A succubus and a Ice Goddess changing the deal.

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  1. 20:04] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] Lilith stood inside her warm tent, set up somewhere out in the warm forest between Grudal and Brattentis as she eyed the stone that was given to her before by the lovely yet cold Ice Goddess. Taking the stone into her hand and making sure she was to no be disturbed she pushed magic into the item. Working to bring the attention and presence of the Ice Goddess before her. She had a bit of news for the lovely woman she had met only once.
  2. [20:05] *[user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user] the stone would glow as magic was pushed into it, Yuri's voice floating into her mind, "A moment Lilith, dealing with something." the sound of flesh being torn apart could be heard before Yuri 'icked' in disgust, "Anyway, what is it?"
  3. [20:09] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] heard the noise and would wonder what the woman was up to. The sound something... of normalness to the Succubus as she would heard the voice "Well I have an update for you about that deal with made. Does the Ice Queen/Goddess have a moment to spare for a lowly Succubus?" she said her voice full of some teasing but business like.
  4. [20:10] *[user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user] a sigh of annoyance could be heard before yuri appeared before her, she was absolutely covered in blood, most of her nude form was covered in it, little of her pale skin and hair could be seen, "What is it I have things to do."
  5. [20:17] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] feeling the gust of icey wind she gazed upon the bloodied woman, catching most of her nude form and smiling "My... i've heard of sexual torture but not sexual murder. Would you like to wash some of that blood off dear?" she said moving to the side and offering a towel " I have news about the Eliza girl you had an interest in."
  6. [20:18] *[user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user] shook her head, the blood seemed to absorb into her skin, her flesh seemed a bit livelier now, looking like she was a normal human, even her hair turned crimson, "No it's fine, what have you got for me?"
  7. [20:21] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] amused by the idea. "well she is currently in a very tricky spot... A Lich's castle. Corvus to be exact, and i have gone and snuck inside. The cute general couldn't resist being given a mark to her lovely body. Soon she will come crawling to me begging to be a pet." she said picking a collar " Then ill bring her to you, if... that is you want that girl"
  8. [20:22] *[user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user] smiled softly, "Excellent...I believe I tasked you with eliminating the heros no?"
  9. [20:24] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] shrugs "eliminating... making them cute pets and bringing them to you which ever" she said walking back with a cute blue collar "What do you think? this work as something to make they are for you?" she asked holding up the blue leather collar towards Yuri
  10. [20:26] *[user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user] nodded, "Yes, it will work until they arrive at my temple, I will have a personal one...though I need to change our agreement slightly. I don't want them dead, or brought to me aside from this one. I want them broken and under our command, but still in whatever station they were in."
  11. [20:29] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] raised an eyebrow as she looked over the crimson haired Goddess "that so? What changed if i may ask Icey? Feel bad for the poor heroes and rather keep them as pets? Or do you have other plans for them when they get to you?"
  12. [20:30] [user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user]: "I have other plans, they're more useful in their current stations then dead, but i do have a side task for you. You are aware of the tears of winter no?"
  13. [20:33] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] tilts her head thinking some " Not really... but do tell Icey." she said as she was never sure if she was given the Goddess real name. So using a pet one was all she had... till correct that was
  14. [20:35] [user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user]: "They are small blue gemstones, cold to the touch and shaped like a tear, and radiate power. I need them, all of them you can find."
  15. [20:36] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] crossed her arms and would smile "and what do they do? What do you want them for? I may be helping you for the assitance your giving me... but there is a line that can be drawn? May want to inform your partner here more so she knows what she is getting into"
  16. [20:37] [user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user]: "I can assure you that getting them will not land you in trouble, but I can not say exactly why I need them...not yet."
  17. [20:41] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] tapped her lip as she thought it over "Ill aid in the extra task... on one condition"
  18. [20:42] [user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user]: "That is?"
  19. [20:43] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] smiles holding up the collar "Let me get a look with one of these on you!" she said with a friendly expression "I'm a succubus... asking for a sexual pleasure seems mundane... but to see a regal Goddess wearing a cute collar... now thats a sight to last a lifetime~"
  20. [20:44] *[user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user] glared at her and took the collar, inspecting it for anything magical
  21. [20:45] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] smiled as the collar was taken. It truly was just a simple collar, Lilith enjoying herself that the Goddess was contemplating it and wishing she did get a magic canceling one. But she had no idea their deal would go this way
  22. [20:46] *[user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user] sighed as she saw it was simple and put it on, glaring at the succubus, "Happy?"
  23. [20:48] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] jumps and giggles at the cute view of the Goddess wearing a collar and would nod "Oh yes, and you look so cute. Such stunny red hair and that lively skin. Ever think of letting another play with you?" she asked with a sultry purr
  24. [20:49] *[user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user] glared at her and tore the collar off a few moments later, tossing it back to her, "There, you know the agreement now."
  25. [20:50] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] took the torn collar and stuck her tongue out "Fine fine... yes i know it.. but if you want to feel what a collar and the extra part of it feels like for once dear... dont be afraid to find me" she said with a purr " I promise to make it memorable"
  26. [20:51] *[user]Yuri Shurayuki[/user] rolled her eyes and opened a gateway, "I'll see you soon Lilith, and maybe I'll take up that offer...maybe." she'd walk through and close it, a bit of snow on the ground where it was
  27. [20:53] *[user]Lilith Haven[/user] snickering at the cute ice Goddess and her departure. Moving towards her warm furs and soon calling in her thrall Ama to lay with her as she purrs. Happy she didn't have her present when talking to Yuri
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