Daddy-o Discord 5

Jun 21st, 2017
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  1. >You appear alone sitting in a chair in front of a large circular table with five other chairs around it. The room around you was a horrible mix of purple and dark pink, looking as if the room was somehow made out of naturally forming crystals. The only thing that contrasted was the numerous windows on the walls of the round room, being a paleish-green. The other place was a castle for sure, but this, you couldn't even guess what this could possibly be.
  2. >Turning away from the horribly colored decor, you actually get startled slightly by the pony you didn't notice before, sitting just opposite of you at the table. Her fur was a amethyst purple and her mane lavender with a pink stripe through it. Poking out from her forehead was a horn, notably smaller than the princesses. Which is where you got slightly confused since this pony also had wings, meaning that she must be a princess too. Why was she so much smaller than the other princess and missing a crown? Not that they necessarily had to be exactly the same, you just kinda expected them to be roughly similar.
  3. >She was studying a thick book sitting on the table in front of her with great intensity. Using her magic, she floated a pencil to her left to scribble something down on a piece of paper adjacent to the book. Well, you guess you should speak up. Discord must have put you here for a reason, though the more you were around him, the more you got the impression that he would do things without any reasons. Putting that aside, you should still probably say something.
  4. “Hi.”
  5. >You say it happily, putting on your little persona once again. But she doesn't even blink at your words.
  6. “Um, hello?”
  7. >You wave your hoof a little to try to get her attention, but to no avail.
  9. >In perfect sync with when you put your hoof down, there is a knock on the door, near identical to the one in the castle just before. The purple pony looks towards the door as Discord poofs into the room right behind her, out of her line of sight. This time though, he isn't wearing any special clothing besides an ordinary black bow tie. He straightens himself slightly and aligns his tie as he reaches into his...ear and pulls out an air horn…
  10. >Sure, whatever.
  11. >Aiming it at the back of her head, he pushes the button. Instead of the loud honk you were preparing for, you heard only a barely audible whisper from the horn.
  12. >”...hello Twilight…”
  13. >Twilight screams, jumping out of her chair and falling to the floor in the process. She grumbled as she pulled herself back up.
  14. >”Ugh. Pinkie, I told you already, I don't have time right now for–”
  15. >But as she pulls herself up, she gets a look at who had frightened her, stifling whatever she was going to say.
  16. >”Oh. Discord.” She says brushing herself off slightly as she sits herself properly into her chair “What a...pleasant surprise.”
  17. >While she wasn't showing any outward signs of displeasure, you could sense the pheromones permeating the air telling Discord to fuck off. You could understand that. She was obviously just being polite.
  18. >But, as per usual, not even catching the slightest glimpse of the hint she was trying to give him, he moves to her side and drapes his paw across her neck.
  19. >”Oh, I know! Isn't it? I do try to have an enjoyable time wherever I go.”
  20. >She looks grimacing slightly at his paw and gently pushes it off of her shoulder.
  21. >”Um...yeah, sure. Look, Discord, was there anything that you, y’know, wanted?”
  22. >Discord looks at her with false confusion.
  23. >”What? Can’t I stop by to say hello to one of my friends without some other obscure motivation behind it?”
  25. >Twilight slightly shakes her head.
  26. >”I'm not saying that you can't do that, just that it's a little strange when you do.”
  27. >Giving her a quirky little smile in response, Discord continues on.
  28. >”Hm, well lucky for you, you're correct just this once. As circumstance would have it, I do also have some new and rather exciting news to share with you.”
  29. >He taps his talon and his paw together eagerly, wanting to share what he has.
  30. >She rolls her eyes at his excitement.
  31. >”I already told you Discord, I'm too busy researching on how to help Princess Luna. I don't have time to listen to your new ways to prank Celestia. And she doesn't need your jokes right now, she's stressed enough about Luna and the war.”
  32. >Well, out of the few people…ponies you've met, she seems to be the most sane and reasonable so far.
  33. >Regardless of that, you refuse to simply be ignored.
  34. “Hey, I'm here too!”
  35. >You say, thinking that she might have not noticed you because she was concentrated. But you are only met with a quick flash of Discord’s cocky smile, Twilight not even turning her head.
  36. >That fucker! He must be using his magic or something to keep you quiet to her. You are street rat levels of intelligence, but you are not as clueless as not to see that at least.
  37. >He thinks he can silence you, but you're going to get her attention whether he likes it or not.
  38. >You go to hop off of the crystal seat you were put in, but you're hooves are held to the seat by an invisible force. Looking up to Discord only rewards you with another flash of arrogance from him. Your face impressively goes from its normal pale green to a furious red.
  39. >Discord continues with his conversation, faking his offense to the comment, as per usual.
  41. >”Why my dearest Twilight,” he slithers right up next to Twilight, “I am very aware of Celestia’s predicament with the war, and as a good friend I would never do anything to cause her any stress of the sort. And I must admit that I'm a little hurt by your rash assumptions,” He quickly perks back up, “but that will have to wait for later. Right now I have bigger more important news.”
  42. >The fact that you're almost certain that he can hear you and he's still just continuing pissed you off to no extent.
  43. “FUCK YO–”
  44. >Discord glances at you, cutting off your rage with his magic.
  45. >Oh that's not the fucking end of it. You won't allow it. But for now, all you can do is sit and watch.
  46. >Twilight roles her eyes in disbelief
  47. >”And what exactly is it that you want to share then?”
  48. >Discord spares you one more smiling glance before teleporting onto the table before Twilight in a showy fashion.
  49. >”Princess Twilight, I’d like you to meet my–”
  50. >Right then, with a flash of white, a plain white scroll with an orange-yellow seal appears in front of Twilight and falls down to the table.
  51. >Immediately, Twilight picks the letter up with her magic, opens it, and begins to read.
  52. >”One minute Discord, this could be very important.”
  53. >Discord huffs, crosses his arms, and starts rapping his foot.
  54. >HA! Serves the fucker right for cutting you off!
  55. >Twilight stiffens very slightly, becoming suddenly worried about something. You even hear her heart skip a beat.
  56. >Slowly, she lowers the scroll and looks up at Discord.
  57. >”Discord, what exactly were you about to say?”
  58. >Discord huffs once more before speaking.
  59. >”Well if you cared to listen for more than a second, you would know that I was about to introduce you to my new son.”
  60. >Snapping his fingers, you appear next to him on the table.
  63. >Discord gives a chipper smile as you appear.
  64. >”Isn't that just the most wonderful news Twilight?”
  65. >Twilight was...uh…
  66. “Is she okay?
  67. >You were pissed at Discord, but your curiosity about the purple pony’s state drew you away from that for the moment.
  68. >Twilight was seemingly frozen, completely motionless, pupils contracted into tiny specks.
  69. >Discord just rolls his eyes.
  70. >”Phh, don't waste your breath, she's just overreacting as always.”
  71. >He teleports right next to her and waves his paw in front of her face, but when he doesn't get any response he becomes more impatient.
  72. >”Ooohhhhhh Twiiiiliiight.” He says as he knocks on her head, creating a hollow bonking sound with every hit, but still to no avail.
  73. >Now truly agitated with her, Discord poofs in an air horn just like the one before and puts it straight up to Twilight’s ear, and leans away in preparation.
  74. >Pressing the button, the noise was louder than anything you have ever heard before, so loud that you actually had to cover your ears to keep yourself from going deaf. Not that it would matter for too long if you did, but it still wouldn't be pleasant. Regardless, there was still not even a flinch from Twilight, but you were certainly fucking angry now.
  75. “What the fuck, are you trying to blow our ears out?!”
  76. >Discord discards the horn over his shoulder, and enters a ponderous position as he scratches his chin, completely ignoring you.
  77. >As much as you wanted to take this time to piss at Discord, you were a little concerned for Twilight. It's not like you really care about her, but she was supposed to be your teacher, and you wanted to learn some shit at some point.
  78. >Focusing your ears forward, you listen for her heart beat, but there was nothing not a peep.
  79. >Fuck.
  80. >You look to Discord who was still absolutely clueless to the situation.
  81. >...
  82. >Ugh, fine, you'll do something, but she better be a good teacher after this.
  84. >Moving forward, directly up to Twilight so you were eye to eye with her, you place your hoof on her chest which...holy fuck that's soft.
  85. >No, nope, never mind that, you could see Discord watching you out of your peripheral vision, presumably to make sure you don't eat her.
  86. >That was understandable, you were a little hungry.
  87. >But no matter. Better just get on with it.
  88. >Focusing on Twilight’s energy, which was vast compared to what you imagined it to be, you take a very small portion of yours and send out in a short pulse through your leg and into her body, much like an electrical shock.
  89. >And like that, Twilight’s eyes dilate back to a reasonable size as she gasps for a breath of air.
