Pinkie's Pursuit of Happiness (Dash Tickling)

Jan 22nd, 2014
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  1. It was another glorious day in the life of Pinkie Pie. A Friday in particular. As much as she loved her work, filling people with pastries and the like, Pinkie loved Fridays. They meant the next days would be spent in leisure with her friends. Her best friends! Pinkie loved each and every one of them, but often found herself hard pressed to split her time between the five of them. But she found a way nevertheless. So long as she was putting a smile on a friend’s face, Pinkie felt complete. Some days though, smiles were harder to come by than others, but for our cotton candy haired friend, she’d never stop until a bleak day had sunlight breaking through the metaphorical clouds. After all, who else would have such refined methods, if not for the Element of Laughter herself?
  2. After mentally flipping a six sided coin in her mind (somehow) Pinkie decided the friend she’d stay over with tonight would be Dash. Pinkie was a bit on the transient side, despite she did have a home above the bakery, it still had that temporary feel to it that caused Pinkie to have the desire to stay at a friend’s house when it was appropriate. “Besides! Scientists say you are at least three times more likely to laugh when you’re with a friend than alone!” Pinkie interjected aloud, gathering strange looks from people out and about, wondering who she was talking to. Pinkie paid no mind however, and merrily skipped over to Dash’s place.
  4. With a musical knock on the blue door, Pinkie stood and and bounced on the spot waiting. And waiting. But no answer came. Pinkie assumed she hadn’t gotten home yet. But Dashie wouldn’t mind if Pinkie went ahead and surprised her! Pinkie rummaged through her hair, plucking out a key, unlocking the door and making her way in. Her friends were considerate like that, everyone had everyone else’s keys.
  5. Pinkie made her way through the hallway to end up in Dash’s spacious, although messy, living room. Random clothes, magazines and other assorted stuff.
  7. Pinkie made her way over to the sofa in a comical fashion, dramatically stepping over the mess like she was walking through a minefield, ultimately to dive onto the sofa and get comfortable.
  9. Pinkie made her way through the hallway to end up in Dash’s spacious, although messy, living room. Random clothes, magazines and other assorted stuff. Pinkie made her way over to the sofa in a comical fashion, dramatically stepping over the mess like she was walking through a minefield, ultimately to dive onto the sofa and get comfortable.
  11. Pinkie sat and twiddled her thumbs for approximately 36 minutes and 28 seconds waiting for Dash to come home. Dash walked into the living room looking quite tired, and maybe even a little grumpy, but a slight smile grew across her face when she saw Pinkie sprawled out over the cushions. “Aw, rough day?” Pinkie inquired. “Ehhh” Dash mumbled, “Just a slow day yknow. And I’m pooped after a long week”. Dash casually kicked off her sneaks and sent the flying into opposite corners of the room, then proceeding to peel off her socks and fling them away too. The socks however landed right near Pinkie, who proceeded to pick them up and take a deep sniff of them.
  13. “Why... do you do that Pinkie. I’ve been sweating in those all day...” Dash asked flatly. Pinkie shrugged and kept inhaling their scent “Dunno!” she remarked as she surfaced to catch a breath. Dash just gave her a concerned look and chuckled, “suit yourself then, breathe them in till you faint”.
  14. Pinkie was telling the truth however. She didn’t know at all. She had an inclination towards sensitive areas, feet mainly, though other places were nice too. The places when touched, would provoke laughter. Pinkie adored them all, and had no qualms about letting her inhibitions guide her. Awkward was not a word to be seen in Pinkie’s dictionary.
  16. Dash sat down next to Pinkie, sunk into the sofa, and propped her bare feet on the coffee table next to Pinkie’s socked ones. Both girls sat staring forward for a few moments before Pinkie broke the silence with an “Ooh, I know”, reached over and yanked her own socks off. Dash smiled weakly and shook her head, closing her eyes despite she wasn’t overly sleepy. Pinkie thought Dash needed some cheering up, pronto. She laid back and leaned against Dash for a moment, musing the best way to do such a thing.
  18. Pinkie idly gazed at Dash’s feet for a moment, admiring their cuteness. All her friends had nice features though. She watched Dash scrunch her toes as Pinkie subconsciously mirrored their movements. Her toes were unpainted and trimmed, her feet had a very high arch, perfect for running. Pinkie’s toes were painted bright pink and had length beyond the edge of her toes, which was just about to come in handy.
  20. Pinkie maneuvered her foot around Dash’s, and slowly moved her toenail up the length of Dash’s arch. Dash squealed and jumped, moving her foot away. “Pink-he-heeee, whadya do that for?” Dash had a somewhat sombre look on her face, but still has a minor smile in the corner of her mouth, along with her painfully obvious voice crack. “Oops, sorry Dashie! It was an accident” Pinkie dismissed. “Hmm, alright then... just... be more careful” said Dash, seemingly content with it being passed off as an accident. Pinkie smirked at her naivety before snuggling in next to her again.
