Xenos Hunters Session 39

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  7.         antoine Within a day of the ritual competition the fleet has formed up and begun its sally towards Thanato. The meager fleet followed by the troop and supply ships in its wake. You stay on the Black Scale as the Raven Guard Thunder Hawks are docked there while Bellerophon has been seen on the Grand Cruiser White Gryphon and Decimus has been left behind on the Venator to oversee its defense.
  8.         antoine The trip through the warp is swift, the Gregorian passage providing the fleet the equivalent of a paved road through the surrounding wilderness straight to Thanato. You feel the usual relax of pressure in your skull, followed by the "Materium" blaring sirens on board the ship confirming your arrival.
  9.         Balmung stomps out of one of the mess halls followed by Gonmar and his pack
  10.         antoine The crew rushes about as they prepare for the incoming battle, some of which you recognise as Promen, some of the jungle people seemed to have taken to serf life well enough.
  11.         Navarre would be the bridge of the Black Scale, in a suit of Tactical Dreadnought Armor, modified for apothecarion use. He wished to see first hand the traitors and the world they will fight for.
  12.         Anselm  has been training with his serfs and his fellow Knights, careful to keep any interaction with other Chapters to a minimum - incidents with other Chapters are not ideal at this time.
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  15.         antoine On the bridge you would see the tactical officer, a pale skinned but proud serf announce that "The Steel Trident, Revelation, The Inevitable and the Will Breaker have all already arrived."
  16.         Bellerophon     is on the bridge of the Gryphon, where he has been practicing with the simulator to reaquaint himself with ship-to-ship combat. He has an Aquila and his Terminator armor stationed on the Salamander's ship, ready for the counterattack on the ground
  17.         antoine The Salamander Ship Captain, leans forward "Join the battle formation, give me eyes on the enemy."
  18.         Anselm  looks to his fellows. "Make ready for war. Joffery, Elona, armor yourselves for battle, and ensure your suits are fully-sealed. The void will be harsh."
  19.         antoine The ship powers foward, the tactical officer rattling off enemy contacts, "Twelve screens and five capital ships, most look like cruiser sized displacement but one is a battleship my Lord."
  20.         antoine The serf looks over worriedly at his Captain, both knowing the odds are against the fleet now.
  21.         antoine "The White Gryphon and the Venator just warped in my Lord."
  22.         antoine Not soon after the rest of the fleet arrives and within an hour has formed into a battle line that approaches Thanato. The enemy have not slept idly, they have formed their own formidable battle line.
  23.         antoine Joffery and Elona follow their master, armed and armoured while the wolves jest and growl to get their blood pumping while they follow Balmung through the decks of the vessel.
  24.         Navarre "Quite the line they have there. What weapons do we have at our disposal?"
  25.         Omniel  carefully inspects his finely-honed shears as he listens on the vox, waiting for the boarding actions to begin.
  26.         antoine The Captain of the Black Scale replies, "Port and Starboard weapon batteries, the Prow launch bay and the Prow bombardment cannon."
  27.         Anselm  , having directed his retinue to the hangar, appears on the bridge of the Black Scale alone, the Blood-Heir Sword held in-hand and his helm locked in-place.
  28.         antoine "I would advise you to join your brothers Apothecary, we will soon be upon these wretched scum."
  29.         Anselm  "How tight is their formation?"
  30.         Navarre "Yes." Navarre agrees. He'll probably be most needed with the wolves, but Voxes both Balmung and Anselm. "Brothers... which of you think we'll be needing Apothecary services the most?"
  31.         Balmung ++The Salamanders have their own apothecaries with them++
  32.         Anselm  coughs as he approaches the Apothecary. "You'll be needed with us, Brother."
  33.         Navarre "Well, yes. But I plan on either going with Anselm or Balmung."
  34.         Anselm  "We're all approaching the same destination, Brother. You should probably head down to the hangar. I need to check something about the enemy's formation."
  35.         Navarre "The Wolves are going via torpedo?"
  36.         Balmung reaches the hanger bay followed by his fersian wolf
  37.         Anselm  shakes his head. "They're heading planetside, by drop pod I imagine. We're taking a Thunderhawk to the enemy flagship."