  90. >With that, Discord snaps, sending both of you back to your original positions on the table in front of her as she recovers.
  91. >” happened?” Asked Twilight still regaining her senses.
  92. >Discord gives a kind smile and waves his paw.
  93. >”Oh, nothing. I'm afraid that you just had one of your little moments.”
  94. >Twilight checks herself over very quickly before nodding to herself and looking to Discord, embarrassed about the whole thing.
  95. >”I'm sorry Discord, but I thought you said–”
  96. >Twilight cuts herself off as she sees you next to Discord. You just give her a chipper smile and wave.
  97. >”Oh.” Twilight smiles nervously. “Um, Discord, do you think we could talk in private?”
  98. >Discord looks down at her disapprovingly, hands on his hips and all.
  99. >”Twilight! You call yourself the princess of friendship and your not even going to introduce yourself?”
  100. >She quickly glances back and forth between you and Discord a few times before focusing on him.
  101. >”O-oh, how could I forget?” She turns to you, a little more genuinely friendly. “Hello, my name is Princess Twilight Sparkle, but you can just call me Twilight...actually I would prefer if you did. But enough of me, what's your name?”
  103. >Besides her wacky ass name like everyone else in this world, she seemed to be paying extra attention to you, more than somebody normally should, but it's not like you got any social interacting on Tetra anyways, so how would you know? But it's good she didn't want you to address her properly, you weren't going to do it even if she did.
  104. >Disregarding that, you answer politely.
  105. “Hi Twilight, my name's Anon, it's good to meet you.”
  106. >Twilight seemed to be analyzing you with particular care, as if she was searching for something but couldn't quite find it.
  107. >After a moment, she returns to normal and resumes the conversation.
  108. >”Well it's truly a pleasure to meet you Anon, I hope we can be good friends in the future.”
  109. >...
  110. >And that made you wish Discord’s air horn had deafened you. Maybe you made a fucking mistake when you woke her.
  111. >Muting the internal scream that ravaged your mind, you just smile and nod.
  112. “Me too.”
  113. >God you fucking hated optimism on its own, let alone when it's cheesy shit like that.
  116. >Returning your gesture, Twilight turns back to Discord, now slightly less nervous looking for some reason that you couldn't quite place.
  117. >”Now Discord, can we have a talk in private. There are a few things I'd like to discuss before you leave.”
  118. >Discord rests his paw on your shoulder casually, only fueling the hate inside of you further.
  119. >”Well I would love to, I really would, but I'm dreadfully afraid that I've left Anon here out of too much since he's got here, so I won't be leaving him again. Though, if there's something that you'd like to say to the both of us, we're all ears.”
  120. >Twilight goes to object, but catches herself with a defeated sigh and a bow of her head.
  121. >”Nevermind Discord, I'll just talk with you later.”
  122. >And that bow of her head is all you needed.
  123. >Quickly loosening a few vertebrae, you spin your head around 120 degrees towards Discords paw and clamp down on it with all of your might. At that very moment everything went a bluish color, but that didn't stop you from your action.
  124. >Well, it was meant to be a short action. You really expected Discord to pull away in pain, but all you got was him slowly lifting you to his eye level and staring at you with cold eyes, you hanging off of his hand like a fish on a hook.
  125. >Glancing about, you noticed that everything was indeed a shade of blue, including Twilight who was frozen in her position of a bow. But regardless of that, you weren't dissuaded from your current action.
  126. >Willing your canines to sharpen themselves and grow a substantial length, they do so, peircing far into the back and palm Discord's paw, and drawing a good amount of blood into your mouth which you gratefully swallow without hesitation.
  127. >Seeing that he only increases the intensity of his stare, you do so as well. Concentrating on Discord’s energy – immense and easy to locate – you start to rapidly and forcefully pull it from his body and into yours like a vampire.
  129. >But after a few moments of silence, Discord picks up on what's going on, and completely disconnects his arm from the rest of his body, letting the both you and it fall to the table.
  130. >Quickly, you regain yourself and turn to face Discord who was already one step ahead of you, his face fiercely planted millimeters away from yours. Everything about it was horribly distorted with anger. And also ugly, but that may just be personal opinion at this point.
  131. >”What exactly do you think you're doing?!”
  132. >He was outraged, completely and utterly, but his words only made you angrier.
  133. “Me?! What am I doing?! What the fuck do you think you're doing!?! I agreed to play along by being polite and making you look good, not to be some kind of meat puppet for you to drag along all day!”
  134. >”No, you agreed to go along with my plan, and that includes however I see fit to execute them. You can't blame me for your incompetence!”
  135. > couldn't fucking believe this guy!
  136. “No! That's–”
  137. >Discord snaps, making your mouth disappear, and lowers himself into a much more serious tone than he's ever done before.
  138. >”Now you listen to me. You are the one who agreed to go along with me for a price, and I intend to uphold my end of the bargain, but if you EVER try to pull something like that, something that could be detrimental to my or my friends reputation, ever again, nothing, not even KK’s little contracts will be able to save you from me turning you into a living “meat puppet”. Understand?”
  140. “.........”
  141. >You don't answer. You don't do anything to acknowledge his words at all, you just turn back to Twilight like you were before you started this.
  142. >”Good.” Discord returns to his position as well. “Now if you don't mind, I'd like to get back home and then to our last stop as soon as we can. That means no more interruptions, in case you didn't catch that.”
  143. >Despite your lack of a mouth, you clench your jaw as hard as you possibly can.
  144. >This isn't the fucking end of things.
  145. >And with that, the bluish hue melts away and time resumes.
  148. >”Well, anyways Discord, would you–”
  149. >Twilight looks up and sees what kind of mood you're in and grows a little concerned.
  150. >”Um, Anon? Are you alright?”
  151. >You quickly perk up to her words.
  152. >Shit, you weren't paying attention. It's alright Anon, just think of something.
  153. “ No I'm fine. Just a little hungry is all.”
  154. >Which was a complete lie. Discord’s energy should be enough to hold you over for the rest of the day. While you didn't get a lot of it, it seemed that his energy, for some reason, was very potent.
  155. >There was also the blood you got, you could always convert that into energy later if need be, but you'd rather hold onto it for now. You could use it later in your free time.
  156. >Hearing your improvisation, Discord plays on it.
  157. >”Well if that's the case, I think we'll be taking our leave.”
  158. >Discord prepares to snap, but is swiftly interrupted by Twilight.
  159. >”Actually Discord, would you mind if I had a talk with Anon, you know, in private?”
  160. >Pondering this for a moment Discord shrugs.
  161. >”I see no harm in it, but it would be appreciated if you make it fast. We do have other places to be you know.”
  162. >Twilight smiles and nods as before.
  163. >”I understand, it will only take a moment.”
  164. >Discord shrugs once more.
  165. >”So be it. Just call me when you're done, son.”
  166. >You look up to Discord who was happily smiling at you on the surface, but the fire in his eyes gave you the friendly reminder of what he just said before.
  167. “Sure…”
  168. >With that, Discord vanishes from the room.
  170. >And then suddenly, there you were.
  171. >Just you and an authority figure alone in the same room.
  172. >If past experiences mean anything, this won't turn out well for either of you. You haven't even been here for a day and yet you've so how managed to piss off a princes so bad that she wants to talk to you in private.
  173. >Inside you were actually a little worried about that. In this world, in your new life, what you did actually mattered. That, and you were also concerned since, unlike the Sentinels back on Tetra, Twilight actually has power to do things herself. She doesn't need any little goons to do it for her.
  174. >”So, Anon.”
  175. >She says, instantly snapping you out of your train of thought. God, you could only imagine what's going to happen with magic involved.
  176. >”I've heard that you come from somewhere far away from Equestria, somewhere nopony from here has ever seen, is that correct?”
  177. >Well that took a turn from where you thought it was going. It especially confused you since she said it all with what would seem to be a genuine friendly smile. But that doesn't matter Anon, you just gotta keep the act up.
  178. “Um, yeah, I guess you could say that…”
  179. >She seems excited by your words.
  180. >”Well, I know you've only been here a short while, but would you mind me asking where it is and what it's like?”
  181. >She leans in on the table slightly.
  182. >Um… Once again, you were baffled. Not that you weren't grateful that you weren't going to get your ass handed to you magically, but you were still confused as all hell.
  183. “Not to be rude or anything, but why do you care? Don't you have big princess things to do?”
  184. >That was assuming that they did anything at all, but from Celestia it seemed that they at least cared for the big problems. But seriously, why would she even care about anything that small and meaningless in comparison to her life?
  186. >She doesn't take any offense to your statement, actually acting quite bashful about it.
  187. >”Well, you see, while I am a princess and I have official duties, I make it a habit to learn as much as I can in my free time so that I'm prepared for anything I encounter, whether it be personal or official. So when I read that you were from an unidentified land, I'll admit my curiosity got the best of me.”
