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  1. Nahr - 41540201 - 1
  2. BANNED player: iRolex2k16
  3. Banned boy discord: rolex#3898
  4. My discord :#0001
  5. MY IGN: L4_D6
  6. Banned from TLO
  7. Reason: Profanity perhaps (very high probability)(approximately 72% sure)
  8. Note: me so sorry
  9. STATUS: Denied (perm banned)
  10. ____________________
  11. Birdie - 43203159 - 1
  12. Banned player’s name: colbat36000
  13. Banned player’s Discord: colbat36000#1194
  14. Banned player’s ID: 43203159
  15. Banned From: Tradelands (Game)
  16. Appealer’s name: ehufithan
  17. Appealer’s Discord: ehufham#7983
  18. Reason for Ban: giving items to a players alt account
  19. Player's Note: I'm not sure how is this bannable even though it's not even in the rules. Anyway, I was just trying to help a friend start over, by giving him some items as a symbol of friendship, I'm not sure if describing it as a matter of justice or being unfair, cause' the items of course would have helped him a lot, but I realized(a bit late) this wouldn't be fair to other players that are new to the game and I didn't consider it before doing it. I want to suggest putting this example as a rule or make it more specific. Because I never knew that this was a bannable action. It won't happen again now that I know about this "rule". I've been playing the game since the very beggining, and it would be  really sad for me to just stop because' of something I had no idea about and its consequences, still, I'm sorry for doing what I did, please consider the ammount of friends I've made on Tradelands and the good times I've spent on it, please don't make me end the game like this B(.
  20. STATUS: Denied (needs to be remorseful)
  21. __________________________
  22. Nahr - 112470610 - 1
  23. Banned players username: blevatino
  24. Banned player’s Discord: blevatino#3802
  25. Banned player’s ID: 112470610
  26. Banned From: TLO
  27. Appealer’s name: uJingLiT
  28. Appealer’s Discord: uJingLiT#9672
  29. Reason for Ban: Mentioning in a appeal/Inappropriate Ban Appeal
  30. NOTE: I understand why I was banned.  I wish someone would have warned me first but I guess it was inappropriate. I am truly sorry that some people saw that ban appeal. I understand why I was banned and I promise I wont do it again. TLO is where I connect with some of my friends. I will never do it again and will learn from this as a lesson. Please consider this ban appeal and have a wonderful day! :smile:
  31. STATUS: Accepted
  32. __________________________
  33. Nahr -  18515506 - 5
  34. BANNED player: UnstoppableAnarchy
  35. Banned boy discord: UnstoppableAnarchy#9911
  36. anned player’s ID:18515506
  37. Banned from TLO
  38. My discord : misterninjarob #0661
  39. MY IGN: misterninjarob
  40. Banned from TLO
  41. Reason: Nsfw/gore
  42. Note: im sorry that i was talking about radishes coming out the back side bro
  43. STATUS: Denied (Perm ban)
  44. __________________________
  45. Lovecake - 34349235 - 2
  46. Banned players Roblox username: Tietaatje
  47. Banned player's discord: Tietaatje#2815
  48. Banned player's ID: 34349235
  49. Banned from: Tradelands Discord
  50. Ban reason:  Toxic
  51. Appealer's Roblox username: Inquirist
  52. Appealer's discord: Inquirist#4582
  53. Message from banned player:
  54. Hello its me Tiet i will not be toxic again sorry
  55. Status: Denied (constantly toxic)
  56. _____________________________
  57. System - 548785805 - 1
  58. Banned player’s name:CryptLegacy
  59. Banned player’s Discord:James M#0327
  60. Banned player’s ID:548785805
  61. Banned From: Tradelands (Game)
  62. Appealer's Roblox username: ScriptedMyth
  63. Appealer's discord: James M#0327
  64. Reason for Ban:Playing with Alts
  65. Player's Note: I was trying to roleplay with Alts i am really sorry i didnt read the rules i was just trying to travel with people
  66. and my friend there too, Just came back to roblox and ive really wanted to play the game since i love its concept but i would beg and do anything
  67. in order to get unbanned so i can play again i will never use alts again.
  68. Status: Denied (Perm)
  69. _____________________________
  70. Birdie - 115672698 - 1
  71. Banned player's name: xxshaf
  72. Banned player's discord: xxshaf#9686
  73. Banned player's ID
  74. Banned From: TLO
  75. Appealer's Roblox username: Polka23a
  76. Appealer's discord: Tasunka#9121
  77. Reason For Ban: NSFW Video
  78. Player's Note: Im really sorry sending this video, I understand why am I banned and that's right  on 50%  because earlier I was in discord I deleted that video :p Please get me unbanned I didn't finish a lot of things there .
