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  1. You leave the small chamber in an uncoordinated clatter, falling against the mud-brown pegasus as your hooves seem to tangle under you. The pegasus grunts and menaces at you again, conveying a clear annoyance as he shoves you upright. You manage to stand easily enough, the stance odd, yet indefinably natural. The pegasus narrows his eyes, then turns away from you and starts a brisk trot down the corridor. The muddy green earth pony, Dewdrop, smiles sheepishly and starts an exaggerated trot for a few paces as if to demonstrate, stride closing to a natural step after he gets his message across and follows the pegasus.
  2. You imitate the Pony for a few moments, and after a couple small stumbles you manage to find a pace that keeps your hooves out from under each other and you catch up with the pair. The passage you are walking, or more appropriately trotting, through is an ur-typical underground passage, vaulted arches supporting the ceiling, each arch supporting a flickering torch. Every recess frames a large wooden door banded with iron, a sibling to the door you just left. This passage, you realize as you trot, is a dungeon. The passage goes on for a minute and a half brisk trotting, the last arch leading into a larger vaulted hall, more passages leading off the sides. The pegasus walks along the long axis, a staircase dominating the end of the hall.
  3. “Uh… Dewdrop, right?” You manage, voice thankfully not much changed.
  4. “That’s me” Dewdrop says, a little smile offered over his shoulder, voice a shy apology
  5. “Where are we going?”
  6. “You’re going to the masters’ quarters, silly. You’re his new bed-slave” Dewdrop says, voice a little to cheery
  7. “Oh” You manage, barely keeping your trot as you mount the stairs “A-and what’s that?”
  8. “Oh, everyone knows that! You attend the master in private chambers.”
  9. “Ah” You feel like you would be going pale if not covered in fur. Thinking about your coat, you look down and find it to be a deep cobalt blue. You look away from the pony, to the other halls branching off the stair. You see what looks like an armory, barding scaled to something like the muddy pegasus ahead of you stacked neatly, spears on racks as far as you can see. Looking across the stairs shows you what looks like a barracks, dull colored Earth Ponies and Pegasus milling around.
  10. The muddy brown pegasus suddenly interdicts your sightseeing, growling loudly. You didn’t think a non-demonic cartoon pony could sound threatening but he manages.
  11. The message is clear, and you turn your head forward, looking up the stairs. The pegasus stays at your side, still scowling as far as you can tell.
  12. “N-not very friendly” You say to Dewdrop, feeling, embarrassingly, your new ears tucking back.
  13. “Thunderbolt? No, he isn’t. Then again most of the army isn’t.” Dewdrop says “They’re good ponies though, they’re nice to me when master Sombra assigns me to the garrison”
  14. You think better of pausing and try to speak as you continue trotting up the stairs without tripping. “Assigns you to…” You start
  15. Dewdrop nods as you reach the top of the huge staircase “The master has decreed that the court servants should rotate into the garrison at least once a month.”
  16. You feel your gorge rising, the thought of even one like Thunderbolt not really appealing.
  17. Dewdrop looks at you “Oh, don’t worry silly you’re the masters, special.” His voice takes on a pensive note for a moment “Though the last bed-slave was given to…”
  18. Thunderbolt grunts, a sound that made it clear he was about ready to take a main battle tank head to head.
  19. “…never mind” Dewdrop ends, leading you into a corridor much like the others, vaulted and torch-lit. This corridor, however, has a carpet running down the middle and a number of simple tapestries, you examine none closely but most of them show Sombra in a position of strength over a large number of ponies. You wind through a few interconnecting tunnels, at each intersection a pair of armored ponies built to Thunderbolts’ scale and all of muted coloration. You notice not a one of them have a cutie mark, come to think of it you notice neither do Thunderbolt and Dewdrop.
  20. Dewdrop stops in front of a large set of ornate doors, pushing one open with his snout and smiling at you a little. “The masters’ chambers, the royal steward is inside to get you ready. Also” Dewdrops voice drops conspiratorially “Please, please, please don’t run. It’ll make master so mad and I kinda like you.” He nods you in, and you find yourself walking through the door on autopilot. No pony has any right to be that scary.
