/u/bluntmastermind = bryan hamade

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  1. Ok. I didn't think this was really going to be anything at first but things started to get very very suspicious... I'll try to provide screenshots for anything I think may be taken down later.
  3. Woke up today and bam see a reddit thread on front page called "One more because I am kind" posted in /r/JenniferLawrence.
  4. That thread is here (SCREENSHOT
  6. When you go to that link now you will notice that the creator of it says deleted. Now this is where it get's interesting. I know and remember who the OP was that created that thread. It was
  8. But that thread was made over 16 hours ago! How could you remember that guys name?
  10. Because when it was created /u/BluntMastermind (the OP) wrote in the comments of the "One more because I am kind" (you can see where he posted, they all say deleted now because he deleted his account) was mentioning he was willing to sell portions of the collection.
  12. It's hard to tell you exactly what he said but I'm telling you what I remember from memory. It wasn't really THAT long ago anyways.
  14. /u/BluntMastermind also mentioned he wasn't the leaker but he just had the collection, someone shared it with him.
  16. What if he was one of the thousands just reposting a picture after it was already posted?
  18. But he wasn't. Somebody called him out on it saying he was getting the pics from 4chan. He posted a reply pretty much showing 4chan's posts of the pic he posted came after his. He used timestamps to back up that he was the real first poster of that specific picture before anyone else. You'll also see the user who called him out on it take it back after he OP replies to him with proof in the comments. (SCREENSHOT
  20. Maybe you're not convinced now but keep reading to the very end.
  22. So after seeing BluntMastermind refute claims with timestamp proof it looked like he was really the first person to release that specific Jennifer Lawrence picture.
  24. Even more he mentioned he was willing to sell them. So I PM'd him pretty much asking what's the rate for another celeb's pictures to know if this guy was the real deal.
  26. His reply was "$100 but they're not as good as the others and I might not have all of them. I have 13, 4 full nude." Here's the picture of the reply. (SCREENSHOT
  28. I replied back saying ok but I want to see a sample clothed picture and I can't pay in bitcoin.
  30. He didn't respond and I'm pretty sure it was because I mentioned no Bitcoin and maybe he thought I was wasting his time trying to get a freebie (I was wasting his time, I don't have money to pay for what's going to be free shit in a week lol).
  32. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  33. A few hours pass, other leaks started coming out and I didn't pay attention to him after he didn't reply.
  35. Then everything changes here..
  38. You see deleted? That was /u/fappeningwhistleblow.
  40. His comment was this (I didn't save the comment but got this one from 4chan which is almost the exact same comment) (SCREENSHOT
  41. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  42. "This will probably get buried, but I'm pretty sure I figured out the identity of the leaker, or at least ONE of them. The leaker was posting censored screenshots on 4chan of his desktop folder with the thumbnails. In this one he forgot to block out the labels on his homegroup and his network. His homegroup: Tristan. Other computers on his network: BARTANDJENNA and BH. So, after a little bit of google searching, I found this site for Southern Digital Media. And check out the names of the team: Jenna, Bart, Bryan Hamade (BH), and TRISTAN, the 15 year old intern. (there's also a guy named andrew and a monkey, both of whom I suppose could be behind the leaks, but my money's on Tristan). So, yeah, if (and I do mean IF) all the leaks are by the same guy who made the one screenshot, and IF there is only one organization that matches those criteria, then everyone on 4chan is benefitting from the efforts of a 15 year old web development intern. And JLaw has the weirdest mortal enemy of all time."
  43. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  45. Ok, gotta hand it hand it to this guy/girl who did this insane detective work. He got me thinking to typing this out.
  47. I said it's ALMOST the exact same comment because /u/fappeningwhistleblow included links to the image of the censored screenshot where he teases us but forgets to censor his homegroup info (SCREENSHOT He also provided a link to which now crashed because everyone tried to go there at once. So the guy who copied pasted the /u/fappeningwhistleblow reddit comment (now deleted) to 4chan probably took the links out so he could paste the comment since direct links aren't allowed on 4chan. And he was probably too lazy to change change the link a little so it wasn't a direct clickable link.