  188. >She daintily chuckles to herself.
  189. >”So, now that I've answered your questions, will you answer mine?”
  192. >Hm, well she was being nice enough. You guess you could tell her a little, but you shouldn't get into anything too specific. There's no need to get tangled up in a web of lies if you could avoid it.
  193. “I guess it can't hurt.”
  194. >Twilight lets out a noise that you could only describe as a squeak without the second half of it. Squee, maybe. Yeah that sounded right. She lets out a squee as she magics a notepad and quill out of thin air and sets them in front of her.
  195. >”Good, in that case, be as descriptive as possible when answering.”
  196. >internalsighofpainandregret.png
  197. “No problem...”
  198. >Twilight opens up the notepad and picks up the quill with her magic.
  199. >”Alright, first question. Where is the place you came from?”
  200. >Alright, that wasn't too hard. You could just play dumb on this one since your new and all, according to Discord’s story.
  201. “Well, actually, I have no idea.”
  202. >Twilight looks up at you incredulously.
  203. >”You don't know where you lived? Didn't your people keep records of their history or even their location?”
  204. >You give her a falsely somber shake of your head.
  205. “I don't know. If they did, nob–pony told me about it.”
  206. >Twilight couldn't believe what she was hearing. She just couldn't understand how you couldn't know.
  207. >”Didn't you learn about it in school?”
  208. >That actually stung a bit inside. You've always understood the basics that everybody knew: Biology, Anatomy, Bio Informatics. They were all ingrained in your brain from birth, as with everybody else. You always wanted to know more, but there was never any way to obtain any other knowledge unless you were rich or insanely lucky.
  209. >You disregard your thoughts for the moment though, knowing that you might get to learn such things in the future anyways, and just shake your head once more.
  210. “No. There was never anypony there to teach me anything. All I've ever learned was from teaching myself.”
  212. >Twilight was just baffled that they couldn't have education where you came from, and that nobody would bother to teach anypony else anything.
  213. >”Well, what about your parents? They must have been able to teach you something.”
  214. >And suddenly, your mood was brought down by that statement. So much so that you became visibly tense and upset.
  215. “My parents……aren't around anymore.”
  216. >Which couldn't be farther from the truth. They were still very alive. You said you wouldn't get caught up in a web of lies, but the pure want for that statement to be true would make it sufficiently easy to remember. There was so such passionate hate in your body for them, you had to channel it in some way, even if it was just saying that they were dead.
  217. >With your sudden turn in attitude, Twilight realizes what she just did. She completely got carried away by her curiosity and forgot why you were here in the first place. Of course, you were Discord’s new son. That meant that you were adopted. But she threw her common sense and courtesy aside for her own personal gain and carelessly asked you questions that you might not be comfortable with answering. And she felt horrible for it.
  218. >”Anon, I'm really, REALLY sorry. I just wasn't thinking straight with you being new and all and–”
  219. >But you cut her off with a raise of your hoof and give her the nicest smile you could in your sour mood, which wasn't really that good in reality.
  220. “It's fine Twilight, but I think I'm ready to go now.”
  221. >You really just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible so you could fucking punch some shit.
  222. >Twilight doesn't say another word as she shyly nods her head in response.
  223. >You turn your head to the air.
  224. “Dad! I'm ready to go!”
  225. >You guess that would work. You don't really know what else he could've meant.
  227. >And on queue, he pops into the room with a flash.
  228. >”Good, because if we don't hurry now, we'll end up being late! Ta-ta Twilight!”
  229. >And he snaps, sending you away, but not before you see Twilight meekly wave goodbye to you from her seat.
  232. >You appear just where you expected, in the middle of the living room.
  233. >You were pretty sure that Discord was going to say some shit, but you didn't give a single fuck at the moment. You dash over to the door to your room and reel up to smash that shit down, but when you make a solid blow with all of your energy put into it, you are met with only a resounding knock on the wood. Taking a second look, the door wasn't so much as scratched from your punch.
  234. >It's resilience only made you angrier about the whole thing. You throw out a flurry of consecutive punches for a good five minutes until you lose your steam to be angry anymore. With your last punch, you push off of the door and let yourself collapse backward onto the floor. Now out of anger, you just silently stare at the ceiling.
  235. >Slowly, Discord floats into your line of sight, just above you. Arms impatiently crossed.
  236. >”Are you finished?”
  237. >Fuck him, but whatever, you'd amuse him just this once since you feel better.
  238. “Yes...”
  239. >You say blandly.
  240. >He calmly nods his head and goes to speak whatever he was going to say before your little scene.
  241. >”Well, in that case I was just going to let you know that you have a little while before we make for our last stop.”
  242. >You nonchalantly roll your eyes at him.
  243. “Is this ‘little while’ gonna be like the last one?”
  244. >He nods gleefully.
  245. >”Mhmm, so I suggest you go make use of it.”
  246. >His joy at your suffering still pissed you off, but not nearly as badly as before since you let it all out, so you hold off on any comment you were going to make, roll to your hooves and enter your room.
  247. >You go straight to your bed and have a lay down facing the door. You were a little tired after that punching session, but Discord’s energy was so potent that it was nothing compared to how you would be without it. Speaking of his energy, you still had that blood from before.
  249. >You begin to scan the room for what you required. If you were going to do what you wanted to do, you'd need–
  250. “Goddammit.”
  251. >”What's wrong Ano, can't you bear to be in my immaculate presence?”
  252. >And there's the hate you were missing. In the far corner of the room sat KK on the wooden floor, as if she had been waiting. This was your chance.
  253. >Springing off of your bed and into a full sprint for KK, you prepare yourself for her FUCKING tricks.
  254. >Only when your about a foot away does she make any move, twisting her front hoof across the surface of the floor, causing the floorboards immediately below you to animate, spiral up your legs, and immobilize you with an iron grip.
  255. >That fucking bitch!
  256. “That's fucking cheating!”
  257. >You shout as you struggle as hard as you can to escape your prison.
  258. >You didn't notice, but KK rolls her eyes with that sickeningly calm smile of hers.
  259. >”Oh c’mon Ano, you out of everyone should know that there aren't any real rules in the art of fighting.”
  260. >She lays down leaving only about a foot’s distance between her face and yours, her hair draping flatly along the floor to her side.
  261. >”But that's not really why I'm here. I'm here because–”
  262. >You spit at her, hitting her directly on her snout.
  264. >KK doesn't even flinch. The only noticeable change was in her eyes, which were slowly contracting tightly, and a shift in her tone. She was slightly more serious with her words. Nothing major, just a very slight tinge.
  265. >”Do not mistaken me for a coward Ano.” The saliva on her snout instantly evaporates with a small, green flame, her gaze never leaving you. “I simply have more important business at the moment. But if you'd like, I'd be willing to–”
  267. >You were about to shout at her, but she cuts herself off. Even before you could formulate your words, her pupils shift into a slitted shape, somehow holding your gaze and silencing your tongue simultaneously.
  268. >”I do not appreciate interruptions while I'm trying to express a thought Ano.”
  269. >Her voice was the same as before, but more robotic and precise in delivery. With every word, strands of her hair on the floor started to float and become frayed from the rest of the group on the floor. And you could've sworn that her eyes had some kind of green glow to them.
  270. >”Now, you will listen to the two offers I have for you, you will make your decision, and then we will be off to where I planned for us to go. Do you understand?”
  271. >On ‘understand’ her pupils become taller, almost dividing her eye in half. It was all very unnerving.
  272. >On the inside you wanted to shout at her, but you physically couldn't. It wasn't like when Discord stopped you from talking. Nothing was forcibly holding your jaw closed or stopping the air from leaving your lungs or disabling your vocal cords. It was like you couldn't bring yourself to say it while she was looking at you with those eyes.
  273. >In short, you settle for making a small nod to her question. She was getting angry. Even if she wanted to hide it behind that smile, you could see it through her eyes. She was truly, genuinely angry inside, and that gave you enough satisfaction to stay quiet for now. As well as the fact that she could probably crush you in an instant, but you still wanted to fight her nonetheless.
  276. >Without changing her expression, KK slowly lets out a breath from her nose. As she does so, her hair falls perfectly back into place, her eyes return to normal, and you regain your ability to move your gaze to where you pleased. With her words, her voice goes back to its original, calming tone.
  277. >”Good. Now then, my offers.” She crosses her hooves in front of her. “The first is less of a deal and more of a statement. We're going to have an official fight tomorrow. I say it's more of a statement since you don't really have a choice, you would be doing it anyways.”
  278. >That was fine by you. You needed to show her you weren't a pussy.
  279. “Ok and what about the second one?”
  280. >“My second offer requires me to ask a question first. Rumor has it that, in exchange for your cooperation, you have been given three, all powerful wishes from Discord. Is that true?”