  38.         Omniel  moseys on down to the hangar to join the rest of the boarding party.
  39.         Anselm  looks to one of the tactical displays, and the men manning it. "How are the arch-enemy's forces distributed?"
  40.         Navarre "Alright. I will be joining the Knights. Someone has to keep you lot under control. May as well be me." He'd head to the hangar.
  41.         antoine The tactical officer replies, "Rough battle line, Battle ship is center with a cruiser either side and screens surrounding it, the other two cruisers have pulled out further from the planet and sit on the enemies flank."
  42.         Anselm  grumbles to himself. "They were wise enough to avoid packing too tightly..."
  43.         Anselm  ponders. "If that main ship were to be detonated, would that affect its escorts?"
  44.         antoine "That is likely my Lord." he replies
  45.         antoine The ships ponderously advance towards the enemy lines, the brown and yellow world of Thanato slowly growing in size. On the hangar deck Techmarines move about from Thunder Hawk to Thunderhawk, preparing them for battle.
  46.         Balmung stomps on board the thunderhawk
  47.         Navarre would meet up with the Knights and Anselm.
  48.         antoine Ten Raven Guard are seated already, taking up a third of the space within the craft, as you board they don't seem to remark or make jokes. This is a dour Chapter indeed.
  49.         Anselm  nods. "Very good. We'll make sure to strike it. I recommend having your guns focus elsewhere."
  50.         Anselm  hurriedly leaves.
  51.         Navarre will trudge onto the thunderhawk.
  52.         Balmung takes a seat and motions for his wolf to sit
  53.         Omniel  boards along with the others, taking a seat quietly and strapping in.
  54.         antoine The massive beast pats along to the center of the rear and lies down, its eyes watching the Raven Guard suspiciously.
  55.         Anselm  eventually arrives, boarding the Thunderhawk. Rather than attempt to move around his Terminator-armored Brothers, he simply sits by the bay-door.
  56.         antoine A vox message from the Black Scale's Captain is relayed through the Thunderhawks vox speakers, "Strike Cruisers and The Venator, move to flank speed. Battle Stations, Battle Stations." The ships accelerates rapidly, pushing you around in your seat.
  57.         Navarre "You seem woefully underarmoured, brother."
  58.         Anselm  grunts. ++It suits me. Master Falkner taught that while my might is great, and my blade swings savagely, my speed is my greatest asset. I must not compromise my ability to maneuver for this engagement.++
  59.         Anselm  ++Brother Balmung, I have a hunch we could severely damage the arch-enemy fleet by detonating the flagship's warp drive. We could possibly destroy its escort-cruisers in the process.++
  60.         Balmung ++Sounds like a good idea++
  61.         antoine The pale faced Raven Guard clip their helms on and do a last minute battle gear check when the "Five minutes" vox message comes from their Captain over the vox speaker.
  62.         Navarre ++But easier said then done.++
  63.         Anselm  ++You forget, Brother-Apothecary, we have one of the most genius Martian Priests ever among our number.++
  64.         Navarre ++While fair, they will not simply let us detonate their ship. As well, escape would be... rather difficult.++
  65.         Balmung ++Aye, we should take the bridge first, maybe we could use their guns on the other ships as well.++
  66.         Anselm  pats the large teleport homer dangling from a chain at his thigh. ++I am prepared.++
  67.         Omniel  nods. ++Crippling the bridge will also interfere with the fleet's overall combat efficiency.++
  68.         antoine The Raven Guard Captain sends you a message directly via vox, ++Your phantom frigate is here as well.++
  69.         Balmung switches to the kill team's private channel ++We go after him next++
  70.         Navarre ++Good, good. It's nice to know that not all the Knights are hot heads that go off half-cocked.++
  71.         antoine The Knights themselves have taken their seats, with Elona and Joffery by themselves, the seats far too large but at least they are not squished between two marines.
