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  1. Mundane Malady Mixtures:
  2. Description - Mireille Benoir the Gnome Alchemist of Mundane Malady Mixtures has been given charge in Experimentation with the prospect of blending Arcane Magic with Alchemical Potions. Creating a new wave of various Magical Potions that can enhance Soldiers. Furthermore the Chancellor plans this with the Ultimate Goal in mind to create a Weaponized Poison Gas of Plague. Hoping to Destroy the Hordes of Wurgoth and Ayrewood for ease of Invasion.
  4. Potential Events:
  5. >Gathering Ingredients & Test Subjects
  6. >Lab Rats Escape as Monsters Malformed by Potion Tests
  7. >Trial Tests on Orcs/Elves
  8. >Create Plague Bomb
  9. >Plague Bomb Outbreak widespread damage
  10. >Druids and Shamans work to Revitalize the Land
  11. >Necromancers Use Plague to Raise Dead
  14. Dockmaster Voyages:
  15. Description - Harbormaster Ossifer having recently taken the Docks is assembling a Crew for several Voyages. Once the ship is ready, they'd begin their trade with the Cities of Kalgrun, Clearpoint, Bladetooth, Holmsland. Each with their own unique rewards as well as threats to voyage. For example, a Voyage may cost Silver depending on the Distance Traveled. The further they go, the greater the reward as well as the greater risks. Events can be anything from Sea Monsters, Pirates, Rival Factions.
  17. Potential Events:
  18. >Voyage to Kalgrun Costing 100 Silver, Voyage Through a Storm
  19. >Voyage to Cleaarpoint Costing 150 Silver, Deal with Sirens
  20. >Voyage to Bladetooth Costing 200 Silver, Ship to Ship Combat with Pirates Boarding
  21. >Voyage to Holmslond Costing 250 Silver, Ship Stuck on Ice Attacked by Frost Giants
  23. All Examples of how it could play out. If players win potential rewards could be:
  24. >Gem Dust
  25. >Temporary Coin Boost to Faction
  26. >Items Arms/Armor
  27. >Silver Payout to the Crew Participating
  29. Merchant Caravan:
  30. Description - The Councilor of Economics (Commerce is better) would do much like the Dockmaster does with Voyages. Except instead of by Sea, it'd be by Land and subject to interception by other Factions? It really depends on how the Staff would like to flesh it out.
  32. Potential Events:
  33. >Caravan to Gor Daral Costing 50 Silver, Deal with Bandits, Faction Interference, Werewolves
  34. >Caravan to Driakzu Costing 75 Silver, Deal with Swamp Creatures (Crocodiles, Marsh Abominations, etc)
  35. >Caravan to Clearpoint Costing 90 Silver, (Wasn't sure what enemies except Bandits or Faction, maybe Ilmater Masochists?)
  36. >Caravan to Kalgrun Costing 90 Silver, (Same problem as Clearpoint, Halfling Protest?)
  37. >Caravan to Windy Tree Costing 105 Silver (Arguably greatest place for Trade, High Rewards, Lots of Bandits)
  38. >For the Rest of the Locations they'd be Special in regards to that they are too far to be worth Coin but perhaps acquire very particular items for prices of 120-135 Silver
  40. All Examples of how it could play out. If players win potential rewards could be:
  41. >Gem Dust
  42. >Items Arms/Armor
  43. >Silver Payout to the Mercenaries Participating in the Caravan
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