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  8. April 16 at 9:42am Report
  9. yes i have never stopped drinking, i drink around 2-4 beers, a day, drinking has not bothered me, never been a problem to me, i work hard play hard, and i enjoy my beer at the end of the day
  11. I am not sure which admin went to to say all those lies, but it looked alot like glen doing it, but i do admin i was away from my pc for a couple days, cause i was at the hospital with my grandmother, and then we had her funeral the other day, so been going thought alot with that, and alot of family been in town, so i havent had the time to even get on fb, more r less get into a chat room
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  17. Rooster Ari (Today at 4:04pm)
  18. April 16 at 7:37am Report
  19. Just to let you know, that was glen dillion you were talking with in that chat and not me, first why would i come into a chat and spell my name wrong, secondly why wouldnt i log into my snafu name. Everything said on that chat was nothing but lies from mwtc admin glen dillion. They r so full of bs, they dont even know all of my accounts more r less can tell if you r friends with them or not. Only way they can tell if you are friends with them is to look at your friend list. If you want to keep me blocked go ahead, but just to let you know taht was not me Snafu, that you were talking to in that chat.
  21. I have been away from the pc cause my grandmother just passed away, and i have not been able to get online. So you can do as you wish, but i just wanted to let you know that was not me at all that you were talking to. It was mwtc lieing admins, and sounded alot like glen, that is the type of ppl they r.
  23. Also if i was leaving fb dont you think i would disable my account, and not keep it up and running, dont trust mwtc admins mate, they will lie to you anyway way they can, and they will use you for anything they can use you for, they r nothing but backstabbing cowards
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