  72.         Anselm  ++I would not be issuing dismissive comments to the Imperial Fists were there six of them in a transport with me. It is in bad taste. Let us be equal together and unified in purpose.++
  73.         Navarre ++And deny an old man one of his few pleasures?++
  74.         antoine The ship shakes, the battle has begun. Not soon after the Thunder Hawk rattles and shudders as it is thrown out of the Prow hangar and into the midst of a raging battle, your tactical readout feed in your helm is overwhelmed by the amount of weapons fire been thrown around as the strike cruisers race through the enemy lines.
  75.         Balmung ++I've always hated space battles.++
  76.         Navarre ++They take getting used too.++
  77.         antoine The Thunderhawks turn and make for the enemy battle ship, their guns rattling as they fight off enemy fighters harassing them. The third Thunder hawk almost makes it before its battered hull gives up and spills its dead marine contents into the void, the Raven Guard have already lost a third of their men.
  78.         Anselm  ++Let us swear an oath, Brothers.++
  79.         Anselm  ++We will avenge them.++
  80.         Anselm  ++Hundred-fold, we will avenge them.
  81.         Balmung ++Remember, actions speak louder than words++
  82.         Navarre ++If we detonate the flagship, we will be unable to collect their dead."
  83.         Balmung ++I don't think there are enough pieces of them to collect++
  84.         Anselm  ++And we will be unable to collect our dead! To hell with their accursed number, I say - we must make their hundreds of thousands of crewmen suffer for this!++
  85.         antoine You rush towards the enemy ship, retro thrusters fire and you clamp onto the deck. Lowering itself the thunderhawk extends a boarding tube from its center base that latches on and begins to burn its way into the enemy hull.
  86.         Balmung stands up
  87.         Anselm  stands from his seat, readying the Blood-Heir sword. ++There's a sickening irony that I'll be first to enter.++
  88.         Anselm  ++Rather,++
  89.         Navarre ++I mean the Raven Guard Casualties...++
  90.         Anselm  ++That I'll be the first to be fired upon...++
  91.         antoine The Raven Guard stand as well, preparing themselves.
  92.         Balmung ++Primarchs watch over us++
  93.         Navarre ++And good luck.++
  94.         Omniel  stands and readies his weapons.
  95.         antoine The circular hatch opens and a sweet sent comes wafting through, all it takes is a jump through and you will be on the enemy ship.
  96.         Navarre will be the last off the ship, for purposes of being the medic.
  97.         Anselm  leaps across, sword at the ready.
  98.         Balmung heads out the hole
  99.         Balmung whistles for his wolf to follow
  100.         antoine The followers and the marines join you, each one jumping through to the enemy battleship.
  101.         Omniel  follows guardedly.
  102.         Navarre ++And here we are... enemy territory.++
  103.         antoine The interior is not what you expected, no dark foreboding corridors full of screams and slaughter. No daemons reaching for you through the walls. It could even be a Imperial Battleship if the aquilas had not been scratched off.
  104.         Balmung ++Omniel find us the fastest way to the bridge++
  105.         Navarre ++I was not expecting this...++
  106.         antoine The Raven Guard and Knights look around, seemingly lost aboard this ship.
  107.         Anselm  ++Brother, as this appears to be a more recent Imperial design... we should head inwards. Towards the center. There is likely to be a central lift or something similar.++
  108.         Balmung ++Alright lets get going++
  109.         Anselm  moves along.
  110.         Balmung stomps along after Anselm
  111.         antoine The group follows, Aldbert adding ++Indeed Anselm, we must cut out the heart of this cancer.++
  112.         Navarre is with the marines. ++I wonder where the defenders are...++
  113.         Anselm  snorts. ++Probably lying in wait. I have my hopes we'll be facing off against a daemon prince or some-such once we get up there. If this is a flagship, I doubt we can expect any less.++
  114.         Navarre ++You are rather eager. Good. We will need that.++
  115.         Balmung stops and raises his head
  116.         antoine call what your split fire is bellerophon and roll it
  117.         antoine BS rolls
  118.         Balmung growls
  119.         Balmung ++I don't smell a single thing.......++
  120.         Anselm  ++Your sense of smell clogged?++
  121.         Balmung ++I don't think so, I don't even smell any vermin in the air vents++
  122.         Navarre ++Perhaps it's sterility?++
  123.         Balmung ++Maybe++
  124.         Balmung ++Let's get moving++
  125.         Navarre ++Then lead on.++
  126.         Balmung stomps down the hallway
  127.         Omniel  follows and activates his auspex to see if his scanners can detect anything Balmung may have missed.