  49. Anyways that comment got me started. I went to the website he posted and sure enough the employee's were listed. But it only showed their first name and not their last.
  51. That would make it super hard to find any of them on Facebook! Except the address of the company was listed at Lawrenceville, Georgia at the bottom of the page. (SCREENSHOT
  53. Ok. That makes things easier. So /u/fappeningwhistleblow lists Tristan as the prime suspect behind everything. I go to Facebook and search for a Tristan that looks like the Tristan on the website's page that lives in Lawrenceville. Nothing..
  55. Next I try "Jenna" who is listed on the company's website too. Lots of women with "Jenna" as their first time in Lawrenceville. Scroll down a little and there it is! (SCREENSHOT Jenna uses the same picture on the company website that shows her, for her Facebook profile picture.
  57. I go to her profile and wow, even easier. She didn't turn on a few privacy settings so you can see all of her friends. Search for a Bart. There he is, but he doesn't use the same picture as he does on the company website. (SCREENSHOT So I look closer, looks like Bart on the website... plus his last name is the same as Jenna so it seems they are married? Jenna even looks like the woman in Bart's profile picture..
  59. Moving on... search for a while and cant find Tristan's Facebook through anybody's friends list...
  61. The next idea I get pretty much makes me shift the attention away from Tristan...
  63. The last person on the list that works at that company...... "Bryan Hamade". He doesn't have a Facebook that I can find either.
  64. But Jenna is friends with a bunch of Hamades, some that live in Georgia. Bryan's relatives probably? (SCREENSHOT
  66. Seriously out of a random thought I think back to /u/BluntMastermind the person who I'm almost certain collected or could be the hacker behind all this that posted earlier today.
  68. I go to after getting a thought about him. Haven't looked at his profile since he ignored my message hours ago and hadn't thought about him.....
  70. But when I go back his profile is deleted!
  72. Suspicious! I don't have screenshots of his comments today and can't find an online archive of his profile or posts from today. But I know /u/BluntMastermind wasn't a throwaway because when I went to his profile to message him I saw all his awards and he's been a user for I think more than a year! (Down below I find an that shows his account is old, full of posts, karma, etc. So /u/BluntMastermind wasn't a throwaway.)
  74. Ok. So he deleted his account. At the time I didn't know /u/BluntMastermind had anything to do with this company. But I got curious and started thinking more. This guy, /u/BluntMastermind said he had a bunch of pictures unreleased and again, I'm certain, provided timestamp proof that was the first ever to post one of the earlier Jennifer Lawrence pics from today.
  76. So I google "BluntMastermind". Here's the first page of the search results for that..
  78. FIRST, notice the second listing. It's a part of the comment he deleted from earlier when I mentioned how he commented to prove he was the first poster of the pic.
  80. "16 hours ago - Look at the time stamps dumbass. You checked 4chan before reddit. Hover over where it says 22 minutes ago to see the timestamp. 11:55" (SCREENSHOT
  82. That's the deleted comment he said in reply to /u/Namnilb who called him out at first for just reposting the pic from 4chan. But you can see /u/Namnilb on the thread at take back his claim after /u/BluntMastermind posted the fact about timestamps showing he was the first poster as proof.
  84. Ok, with that shown. The other links I looked at regarding his profile didn't really prove much or show anything...
  86. Except his user page at (SCREENSHOT
  88. Huh, that page doesn't show much either.
  90. Then you click on Steam Profile and it takes you to
  92. HOLY FUCK THIS IS EVERYTHING. This is where he fucked up. Look at his custom Steam URL he chose. (SCREENSHOT
  94. bryanhamade
  96. Familiar? Yeah well first it's on the company website where /u/fappeningwhistleblow first came up with in his comment I mentioned earlier.
  98. Second where does he list his location?
  100. Georgia. He doesn't specifiy what city but remember? The website and how I found two employees of the company, Jenna and Bart. They only listed first names but I found them through them listing Lawrenceville, Georgia as the company's location on their website. And Jenna having the exact same picture on Facebook and the comapany's website showing her.
