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  1. Generating story...
  4. You are Knuch Barrelmaker, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have
  5.  a staff and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at
  6.  the ruin you've been looking for. You look around and see that it's not much
  7.  different than when you left it.
  8. The only thing is now you can see the ruins from here. The sun has set and the
  9.  shadows lengthen as you walk through them
  10. > animate the shadows using my spellbook
  12. You feel like you should be able to do this. After all, you're a wizard.
  13. You begin to chant and focus on your magic. Soon, the shadows appear before you.
  14.  They move with unnatural speed and grace
  15. > tell shadows "You work for me now"
  17. You command the shadows to follow you. They obey immediately and you continue
  18.  walking towards the ruins.
  19. > walk to the ruins
  21. You find yourself at the ruins of an ancient city. The place is littered with
  22.  broken statues and crumbling walls. It looks like it was once a great city,
  23.  but has fallen into ruin. You notice that there are no guards here. There's
  24.  just you and the shadows
  25. > set up a wizard laboratory in the ruins
  27. You decide to build a wizard's lab in the ruins. You think about what kind of
  28.  spells you could cast if you had access to more powerful magics. You also think
  29.  about how you can use the shadows as workers or even servants.
  30. > send the shadows to find me powerful magics
  32. You send out your shadows to gather magics from other places. They go off and
  33.  perform their task without any problems. You then return to your lab and start
  34.  casting spells.
  35. > cast a spell to increase my penis size
  37. You concentrate hard on your spell and soon your dick grows twice its normal
  38.  size. Your friends look on in amazement. You then proceed to enlarge your dick
  39.  again until it becomes a large tentacle monster.
  40. > cast a fireball at the tentacle monster
  42. You fire a fireball at the tentacle monster. Unfortunately, it catches on fire
  43.  and explodes. You are amazed by your success. You then proceed to cast another
  44.  fireball at the explosion. This time, however, the fireball doesn't catch on
  45.  fire. Instead, it burns the entire area around you
  46. > burn to death
  48. The flames consume you and you die.
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