  128.         Omniel  ++Brothers, my auspex is unable to detect any lifesigns nearby. Given our less than subtle means of entry, this raises some suspicion.++
  129.         Navarre ++Trap?++
  130.         Omniel  ++Very possible.++
  131.         Balmung ++Could be, keep on your toes++
  132.         Anselm  ++The Thunderhawk should be sure to get clear. If we discover this to be a trap, we can always just use the teleportarium to get away.++
  133.         Navarre ++Well, let us push on?++
  134.         Balmung ++Aye++
  135.         Omniel  ++UNderstood.++
  136.         antoine You soon make it to the center line of the ship, a large elevator before you as you turn a corner to look towards the stern.
  137.         Omniel  stops and consults his auspex again, scanning for technological anomalies as well as life signs.
  138.         Balmung ++Omniel++
  139.         Balmung ++Scan for servitors++
  140.         Omniel  ++Scanning.++
  141.         Balmung ++I smell something that isn't human++
  142.         Anselm  holds the Blood-Heir Sword ready. ++Joffery, Elona -- brothers, ready your weapons.++
  143.         Omniel  ++I am detecting a number of hidden compartments. Power has been diverted to them, it would seem. Almost assuredly a trap.++
  144.         Balmung ++Can you get to the compartments?++
  145.         Omniel  ++Yes, but it may be unwise to. I cannot say what they contain for sure, but there is a significant probability of explosives.++
  146.         Balmung ++Does anyone else have the feeling we're on a wild goose chase?++
  147.         Anselm  ++Yes.++
  148.         Omniel  slowly moves closer to the nearest compartment, looking for any means to open it.
  149.         Anselm  ++Should I ready the homer?++
  150.         Balmung ++Omniel ignore it++
  151.         Balmung ++The ship is a ruse++
  152.         Omniel  ++Hm. Unfortunate.++
  153.         Balmung ++We have two options now: get to the warpdrive and set it off or we leave the ship and head for a real target++
  154.         Navarre ++I leave it up to you...++
  155.         Anselm  nods. ++We should at least do something. We ought to detonate the drives.++
  156.         Balmung ++Aye but we do not know if they're booby-trapped as well++
  157.         Omniel  ++If it is an unmanned decoy, then detonating the ship would be a waste of time at best, and a fatal distration at worst. We are lucky not to have encountered anything dangerous thus far.++
  158.         Balmung ++Aye++
  159.         Balmung ++Inform the Raven Guard captain of this, we should leave the ship and move on to other prey++
  160.         Anselm  ++But given the ship's position in the fleet, it makes for a risky target. We should scuttle it, or see through its destruction, to at least damage its allies.++
  161.         Navarre ++We are at quite the crossroads, yes.++
  162.         Balmung ++Aye++
  163.         Balmung ++But we are to assume other critical parts of the ship are trapped as well++
  164.         Balmung ++Captain Dargo, the ship is a decoy. I suggest we leave the ship at once and find a new target++
  165.         antoine ++I concur, there is little here. Perhaps I should stay to sabotage it while you depart?++
  166.         Anselm  ++Captain, p erhaps you and I could escort Omniel to the warp drive core while the rest of us return to the Thunderhawk?++
  167.         Anselm  ++At the very least we ought to scuttle the ship. Splitting off ensure that the least of us die in a trap of any sort.++
  168.         Balmung ++I don't think it would be wise to leave some of us on board. The enemy might be watching life signs on board and they may detonate the ship of some of us leave++
  169.         Balmung ++That's what I would do at least.++
  170.         Omniel  ++I had not considered that.++
  171.         Navarre ++What ever we decide, let us be quick about it?++
  172.         Anselm  grumbles. ++I leave it to you, Brother Balmung, but I cannot express my concern about leaving this ship. It doesn't even make sense they'd abandon it - a battleship is too potent a prize to just scuttle!++
  173.         Balmung ++Remember these are traitors to the allfather, nothing they do makes sense++
  174.         antoine The ship shakes under some heavy bombardment but the void shields seem to have held your fleets firepower at bay.