  281. >Rumor? Who the fuck was there to spread rumor and already have it spread to her? Y'know what? You weren't going to question it. She's probably just really snoopy. End of story. But even so, why would she care?
  282. >You hesitantly nod.
  283. “Yeah, it's true. What's it matter to you?”
  284. >KK giggles.
  285. >”What a clutz…” She mumbles under her breath before coming back to her full volume.
  286. >”It doesn't really matter anything to me, I just think it's silly that that doofus calls himself all powerful. Believe it or not, there are things that he is incapable of doing and also things he will simply refuse to do even if he has made a deal on it. He has no etiquette for the art of the deal. But I on the other hand, can give you what he can't.”
  287. >You narrow your eyes at her. You already could tell that she had power over him and that he wouldn't actually give you anything you asked for if it was too much. What was she playing at?
  288. “Ok, and what is it? If you want to make an offer then skip the bullshit and get to the point.”
  290. >KK’s smile gains a hint of twistedness to it at your words.
  291. >”My offer, dear Ano, is that you give me authority of deciding two of your wishes…”
  292. >What?! No fucking way, fuck whatever she–
  293. >”...and in exchange, I'll give you one of MY wishes. A TRULY all powerful act.”
  294. >Your brain stops for a moment and your eyes go wide at the thought.
  295. >KK’s smile grows even sicker.
  296. >”Ahh, now I see that I have your attention. So what do you say Ano? Do we have a deal?” She says as she holds her hoof straight out to you, the floorboards releasing your legs simultaneously.
  297. >At the first mention of it, you so desperately wanted to say yes, but then the thought of the deal made with Discord pops up in your head.
  298. “And why should I trust you? You're the one who stuck me in this shitty situation, so how do I know that this isn't a trap like that one?”
  299. >She giggles once more.
  300. >”Oh please, that wasn't a trap, you agreed to a new life and nothing more. No specific details were covered on your part, so I had to fill in those blanks for you. And at the end of the day,” She gestures to the room around you. “I delivered.”
  301. >”And besides, unlike Discord, when I make a deal, I stick to my end as much as my partner sticks to theirs. So how about it Ano?” She reaffirms her hoof being held out. “Deal?”
  302. >Fuckfuckfuck, okay, you had to think fast. So she claims, at least by the way she's talking, that Discord won't actually give you anything you ask, but she could and would if you gave her two of your wishes. But she could just be lying, but then again, what could she get out of his wishes if she was more powerful. There was a pretty good chance of this being a trap, you had a feeling.
  303. >...
  304. >Fuck it.
  305. “Deal!”
  306. >You pound your hoof against hers without another second's thought. As you make the connection with a solid thump, a small bit of red electricity floats around the union.
  308. >Then, just for a split second, KK’s smile reaches full twistedness before flashing back to normal.
  309. >”It truly has been a pleasure doing business with you, Ano.”
  310. >Now with some of the anger at her removed from your mind, you speak up.
  311. “It's Anon now.”
  312. >She seems rather surprised at you.
  313. >”Oh, so you DID take my advice. Well in that case, it's nice to meet you Anon. You're not as stupid as you first looked.” She says playfully.
  314. >Part of you wanted to be angry, but now that your head was clear, you could tell she wasn't really trying to insult you.
  315. “Yeah, but you still are.”
  316. >She smiles more genuinely at that.
  317. >”Well, I can see that that attitude on you is already dissipating. That's good. You won't do well with it in this world.”
  318. >Standing from her position, KK flips her hair around slightly as she looks around the room.
  319. >”Well, now that that's taken care of, it's time to take a little field trip.”
  320. >She taps her hoof on the floor once, causing a small section of the floor to slide out of the way, and revealing some sort of portal not too far behind you. She walks past you and sits next to the hole in the floor.
  321. >”Ready to go?”
  324. >”Now you hold on just a moment!” A furious Discord yells as he pops into the room with a flash, right next to KK. God this fucking guy. “I have a very important meeting that we have to appear at right now, so you won't be taking him anywhere. I will!” He was very stern with his point.
  325. >KK turns to him, still sitting.
  326. >”Oh, Discord, there you are. I've been looking for you all day. And yes, I do understand that you have important things planned with Anon, perhaps even more than I do, but I have to ask, does said meeting involve drinking tea and eating fancy sandwiches with a yellow pony?”
  327. >She pokes him in the stomach at the end of her sentence. Discord seems genuinely offended at the statement.
  328. >”Me? Expend the important time that I and you have at such a trivial event? Never!”
  329. >He crosses his arms and turns up his chin.
  330. >”Is that so?”
  331. >KK throws her hoof out to her side with such speed that it sends a shockwave right past you and straight towards the door, blowing your mane back and blasting the door open. Revealed behind it was a small table with a tea set, cookies, and sandwiches all in a completely separate location from Discord’s house. It appeared to be a cottage that had many different cages and houses for animals scattered around.
  332. >Quickly, Discord notices and snaps his talons, slamming the door shut.
  333. >”That could've been any random house with bird houses and cages and enough food to maybe, possibly constitute as a tea party. You have no proof that that's where I was off to!”
  335. >Not missing a beat, KK blindly throws her hoof out once more towards the door, blasting it open and once again revealing the small cottage, except this time there was a pale-yellow pony with a long pink mane talking to a small white rabbit...for some reason… Neither of them seemed to notice the door.
  336. >”I know it's a lot of work Angel, but Discord is coming over soon, and he said that he's bringing somepony extra special, so I want things to be extra perfect when they get here.”
  337. >Her voice was exceedingly soft, even softer than KK’s, and had a very gentle inflection to it, even though she seemed to be excited.
  338. >That didn't matter for very long though, since Discord used his magic to once again slam the door, sweat dripping comically down his face.
  339. >”I have absolutely no idea where she got that from! I never said anything of the sort!”
  340. >Discord was trying desperately to save himself from KK seeing through his ruse.
  341. >”Oh, you didn't say anything of the sort? Well, let's just see what Fluttershy has to say when I visit her myself.”
  342. >Discord’s sweat was now pouring off of his head, covering the floor with a thin layer of water.
  343. >”Nononono, I don't think that's a very good idea, she seemed very busy with whatever nonsense that was. You best let her be.”
  344. >KK rolls her eyes.
  345. >”It's fine Discord, I'm just having a little fun at your expense. I believe you.”
  346. >He was about to object with a talon raised, but he falls short. His jaw drops to the ground and his talon deflates. Shaking his head, he looks on with amazement, as do you.
  347. >”You do?” You both say at the same time.
  348. >She nods slightly.
  349. >Discord lets out a sigh of relief and raises his paw in preparation to snap.
  350. >”Oh good. Well in that case we should be off as quickly as–”
  352. >”Well then I suppose that I should let the poor yellow pony know that she was misguided while you go off to your meeting.”
  353. >Discords entire lion arm that was being held up falls off of his torso and to the floor with a metallic clatter.
  354. >”What…?”
  355. >KK stands and starts walking towards the door.
  356. >”Well we wouldn't want her to be misinformed, would we? So I'll go let her know that it was a big misunderstanding, or I'll at least keep her company and not let those supplies go to waste.”
  357. >She reaches the door and goes to grab the door, but not before Discord snaps his talons…freezing himself…
  358. >She lowers her hoof, walks back to the portal, and sits back down without a second thought.
  359. >”Ready to go?”
  362. >Excuse you? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!
  363. “Woah, hold the fuck up a second. What the fuck was that supposed to be? Ever since I got here, all he seems to do is stupid shit to himself when you're around.”
  364. >You say, gesturing to Discord, frozen in a solid block of ice.
  365. “What's up with that?”
  366. >KK giggles a little.
  367. >”Well, you see, that's not by mere coincidence. When Discord or anyone else goes to cast a spell that I'm not particularly fond of, I simply manipulate the energy that is being sent through the air and redirect it and repurpose it for a completely new and more desirable effect for me. Either that or if it's simply too little energy to do anything substantial with, I'll just absorb it and cast my own spell instead. Really it should be easy for you to understand. You are a Tetran after all.”
  368. >You were utterly confused and you let your face show it. What the fuck was she talking about?
  369. “What do you mean that I should understand it? I have no idea what you think being a Tetran means, but it's not whatever you're thinking of.”
  370. >KK looks at you with slight confusion.
  371. >”But it’s simple energetics. I was lead to believe that all Tetrans are gifted with advanced knowledge of the sciences upon birth.”
  372. >You shake your head at her. She was misinformed apparently.
  373. “No. We know SOME sciences, but nobody knows everything.”
  374. >She lies down and the portal to her side slowly is covered by the floor once again, curiosity in her eyes.
  375. >”Explain.”