  21. Dash was a teensy bit more open to physicality than the rest of the girls, obviously her doors swung both ways, as opposed to Pinkie, who had no real concept of sexuality, just rolling with whatever was fun and had emotional worth.
  23. As Pinkie was nestled in next to Dash, she rubbed her feet against hers, producing the smooth sound of soft skin rubbing together. The back of Pinkie’s foot ran up Dash’s soles, causing the rainbow haired girl to speak up whilst still having her eyes closed. “Mmm, that feels pretty nice Pinkie, feel free to keep doing... whatever you’re doing”.
  25. Pinkie kept it up for a few minutes, enamored by the sight of what was in front of her, watching Dash’s feet twitch and wiggle. Eventually however, she decided Dash was looking much too content. Pinkie sat herself on the floor next to Dash’s feet, wrapped a hand around her ankle and slid her fingers between her toes, letting them come out the other side so her nails could scratch at Dash’s bare soles. The reaction was of course, electric. Dash squealed, and struggled against Pinkie’s grip. After a bit of struggling, Dash eventually pulled free, panting.
  27. “Pinkie! What did you do that for?!” Dash asked angrily, her words still laced with a few giggles and her face still bearing an extremely wide grin. She wanted to seem angry but her face told a different story. “Hey, this is the happiest I’ve seen you look since you got home! If you’re laughing, it must mean I’m making you happy right?” Pinkie beamed, looking proud of herself. Dash was going to say more, but Pinkie looked genuinely honest, so she knew it was pointless. “Well, I’m going to bed. You can stay here if you like, or come and snuggle, I don’t mind. Just... stay away from the feet.” Dash warned, before giving a forced sigh and collapsing on her bed, not even bothering to tuck her legs under the quilt.
  29. Pinkie didn’t pay any mind to Dash’s warning, of course. As soon as Dash looked comfortable Pinkie stealthily sat by her uncovered legs, making sure not to give away her intentions. It wasn’t before long that she caved in and ran the side of her finger up Dash’s right foot. Dash giggled very lightly before letting out a sigh. “You know what... fine. Be a weirdo and mess around with my smelly feet. You won’t get any reaction out of me so you may as well just quit while you’re ahead” she remarked, albeit with not much confidence.
  31. Pinkie as usual, was not dissuaded. Dash was being grumpy wumpy now, but by the end of her silly game, she’d have a smile she couldn’t wipe off her face. She knew how Dash worked, she could only take so much teasing. Pinkie leaned over and put her mouth next to Dash’s toes, before nibbling on the smallest one and giving it a few quick darts with her tongue. Dash slammed her eyes shut and gripped to the pillow, not wanting to give her the satisfaction. Her toes wiggled as Pinkie’s mouth explored the rest of her toes, scrunching to try and bring some relief against the sensations flooding her nerves.
  32. Pinkie’s tongue parade had no end in sight, and Dash would begin to crack long before Pinkie had her fill of tasting the salty goodness from between her toes. As her wet, sloppy tongue darted between her middlemost toes, Dash stifled a giggle as she shifted around in bed. Her endurance was short lived, indeed.
  34. As Pinkie’s tongue trailed up Dash’s arch, leaving a trail of saliva up the curvature of her soft, slightly moist feet, Dash finally jolted and squealed. Dash finally pulled her legs away, signalling defeat. She was now sitting up in bed, arms crossed in disapproval, despite the goofy grin on her face told a different tale.
  36. “Right Pinkie, I’ve really had enough of thi-“ Dash was interrupted as Pinkie dived on her and began wildly tickling at Dash’s slightly exposed belly, poking at her naval, moving around her finger like a screwdriver. Dash was now consumed by gales of laughter as Pinkie’s hands explored her easily found ribcage and under her arms. Both girls were laughing as their bodies rubbed up against each other in the frenzy. Pinkie’s tickling slowed down in pace, and turned into more of a sensual rubbing. Dash was still giggling, but without the underlying frustration of earlier.
  38. Pinkie’s hands kept running over her friends tummy and thighs, gently kneading and caressing. Magenta eyes were now locked with sky blue, and Dash wrapped her arms around Pinkie’s back as she pulled her down into an embrace, letting out a gentle, relieved sigh. “Thanks Pinkie” she cooed, “you actually cheered me up”. Pinkie just smiled, and slid down in the bed next to Dash. All six girls were basically just extensions of one another, varying archetypes of one grand union of friendship. There was nothing awkward about this night, as Pinkie spooned Dash, squeezing her waist tight, playing footsies under the quilts. After everything they’d be through together, there were no qualms about seeking comfort in one another, let alone a few laughs to brighten up a dismal day. And that, was exactly the forte of our friend Pinkie Pie, who’s mind wandered as it drifted to sleep, musing as to who will need a visit from Doctor Pinkie’s magic fingers next.
  39. The End
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