  175.         Balmung ++I think Bellerophon might be getting impatient with us++
  176.         Anselm  ++Brother Omniel. These compartments concern me. At least open one up before we continue...++
  177.         Omniel  ++It may not be wise to tamper with them. Brother Balmung, your thoughts?++
  178.         Anselm  hefts the Blood-Heir Sword. ++And if he is firing on this ship with us aboard, then I'll cut his head off. There's no more grievous affront than attempting to murder your own Brothers.++
  179.         Balmung ++Captain where was the phantom ship located?++
  180.         antoine ++Near a pair of cruisers that were hanging off the right flank on the enemy fleet.++
  181.         antoine of the*
  182.         Balmung ++That's our target let's get off the ship and head there, inform the Velox Venator if they are not engaged to fire on the frigates++
  183.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  184.         antoine ++I will relay your message++ replies the Captain.
  185.         Omniel  steps away from the lift slowly, choosing his footing with care.
  186.         Anselm  curses to himself, and follows after the Space Wolf.
  187.         Balmung turns and heads back to thunderhawk
  188.         Navarre heads after him.
  189.         antoine The Knights stand there, ++We will not even check the bridge?++ Asks Aldbert.
  190.         Omniel  follows the others, keeping his weapons raised despite the seeming emptiness of the vessel.
  191.         Balmung ++It's a trap++
  192.         Anselm  ++He is, in all probability, right. The arch-enemy's leader is apparently elsewhere, hiding on a frigate. We're going there instead.++
  193.         antoine ++So what, I expect a wolf to cringe when he sees a poachers trap but Knights do not.++, ++Anselm, we should check the bridge and if the trap is a self destruct or explosive then the enemy will be poorer for it!++
  194.         Balmung stops in his tracks
  195.         Anselm  stops and calmly glares back at his Brothers. He gives a glance to Balmung, and turns.
  196.         Omniel  pauses as well, looking from Balmung to the Knights expectantly.
  197.         Navarre ++The 3 of you are idiots.++
  198.         Anselm  ++Silence, Apothecary.++
  199.         Anselm  ++And what then, if we go to our graves over such matters?++
  200.         antoine ++Then we will have removed the greatest ship the arch enemy possesses in this Sector.++ replies Aldbert
  201.         Anselm  ++We will be dead, played for fools moreso than Elder Helmholtz and his sworn ward Grand Master Wilmuth was for walking straight into an atomic.++
  202.         Anselm  ++Do you not hear the shuttering of this vessel? That maniac-Ultramarine is desperately interested in destroying this ship despite the fact he knows we're on it. For all we know, that could be the enemy's true ploy. We need to get off this ship and get to work elsewhere. This ship will be ruined soon enough. We must have priorities.++
  203.         antoine Aldbert slowly comes out of his stiffened posture, ++Very well, it seems the traitors blood runs through your brothers Chapter. Two ultramarines now showing their true colours. We will deal with them both soon enough then.++ and with that the Knights move to follow once more.
  204.         Anselm  storms off back along the path.
  205.         Balmung looks at Anselm
  206.         Balmung ++Now get back to the thunderhawk++
  207.         Omniel  ++With haste.++
  208.         Navarre "Agreed."
  209.         Omniel  heads back to the Thunderhawk quickly.
  210.         antoine The ship shudders this time, something made it through the void shields this time but it was not enough to cause any real damage that you can see.
  211.         antoine Soon enough you return to the Thunderhawk
  212.         Omniel  turns to cover everyone as they board the craft.
  213.         Balmung boards the ship
  214.         Anselm  waits while the others enter, keeping an eye out.
  215.         antoine Once all were aboard the clamp would seal and detach. The pair of thunderhawks pull away and head to the flank.
