Murder Mystery in a Timely Manor - Session 3

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  1. [14:32:21] <sophos> The horrific wail echoes through manor, originating from the library. Mistress_D and Stellar_Ascent_ are alone, for now, as they face the mysterious threat.
  2. [14:33:00] <Stellar_Ascent_> Stands somewhat cuddly in the wings of the mistress, though he does not know what to do.
  3. [14:33:33] PrettyWreck runs through the corridor as fast as he can, to reach the library.
  4. [14:33:54] Mistress_D stands tall with her left wing around Stellar as she stares the eyeless mare in the eye.....sockets. Ready to move them out of harms way if needed.
  5. [14:34:25] Kiwi_Cider continues to sprint down the stairs, sliding to a halt as he sees the apparition.
  6. [14:34:27] <Stellar_Ascent_> Stellar takes a step backwards with his right hind leg, obviously trying to get away from this 'thing'.
  7. [14:35:55] Mayhem runs to the library door
  8. [14:36:03] Mistress_D muses trying to keep Stellar calm "I must say though if your truley the Baroness, I do like your style."
  9. [14:37:31] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Y-You think this... this... ghost... is the baroness?" He stutters, questioning her hypothesis.
  10. [14:37:37] Mayhem stops in the doorway, thinks for a second and pulls out her Recharger Rifle, aiming it at the glowing thing and slowly moves closer.
  11. [14:37:38] VioletReverie gallops after her companions
  12. [14:37:44] Kiwi_Cider mutters, "Nope..." and slowly backs away. He decides to peek around the bookshelf to watch matters unfold.
  13. [14:39:12] PrettyWreck takes the switchblade between his teeth and makes his way in the library after Mayhem
  14. [14:39:14] <VioletReverie> Violet peeks through the doorway at the pale figure. "Neat, the zebra was right!"
  15. [14:40:17] Mistress_D nods "Possibly." makes note of the minotaur but keeps sight on the ghost
  16. [14:42:17] <Stellar_Ascent_> Does seriously not know what to do and barely notices the others approaching. How do you fight an illusion like this?
  17. [14:43:03] <Stellar_Ascent_> "And I just made fun of ghosts half an hour ago..." He stated, feeling like he had challenged fate itself to give its worst.
  18. [14:43:43] Mistress_D lowers her head and grabs her mantle "Easy dear, if it's an Illusion you keep calm. Though if this is truelly a spirit."
  19. [14:57:25] <VioletReverie> Violet stays by the doorway, preparing herself for whatever may come
  20. [15:01:07] Kiwi_Cider moves behind Mistress_D as stealthily as possible. He keeps peering over her shoulder at the spirit.
  21. [15:02:16] <sophos> The ghostly mare grits her teeth, and unnatural tremors swarm through her form.
  22. [15:03:57] <Mistress_D> "Then those who can not harm her must run." throws her cloud mantle infront of her and punches it firing a short burst of lightning from it.
  23. [15:07:19] Mistress_D Unfortunatly the arch goes wide curse under her breath "Stellar run to the exit."
  24. [15:08:16] Mistress_D she eyes the spirit and holds back to fire again incase the spirit goes after him
  25. [15:10:12] <sophos> The ghostly mare is unphased.
  26. [15:11:17] Mayhem furrows her brows. Up till now she was only careful, not really planning to attack outright. "Did that thing attack any of your, that you are trying to stuff lighting in it's face?"
  27. [15:12:02] PrettyWreck heeds Mistress_D's warning to run and takes a step or two back, still gritting the swichblade between his teeth. However, he doesn't run yet, wishing to see that Stellar, Mare Death and Kiwi are safely past the transparent figure
  28. [15:13:50] Mistress_D doesn't break eye contact but answers "No, but she not speaking."
  29. [15:20:16] <Mayhem> "Well what did you ask so far?"
  30. [15:22:12] <Mistress_D> "O you know standard fair, how's the weather, what do you want, who did you commision for that painting?" in an sarcasitic tone even though most are true
  31. [15:23:56] <Mayhem> "So nothing at all."
