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Mega Man RPG: Battlefield (ENTIRE PLOT)

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  1. To begin, let's start off small: The three main stories, Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass.
  3. Mega Man's story features Meta, ZeroDXZ, and MegaBossMan as the main three protagonists, Proto Man's story features Ender and TailsMK4 filling the first two roles, with BetaMan and MegaBoyX7 being the duo featured in Bass's story.  All three of the main stories have a similar series of events to get to the ending; New Player Explores Cut Man/Dust Man/Bright Man's Level -> Player Has A Sparing Match With Meta/Ender/Beta -> Player Gets Abducted -> Meta/Ender/Beta begin a quest to find MBM to set things right -> They Team Up With ZeroDXZ/TailsMK4/MegaBoyX7 -> Team Checks Underground Lab for MBM (Ending Up Fighting Their Rival Instead) -> They Meet MBM -> A "Misunderstanding" lands them in a fight against two high-ranking StupidStudios officers -> SSN Joins The Party -> Club of Wily/Diamond of Cossack/Heart of Light is obtained -> Party Ends Up At The Sky Ridge -> Rematch Against Rival -> Boss Rush -> Wily Castle With A Quiz Show Staring Mikey -> Battle against the now-possessed player  (DarkSoul Mega Man/Proto Man/Bass) under the control of "Wily" -> "Wily" is revealed to be a decoy created by SSN -> SSN picks up the Heart of Light/Club of Wily/Diamond of Cossack from the player's remains -> SSN reveals to be in possession of the third artifact -> SSN summons the Star of Immortality -> Battle Against SSN -> SSN dies, leaving behind the artifact taken from the player -> Repeat for the other two stories
  5. Now, here's where things get a little more complicated.  The game has in place a system where it can detect what order you play the stories in, via a variable I labeled "Timeline".  That variable is raised by one after the completion of a story, and certain events change depending on when a story is played.  Notable examples of this are that MegaBossMan will actually search for the party in Timelines 2 & 3, making contact with them sooner than in Timeline 1 (Timeline 2 - Before the first fight against the rival, Timeline 3 - Before entering the Underground Lab dungeon), the group of StupidStudios Officers is different for each timeline (T1- SSJ & SSC3, T2- SSN2 & SSC2, T3- SSA & SSC4), and the final encounter against yours truly will also be altered, in both the pre-battle dialogue, and in the fight itself, as I pull from different art styles in the battles and my music selection is different (Battle 1 - Normal Form (Song: Yobanashi Decieve: Chiptune Remix, Battle 2 - 8-Bit Form With MM8-Style Background (Song: Children Record: Chiptune Remix), Battle 3 - Undertale Form With Black Background (Song: Megalovania)).
  7. Alright...  Now for the big spoilers...  The "Final Story", or as it's listed in the forum thread, "???'s Story", which is really "MegaBossMan's Story", as it is revealed that the MegaBossMan from Timeline 2 & 3 is really Timeline 1's MegaBossMan, who's been time-hopping to solve the problem revolving around the mysterious anomaly creating the alternate timelines in the first place.  MegaBossMan makes the chat room aware of his time-traveling, and that they need to preemptively stop StupidStudios, and capture SSN for interrogation.  Of course, SS catches wind of this, and the party MBM assembles has to make their way to N's throne room, having to go through all the previous SS fights in a row.  Once the team makes it to N's throne room, SSN reveals that he has already obtained the 3 artifacts, since he has knowledge of what occurred from other timelines, and he is also aware of parallel universes, such as the worlds of MegaBound, Beta And MegaBoy, The MMRPG Trading Card Game, and even a couple of the tournaments hosted here and there.  Now, he's a different SSN from the other 3, but he still maintains knowledge from the events that occurred.  However, when he attempts to summon the Star of Immortality it fails, because MegaBossMan had used the artifacts he obtained from the previous 3 timelines, prior to starting the quest, and SSN has to rely on a backup upgraded form (Based on my current avatar, the Light Blue Proto Man).  This, however, doesn't hinder him in battle what so ever.  When the battle begins, SSN remarks "Honestly, at this point, I don't even see the need to use the Star in order to fight you.  With this armor, I can perform feats that I previously thought were impossible!  Heh...  Looks like I won't have to banish you after all, in order to stop you from proceeding."  (SSN's Final Battle Theme: Dialga's Fight To The Finish *Remastered*)  The fight against SSN is going to be a tricky one, as while he maintains attacks from previous versions of the fight, mixed in with some newer, flashier attacks, when brought down to a certain amount of health, he activates the effects of the armor, and sends the heroes into a flashback-esque version of a previous boss fight, which returns the heroes to the main fight afterwards, though SSN will replicate more past boss fights as well.  As the fight progresses, SSN makes allusions to the endings in the first 3 timelines along with him making an acknowledgement of [REDACTED].  