  216.         Anselm  ++There is one risk we neglected.++
  217.         Navarre ++IT's going to be a hell of a trip into the frigate.++
  218.         Omniel  ++Unfortunate.++
  219.         Anselm  ++What are your thoughts on that battleship, Brother Omniel?++
  220.         antoine You hear the shouts and reports coming through the Thunderhawks vox as it deftly weaves its way through rapid autocannon fire and interceptors trying to bring it down, ++Revelation is lost with all hands, Abandon Ship!++, ++Will Breaker has lost power to engines, she is dead in the water++, ++The strike force is turning around but it is too late, the flankers are upon us!++
  221.         Omniel  ++Likely crewed by servitors. A well-trapped decoy - or, perhaps a reverse decoy, designed only to appear as a trap. A heretic's wiles are many-layered.++
  222.         Balmung ++I think Bellerophon will have the ship destroyed soon any ways
  223.         Anselm  ++I can't imagine servitors. We would have picked up their life-signs. There was something unnatural about that vessel.++
  224.         antoine Performing the same procedure as before the thunderhawks land on the enemy frigate and begin to bore their boarding clamps onto the vessel.
  225.         Omniel  ++Warp-tainted, perhaps. If only we had the assistance of a Librarian...++
  226.         Omniel  stands and prepares to board.
  227.         antoine Soon the circular hatch opens, no sweet smell this time, more the smell of sweat underlined by something more repugnant.
  228.         Navarre ++Time to scourge some heretics.++
  229.         Omniel  disembarks, weapons at the ready.
  230.         Navarre would be right behind the techmarine.
  231.         antoine You drop down into a mess hall, empty except for some fat chefs with boils and sores across their bodies that run at the sight of you.
  232.         Balmung follows the group
  233.         Balmung ++Kill them all++
  234.         antoine The atmosphere is more in line with your expectations this time, heavy air thick with the scent of the enemy, room that are gloomy or harsh with light and the ever present mark of chaos upon the walls.
  235.         Anselm  charges forth, wielding the Blood-Heir Sword high over his head.
  236.         Balmung motions to his wolf to go hunting and then charges forward
  237.         Balmung ++Watch out Sigmund these ones aren't here to make you yield++
  238.         Omniel  lets Anselm and the wolf have their fun, activating his auspex once more to get a better feel for the surroundings.
  239.         Navarre will ignore the incoming slaughter with disdain.
  240.         =-=     Bellerophon is now known as Mark|Out
  241.         Omniel  ++Strange. It is reassuring to detect enemy life signs for a change. Should we storm the bridge?++
  242.         Anselm  looks to Balmung. ++You know what my word is on this suggestion, of course.++
  243.         Balmung ++Aye we take the bridge++
  244.         Anselm  lowers his helm. ++Oeris could be on this ship. If not, then he must be planetside.++
  245.         Omniel  heads for the nearest door, peering out into the corridor with his multi-melta readied.
  246.         Balmung stomps forward looking for more targets
  247.         antoine The area seems clear now.
  248.         Anselm  ++Where shall we go, Brother?++
  249.         Omniel  ++It seems to lead towards the center of the ship. Perhaps the bridge would be located there?++
  250.         Anselm  ++It's a start.++
  251.         Balmung ++Aye++
  252.         Anselm  trods off down the hall.
  253.         Balmung grunts ++Head towards the bridge++
  254.         Omniel  nods and trundles off after Anselm.
  255.         antoine The boarding party continues onwards
  256.         Navarre ++I wonder what sort of traitors we will run into...++
  257.         Balmung ++There have been bolters fired here recently++
  258.         Omniel  ++Unusual.++
  259.         Anselm  ++Traitor in-fighting...++
  260.         Balmung ++Lets keep moving
  261.         Balmung ++Stop++
  262.         Anselm  halts, and looks back at the Space Wolf.
  263.         Omniel  pauses. ++What is it?++
  264.         Balmung turns down a hall way
  265.         Balmung ++This way++
  266.         Balmung ++But keep your guard up++
  267.         Anselm  nods, and follows.
  268.         Omniel  follows behind Balmung, looking around.
  269.         Balmung ++I saw someone in blue power armor++
  270.         antoine As you approach the end of the corridor you hear the movement of power armour clad boots around the corner to your left.