  32. [15:24:53] <Mistress_D> "She hasn't responsed. so doesn't matter."
  33. [15:25:21] <Stellar_Ascent_> Is astonished by the lightning attack, but is sad it did not hit. He aims his MEW Rifle at the ghost and nervously looks in its eyes. "S-Stop. Stay where you are." He almost commands it, though is tone is still nervous.
  34. [15:26:02] <Mayhem> "Did she even take a step towards you?!"
  35. [15:26:09] <Mistress_D> "Stellar you should really move out of the room."
  36. [15:26:27] PrettyWreck moves the switchblade out of his mouth, tasting the leather in his mouth: "Who the hell cares! Stellar, get your ass here!"
  37. [15:26:58] <PrettyWreck> The stallion's voice is rather commanding, wanting to keep the situation from escalating too far.
  38. [15:27:35] Kiwi_Cider looks both ways, trying to decide which way to run. "Guys... I don't like this..." he mutters.
  39. [15:30:28] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Okay, finy by me!" He exclaims, making a run for it towards the diner. He had no magic, so if only magic could hurt these, so be it!
  40. [15:33:45] <sophos> As Stellar_Ascent_ passes by the ghostly mare, a buzzing noise penetrates his ears and a chill runs up his spine and through his veins.
  41. [15:34:07] <Stellar_Ascent_> "MOMI!"
  42. [15:38:17] <Stellar_Ascent_> He feels a total panic arising and aims his gun once again at the ghost. "I can't move! Make it go away!"
  43. [15:48:40] Mayhem moves a bit closer to have clear view of the target and lines up a shot with her Recharger Rifle.
  44. [15:49:59] Mayhem 's first shot goes wild. "Curse those sights!"
  45. [15:50:03] Mayhem tries again.
  46. [15:53:01] <sophos> The bolt of energy passes through ghostly mare, and she quakes like she's trying to escape her skin.
  47. [15:53:54] Mayhem 's eyes go wide. "OK FUCK IT! RUN!"
  48. [15:54:20] Mayhem turns to run towards the dining room.
  49. [15:54:33] <Mistress_D> "O bother." throws back on her mantle and will attempt to grab Stellar to escape.
  50. [15:54:54] <VioletReverie> "Why would you shoot it?!"
  51. [15:55:37] PrettyWreck turns towards the dining room: "Who cares, just run!"
  52. [16:34:53] <VioletReverie> Violet reverie darts out the door on Pretty's tail, not wanting to be anywhere near this mess.
  53. [15:57:06] Kiwi_Cider just stands there, eyes wide, in shock and unable comprehend what he just saw.
  54. [16:02:58] Mistress_D grabs Stellar though not being the strongest mare is slowed down by his weight but not letting that deter her will to get out with him she is able to say air born be it slowly
  55. [16:03:55] <Stellar_Ascent_> Lets himself be lifted and stutters quietly. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you."
  56. [16:10:28] Mistress_D once grabs she breaks for the door and out the dinner room
  57. [16:17:01] <sophos> The ghostly mare chases after Mistress_D, but stops short of the desk. She vibrates in place with an strange buzz then lets out a wail.
  58. [16:37:13] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Did everypony make it?" He asks nervously
  59. [16:38:46] Mistress_D looks back breifly "Yea that's everyone."
  60. [16:39:04] PrettyWreck takes a look at the group and notices something: "No...I don't think so. I think Kiwi_Cider is still there...!" The stallion is a bit out of breath and tries to look less spooked than he actually is, even if it is cracking.
  61. [16:39:24] <Mistress_D> "Kiwi was in there?"
  62. [16:40:22] Mistress_D looks down to Pretty "O hello Sir Pretty, when did you get here."
  63. [16:41:29] <VioletReverie> Violet rushes over to Pretty's side, patting him on the shoulder. "I can go back and try and get him out, if you want."
  64. [16:42:59] PrettyWreck gives the mare a slightly bothered look but says nothing to the mare who seems rather unhinged by all of this: "Violet, let's go get him. Mayhem, we might need your strength to pick the colt up."
  65. [16:44:22] <PrettyWreck> "Wait... where's Mayhem?"