  9.     Eventually, SSN is defeated, and brought back to the chat room.  Through interrogation, SSN allows the party access to the locked door to the left of his throne, leading the group to a secret abandoned lab, where a tape recorder is found with the data logs that plays as the group goes further down the hallway, starting with N talking about the group moving into the new location after SSZ started a fire in the old castle, then it delves into the group's experiments with glitching special weapons, such as changing Rain Flush into healing rain, but one of the experiment's go horribly wrong, being the effects of messing with a Time-Element weapon.  I'll send you a full list of the data logs if you so wish, but the tl;dr of what happens is that SSM ends up testing the weapon, and gets erased from existence, with no one, other than those that witnessed the test, remembering them.  From this incident, SSN goes mad with guilt and frantically tries to find ways to bring them back, with the final test including [REDACTED] using the weapon, but at the same time, SSN freezing time to save him before he vanishes.  It's a temporary fix, as his body slowly deteriorates, until he becomes a husk, with no one remembering him, like SSM.  After the data logs have ended, the gang ends up in the catacombs of the castle, finding the body of [REDACTED].
  11.     Using the Star's power, MegaBossMan discovers that the data of [REDACTED] was sent to where all the junk data in the Prototype is located (Design-wise, think Glitch City from the original Pokemon games).  So, by triggering admin commands, the group make it to the heart of the junk data, and the final dungeon of the game, The Old/Xat Chat Room, which takes multiple assets from the game and mixes it into a glitchy mess.  Once they reach the end of the dungeon, they encounter [REDACTED] who is revealed to be StupidStudiosW, but since he's technically the cause of the timeline incident, he has to be destroyed.  So, the final conflict of the game begins, and of course, the group wins.  Now, the final ending is to be determined by one choice.  In the laboratory, the player will be able to find the strongest weapon in the game, the glitched Time Stopper, which is able to kill enemies in one shot.  Now, fighting SSW without the weapon equipped nets the player the Seemingly Good Ending, where SSW is seemingly destroyed, but after the credits, he shows up at the doorstep of Castle StupidStudios, where he is seen perfectly fine (Presumably respawned), and everyone assumes that the problems with the crossing timelines have ended.  However, using the weapon against SSW grants the player a Neutral/Mysterious Ending, where SSW isn't present after the credits, and the timeline problems still continue, but this time, everyone's aware of the problem still being present, and the player is granted with a new story choice.  "StupidStudiosN's Story".
  13.     In this story, you take control of SSN, C3, and J in an alternate timeline where your goal is to defeat the heroes from the first three timelines, including MBM, with the final battle taking place in the chat room, where you must fight all of them at once.  After that battle, SSN brings back [REDACTED]/SSW in his glitchy state, however, doing so unwittingly destroyed that timeline and altered another.  You're once again allowed to pick MegaBossMan's story, but it's different this time.  It's a new MegaBossMan, but with memories of the Neutral/Mysterious Ending and the SSN Ending.  This time, you're required to head into Castle StupidStudios, convince SSN that bringing back SSW would destroy the world, and that destroying him, the problems would still persist.  After you do that, the two come to the conclusion that while SSW could be part of the problem, that it might also be because of SSM that the problem persists, yet they have no clue why, as [REDACTED] remarked in the first MBM timeline that all that's left of SSM is her body.  Realizing that it could be that SSM is in a plane of existence different from W's and their own, MBM returns to fight [REDACTED], now without the option to use the glitched Time Stopper, and after the fight, MBM, SSN, and SSW make their way into the final area of the game, located inside the data of SSM, a pitch black void with no one else, except for SSM that is.  She remarks that she's grown resentful of SSN since that very day the test went wrong, and that she purposefully destroyed countless timelines (Presumably from different people who played the game up to the SSN storyline) just so she could bring them all to her own personal hell of living outside both existence and reality.  Reluctantly, SSN and SSW, along with MBM, defeat the livid SSM and all return safely to reality, ending the timeline crisis. The credits roll, and SSN stands by at the Sky Ridge with SSW standing right next to him, ending the game with the two looking off into the distance...
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