  271.         Anselm  hefts the Blood-Heir Sword. ++Make ready. Enemies...++
  272.         Omniel  ++Blue power armour?++
  273.         Omniel  aims his multi-melta at the corridor.
  274.         Navarre brings up his stormbolter and draws his power sword.
  275.         Balmung stomps after the figure
  276.         Balmung ++You there!++
  277.         Balmung storms off after a squad of Ultramarines
  278.         antoine The boarding part follows you in, Aldbert shouting "Traitors!"
  279.         Balmung ++Shut up Welp++
  280.         Omniel  follows his comrades, letting them focus on their quarry while he keeps an eye on the surroundings. ++Brothers, this seems highly unlikely. I feel this is a trap.++
  281.         Anselm  ++Everything is a trap, it seems!++
  282.         Omniel  ++Such is the way of Chaos.++
  283.         Balmung ++Aye++
  284.         antoine The marines spin on the spot, bolters at the ready. They look normal enough
  285.         Balmung ++Identify yourselves now++
  286.         antoine ++4th Company, 3rd Squad. Identify, *yourselves*!++
  287.         Omniel  keeps them covered with his melta.
  288.         Balmung ++Wolf Guard Balmung seconded to the Deathwatch++
  289.         antoine The Knights are advancing forward brushing past everyone else, swords gripped tightly in their gauntlets.
  290.         Anselm  barks a command to hault to his Knight-Brothers.
  291.         Anselm  warily lowers the Blood-Heir Sword. ++Knight-Brother Anselm, seconded to the Deathwatch. I advise you explain why you're on this ship.++
  292.         Omniel  indicates his deathwatch shoulderpad. ++Brother Omniel of the Deathwatch.++
  293.         antoine ++We were summoned by Bellerophon, seconded to the Deathwatch. We attached our thunderhawk to the underside of this vessel before it traversed the warp to this planet and waited till it joined combat to strike. We have been waiting a long time in our hold but now we strike.++
  294.         Anselm  ++Then these traitors must be greater fools than we thought, if they could not detect you.++
  295.         antoine ++We powered down all systems, the serfs died of the cold.++ the sergeant states flatly.
  296.         Anselm  looks about. ++You would think they would notice a vehicle stuck to their belly.++
  297.         Omniel  ++Do you know the layout of this ship?++
  298.         antoine ++No, but we are learning now, two other squads are clearing their way through it to find the traitor.++
  299.         Anselm  grunts. ++Why were we not informed of your presence?++
  300.         Navarre would switch for a channel shared between the deathwatch brothers. ++I do not recall Bellerophon mentioning this.++
  301.         Balmung ++Neither do I++
  302.         antoine ++We could not send a message as it would betray our presence.++
  303.         Omniel  ++Bellerephon may have neglected to inform us. It would not be the first time.++
  304.         Anselm  switches to the Deathwatch channel. ++They seem to be honest. But something is wrong here... I like it not.++
  305.         Anselm  switches his channel back. ++Not you. Our own...++
  306.         Balmung switches to the deathwatch channel ++Aye++
  307.         Anselm  grumbles. ++Team member... neglected to mention you.++
  308.         antoine ++He must have felt the need to keep operational security high with his brothers lives at stake.++
  309.         Balmung grunts
  310.         Balmung ++Stick with us from now on.++
  311.         Navarre ++Another sign of Bellerophon's incompetence?++ Navarre is still on the DW only channel.
  312.         Anselm  ++You would not call him Brother had you experienced what we have.++ Anselm hefts the blade. ++Oeris is... was... Deathwatch. He is ours to apprehend.++
  313.         antoine ++But he was first Ultramarine, he dishonors our Primarch with his continued existence.++
  314.         Balmung ++Aye++
  315.         Omniel  ++Cooperation would be to our mutual benefit.++
  316.         Navarre ++I will keep an eye on them.++
  317.         Balmung ++Good++
  318.         Balmung looks at the Ultramarines ++We head to the bridge++
  319.         Omniel  ++We should move, before we lose what little element of surprise remains.++
  320.         Anselm  nods.
  321.         antoine The ultramarines continue on their way, a couple of them looking back to keep an eye on you.