  66. [16:45:11] <VioletReverie> Violet facehooves. "Crap. I sure as tartarus cant carry her."
  67. [16:45:12] Mistress_D tilts head as she put Stellar down "I'm guessing Mayhem was the minotaur."
  68. [16:46:37] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Oh bummer." He whispered, hoping they could save themselves.
  69. [16:47:01] <VioletReverie> "Lady, how do you not know our names by now?"
  70. [16:47:33] <Mistress_D> "If you forgot, little lady, only the stallions introduced themselves to me before the games began."
  71. [16:47:41] <Mistress_D> "I still don't know yours."
  72. [16:48:17] <Mayhem> "OH FUCKIN' HELL! SOMEONE SHUT HER GOB!"
  73. [16:49:46] Mistress_D turns her head to look at the resulting shouting. "She better get out, since we have no means of combating the spirit."
  74. [16:50:28] PrettyWreck listens to this with an annoyed look written all over his face until the minotaur's booming voice rings through the room like a blast: "No shit, missy! Fuck this, Violet, we're going to the library!"
  75. [16:50:32] <Stellar_Ascent_> "I wonder if the Mr. Hoofy is in possession of a vacuum cleaner..:" He thinks out loud. Perhabs the ghost was vulnerable like that.
  76. [16:51:07] Kiwi_Cider shakes his head, Mayhem's shouts pulling him out of his stupor. "NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE!" he yells as he dashes for the door.
  77. [16:51:40] VioletReverie glares at Mistress_D and strides back to the library, muttering under her breath the entire way.
  78. [16:53:00] PrettyWreck runs back into the library as well just to see Kiwi_Cider run out of the library like a bat out of hell: "Well!! That changes things!"
  79. [16:54:03] Mistress_D strokes Stellars mane fixing it up "Now Sir Stellar you must'nt show fear, what would that do to the groups moral."
  80. [16:55:40] <Stellar_Ascent_> Briefly murrs at the stroking. "I had full intention on defending myself, madame. But this entity possesses a magic that infiltrates the mind, leaving you... stiff like a statue."
  81. [16:56:31] <Stellar_Ascent_> "You saw how I run to avoid its effects, but it was too potent. Still... I apologize for bringing the moral of the group down." He added, feeling a bit ashamed that his mind was not strong enough to resist the ghost. The surprise had probably been too big.
  82. [16:58:29] Kiwi_Cider skids to a halt next to the ghost. "NO!" he screams, staring through the ghastly mare.
  83. [16:59:27] Mistress_D covers her mouth with a hoof as she keeps and eye out of her surrounding incase more ghost were to appear "It's quite alright, but even if you are scared for your life at least try to put on a brave face or laugh." ears flick to the screaming and sighs "In best case scenario the ghost will simply think your insane." she muses
  84. [17:01:48] <Stellar_Ascent_> "If you believe that is the best strategy, I will keep that in mind. Though I also hope that we will never have to encounter that thing again." He made no promises but stated his intention on following her advice.
  85. [17:02:48] Mistress_D nods at him knowing they would see more of such a spirit if it indeed was a spirit
  86. [17:03:43] <Kiwi_Cider> "What do you want!?" Kiwi_Cider shouts.
  87. [17:04:16] <sophos> The ghostly mare doesn't answer.
  88. [17:07:00] Mayhem looks back, decides in a split-second and runs to grab Kiwi, then running back to the dining room.
  89. [17:08:31] <sophos> As Mayhem passes through the ghost, she hears a buzzing and feels heat-- like a strong lamp-- bearing down on her.
  90. [17:11:20] Mayhem furrows her brows, then looks where her shadows are falling around her.
  91. [17:14:07] <sophos> Mayhem has two shadows stretching in either direction.
  92. [17:18:54] PrettyWreck mutters something about useless people and yells at Mayhem: "Mayhem! Throw him here! We'll figure something out to get you out as well!"
  93. [17:21:35] Kiwi_Cider begins digging through his bags. "Not if I can help it," he says.
