Anonymous Message to the Xbox Live Community

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  1. #Anonymous #FawkesSec #AntiSec
  3. ---Message to the Xbox Live Community---
  5. Greetings citizens of the internet and gamers around the world, we are anonymous. We direct this message to the users of the gaming community Xbox lIvE, but more in particular those within the community who are using various methods to access customer accounts, distributing malware to unsuspecting gamers and defecting game play for the sole purpose of cheating on public game servers. A large amount of so called hackers have been using the Xbox live community as a base to selfishly and illegally extract money out of dedicated customers, with younger people and children being the main target. Heavily advertised software such as ''aim bots'' and ''wall hacks'' for Battlefield 3 or ''invisibility mode'' for COD, are easy ways to tempt users into downloads, subscriptions and even handing over credit card details for payment, these tools and others similar, are nothing more than malicious software. It has also been reported that users are scamming gamers by pretending to be moderators from Microsoft or indipendant internet authorities, these are other ways customers are getting tricked and more than likely the person behind the account is attempting to social engineer details and sensitive information. Websites advertising that they exchange free Microsoft points in return for filling in endless surveys should be avoided, as we can gaurentee that you wont be awarded any points but you will be putting your Xbox live account at risk. This is a growing problem within the Xbox community, yet the Microsoft executives have done nothing to solve the problem or even attempt to increase the security measures for accounts. Many members of anonymous are gamers who respect the conditions of gaming and find the use of hacking online game-play or accounts completely unethical and counterproductive, we have therefor decided to target the Xbox live hackers and purportraitors themselves. If you are a hacker who thinks taking over someones account during modern warfare is leet, then we will show you the reality of cyber warfare. Users of Xbox live who are involved in scams, hacking and malware distribution will be swiftly and systematically removed from the community. Online gaming is an important social platform in all cultures across the world, a form of entertainment and communication, that should be safe for everyone. modders, trolls and noobs are not, legitimate targets.
  7. We are anonymous.
  8. We are legion.
  9. We do not forgive.
  10. We do not forget.
  11. Xbox live hackers, expect us...
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