  376. >You sigh and roll your eyes as you lay down as well. God you wish she'd get on with what she had in mind so that you could do what YOU had in mind. But alas, no such thing would happen any time soon apparently. Better make it as quick as possible so she'll get on with it.
  378. “In the Tetran species, there are several subdivisions of abilities and knowledge. Four for abilities and a few dozen for the areas of knowledge. There's the morphers, cybers, biotechs, and sentinels for abilities. All of them can do more or less things than the others. Morphers can change their bodies, cybers control energy, biotechs can do both, and sentinels can't do shit. Every Tetran has knowledge of a different science that's decided by their parents’ combined knowledge. I'm a biotech that was spawned with knowledge on biogenetics, bioinformatics, anatomy, and other biological subjects, so I wouldn't know about any stupid energetics.”
  379. >You let out a huff of air at the end of your statement.
  380. “Happy?”
  381. >You certainly fucking weren't. You hated when you had to talk like that, all formal and whatnot. It bothered you, in fact, that you could recite all of that but you couldn't read or write any of it. It was nothing major, it was just that something about it made you angry.
  382. >She nods understandingly.
  383. >”Yes, very. Your education might be very slightly prolonged by that, but it's nothing Twilight can't handle I'm sure.”
  384. >Hmm, you really thought that she'd have at least one question, but you're not gonna complain. She seemed to be acting a lot less like an ass than before, so you'll leave it alone.
  385. >Satisfied with what she has received, KK sits back up and once more taps her hoof on the floor, reopening it, and revealing the swirling iridescent portal as before.
  386. >”Now,” She looks toward you once more with that smile. “Ready to go?”
  389. >You nod precisely as you stand.
  390. “Let's just get on with this shit.”
  391. >Walking to the portal and stopping just before it, you glare into its depths, only to see the shifting, shimmering light staring right back at you.
  392. >”That's the spirit!” She says joyfully before twisting her head quickly, smacking you in the back of the head with her hair, throwing you off balance, and sending you face first into the portal.
  393. >To your surprise, you come out clean on the other side instantly, revealing a completely different location. Of course, you didn't get to really make anything out since the portal was apparently vertical coming out, allowing you to face plant hard into a floor of smooth stone.
  394. >Fuck...that hurt.
  395. >Standing, you look around your environment. It seemed that you were in some kind of clock tower. Not like the ones back on Tetra, dilapidated and crumbling at the touch, but rather one that seemed to be made completely out of a singular mass of stone. While you say it looked like a clock tower, it was much more like a castle than anything, the only thing tipping you off being the massive gears surrounding you.
  396. >Looking to the place you smacked your face off of on the floor, you see your own reflection, revealing a small gash on your forehead. Not anywhere near cause for concern, but it was deep enough to allow a small drop of blood to fall from the wound to the shiny floor.
  397. >Fuck.
  398. >Just when you thought she was done being a bitch, there she goes again. Angrily focusing on the wound on your head in the reflection, you will it to patch itself. Like ribbons, layers of first fat, then skin stretch and grow across the gash and root themselves in their appropriate places. After the skin and fat were done binding themselves to the other fibers, you grow out the fur in that area back to normal length.
  399. >And just like that, good as new.
  401. >Now, where the fuck was that bitch? Taking a sweeping glance all around you, you realize the real extent of the room you're in. There was at least ten meter’s worth of distance between you and any point of the wall of the circular room. And as far as you could tell, it was infinitely tall, since all you could see was maybe thirty meters up before all of the moving clockwork blocked you from seeing any further. Far in front of you was a staircase that led up the tower, spiraling clockwise and consisting of slabs of rounded stone that jutted out from the wall. Hmm. That's probably where you need to go since there was no exit in sight.
  402. >But where the fuck is KK? She should have followed you through the portal. Or at least you really hoped that she did so you could give her some shit. But alas, no such being was in sight. You sigh irritably. Up the stairs you go then, you guess.
  403. >Trudging your way to the stairs and slowly up them, hugging the wall to your left due to the lack of a railing, you notice where the staircase was leading. There was a small path at the same height as the gears and mechanisms, that connected the staircase you were on to another one that led further up on the adjacent side of the tower.
  404. >Once you reach the top of the stairs, you realize something slightly concerning. The pathway you had to walk across was inconsistently being blocked by three massive, bronze, swinging pendulums, all in a row and moving at different rates.
  405. >You say only slightly concerning since none of them were really swinging fast enough to catch you off guard. At most they were a minor inconvenience. The thing that really concerned you was how high it was. Getting hit with one of those wouldn't do shit, but there was fuck all you could do if you took a heart attack on the way down, should you fall. The stairs didn't bother you so much since there was a wall for you to hug on your way up, but here, there was nothing.
  406. >You shakily let out a breath.
  408. >Fuck your life.
  409. >With slow and precise steps, you make your way onto the catwalk of death. You look only at the walkway beneath you. Nothing below that, or to the side. Only the walkway. You proceed forward until you hear a shift in the air to your left. Stopping dead in your tracks, you feel the first of the pendulums swing not even an inch from your head in front of you.
  410. >Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck, you forgot about those.
  411. >Quickly breaking yourself out of your paralysis, you swiftly move past that dead zone and forward once more, this time more cautions of your hearing as you stare headlong into the smooth stone.
  412. >Once again, you come to a point where you feel a shift in the air, this time from your right. Stopping, the pendulum misses you by only an inch once again, but from behind this time, blowing your tail aside in its wake.
  413. >Fuck. Thankfully it didn't hit you, but you misjudged. It should have been in front of you. You couldn't fucking focus on not being terrified and judge where they were at the same time. One more slip up and you could be a fucking pancake.
  414. >Alright, you just had to do it and fucking dedicate to it.
  415. >Raising your gaze slowly from the walkway to the wall, about five meters away, you see the last pendulum out of your peripheral vision. It was coming back down from one of its swings, and, in fact, passes the walkway only two meters in front of you. You thought you saw something on it, but you couldn't give two shits about that at the moment.
  416. >Taking your chance, you run straight to where you were looking, nearly slamming into the wall with your momentum. As you get there, you hug the the wall with your side, eyes shut and legs giving out, leaving you lying at the end of the walkway, simply happy you weren't a fucking flapjack.
  419. >After a brief moment of recuperation, you find the will to reach somewhere that has an actual floor. Standing slowly, you lean against the wall as you continue up the stairs, and luckily for you, you could see the ceiling and an opening in it past all of the gears that ran through the center of the tower.
  420. >As you ascend, you think about what KK said before, if not to just distract yourself from the terror you just went through, then just because it made you curious. She said that your education would be ‘prolonged’ by what you said and that Twilight could ‘handle it’. Did she mean to tell you that Twilight is some kind of genius teacher and that's who she got because she thought you'd be a genius?
  421. >Well, you already heard from Twilight herself that she tries to know as much as she can, but still, if she's expecting a genius when you get there, she's gonna be very disappointed. That being said, she seemed very surprised by your appearance, so it made you question whether she knows that she's going to be your teacher or not. Then again, she did apparently hear about you, so there was also that. All of it just made you curious how that whole thing will go down when the time comes.
  422. >Coming to the opening in the ceiling reveals an entirely new room to you, this one being square and, unlike the last, having an auditory mechanical rumble. You appeared to be at the very back wall of the room from the opening. The side walls were loosely lined with gears and cogs, all turning at their own rates, the front one being completely taken up by a large, violet, stained glass clock face with two overlapping pointed oval shapes inside of it, giving the clock a look of an eye, both vertically and horizontally.
  424. >The strange thing about it was that it seemed to be meant to be read from the inside rather than the outside. Leading up to the front of the room was a path, designated by two deeply engraved lines starting at either side of the entrance. On the outsides of said lines were a long series of strange, foreign glyphs running along them to the front of the room, at which both them and the lines transferred into a small circle, only about two meters in diameter.
  425. >And in said circle was a pony, a mare if the size and the length of the mane and tail indicated anything at all. Her mane and tail were about as long as Twilight’s and appeared to be split into two separate colors, the dominant being a cobalt blue and the underlying being a minty green. Her coat was also a fitting teal.
  426. >Adjusting your speed from a shuffle to an amble, you make your way out of the entrance and down the pathway. On your way down you attempt to decipher the runes along the path, but ultimately you give up, since you realized that a basic vocabulary alone wouldn't be enough to read it even if you could see the pattern.
  427. >Once you're about three quarters of the way down the path, the mare lifts her front left hoof and trusts it into the hard floor, resulting in a clack as all other movement and sound in the room come to an instant halt, the echo of the impact being the only noticeable sound, even to your trained ears.
  428. >And of course she was scary as fuck right off the bat. You suppress a shudder at the thought of what you've fucking got into.
  429. >Fuck your life.