  322.         Omniel  waits for Balmung to lead the way, covering them.
  323.         Anselm  watches them leave, suspicious as ever, before calling his serfs to his side and moving along.
  324.         Balmung moves to the head of the group and stomps off after the ultramarines
  325.         antoine Joffery, racks the slide of his shotgun and stays close while Sister Elona keeps her bolter leveled.
  326.         Omniel  brings up the rear, on the lookout for enemies.
  327.         antoine The sergeant puts a hand to his helm for a moment before looking up, ++2nd squad has eyes on the bridge lift. It is heavily protected. They will require our assistance.++
  328.         Anselm  looks to Balmung.
  329.         Balmung ++Move to assist them++
  330.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  331.         Navarre gives a nod and will move to assist.
  332.         Balmung stomps off leading the way
  333.         Omniel  hefts his multi-melta and trundles after the others.
  334.         antoine You continue on until the Sergeant holds his hands up for silence and slowly waves you around a corner to see ultramarine scouts crouched near another corner. It seems 2nd squad is actually 2nd squad of the 10th Ultramarine company.
  335.         Anselm  ++Scouts? Damned neophytes? On a Chaos vessel?++
  336.         Balmung ++Looks like it++
  337.         Anselm  ++When last my Chapter saw younglings aboard a warp-torn ship, it resulted in Petarek. No offense, Albert.++
  338.         Balmung looks to Navarre ++Ready to put your armor to use?++
  339.         Navarre ++Always.++
  340.         antoine A scout speaks in a hushed voice ++ten traitor marines, fifty or so cultists and a pair of fixed positions with autocannons...This is a highly irregular amount of idle firepower.++
  341.         Balmung ++Navarre and I will lead the assault with Anselm the knights and the Ultramarines behind us.++
  342.         Balmung ++Omniel and the scouts will provide covering fire++
  343.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  344.         Anselm  ++I protest to that, Brother Balmung. I am Champion. I am obligated to lead the assault.++
  345.         Navarre ++Are you also obligated to get torn apart by auto-cannon fire, Anselm?++
  346.         Balmung ++You'll get torn apart by those autocannons, Navarre and I can soak up the fire++
  347.         Anselm  grumbles. ++I acknowledge your point... even if I've eaten worse.++
  348.         Balmung ++You'll be the first of the knights into the fray though++
  349.         Navarre ++Then side-by-side, Balmung? Give a nice wall to soak up their firepower?++
  350.         Balmung ++Aye++
  351.         Balmung ++Put your stormbolter to good use and I'll lob a grenade into them as we advance++
  352.         Navarre ++Will do.++ A flick of the fire-selector on the stormbolter to Vengence rounds and Navarre is ready to storm!
  353.         Balmung motions for his wolf to follow Anselm
  354.         Anselm  ++Be ready for the order, Brothers,++ Anselm calls back to his Knight-Brothers.
  355.         Balmung looks to the scouts ++Any traitor chapters of note?++
  356.         antoine ++Word Bearers my Lord. The hated spawn of thrice cursed Lorgar.++
  357.         Navarre ++No Iron Warriors?++
  358.         |<--    Balmung has left (Ping timeout)
  359.         antoine ++None that I can see my Lord.++
  360.         Navarre ++Oh well. Time to kill some Word Bearers.++
  361.         -->|    Balmung (chatzilla@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  362.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Anselm, Balmung, Serfs, Omniel, Ultra, Knight, Navarre, Raven, Bad2, Bad1.”
  363.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Anselm, Balmung, Serfs, Omniel, Ultra, Knight, Wolf, Navarre, Raven, Bad2, Bad1.”
  364.         Anselm  moves against the wall and, leaning out, levels his wrist-mounted gun against a Traitor Marine.
  365.         Anselm  reconsiders, and adjusts his aim against one of the servitor mounts.
  366.         Anselm  fires off a Vengeance bolt at the machine.
  367.         =-=     Sinbad is now known as Mir
  368.         <--|    Mir has left #XenosHunters
  369.         antoine There is a brief flicker of light around the turret before the round smashes it to pieces. The traitor marines level their bolters "The Lapdogs have arrived!"
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