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  1. hv5;startscreenmsg:Welcome To Derox!
  2.        Qvvz;weblink:
  3. Hd2>signup/login
  4. Logn:;>Username:DEROX; Pass:13245
  5. Su:;> Username;email;comfirmemail;password;confirmpassword;gender;agreetotermsofuseprivacypolicy
  7.             imageid?=231693979 Welcome To, DEROX!
  8. popup:;>Want to be rich in the future? Buy this De Descurita for free for a Descurita!
  9.          BuyD$;1,000,000D$ For $1000.00USD!
  10. Pirchasesuccespage:thanks for purchasing!
  12.                                        That is my history of my new website!
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