  431. >Slowly but surely, she turns her body ninety degrees to the side, never taking her eyes off of the clock. Now that she was turned to her side, you could see what you couldn't before. She was a pegasus and her cutie mark strikingly resembled the hands displayed on the clock. After a few seconds, she flicks her head the other way, so that she was facing you. The first thing your eyes were drawn to, were her eyes, a staggeringly bright amethyst color that seemed to be able to see right through you. Though, that thought was betrayed by the soft smile she held on her face. Seriously, what the fuck was up with these ponies and their smiling? But before you can ramble to yourself more about how weird and stupid it was, she speaks.
  432. >”Anon! Right on time!”
  433. >Her voice was jovial and filled with spirit, yet calm in some way. She starts trotting down the path towards you with a slight skip in her step.
  434. >”My name is Serenity. I'm this universe's local keeper of time, which means that I keep everything in order within all of the timelines that have, do, and ever will exist pertaining to this world. KK seems to have sent you here so that I can quickly answer your questions and get you acquainted with this world. Any other questions that you have will be answered eventually, just give them time.”
  435. >Reaching you, she takes a small breath before letting it out quickly, a confident smile crossing her face.
  436. >”So, how was that?”
  438. >...
  439. >The fuck was that?
  440. >First you were terrified, then you were suspicious, now you were just in fucking awe. How the fuck did she manage to answer your questions without you saying them? Given, they were pretty obvious, but she still answered them in order. Two fucking questions: ‘Who are you’ and ‘Why did KK send me here’.
  441. “How the f-”
  442. >Quickly pressing her hoof against your face, she hushes you.
  443. >”Upupup, no questions. Just time for you to listen. Now, follow me.”
  444. >She turns to her right and walks her way to the wall, specifically a gear at floor level that wasn't connected to any others. You wanted to protest, but her self proclaimed title makes you second guess yourself. You follow in her wake, reaching the door, begrudgingly keeping your mouth sealed for now.
  445. >The way you see it, she seemed to have power, physical power. Not just because she did that super fucking intimidating gear stopping thing, but because you could physically feel an aura of energy emanations from her, something that neither KK nor Discord have given off yet, and you knew them both to be very powerful so far.
  446. >In any case, better safe than a fucking pancake. Also, if you stayed close, you could probably leech off some of that energy. The more the merrier.
  447. >As you both come to the gear, it alone starts back up, slowly gaining speed until you could barely make out more than a circle. And as if water flowing from a fountain, an array of colors flows from the center of the gear, reaching its outer limits and reforming, revealing a field of green on the other side.
  448. >Serenity turns and stands beside the portal, extending her hoof towards it with a smile.
  449. >”After you.”
  452. >Taking a hesitant step forward, you poke your hoof through once, just to make sure that the gear wouldn't grind you to a pulp.
  453. >”It won't.” She says friendly.
  454. >You spare her a quick side glance. It still bothered you that she was able to do that, and you wanted so badly to interrogate her about it, but something told you that you would get your answers this time around if you waited. The main thing that made you feel that way was that, unlike Discord and KK, Serenity seems to answer your questions before you can even think of them, so maybe you'll get somewhere this time around.
  455. >Stepping through the portal, you're in exactly what it looked to be, an open field, this time on top of a bare hill. The field went on a good 100 or so meters in each direction until it hit a thick forest, populated by what looked to be oak trees. Every so often you could pick up the sound of a distant robin or a rabbit skittering across the ground or of a dear weaving through the dense wood, even seeing a few pop out at the clearing every now and again.
  456. >The whole thing was truly a sight for you. Back on Tetra, this was something non-existent, completely inconceivable to anyone. Sure there was the stray dog or cat and a few birds and rabbits roaming around the life-sucked pile of sticks that used to be called forests, but nothing like this. It was so full of life, of energy. The fields before weren't anything to you like this was. It wasn't unusual to find big useless fields unused due to their lack of resources. All grazing animals gone and consumed, the main reason you were rusty on your horse anatomy, and no easily accessible ores or stone. Just grass. Nothing to be gained, which left those areas relatively clean.
  458. >But this, this just screamed industrialization to you. All this energy, probably a river or a lake of some sort nearby, and even a mountain range in the distance that you failed to notice before. There appeared to be a city hanging off the edge of it, but that didn't concern you at the moment. Back on Tetra, places like this would've been razed for their materials and the ashes would be built upon by cold hard steel. The sky would be blackened by smog, blurring the line between day and night and distorting the area into a permanently frigid wasteland.
  459. >Not many Tetrans cared for things like this since their lineage of information tended to be on astrology, engineering, or God forbid physics. The only ones who cared were people like you. Ones with biology, environmental, anatomy, ect…
  460. >Without this, there is no purpose for you except to eat the same dogs and cats and rabbits and birds, analyze the same DNA over and over and over, only getting significant mutations to entertain yourself with every month or so, and then for it to repeat again. But in this place, there must be hundreds of new creatures for you to study, maybe even some weird shit that didn't exist on Tetra.
  461. >You spend a good five minutes listening and thinking about everything here. This is so much better than you expected. Laying down and focusing on the grass beneath you, you feel the energy of it, of its roots, and of everything touching it. While they are only tiny leaves with barely any energy at all, it was still enough for you to feel everything for miles on end. Everything was connected, even if by just the smallest of touches, it was enough to link them.
  463. >Closing your eyes, you could actually picture everything before you. The field, the trees, which seemed to have more life to them than the ones back on Tetra, the animals, both big and small, and everything beyond it. Nearly every Tetran could do it, it's just that back in the open fields where there was life back on Tetra, there was nothing of worth to feel for miles. But here there was so much more.
  464. >You would spend more time like this, but you're knocked out of your own little world when you feel something plop onto the ground next to you, so close that it was actually touching you. Opening your eyes and looking over your greeted with Serenity, calmly looking out onto the distant forest side to side with you.
  465. >”More than what you expected, right?”
  466. >You turn back to match her gaze and nod your head.
  467. “I thought it would be like Tetra, but I guess that's not how things go here huh?”
  468. >She shakes her head slowly.
  469. >”Nope. No machines or big metal cities or even a lot of technology here at all, most of it is just nature.” She turns to you with a soft smile. “Just what you've always wanted, isn't it?”
  470. >You nod and give her a slight ‘mhmm’ as you feel the grass beneath you once more, this time, catching Serenity’s energy right next to you. She seemed to actually only have as much as Twilight did for some reason, even though it was radiating from her at all times. Strange...
  471. >”And before you ask, yes, this is what you would call ‘The real world’, not like anything my sister or Discord has shown you yet.”
  472. >Well it's good to know that–
  473. >Wait...
  474. >You turn to her.
  475. “Sister?”
  476. >She nods her head at you, her smile brightening at the notion.
  477. >”Mhmm, KK is my sister, or at least the closest thing I've had to one. Regardless I love her all the same.”
  479. >Hmm. You would've never guessed. It's not that it bothered you, it was just unexpected. Than again, there were stranger siblings you've seen in your life. She just seemed nicer than KK, almost on a completely more genuine level. Your thoughts are cut short by her speaking up once again.
  480. >”So, do you have any important questions? We have plenty of time.”
  481. >She untucks a wing and drapes it over your back, giving you a comforting feeling that you're not sure you've ever felt before. She was definitely close enough to leech off of if you so wished, she was in contact, but you ultimately decide otherwise, and simply bask in the aura emanating from her. You weren't really hungry anyways.
  482. >But now that she asks, you do have a few that you can think of, on top of the obvious one.
  483. “Yeah actually. First, how do you–”
  484. >”Know what you're going to say? Well, keeping that I'm the local keeper of time in mind, I’ll just say that we've met many times before this, and nearly every single encounter up until this one was a failure. Long and short, what you're going to say is pretty obvious at this point.”
  485. >So wait, she's done this before then? Is that what she's saying? You certainly don't remember meeting her before, so that's what she had to mean. The idea would have been outrageous if you hadn't already witnessed magic in front of your very eyes. Sky was the fucking limit with this place. After all it's not like time travel was that fucking far off from teleportation. It did make you wonder though, how many times has she done this?
  486. >”For this specific conversation, eighty-four. But if you're talking about our entire meeting, then I'd place that number somewhere in the upper five hundreds.”
  488. >...
  489. >Five hundred? Five hundred fucking times through the same conversation? She's crazy! She has to be! You'd go fucking insane if you went that many times through one fucking conversation! Makes sense how she knows what you're thinking now though.
  490. >”Admittedly, it is a bit mind-numbing sometimes, so I can understand how you feel about it, but it's also necessary sometimes as well. Regardless, it's my passion, and I wouldn't give it up for the world. But anyways, any more questions that you have on your mind?”
  491. >Ummmm...hmm...lets see…
  492. >Oh! You know! It was a pretty fucking big one too! You would've liked to cover it before with Discord, but he was being too obscure for you to even care to try at the time.