  94. [17:27:05] <Kiwi_Cider> The young stallion pulls his canteen from his bags. "Ghosts /can't/ be real," he mutters as he splashes a portion of the canteen's contents on the ghost.
  95. [17:29:19] <sophos> The water passes through the mare and hits the ground.
  96. [17:29:31] <Mayhem> "FUCK!"
  97. [17:29:46] <Mayhem> "So much for your theory!"
  98. [17:32:10] <sophos> Kiwi_Cider notices the ghost's legs trembling. As his eyes follow them to the water on the ground, he sees rays of light reflecting off of its surface.
  99. [17:34:32] <Kiwi_Cider> "HA! I /was/ right!" Kiwi_Cider shouts, a smile on his face.
  100. [17:36:25] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Right with what?!" He yells back at him from the other room.
  101. [17:37:10] <Mayhem> "It's just a projection!"
  102. [17:38:17] <sophos> Given the angle of the reflected light, Kiwi_Cider can tell the light is coming from directly overhead of the ghostly mare.
  103. [17:39:27] <Stellar_Ascent_> "What? But... I felt it." Ascent states with a lot of worries. This was so strange.
  104. [17:40:20] Kiwi_Cider digs a butter knife out of his bags and hands it to Mayhem. "There. Throw it there," Kiwi_Cider tells Mayhem, pointing to the light source.
  105. [17:41:03] Mayhem takes the knife and aims up at the light source.
  106. [17:45:34] <sophos> The knife bounces off the ceiling, but for a brief second the ghostly mare flickers and a speaker box is visable.
  107. [17:45:45] Hivana [AndChat7162@Pony-btvrba.djor.3q5j.0001.2600.IP] joined the channel.
  108. [17:46:06] Mayhem aims her rifle at the same spot on the ceiling and fires.
  109. [17:48:14] Hivana is now known as Ace_Moonlight.
  110. [17:48:30] Hivana [] joined the channel.
  111. [17:48:40] <sophos> The bolt strikes the speaker, and it lets out both a pop and puff of smoke. The ghostly mare dissapears.
  112. [17:48:52] Kiwi_Cider [] has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).
  113. [17:49:00] Hivana is now known as Pony_51283.
  114. [17:49:04] Pony_51283 is now known as Kiwi_Cider.
  115. [17:49:34] Kiwi_Cider is now known as Pony_35631.
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  117. [17:50:12] Hivana [] joined the channel.
  118. [17:50:44] Mayhem wipes the slight sweat from her brow. "Phew, creepy fuck."
  119. [17:50:57] Mistress_D ears flick at the mention of the ghost mare being a projection "Hmm, hologram....but that wouldn't explain why she froze in place Stellar."
  120. [17:51:17] VioletReverie frowns and leans on PrettyWreck.
  121. [17:52:15] Ace_Moonlight [AndChat7162@Pony-btvrba.djor.3q5j.0001.2600.IP] has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).
  122. [17:52:29] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Yes, it does not...."
  123. [17:52:41] PrettyWreck gives a relieved sigh but then marches at Mistress_D and Stellar_Ascent_: "What the FUCK where you two doing while we were here getting them out of danger!? Having a fucking tea party??"
  124. [17:52:44] Mayhem has a closer look.
  125. [17:53:38] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Well I was already affected by the 'projection's' powers, so I would have been more hindrance than anything, Mr. Pretty." He explained himself in a composed manner.
  126. [17:54:10] Mistress_D looks down to PrettyWreck "Keeping out of danger, if the combined forces of a minotaur 2 earth ponies and a Unicorn couldn't escape a room with an open door, I couldn't imagine how I would be of assistance."
  127. [17:54:15] Hivana attempts to hide from PrettyWreck by shuffling behind the minotaur.
  128. [17:55:32] <VioletReverie> Violet scowls. "It's less the act and more the principle, yknow? You didn't even seem to /care/ that they were in trouble. YOU DIDNT EVEN KNOW THEIR NAMES!"
  129. [17:55:49] <PrettyWreck> "No, you weren't! You were here in the dining hall chatting with miss I-Don't-Give-A-Fuck!" The stallion grits his teeth and stomps his hoof down with vengeance: "You could have moved your ass over to the library where shit was going to go down or at least for fucks sake care!"
