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  1. ## **What is your greatest strength and how do you know?**
  3. I have many great strengths. One such great strength is my adaptability. I easily adapt to change and I am very flexible within my professional roles as well as my personal relationships. I think this flexibility is proven by my ability to maintain optimism in the face of new challenges.
  5. ## **How do you work best?**
  7. I work better with some well defined goals and more structure. I work best in a quiet and comfortable place without contact with my cell phone. I also really enjoy collaborating with others.
  9. ## **What is your greatest area of improvement?**
  11. I would like to improve my productivity. I am easily distracted, even in such a simple task as this one. This means that it takes me longer to complete tasks. I would like to be more focused and efficient so that I can spend less time working overall.
  13. ## **How do you hope to maximize your strengths for your new career in software development?**
  15. My adaptability is one reason why I am able to make this career change in the first place. I believe my problem solving skills and optimism will keep me working through tough programming challenges. My interpersonal skills will help me collaborate with teams on projects. I will know when I need to reach out for help and I will feel comfortable and confident while doing so. I will also utilize my strengths to help support and bring up other people up in this new role.
  17. ## **How might knowing about your strengths and working preferences benefit you as a software developer?**
  19. Knowing my strengths will help me to succeed in this new role. It allows me to contribute the things I am good at to a project or a team. It will help me choose opportunities that I may enjoy because I am good at them. It mayyy help me recognize when my strengths are needed so I can stand up and utilize them. Recognizing my working preferences will help me shape a better working environment for myself, which may actually help me improve my productivity.
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