  493. “How am I supposed to...y'know……act? So far I've just been told to act polite and happy, but something tells me there's more to it than that.”
  494. >Or at least you hoped there was.
  495. >Serenity ponders for a second, looking straight up before turning back to you.
  496. >”Nope, that's pretty much the gist of it here. The average pony is comfortable and happy, so you've basically got it down for now.”
  497. >...
  498. >......
  499. >You might just kill yourself before this is all over. Either that or acting like that will kill you first.
  502. “Are you sure that those are the main ways people act here?”
  503. >She nods.
  504. >”Yep. As sure as you are that you've forgotten about those wings on your back at least.”
  505. >Lifting her wing from your back, she looks over you. You also do your best to get a glimpse at your back without disturbing your comfortable resting position, forgetting the question at hand. You fucking did forget about those pretty quickly, didn't you? It wasn't really that strange though, since you couldn't really use them right now anyways.
  506. >As if an attempt to reassure yourself, you do your best to flare them out like before. It turns out though that what you thought was flaring was actually just semi-unfurling. Looks like that bird didn't do as much for you as you thought. You knew where the muscles were and how they connected, you just lacked control of them, a rare occurrence for a Tetran. Birds were no problem for you, their wings functioned like arms, but on your back, you didn't know where to start.
  507. >Serenity spares a little giggle at your efforts.
  508. >”Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. That's completely natural, to not know how to control them at first. The thing surprises me, though, is how good my sister did with giving you such a beautiful pair of wings.”
  509. >Wait wut?
  510. “I thought Discord made me this way, since he's the one who brought me here.”
  511. >She shakes her head, lightly swishing her hair from side to side.
  512. >”Nope. Discord brought you here, but it was KK who made you the new body. Trust me, I was there for it.”
  513. >Now that was interesting.
  514. “Really?”
  515. >She nods.
  517. >”Mhmm. In fact, I was the one who suggested that you should be a pegasus. I knew that's what you would be happiest with.”
  518. “Huh…”
  519. >That was actually pretty cool of her.
  520. “Well, thanks, I guess.”
  521. >You didn't acknowledge it at the time, but later you would look back and see this as the first time in a long time that you've been able to say ‘thanks’ without any resent or sarcasm.
  522. >Serenity gives you a warm smile as she places her wing gently back onto your shoulders, or withers, or whatever they were now.
  523. >”No problem. After all, it's the least I can do to try to make up for your past.”
  524. >Hmm…
  525. >Both of your sides were already touching, but, regardless, you scoot just a little bit closer into her embrace. There was just something about the warmth and radiance that made you feel safe. Her wing tightens around you slightly, only reaffirming the safety you felt. You stay there for maybe a minute, maybe two, maybe two-hundred, you couldn't tell, it all just blended together for you, sitting quietly under her wing and watching the forest.
  526. >Serenity speaks up with an extremely soft voice, not snapping you from your trance, but rather very gently disturbing your slumber.
  527. >”Alrighty, next question.”
  528. >You take a brief moment to regather yourself before you can think of one.
  529. “Alright, why don't you know what I'm going to say now?”
  530. >She chuckles.
  531. >”Because nothing has gone wrong in our conversation to make me do it over again. Plus, it's not always fun knowing what's going to happen all the time.”
  532. >Her cheerfulness dies off very slightly at the end of her sentence, but is quickly picked back up.
  533. >”But anyways, next question.”
  534. >That was...strange. Given, this world was strange, but that was just a little odd from a behavioral standpoint. But, it was still the least strange thing that anyone has done today, so you'd forget about it and move on.
  535. “Ok. What's the deal with KK?”
  538. >Serenity tweaks an eyebrow at you.
  539. >”What do you mean?”
  540. “I mean, she just kinda brought me into this world without any reason, at least not one that my background analysis has come up with yet.”
  541. >And you were constantly running that in the back of your head. A constant intake and processing of information with a mind of its own, dedicated to a single subject, completely and utterly. It was also true that it never found anything since it engaged itself, approximately from the time you saw KK, to this very moment. It was hard to place it's exact activation point, you just know that it usually starts when you tell it, or when you're in a particularly curious situation. Regardless, it found out nothing so far.
  542. >And really, that was only important enough to be running in the back for now, what you should be more concerned about is you mentioning this and it getting to KK. She didn't say anything about it, but you doubt that she would take kindly to hearing that you didn't tell her everything, nowhere near it. She might take it as lying…hmm...only time would tell.
  543. >Serenity ponders this for a minute.
  544. >”Well, I don't really know anything about background analysis, but I do know that when KK does something, she does it for a reason. Time has proven that to me.”
  545. >That was pretty vague, but it was really more than you could expect in his place, so you'll accept it.
  546. “Ok, well, what's the reason for giving me one wish for two?”
  547. >She give you a look of curiosity.
  548. >”What exactly do you mean?”
  549. >It had just then occurred to you that you weren't talking to KK, so she wouldn't know everything off the bat like you've been used to for the past while.
  551. >You proceed to explain the entire wish ordeal to her. How Discord gave them to you to shut you up, the encounter with KK, though you left out the entire scary part of that encounter for the sake of ease.
  552. >At the end of it she looked to the sky, processing your words. Holding her position for only a few minutes, she turns back to you with that smile.
  553. >”Well the reason she wanted two of his wishes seems pretty clear to me. She wants to mess with Discord. She's already said that he won't give you WHATEVER you want, which is true, but my sister, even though it might not seem like it, is a people person. She knows how to get into your head and twist your thoughts around just with her words. It's a talent of hers.”
  554. “Well why doesn't she just force him to do whatever she wants? She obviously has the power to, so why not?”
  555. >She makes a sort of shrugging gesture.
  556. >”Dunno. She's never really told me and I've never really thought to ask. If I had to take a guess though, it's just that she likes things done her way, no matter how hard or ridiculous it might be.”
  557. >Hmm, that seemed plausible. Somebody with a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude. Made sense. She didn't seem to be one to reason with.
  560. >”On the other hand, she gave you one of her wishes which I'm presuming that you shook on, correct?”
  561. >You nod. Must be a thing of hers or something.
  562. >She nods back with assurance.
  563. >”Well, in that case she's once again found a way to surprise me beyond what I thought she could. If you have any worries that she won't uphold her deal, I can assure you that she will. She has to.”
  564. >It's your turn to tweak an eyebrow now.
  565. “And what makes you say that?”
  566. >”Once you shook, she was bound in a magical agreement that makes it impossible for either side to be anything but complicit with the deal, so she can't turn back and neither can you.”
  567. >That was fine, you had no intention on going back on the deal anyways.
  568. “Hmm, well that's some serious commitment.”
  569. >She nods.
  570. >”Yup, my sister is no liar.”
  571. >Her voice emanated with pride in that sentence. A pride that could only be described as rich. A rich pride for her sister. Another oddity to you.
  572. >Not pride as a whole necessarily, there were plenty proud Tetrans, but the pride in someone else. It was foreign.
  573. >”Well, have I satisfied your hunger for answers yet?”
  574. >That's a good question...hmmmm…
  575. “Just one more. The mark on your flank, it's supposed to represent what you're good at right?”
  576. >”Yes, that's right.”
  577. “What does yours and KK’s mean?”
  579. >There was a brief silence before her response.
  580. >”Well, you see, while they are supposed to represent what we’re good at, ours are more like symbols of duty. I don't expect you to understand what I mean by that, and really it's nothing for concern, but if I were to say it more broadly, I'm good with time and KK’s good with space.”
  581. >Hmm. Seemed appropriate for a world full of magic, if, in fact, that's what she was talking about.
  582. >The sisters of time and space. How fitting. It would've been inconceivable a day ago, but now it seemed natural, a really peculiar notion.
  583. >But, you suppose that that's all you had. Taking a moment to let the comfort of sitting next to Serenity sink in for a final moment, you speak up.
  584. “Alright, now I think I'm good.”
  585. >”Alrighty.”
  586. >She removes her wing from your back gently.
  587. >”Well, then I guess it's time for you to continue on into your crazy new life.”
  588. >At that moment a small portal opened up not a meter in front of you. It lead back to what appeared to be your bedroom.
  589. >”This won't be the last time we'll be seeing each other. I'm sure of it.”
  590. >You turn to her as you stand.
  591. “How are you so sure of that?”
  592. >She boops you on the nose.
  593. >”Time keeper, remember?”
  594. “Oh. Yeah…”
  595. >You rub the back of your head, embarrassed that you forgot something like that so quickly.
  596. “Well, I guess I'll go now, it was nice to talk to you.”
  597. >And indeed it was. It was the nicest conversation you've had in awhile.
  598. >”It was nice talking with you too Anon.”
  599. >With that in mind, you walk towards the portal. Just before you are going to step inside, she speaks up once more.