  21. The chamber is, to a T, classic. The carpet is deep red and thick, an easy warmth on your hooves. The walls not covered by simple tapestries of the same color are a rich wood, as are the furnishings. A low fire burns at the far end, taking up most of an exquisitely carved fireplace. Everything in the room speaks of understated wealth and comfort. A curtain stirs, a peach-colored unicorn stepping in, glasses perched on the end of his snout.
  22. “Ah, you must be the new bed-servant” The unicorn says, accent cultured and flavored with just a little bit of a lisp.
  23. “Umm…” You say, standing just inside the doorway, shifting your weight uncertainly
  24. “Don’t just stand there, come over here where I can get a good look at you darling” he says precisely, the last word drawn out into ‘dah-ling’.
  25. You trot over to the unicorn, meeting him just in front of the fireplace, its’ warmth driving away a chill you hadn’t been aware of. His eyes are a bright teal, his mane stark white and gathered up in a braid. He looks you over quickly, lifting your legs one at a time to examine your whooves and pacing around you quickly. “Oh, hun you’re a mess.” He chides, hoof playing over your mane dexterously, the quick movement sudden and bizarrely soothing.
  26. “I-I was in the dungeon…”
  27. “I know” He says curtly, but not unkindly “Just…” He gives a perfect exasperated sigh “you’d think those brutes would give you a brush” You hear the soft hum of a unicorns’ magic, and a brush picked up from somewhere starts to run through your mane in gentle, long motions.
  28. You don’t quite groan, but you make a little pleased sound all the same.
  29. “Like this, mmm?” The unicorn says.
  30. You nod, letting him get your mane into order.
  31. “Well, you need to be presentable for Master Sombra, and that’s my duty. I’m Dawnstar.”
  32. “I’m…” You start, but hit the mental wall. Your brow furrows, of course you have a name, it’s… “uhh… I’m”
  33. “Don’t even try hunny” Dawnstar says softly, brush moving down the back of your neck in slow motions “the Master will choose a new name for you when its’ right”
  34. “But I have a name!” You say heatedly, heartbeat stepping up
  35. “You had one, sweetie” The unicorn says gently. “But that life ended when the Master chose you and made you anew.”
  36. Your hindquarters hit the ground in a numb sitting motion. “Wh-what?”
  37. “It’s best you relax and accept it hun, those who can’t-” he just makes an expression of wide eyes and a shake of his head, expelling a breath “-don’t fare to well here, and won’t have a place when the time comes.”
  38. “Time?” You ask numbly as the brush starts to run through your tail.
  39. “The master will take this world, hun. Set it aright.” The said it matter-of-factly, without drama. “Tanks, Guns and bombs are nice but try to fight a shadow, try to fight terror. It will come to pass” The brush settles down on the table as the unicorn looks you over. “There, much better. One last thing”
  40. A polishing cloth is picked up in another telekinetic aura, and it starts to move over, surprisingly, the horn you had not noticed was nestled on your head. The sensation is bizarre, almost like a sensitive tooth without the pain. It moves around the boney protrusion for a few seconds, getting into the whorled groove and coming away stained with some oddly colored blotches.
  41. “There” Dawnstar says “You came out nice, the Master usually does good work.”
  42. “He… does that to all the people he takes?”
  43. “Oh, no of course not” He says, picking his things up. “We set up a ritual for that a while ago, Master Sombra turns a special few that he likes.” Dawnstar pauses “Or just when it pleases him to do so.”
  44. You hear the soft susurrus of a door opening on carpet, your ears pricking up as you turn to see Sombra striding into the room. “Ah, Dawnstar” He says in a tone used by people coming home to a good chair after a long day of work “I see you have prepared the new one.”
  45. Dawnstar drops into a low bow “As it pleases you, m’lord.”
  46. Sombra smirks at you, eyes running over you “You may go, Dawnstar.”
  47. The unicorn bows again “Thank you m’lord” he says, turning and slipping out through a cloth covered side door.
  48. Sombra keeps looking you over, then shrugs out of his cloak, the fur garment piling at his hooves. “Well, I trust you find the accommodations amenable.” He says smoothly, shedding the metal greaves on his legs as well.
  49. You think rapidly, but just as you settle on a nod Sombra says “Well?” Darkly, softly, eyes narrowing.
  50. “It’s nice” You say suddenly.
