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  1. 12:42 PM] Unseelie: Work lunch
  2. [12:47 PM] Unseelie: I'm pretty chill right now.
  3. [12:48 PM] Unseelie: I've got a long weekend, flying out to the wilderness until next weds,.
  4. [12:48 PM] Unseelie: Don't think I'll make any time for disco until after that.
  5. [12:48 PM] Unseelie: And, frankly...
  6. [12:49 PM] Durandal †: Well, we should probably decide what we're doing with Rheinland before you leave, then.
  7. [12:50 PM] Unseelie: I'm leaning toward fractured rheinland
  8. [12:51 PM] Unseelie: But you can't really... Break it up without cutting imperial rheinland off from sigma or gallia.
  9. [12:52 PM] Unseelie: I think Stuttgart, NB, Hamburg are going to be the bastions of imperialist support
  10. [12:53 PM] Unseelie: Colonge, Frankfurt, Munich, much less so.
  11. [12:53 PM] Unseelie: Stuttgart is... complicated because of Synth foods.
  12. [12:54 PM] Durandal †: Imperial Rheinland is in peace talks with Kusari to end the war.
  13. [12:54 PM] Durandal †: The Feds never wanted the war.
  14. [12:54 PM] Unseelie: The liberty gov will recognize whichever govt holds it and doesn't nationalist it.
  15. [12:54 PM] Durandal †: So... no more war, I guess, which sucks
  16. [12:54 PM] Durandal †: I think the whole thing is a disaster.
  17. [12:54 PM] Unseelie: Well, we've rheinland fighting itself.
  18. [12:55 PM] Unseelie: I think you're very interested in a war that I've heard from many fronts "nobody wants this"
  19. [12:57 PM] Unseelie: I think we can get imperial to go to war with core
  20. [1:00 PM] Durandal †: My biggest complaint with this whole thing is that ultimately we are catering to a group of people who keep pushing us, very aggressively, to make their story a part of our game, and using scummy tactics to do it.
  21. [1:00 PM] Durandal †: The Imperial vote won but only barely. About 10% of it is fake votes.
  22. [1:01 PM] Unseelie: So, about votes.
  23. [1:01 PM] Unseelie: Sixty some people are interested.
  24. [1:02 PM] Unseelie: A variety of others have come around to our idea.
  25. [1:02 PM] Unseelie: A number of them voted that they weren't interested.
  26. [1:02 PM] Durandal †: Can you just give your iron fisted command that we're doing this? Because I'll follow you, but you won't get me to believe it's a good idea.
  27. [1:02 PM] Durandal †: So if we're doing this. Just say we're doing it.
  28. [1:03 PM] Durandal †: Everything is going to fucking explode and it's going to be terrible, and we are setting a very dangerous precedent, but
  29. [1:03 PM] Durandal †: I'm not gonna do anything about it.
  30. [1:04 PM] Unseelie: Justin, honestly, I'm about five seconds from retiring from disco.
  31. [1:04 PM] Durandal †: So just do the thing you want to do, which is Imperial Rheinland.
  32. [1:05 PM] Durandal †: One thing I need you to know though.
  33. [1:05 PM] Unseelie: I don't really want imperial rheinland. I just think honoring those guys while making sure the MND get something they like is a way to keep people interested.
  34. [1:06 PM] Durandal †: If Cameron tries to executive order this out of action, it wasn't me. I'm your friend, I'm his friend, and I'm not gonna take sides in this.
  35. [1:06 PM] Unseelie: I barely give a fuck, and maybe that's why it seems to you that I'm for it, because I'm for letting the players in rheinland play the game.
  36. [1:06 PM] Unseelie: I mean, he can, and I'd be absolutely chill with that
  37. [1:07 PM] Durandal †: The only thing I'm adamant about is that,
  38. [1:07 PM] Unseelie: It will cause a similar level of drama as doing it.
  39. [1:07 PM] Durandal †: We've made this poll, 100+ members of our community have contributed
  40. [1:07 PM] Durandal †: So we ought decide, and not sit on it.
  41. [1:08 PM] Unseelie: And long-standing distrust of us and dissillusinment with the game from the rheinlanders who want something.
  42. [1:08 PM] Unseelie: I was saying do it before the poll.
  43. [1:08 PM] Unseelie: I don't give a fuck about the poll
  44. [1:08 PM] Unseelie: I'm still saying do it.
  45. [1:08 PM] Durandal †: If you have made a decision, inform the story chat.
  46. [1:09 PM] Durandal †: On an absolutely better note
  47. [1:09 PM] Durandal †:
  49. [1:20 PM] Durandal †: Well.
  50. [1:20 PM] Durandal †: That could have uh.
  51. [1:20 PM] Durandal †: Ok.
  52. [1:21 PM] Durandal †: So, time to figure out server finances, I guess?
  53. [1:21 PM] Unseelie: I'm still paying for it.
  54. [1:22 PM] Unseelie: I just don't want all my free time to be "do we cater to x or y" or..."can I have this" or "my faction is obviously the biggest group in sirus"
  55. [1:23 PM] Unseelie: And I clearly don't have the time to make this product better, so like... What's the point?
  56. [1:24 PM] Durandal †: I mean, I think that might have been a little kneejerk-y, and I wish you would remain aboard as like... a Wildkins?
  57. [1:24 PM] Durandal †: I'd rather have you around dev and non committal, than gone entirely.
  58. [1:25 PM] Unseelie: I uhh...
  59. [1:25 PM] Durandal †: Especially if you're going to continue being the money guy and all.
  60. [1:25 PM] Unseelie: I can't keep spending an hour after every lunch break.
  61. [1:25 PM] Unseelie: So like... Am I interested?
  62. [1:25 PM] Unseelie: Sure.
  63. [1:25 PM] Unseelie: Do I have time?!?
  64. [1:25 PM] Unseelie: No.
  65. [1:26 PM] Durandal †: So step down as lead, pass lead to somebody else, and when someone is like... "I need an Uns", direct them to someone else.
  66. [1:27 PM] Unseelie: No, man, it's... I'm compulsive.
  67. [1:27 PM] Durandal †: But, god, you suddenly walking out of the chat.. I don't think you realize how much panic you've just induced, or the long term problems it poses.
  68. [1:28 PM] Durandal †: I don't want to bother you about this at work, but can we please talk about this later?
  69. [1:29 PM] Unseelie: Yes.
  70. [1:29 PM] Durandal †: Alright, cool
  71. [1:29 PM] Durandal †: And do you mind if I share this conversation with story/dept heads, so they calm down a bit?
  72. [1:31 PM] Unseelie: Yes.
  73. [1:31 PM] Unseelie: I mean.
  74. [1:31 PM] Unseelie: No
  75. [1:31 PM] Durandal †: You mean it is ok to share it.
  76. [1:31 PM] Unseelie: You can share anything we have said today
  77. [1:31 PM] Durandal †: Ok.
  78. [1:31 PM] Unseelie: But I demand you include the ahegoo washer
  79. [1:32 PM] Durandal †: Ok.
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