  102. Hey I said the website was down up there earlier but now checking as I write it's back up!
  104. Which one is Bryan? Hover over his picture. If the site is down check this picture out. (SCREENSHOT
  106. So /u/fappeningwhistleblow's idea was Tristan was the guy with the pics.
  108. But let's go in order of these four people in the circles. (SCREENSHOT
  110. Jenna (Matches the Facebook profile pic by the way), it says Web Designer when you hover over her pictures.
  111. Bryan (I'm certain this is /u/bluntmastermind. Don't think he has a Facebook or he deleted it.), hover over and it says Server Administrator.
  112. Bart  (Found him off Jenna's friend list.), hover over and it says Graphic Designer.
  113. Tristan (15 year old kid), hover over and it says Web Development Intern.
  115. By the way when you click the arrow on the right in the green box it takes you to the next two employees. (SCREENSHOT
  117. Andrew (Can't find him on Facebook.), hover over his pic and it says Sales & Marketing
  118. Jingo Jax (the monkey, not a real person lol), hover over and it says Social Media.
  120. Hmm out of everyone that might be responsible for leaking the nude pics who would it be?
  121. I highly doubt Tristan, the 15 year old web development intern.
  122. Yeah... it's probably Bryan Hamade "Coding specialist", graduate of the University of Georgia. He's their "technical expert and specializes in PHP, MySql, HTML, and Java.
  123. Maybe the others are involved. I don't know but I seriously wouldn't bother the other people when prime target Brian Hamade has shit stacked up for him. (SCREENSHOT
  124. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  125. I think you should understand now Bryan Hamade = /u/BluntMastermind = He has a collection of the pics.
  126. Either he's fucking the guy behind this all or got it from someone else and most if not all the pics even unreleased right now. I'm certain it's one of those two or BOTH.
  128. Does he have the experience to pull something like this off?
  130. I don't know you tell me. Did you see his employee description on the Southern Digital Media website compared to the others that work there? (SCREENSHOT
  131. What about his LinkedIn at Wow he does an awful lot of SERVER Admin management. I don't even know what the fuck "CentOS server administration" or "Nginix configuration, administration, and deployment" is but man that sounds more fucking convincing than a 15 year old kid named Tristan who is an INTERN web developer.
  132. Keep in mind the current idea is also the hacks were done through iCloud! A fucking cloud SERVER!
  133. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  135. Ok ok, so maybe he does have the experience. You also got some pretty convincing proof but do you have any more!?
  137. Yeah but quick overview.
  138. -He posted (now deleted) a comment CLAIMING himself that he's the first poster of that Jennifer Lawrence pic /u/Namilb saying this "16 hours ago - Look at the time stamps dumbass. You checked 4chan before reddit. Hover over where it says 22 minutes ago to see the timestamp. 11:55". On the thread at, and I got the comment from the second listing on the first page of Google searching "BluntMastermind".
  139. -Made comments about him having more pictures and was willing to sell them (I don't have a screenshot of that because all this research happened AFTER he deleted his account and I can find a definite archive of his posts that are recent). Which is why I PM'd him and got this response
  140. -He deleted his main old reddit account after this shit hit the fan and got big.
  141. -He's tied to this picture from which /u/fappeningwhistleblow first pointed out. Notice at the bottom left under Network? It says BH (Bryan Hamade). It's pretty much already concrete proof that Southern Digital Media is connected also. The other Network names Bart (Bart Bennett), Jenna (Jenna Bennett), Tristan (Tristan the 15 year old kid) are ALL on Southern Digital Media's website here (SCREENSHOT
  142. -TF2outpost account led to his Steam account which uses the URL while his username is "BluntMastermind". His profile lists him as from Georgia.... where everything related with proof is located at... The username "Bluntmastermind" results on search engines like Google all pretty much belong to him, it's not a common username.
  144. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  145. OK that's all the proof I mentioned earlier I think. Any other proof that I haven't mentioned?