  79. Status: Accepted
  80. ______________________________
  81. Riezzen -  23455760 - 1
  82. Banned players Roblox username: N_emi
  83. Banned player's discord: Cale#8042
  84. Banned player's ID: 23455760
  85. Banned from: Game
  86. Appealer’s Roblox name:
  87. Appealer’s Discord:
  88. Ban reason:  Exploit's
  89. Appealer's Roblox username: iTzRonin
  90. Appealer's discord: WolveR#1549
  91. Message from banned player:
  92. I have been banned for two year's and six month's i am sorry and have learn my lesson
  93. Status: Denied (perm ban, exploiting)
  94. ___________________________________
  95. Lovecake - 95471921 - 1
  96. Banned players roblox username: giantbob321
  97. Banned players discord: giantbob321#2477
  98. Banned players ID: 95471921
  99. Banned from: tlo discord
  100. Ban reason: advertising robux scam
  101. Appealers roblox username: fIatlining
  102. Appealers discord: And there was none#3984
  103. Message from the banned player: I apologize for my arrogance and I now realize that it is against the rules to direct message other people discord invites for other servers, I now realize the rules do not permit this and I have now read them more carefully and understand them better, I promise I will not break these rules at any further date, thank you for reading my request.
  104. Status: Accepted
  105. __________________________________
  106. Birdie - 322487628 - 2
  107. Banned Player's Roblox Username: LordMichaelTheGreat
  108. Banned Player's Discord: LordMichaelTheGreat #6191
  109. Banned Player's ID: 322487628
  110. Banned From : Tradelands discord
  111. Ban Reason: Spamming "Crates"
  112. Appealer's Roblox Username: Prox_is
  113. Appealer's Discord: waitno#8516
  114. Message from player: I am sorry for spamming "Crates" it was immature and annoying and will not repeat.
  115. Status: Accepted
  116. ________________________________
  117. ? - 66346765 - 1
  118. Banned players Roblox username: RetlocPeck
  119. Banned player's discord: RetlocPeck#2576
  120. Banned Player's ID:66346765
  121. Banned from: Tradelands (Game)
  122. Ban reason:  Selling naval weapons
  123. Appealer's Roblox username: hach1roku
  124. Appealer's discord: hachiroku#4955
  125. Message from banned player:
  126. Two years ago I was banned, since then, I have had the time to review the rules of Tradelands and learned not to use alts or sell weapons. Over this time I have also become much more mature and realize how bold I was to break the rules keeping the game the way it is.
  127. Status: Accepted (Has to pay 50k fine)
  128. _______________________________
  129. Cole - 35681743 - 1
  130. Banned Players Discord: ayeeeee #6070
  131. Banned Players IGN: mackthehero
  132. Banned Player's ID: 35681743   
  133. Banned from: tradelands discord
  134. Reason for ban: i leaked legokalens gf
  135. My Discord:Papa Smurf#5769
  136. My IGN: Jeremy_63
  137. Players Note: i didint know i did something bad lego kalen asked me for his gfs instagram and i said it in tlo it was a trap
  138. Status: Denied (needs to use punctuation)
  139. ______________________________
  140. ? - 118852742 - 2
  141. BANNED player: 2440573
  142. Banned boy's id: 118852742
  143. Banned boy discord: 2440573#0912
  144. Banned from: tlo discord
  145. Reason: maybe toxicity? Or possibly just accidentally kicked
  146. My discord : Not_sky#8997
  148. Note: idk its been so long since i get banned from the discord but i have no clue i just got kicked for no reason
  149. Status: Accepted
  150. ________________________
  151. Riezzen - 71653951 - 1
  152. Banned player’s name: PoIarex (capital i)
  153. Banned player’s Discord: PoIarex#5903
  154. Banned player’s ID: 71653951
  155. Banned From: Tradelands (Game)
  156. Reason for Ban:Joking about in-game purchase.
  157. Player's Note: I am sorry that I joked about in-game purchases with robux and I will not do it again. I had a lot of stuff on my account and I really do prefer not to be permanently banned. I would very much appreciate it if I could be unbanned and I promise I’ll be good thank you.
  158. Status: Accepted
  159. _________________________________
  160. Birdie - 128627830 - 1
  161. Username:penguindashftw
  162. Discord Name: The German Kaiser#4569
  163. Player Id: 128627830
  164. Banned from: Tradelands discord
  165. Ban Reason: spam
  166. Appealer's Roblox Username: cholaso
  167. Appealer's Discord: cholaso#6969
  168. Message from player: it was a joke for fun which is why i limited myself to five lines i did not intent
  169. to spam the chat in anyway. this was my fault for not being careful.
  170. Status: Accept
  171. _______________________
  172. Birdie - 326729576 - 1
  173. Banned Player's Roblox Username: fencing489
  174. Banned Player's Discord: fencing489#8567
  175. Banned Player's ID: 326729576
  176. Banned From : Tradelands discord
  177. Ban Reason: Advertising
  178. Appealer's Roblox Username: xhammiex
  179. Appealer's Discord: xhammiex#0139
  180. Message from player: I'm sorry for advertising, I didn't know that was a rule, I won't do this again, I swear.
  181. Status: Accepted
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