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Jul 25th, 2016
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  1. Want to get into the main Might and Magic series?It's never too late to try them, here's MM1-6.
  3. Just get Grayface patch for MM6 at
  5. If you want to start from the very beginning, you can play the mac versions of MM1 and MM2 which have better graphics and interface.
  7. MM1 has to be played through vMac while the rest can be played on BasiliskII. Just remember to go to the control panel and turn off outSPOKEN8 if you get bombarded with text-to-speech when you open up BasiliskII. More info can be found in this post:
  9. If you want to play Might and Magic 3-5 with higher quality audio, download MUNT and these roms!pA5HzDyJ!THTL9MSIs_WN5XBEexIkMNBo7nfNWAMT6QmRDHvbhtk
  11. To get mt-32 sound working you have to open up dosbox and type in "mixer /listmidi", find out which number correlates with the mt-32 sound emulator, and then you have to go to "dosboxMM4-5.conf", find the midi section, then set midiconfig = whatever number your sound emulator is set as. Note that MM4-5 is prone to crashing with music enabled when using MT-32 sound but you still get higher quality effects.
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