  147. Like are you sure BluntMastermind the reddit account is Bryan Hamade? Yes I'm pretty sure cause like I said all search engine results for the username BluntMastermind are his. I'm sure he is the only one with that username.
  149. Other proof! (Found out about as I was writing this. How helpful!)
  150. - Look this archive from March 24, 2012 for reddit user /u/bluntmastermind shows a post he made about ATL Filmmakers in subreddit /r/ATLFilmmakers. ATL is Atlanta, Georgia by the way! GEORGIA!!!!
  151. - Another archive from Janurary 16, 2012 for reddit user /u/bluntmastermind shows a post where he says "I'm in Athens near downtown" in reply to a thread named "Ents near Athens, Georgia?" in subreddit /ents/. GEORGIA AGAIN!!!
  153. Yeah feel free to go over the few archives there is saved of his profile at*/
  155. Ironic he knows a thing or two about privacy rights.
  156. "Actually untrue, there is a legal case establishing a reasonable expectation of privacy when in your own residence. I forget the case name, but basically you can be nude in your house and people looking in are violating said privacy blinds or no blinds. I am on mobile, but I will update with the case when I get home."
  159. The most recent archive of his profile is here, August 11th 2014. Stuff like a comment about losing his porn on his hard drive
  161. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  163. Anything else? Yeah just google "bluntmastermind georgia" and look at the results.
  165. One example here.
  166. "Same here in Georgia....."
  167. "BluntMastermind on Elon Musk explains why Texas lawmakers got Tesla sales banned in the state: "A peversion of democracy... The car dealers are such huge contributors to their political campaigns on the local level"
  168. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  169. Bryan's Twitter account -
  170. Update- Oh look sometime during writing this he deleted his Twitter account. Can't remember the names now but he was following a lot of the girls on the list that supposedly have naked pics hacked. Didn't manage to screenshot all he was following only the top. Was planning to get the whole page but only got this before he deleted the Twitter account (
  172. Wait but if he deleted his Twitter account is it because someone there was a massive shit storm about him while I was writing this and he got scared? He must've deleted his Twitter now because there are tons of people spamming him.
  174. No, lol. Only four people tweeted at/about him so far. (SCREENSHOT If he was innocent and didn't have a clue about what was going on why does he race to delete his Twitter account? Cause he knows he fucked up and even though not a lot a people know the truth right now a shit storm is coming at him.
  177. Unfortunately again, /u/BluntMastermind's comment history from today were deleted when he deleted his whole reddit account. Also the most recent archive of his profile on are from 21 days ago. Not sure if anyone that saw his posts remember his username specifically like I did but if they also remember his comments they can also say that he claimed he had the WHOLE pic collection (not just what's been released) and he tried to sell them.
  178. But I really do think that this should be enough proof.
  180. Yep, everything goes back to Georgia... where the one guy with the username he uses across the internet "BluntMastermind" lives... where the picture of the nude photo screenshot tease shows his initials BH and the names of his co-workers at Southern Digital Media that all match up... where he posted the one of the first pics of Jennifer Lawrence before anyone else, even proving it himself with a timestamp....
  182. If you only look at /u/fappeningwhistleblow's original comment I'd say yeah that's not enough proof and I don't agree that Tristan was behind it. But there's's that go back to 2012 where BluntMastermind AKA Bryan Hamade talks about Georgia which all comes back to everything else like the screenshot that shows the User Network listing the names of the employee that match with Southern Digital Media company based in Georgia...
  184. Note- Of course I'm not 100% sure Jenna, Bart, Tristan, and Andrew who work with him had nothing to do with this. But I HIGHLY doubt currently that they had something to do with this given what they do at the company compared to Bryan.
  186. I didn't look through everything, this is tiring work lol. I guess you could look at everyone in his Steam friends list (I didn't get much from those I looked at) and other stuff. Hope this clears things up.
  188. this took a while to set up. if you'd like to donate any amount of bitcoins that'd be greatly appreciated.
  189. 13jmSKN9yUrTDzdX7FwN2nexRciWG6yXy6
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