Disagreement Between YWKLS and XenomicX

Dec 20th, 2019
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  1. ywklsYesterday at 12:15 PM
  2. I'm trying to be reasonable. You went more than 2 years without touching the quest. When you rejoined after I requested permission to revive it you were active for a few months before going dark for over a year. In the time since your return, you haven't seemed to be interesting in doing more than adding sprites and palettes until recently.
  4. xenomicxYesterday at 12:19 PM
  5. and 90% of the quest is designed by me. It's mine. That isn't up for debate
  7. ywklsYesterday at 12:20 PM
  8. I would have to disagree. The 1st half of the quest perhaps. The second half; Metroid, FF area, Kirby and other additions were all mine.
  9. The point is, I'm not trying to fight about it. But you have been absent for the majority of the time since I was added as creator for the quest. Since April 2018, that's 18 months; for which you were completely gone for 13.
  11. xenomicxYesterday at 12:22 PM
  12. so what?
  14. ywklsYesterday at 12:22 PM
  15. So, treating me like this is counterproductive.
  17. xenomicxYesterday at 12:22 PM
  18. You were gone the first 2 years I worked on it alone. The gas mask STAYS
  20. ywklsYesterday at 12:23 PM
  21. I wasn't even aware of it then.
  23. xenomicxYesterday at 12:23 PM
  24. If you want the slot for something else, then I'll add 3 more weapons.
  25. The gas mask IS an equipable item in Metal Gear. It's a must
  27. ywklsYesterday at 12:28 PM
  28. The gas mask isn't the issue. You've begun making unilateral decisions about what the quest will/won't have. If you'd been present since I began working on it in earnest this wouldn't bother me. A number of times I pinged you in Discord about something but you never chimed in. I've attempted to respect your original vision, while making something that was unique. But I'm not about to let this turn into a scenario like Lost Isle where the creators fight about the final product and end up trying to undermine one another. I will help cooperate with you but you have to be willing to do the same with me.
  30. xenomicxYesterday at 12:36 PM
  31. I told you the direction when I started. It started as the Super Smash Bros characters having their games and sprites attacking LoZ. 8 of them to be exact. That's even in the description.
  32. I don't care where you want to take it from there, but that's the theme. The gas mask STAYS.
  35. ywklsYesterday at 2:18 PM
  36. So, I just had conversation with PureZC staff about this because apparently we can't agree to disagree...
  38. I'm willing to take either course. Continue to work together or split off and each do our own thing. If you let me use what you've made, I will do the same.
  40. xenomicxYesterday at 3:19 PM
  41. What the hell is your problem? I asked you if you wanted to take a break so I could throw in new material, speciafically earthbound. You said you planned on it after FF. I then said, "If you want to break now. I can have Earthbound set up in about 24 hours"
  42. I did just that and now all of the sudden its a problem. WTF??
  44. ywklsYesterday at 4:22 PM
  45. I outlined the problem in that quote. You want complete control. But if you hadn't let me begin work, then things would basically have been where they were back in April 2016. You're not willing to compromise, but I am. I don't care about Earthbound, or that new area. I think it's a fine addition to the quest. What I care about is that you have been very combative and possessive of this project all of a sudden after more than 4 years of doing almost nothing. In case it wasn't clear, if we can't work together; then neither of us can submit the quest as it is. If we agree to disagree, and allow each other to use one another's assets then we can both make what we want. If we can't do that, then both of us would have to remove anything made by the other from the quest before it could be submitted. So I'm making one more attempt to help you understand how seriously I take this. One of these 3 options is the only course: continue to work together, share what was already made and go our separate ways or use only what you made yourself
  47. xenomicxYesterday at 6:15 PM
  48. You couldn't be more wrong. I helped you guys learn how to rip color for level palettes and import tiles from PNG that match the colors. Everything else has just been a suggestion to throw in because it literally takes minutes to do. For some reason you think that is me taking complete control. You're insane! I asked to take over for a little bit as a courtesy to you, and give you a break.
  49. You have a problem with the gas mask and you're throwing a bitch fit about it. IT STAYS OR YOU LEAVE!
  50. And it April 2018, not 2016. I've accomplished more on this quest in 6 months back in 2015 than you have in 18 months. You added Kirby! Big deal! You finished my Metroid area, only because you already had the scripts ready to go from your own quest. But you used MY TILES that I personally ripped from the ROM. I set up the combos also for that. I also am the one that ripped Final Fantasy, animated it, created the combos, the palettes, and created a map with a few demo screens.
  52. And no you haven't done much, not even close to half of the work I put in. I've counted up nearly everything. The only thing you are close to matching me on are your Dmaps, which over half are using tiles and combos I made, not you. You made Crystal man and Kirby, and the colors are not even correct. You added maybe a 1/3 of the strings used. I created the submenu custom made along by myself.. All the extra Palette except for Kirby, are my personal work from photoshop. Damn near all the SFX were personally ripped by me from the ROMs with except to some of the FF which were found on the internt. Everything else I personally ripped in Adobe Audition. All the Metal Gear SFX, MIDI, and tiles were ALL 100% ripped by me directly from the ROM using an .nsf extractor, Adobe Audition, Audacity, screenshots and photoshop.
  53. So dare for a second claim you made half of this. The story is mine, the name is mine, the idea is mine.
  54. The Gas Mask stays, or you go. That's it! Those are your choices
  55. and no, you're not going to use anything I created.
  57. ywklsToday at 12:04 AM
  58. I'm sorry that you feel that way.
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