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  1. Directions: Copy this template into your own gist.
  3. Introductory Strengths Reflection & Coaching Request
  4. In-Class Reflections Using the Signature Themes Report
  5. Read through the definitions:
  7. What words or phrases stick out to you for each theme?
  9. How would you define each of your top 5 talents in your own words?
  11. Do these top 5 talent themes resonate with you? Why or why not?
  13. Now, go find partners to introduce yourself to using these 5 areas
  15. Further Reflections
  16. How have you seen yourself using each of these talents? How often do you see yourself using these talents?
  18. When has it been difficult for you to be aware of these talents?
  20. When might you overuse any of these themes? How might you benefit from dialing them down in a certain situation?
  22. How could you use these themes to help you manage an area in which you might struggle?
  24. Look at the Suggested Action Items
  25. Short-term Goals:
  26. How will these talents help you in your work this module at Turing?
  27. What is an action step you'd like to commit to help you develop your themes further today? Next week? This module?
  28. What do you want to learn this module to turn your talents into greater strengths?
  29. Longterm Goals:
  30. How will these talents contribute to your future career as a software developer?
  31. What would you like to focus on development at Turing to ensure that you develop these talents more fully?
  32. How will you communicate with your mentor and/or students that you work with about your strengths?
  33. Repeating the Module
  34. If you've reflected on your StrengthsFinder results previously, here are some additional questions you may want to consider during this second module:
  36. How did you see yourself using your strengths last module?
  37. When did you overuse any of your strengths? When did you underuse them?
  38. What did you realize about yourself both in your struggles and in your wins last module?
  39. How could you capitalize on your strengths more effectively this time through the module?
  40. How did working with others last module affect how you understand your strengths?
  41. What goals for your personal development do you want to make for this module? How will you know if you've achieved them?
  42. Next Steps
  43. This reflection is for your own growth, and you do not need to turn this in.
  45. However, if you would like to have a follow-up coaching session with Allison, please reach out to her to discuss next steps.
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