  130. [17:57:21] <Stellar_Ascent_> "What was there I could have done? I have no shame in saying that I was in panic, especially after that thing had affected my mind." He calmly continued to explain his lack of action.
  131. [17:57:54] <Stellar_Ascent_> "It does not mean I did not care; but I saw no way of combating it. It was only thanks to the madame's intiative that I am even standing here."
  132. [17:58:04] <sophos> It's just a speaker box, no conventional means of producing light. Mayhem recalls reading somewhere that there are sea-creatures that can produce light from sound.
  133. [17:58:53] Mistress_D lowers her head to eye level of PrettyWreck "I do care, but only Stellar and I were in the room when the ghost came, I got stellar out and Ms. Mayhem said to run, to which I did. I'm happy you are all alive, and sorry that I am not a fighter."
  134. [17:59:22] Mistress_D lifts head head back up "If you wish to vent more go ahead, I have said my piece."
  135. [18:01:06] PrettyWreck turns his attention to Mistress_D and his voice is quite seething in anger: "Neither am I, and I don't stand in the next room chit-chatting! It doesn't do us any good to leave others for dead. Fuck this shit, I need a smoke. You'll find me in the hall." With that he marches out of the dining room and to the hallway.
  136. [18:01:07] Hivana perks around Mayhem towards the dining room. "I don't think I wanna go in there right now..." he says, barely audible.
  137. [18:02:41] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Despite the... commotion... we should probably share what we have gathered thus far." With these words, he approached the entrance of the library and faced the figures there. "Anything peculiar you have found during out time we have split up?"
  138. [18:02:41] <Mayhem> "Yeah, better to leave that idiocy to others. Hey, think you can reach that up there if I lift you up?"
  139. [18:03:23] <VioletReverie> Violet looks at Mistress_D and Stellar_Ascent_ with narrowed eyes. With a snort, she struts off to the far end of the room and twists one of the chairs to face away from the two.
  140. [18:04:01] Hivana is now known as Ace_Moonlight.
  141. [18:04:38] Ace_Moonlight nods at Mayhem.
  142. [18:04:56] Mistress_D fixes her mane with a sigh "O dear, I believe I've made some enemies. I wonder if it was like this for the last group."
  143. [18:05:31] Mayhem lifts the colt up as high as she can
  144. [18:05:46] <Stellar_Ascent_> "What are you looking for?" He asks Ace and Mayhem.
  145. [18:06:25] Mayhem grunts. "Whatever we can find. What are you seeing, kid?"
  146. [18:06:42] <sophos> Ace_Moonlight can reach the speaker, but it's screwed in place.
  147. [18:07:38] Ace_Moonlight smiles. "Like screws are gonna stop me," he muses. He reaches into his bag and pulls out his screwdriver, getting to work.
  148. [18:07:41] Mistress_D following Stellar looks up to the ceiling
  149. [18:09:29] <sophos> The speaker box drops as soon as the screws are removed.
  150. [18:09:59] <Stellar_Ascent_> "We should probably exchange what we have found while we were split-up. The madage and I have found a few journals and a possible puzzel in the flooded kitchen we could not solve. We have also not fully explored the library yet. There were stairs leading somewhere at the end." He calmly gave his exposition.
  151. [18:12:36] Ace_Moonlight quickly reaches out for the speaker. "Oh no, you don't," he says, grabbing it from mid-air.
  152. [18:15:24] <Ace_Moonlight> "Got it," Kiwi_Cider says, patting Mayhem on the head.
  153. [18:16:08] Mayhem lets the pony down again. "Yeah we can have a closer look at it together."
  154. [18:16:39] <sophos> The back of the box is an intricate mess of screws and would take at least 15 minutes to disasemble.
  155. [18:16:59] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Splendid. Hopefully that bring the group back together again." He stated with a tone of aspiration. He just wanted everything to work out again.
  156. [18:17:22] <Ace_Moonlight> "Oh, Celestia..." Kiwi_Cider mutters.
  157. [18:17:37] <sophos> The time is: 19:16
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