  600. >”Oh, and Anon, don't forget those wings of yours.”
  601. >You turn to thank her, but when you look back, she is gone. Hmm, time’s weird.
  602. >And with that, you step back into your room.
  604. >You watch from atop a distant tree as Anon steps through the portal. You give him a small wave as he makes his exit, even though you know he doesn't see you.
  605. >On the inside you were quite conflicted on how to feel about him. On one hand, you were glad your sister picked such a caring being, so much so that it was a shame that nearly no one else would ever know it. On the other hand, he scared you. In a world like this, one with predominantly vulnerable, pacific inhabitants, he could wreak more havoc than Discord. And you don't mean the repairable havoc like Discord, you're talking about the kind that's permanent, a scar.
  606. >He was dangerous, volatile, and even deceptive at times, you had your many other meetings to verify that.
  607. >But it also hurt to see another such personality.
  608. >Mmnn… Hitting a little too close to home you suppose.
  609. >Nevertheless you'll have to do something if things get out of hand with him. Or perhaps you could do something about that before anything happens. A split, a schism maybe. Breaking the timeline would probably do a lot of good in the long run anyways.
  610. >Not now of course, you needed some time to come up with something sound. Maybe sometime later tonight if you've smoothed it out by then.
  611. >But that's for later, for now, back to work.
  612. >You open a portal at the base of the branch you were laying on and step through, leaving the prior world behind.
  615. >You poof into existence in a strange chaotic world.
  616. >How dare she.
  617. >How DARE she question your manipulative ability and chaotic power. You could get anybody to do anything you wanted just by cunning use of your silver tongue.
  618. >Just to make sure you stick your forked tongue out and up so you could see it, and indeed it was silver, even with some speckles of gold in there as well. You chuckle at your own joke. You're a genius. But now was not the time to joke around, there was something on the line here.
  619. >You didn't need to force everyone to do what you want, it was just a convenience. And that's precisely the reason you are here. To prove a point and win a bet all in one fell swoop. And prove and win you shall.
  620. >The first question was, where did she send you off to?
  621. >Taking a look around, you were high up, floating in the air above a large city, the lights revealing streets and ant-like inhabitants, otherwise covered by the veil of the shadowed sky.
  622. “Hmm.”
  623. >You snap a TV in front of you and a remote into your hand. Skimming a few channels, you find that she wasn't lying, she did certainly throw you into a chaotic world beyond what you would have expected. One race, and all of them angry with each other for one reason or another and all at different levels. Some even going to war with themselves. And all you had to do was convince one to accept the offer of a lifetime.
  624. >Granted you only had one shot and it couldn't be someone in a life threatening situation, but one shot is all it would take, and you didn't even need the kind of advantage like she had when she picked that sorry robot.
  625. >You only needed an ordinary person.
  626. >Snapping, you bring all of the records of the closest match into your claw.
  627. >Let’s see here. Poor grades in school. Deadbeat parents. Barely self-sustaining. Not married.
  628. “...perfect…”
  629. >You snap yourself out of the air, as well as all of the appeared items, ready to put your plan into action.
  632. >As you step back into your room, you find the space void of either KK or a frozen Discord. Maybe, if you were so lucky this time, it would stay that way.
  633. >Hopping up onto your bed to hopefully gain some rest. Even though it wasn't necessary in the slightest since you were still full, you just thought it would be nice.
  634. >Just as you were about to lay your body to a rest, you catch a glimpse of your desk, which seemed to have changed since the last time you viewed it. Hopping directly from your bed to the chair next to your desk, you almost topple head first off of the thing, but manage to roughly balance yourself out.
  635. >Upon closer inspection, a corked glass flask is sitting upon your desk, a note lying flatly beneath it. Using your teeth to move the vial aside, you begin the struggle of reading the nearly written words as well as you could. The good thing was it was quite short.
  636. >’You said you wanted this too. -Renny’
  637. >At first it didn't click, but with a little thought, you could guess who it was from.
  638. >And it was exactly what you needed before you were pulled away from your activities. And this time you'd like to get to test your idea out. You glance at the book, closed and just to your right. You'd like to do that as well, but this was more important right now.
  639. >With relative ease, you remove the cork from the flask, which was crystal clear all the way through except a mark etched into its side: Serenity’s mark. The only other exception is a set of glyphs carved around the top of the glass.
  640. >Taking the top of the glass in between your teeth and lips firmly, you lift your head all the way up, then very slowly and steadily lower it so that you were looking at the floor. With the action you feel your stomach get lighter and lighter, along with the burning of your throat, until, finally, after some time, it stops.
  642. >You position the container over the table without tilting or twisting your head much, as to not get any back into your mouth yet. Not so much because it was bad for you if you ACTUALLY swallowed it, but because it tasted fucking awful! It was like some rabbit took a hearty shit, a bird are it, fed it to her young, then a cat ate the young and proceeded to
  643. die in a skunk’s den. It was fucking horrible.
  644. >Putting that aside though, you carefully steady it downward until it reaches the surface. Pulling back, you can see the result of your concentration, what had amassed in the glass container.
  645. >It was horrible in color alone, being a disgustingly dark and oily mix of red and purple, constantly swirling, but never mixing evenly.
  646. >Blegh. Never again……….Except for the next however many times you needed to do it. Lord knows.
  647. >Well, better get started if you want to finish before you get pulled away abruptly again.
  648. >Taking the flask back into your mouth, you flick your head back, getting only a small amount of the liquid before quickly setting the flask back down.
  649. >fuckingswallowthatshitrightnow.png
  650. >Blegh!
  651. >You whip your head back and forth, your body trying to somehow naturally compensate for the horrible after-taste.
  652. >That's never gonna get any better is it? Fuck it, suck the liquid pussy up Anon and do what you were made to do.
  653. >Ignoring the vile taste that abided in your mouth, you concentrate on millions of microorganisms that resided in your stomach willing them to dissolve the blood cells you had just swallowed and to leave nothing but what you needed. Heeding your command, they strip the cells of everything but their nuclei.
  655. >Good, next step.
  656. >With absolute concentration, you release an almost undetectable pulse of energy into your stomach, dissolving the nuclear membranes. Or, at least it was supposed to. As far as you could tell, only minimal damage was done to them. Alright then, let’s bump it up to double. Taking a very slightly larger bit of your energy, you send it through once again. Still, nothing came of your effort. And again, double. Nothing. Tripple this time. Nothing. Ten times the last. Nothing……
  657. >At this point you were tapping into relatively hefty amounts of your energy.
  658. “It's like it doesn't want to be opened…”
  659. “...............”
  660. “Fuck it's opinion. Discharging.”
  661. >Gathering up all of the energy left at your disposal, you expel it violently all at once. The result of which was a good amount of pain on your part and a shockwave, which, upon collision with the walls, shook the room itself with its force.
  662. >Your body gave out, only being caught on the desk as you fell forward. Black spots clouded your vision and rapid, exhausted breaths were the only thing sustaining you and, by extension, preventing you from passing out.
  663. >After a good while of feeling like you were gonna die, you slowly struggle to push your body back up from the desk, to sit in the seat properly.
  664. >God dammit, you fucking hated that sometimes. Particularly when you were full on energy. You just wished there was some other way to do that, y'know, without the taxation on your body. But alas, your body works as a whole to conduct energy, meaning a surge to one area is a surge to all areas. And to put it simply, the more energy there is in the first place, the more violent the reaction.
  666. >And fuck did that one hurt bad. You've done it many time before and none have hurt like that, but then again, you haven't had a full stomach in the longest time either. You're just lucky that your body has adapted to at least a small level of discharging, who knows what would've happened there if it wasn't.
  667. >But fuck it, the pain was temporary, and you didn't need very much energy for this next part, for the discharge had worked and disintegrated the nuclei and left the pure data, the nucleoli. DNA.
  668. >New, less volatile microorganisms went to work at your command, removing the DNA strand by strand and stretching them out, as to be better observed. And, to your uttermost surprise, you couldn't make heads or fucking tails of anything. Well, that was a lie, you could read it, but every moment something different changed. It was a moving, changing, even mutating thread of information.
  669. >You sat there for a good twenty minutes, simply analyzing it as it shifted and changed. As far as you could tell, there seemed to be some kind of pattern that it was moving in. Whether that was anything besides the bases cycling through a certain pattern over and over has yet to be seen. But there is something there.
  670. >The only thing you couldn't help but think is that how appropriate it is for a god of chaos to have such confusing DNA.
  671. >That was for another time though. Your internal clock was telling you that it was some time late into the night by now, and you were tired. Very tired. So you jump over to your bed and plop yourself down onto, or more accurately, into the cloud-like mattress.
  672. >It's not like you would know what happened though. Before you even made contact with the bed, you were already taken away into the black, dreamless wonders of rest.
  674. –End Chapter 5–
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