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  1. Hull slag list 2010 ;) :AIDEN BLADES , tasha templemen, brendon moore, mark sellers, megan grey, terry bradford, tanya wood, harvey smallwood.Michael McNeil, Tom Rust,Lee Saville.Ambaa Atkinson,Liam collins, BAM FOX;], kaylee knickers,laure.........n lewis,aleisha dk ;3 heva allard,jadine roe,danielle burns, tasha dk, lala templeman, izzie glazzard ;D em mason, rose MIDG, MOLLY FUCKING RENDER,leah cochran-got fingered by oli coulwill behind hollywood bowl. Jaymee cartwright fucked half of hull, melissa craven, Lauren dirty hoe bassford .Chloe bailey.Lauren Walker. Bec cressey;3 Tasha templemen, berndon moore, mark sellers, megan grey, terry bradfordBeth Kell.Robyn Hill. Jay Bell. char macklon Charlie Sharket (dark horse)Kelly ann Bright. derek gaskarth. Emma Collins Jordan Hart Harrison Scholes. Alanis Watson.Ambaa Atkinson,Liam collins, BAM FOX;], kaylee knickers,laure......n lewis,aleisha dk ;3 heva allard, tasha dk. , lala templeman, izzie glazzard is a dyke leah cockmeister fancys nial carrol and got fingered by oli couwill behind hollywood bowl, chloe compton,Azra taric, Lou blyth e got fingered by kim sedmen, liam gibson has a small penis charlotte lawler had sex with tom brown, tom flannagan. Leah staves♥ mia steele katie geenley laura jewitt, andy galbraith, ash shaw, corin needham, Aimee Volmer, steph Jewitt, ben Compton, Alex Blain, Abbie pinder, Shaun ripely ,George Goodwin, amy black, tom evaritte( wrong spelling) bubbles, jess mathews, sam sharp Benjamin Cowper
  2. Sebb lasocki. Mercedes millbank. Ben Coupland. Mr Perkins!:) Half these people are virgin wannabe slags from lola waslin. tanya wood, hardvery smallwood, TOM RUST! Jazz agrees with lola Josh Sewell Mate !!! sent it on slagg:D
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