eileen sets the stone down.  On a bed or nightstand or something.  She jolts back to a sitting position, sitting on her knees in fact, and claps her hands together in apology.  "S-Sorry!  Sorry!  Real sorry!  T-That's not what ah meant!"
  40. [15:25:45] <Giantree> "Y'see... they pilot that there Noble Slayer together.  And ah wanna do th' same with Mr. Erst here, but doin' it alone is kinda..."
  41. [15:26:30] <``Lucas> "oh..." His voice seemed a little dejected. Oh well. "R-right..that makes a bit more sense. So you were asking if I'd help you pilot..?" He'd tilt his head a little bit, seems it was infectious these days.
  42. [15:27:35] <Giantree> "Y-Yeah!"  Face still red.  "Couldn't talk 'bout it in public 'cause it's still s'posed ta be a secret, y'see?  But... he really wants ta fight, and ah think ah have th' resolve to do it now."
  43. [15:30:24] <``Lucas> He'd let out a terribly large sigh. Both from the sheer exhaustion and to clear his mind a bit and cool off. "Well, I'm glad to see you've cheered up a bit since last time...but." He'd stare deeply at the stone for a moment before continuing. "..Is there some reason you'd ask me. I don't believe I've mentioned but...I'd rather not have to pilot one of these if I can help it..."
  44. [15:31:37] <``Lucas> "Well..that is to say.." He realized only now how embarassed she might've felt right now, so he prompty tried to change tone.
  45. [15:32:14] <``Lucas> "I'm glad you're asking me.." He's scratch his cheek slightly and look away. "But are you umm..sure that's what you want?"
  46. [15:32:20] <Giantree> Eileen was sadly.  "Just... trust, for th' most part.  It'd be dangerous, so I understand if ya don't wanna.  Seems it's possible ta do it alone, just really strainin' and takes a lot of difficult learnin' ta do right, from what ah've been told."  She gets over the embarrassment quickly enough, it seems, but there's still a little redness on her face.  Because she still realizes she's alone in a room with a man, supposedly.
  47. [15:33:34] <Giantree> "Ah.... do wanna fight an' help the others as much as possible, yeah."  She nods firmly.  And then keeps looking in your direction.  And then realizes what you must've means.
  48. [15:33:37] <Giantree> ... t
  49. [15:34:22] <Giantree> There goes the red face again.  "Wh... What else... d-do ya mean?"
  50. [15:37:05] <Giantree> As in Eileen's, not Erst, who is literally red right now.  Not from blushing but just from being the projection of a fire-elemental giant robot compressed into a handheld jewel.  That seems to be how it works.
  51. [15:37:46] <``Lucas> "N-Nothing else..uhh, don't mind that bit. I was just wondering er..nevermind." Well, he better just give her an answer at this point. "Well...I can tell you're pretty serious about this, but even still I'm sure I could...ah fine, I'm on board if that's what you want Miss Eileen." He'd return a smile, though a slightly shaky one.
  52. [15:38:40] <Giantree> Now she looks in your eyes and moves closer again.  "Really?  Y'really mean it?!"
  53. [15:39:00] <Giantree> "Er... w-well, if yer not sure ya can still back out... it's gonna be REALLY dangerous.  But..."
  54. [15:39:46] <Giantree> "It makes me happy that ya'd accept me as a partner."  She's moving closer.  Her face is only a few inches away.  Still full blush of course, but she's smiling a genuine smile.
  55. [15:40:28] <``Lucas> He wished he could shrink even further, but alas that was beyond his capabilities. "Y-you can trust me on this..I'll not shy away." Oh you most definitely will, just not from giant robot duty.
  56. [15:41:17] <Giantree> Bad answer.  She takes that exactly the way you didn't want her to and immediately closes the gap, planting her lips on yours with full force.
  57. [15:43:17] <``Lucas> "Mmphfffahkwnafl" The muffled screams are immediately put to rest. "M-M-Miss.." He was slightly trembling now, as he rapidly pulled himself away. "You didn't just.." Oh she did. You fucked up big time.
  58. [15:46:13] <Giantree> She pulls back too.  "S-..." Every time she tries to speak up, it seems to embarrassed for words to come out.  She sits on the other bed on the room, beet-red face aimed toward the wall instead of your direction.
  59. [15:46:42] <Giantree> You can still feel Erst's presence, and he doesn't show any signs of irritation nor speak at all.  Seems like he's used to this, or perhaps just doesn't care.
  60. [15:48:47] <Giantree> "I-I didn't... well... t-that was..."
  61. [15:49:19] <``Lucas> " apologies!" He quickly stands up and makes a dash for the door. "I believe I need to excuse myself for the moment." He makes it halfway out before stopping dead in his tracks, and leaning on the door. "I...can assist you in piloting but I...beyond that there' apologies, I wish I could speak more about it.." He'd hang in the doorway for some time, seems he was waiting for a response.
  62. [15:50:17] <Giantree> "No... yer right."  Steeling her resolve, Eileen replies immediately.  "That was mah fault.  Ah'm sorry."
  63. [15:51:17] <Giantree> But she isn't the only one who replies.  4"Fire is the element of passion.  Two pilots who feel nothing for each other wouldn't be up to snuff, and would quickly crash and burn under the pressure.  If you don't think you can handle that, just say 'no' before your compatability goes haywire and kills all of us."
  64. [15:51:33] <Giantree> You can hear it all clearly through the door, and Eily gasps in shock.  "M-Mr. Erst!"
  65. [15:51:55] <Giantree> 4"It's the truth," he bluntly replies, and returns to silence.
  66. [15:53:51] <``Lucas> "Don't be..I could never blame you for something like that..but.." He tried to find some more words, but it was getting to be a bit of a struggle. "I'll not say I don't find the idea...pleasant..but there's things that prevent me from pursuing such a relationship...I just.." His voice was getting quieter. Perhaps his strength was failing him, or perhaps he was inching away from the room. "If there's anyone I've grown to admire, it's you Eileen. I can't thank you enough for what you've done...what you'll do, but..perhaps this is something we can leave for another time..."
  67. [15:54:56] <Giantree> "... Not now then, but..."  She hesitates before finally speaking through the crack in the door.  Erst doesn't bother butting in anymore.  "Will ya be able to give me an answer eventually?"
  68. [15:56:21] <``Lucas> "I promise I'll be able to. If anything at all..I want you to believe in that."
  69. [15:56:31] <Giantree> "Okay.  Thanks."
  70. [15:56:39] <Giantree> She goes quiet too now, possibly lost in thought.
  71. [15:59:18] <``Lucas> The tactician returns to his room shortly after. There are no books beside him, and the only thing he could reasonably due with his emotional turmoil..was to gently put his head down on his desk, and wait for the day to end.
  72. [16:01:08] <Giantree> It seems we've all learned now that A-ranks are suffering.
  73. [16:02:31] <``Lucas> Guess that's a wrap
  74. [16:02:47] <Ellamae> SHE WILL NEVER KNOW PEACE
  76. [16:03:17] <Giantree> BUT YOU GUYS AREN'T MAKING IT EASY FOR HER
  77. [16:03:22] <Giantree> yeah /A though
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