  51. “It is, isn’t it?” You see his horn start to glow faintly, and you feel a tingling warmth across your body as you are lifted and pulled to float just in front of the dark unicorn, your body turning and tumbling around has he looks you over. “And it’s lord or master to you, slave.” He states coolly.
  52. You try to escape for a few seconds, but think the better of it and stop moving, tension building in your muscles as he holds you, making it clear you remain at his mercy.
  53. “I do good work” He says, releasing you into a gentle throw that lands you on a bed that was bigger than any you had ever slept on. The mattress had to be stuffed with feathers, and the sheets with a soft, warm wool.
  54. You scramble around, trying to get your hooves under you to… run. Which you remember would only piss this thing off as you try to relax, your muscles slowly locking up with tension.
  55. “Still here” You hear right behind you without a whisper of movement, the words not phrased as a question “Good. Many try to run at this point, and as ever so delightful the chase and sentencing, it is so bothersome to find a new bedwarmer.”
  56. You try to say something, voice coming out as a low, breathy whine. You feel the warm tingling of a unicorns’ grip, this time on the side of your snout as you are made to turn around, facing a bemused looking Sombra only inches from you.
  57. “Come now” He purrs softly, eyes flaming a little more brightly “Don’t think your Master would hurt you without reason.”
  58. You gulp softly, not daring to look away from the emerald and flame eyes as you feel a semi-firm warmth against your belly. Sombra chuckles a little, shifting and pressing more of his length against you.
  59. “Let’s not waste time” He says, smile showing pointed fangs. “Down”
  60. His last word carries a weight with it, your legs scooting you down the bed by themselves, leaving your nose pressed to his stomach, rapidly hardening maleness lying against your cheek.
  61. “Good, now I assume you know enough to do the next part yourself.” He says, forehoof lying on the back of your head in a motion without gentleness.
  62. You look at the shaft, finding it shaped as you remember. You gulp and glance up at the unicorn, finding amusement on his face.
  63. “You can’t be that moronic” He says, smile flavoring his words
  64. “I-I know what to do…” You say
  65. “Then do it” He enunciates slowly, forcing your face into his firm shaft.
  66. You slowly force your jaws open, taking the flesh into your maw, tasting sweat and a salty something. You try not to think about what you are doing as the hoof on the back of your head urges you forward, semi-blunt tip of your horn settling into Sombras’ chest as more of his shaft settles into your mouth, tip almost gagging you before you stop, tongue working the hot maleness.
  67. “First time, I see. You have the honor of sucking off a King your first time, slut.” Sombra says, a soft vicious purr in his voice as his hoof keeps you in place.
  68. You close your eyes, tongue still working the bottom of his length when you start to fall into a rhythm of sorts, bobbing softly along his shaft, jaws settling to a comfortable opening around his massive shaft. You taste your first few drops of precum after only a minute, Sombra making gentle sounds in the back of his throat, the sounds soft and feral. You suck, suckle and lick the shaft in your mouth, the flavor salty and warm.
  69. Nothing prompts it, but you begin to feel a bizarre sense of security in that moment. You are safe, you think. Sombra is not going to hurt you, he’s even happy with you. And the cock in your mouth isn’t so bad, it’s even a little exciting you realize as you feel your own shaft hardening.
  70. You make a soft sound, half a grunt, half a gasp as you cuddle in closer, head turning a little to avoid poking the Unicorn to hard and letting you take another quarter inch of cock. The bed cradles you nicely, and when your eyes open you only see the dark slate fur of King Sombra. You curl up a little, tail and back legs touching Sombras’.
  71. Your shaft reaches full hardness, a little pre starting to dribble out as you sample more of Master Sombras’ salty pre. This is okay, this is right. You suck and lick as Sombra gyrates gently, panting and gasping.
  72. “You… have a natural talent” Sombra growls softly, voice edged with barely controlled orgasm.
  73. You feel a little rush of exaltation in that moment, sucking increasing with your pride. That, clearly, is enough to drive Sombra over the edge; a sudden grunt, a sudden bucking motion and you are pushed onto his shaft further, warm salty, thick seed flooding your mouth and leaving you no option but to swallow all of it, the flavor delicious and enticing.
  74. You don’t know how long it is, but Sombras’ shaft eventually is made clean, and you are left with raging hormones and a softening penis in your mouth. He growls a tired approval and pulls his shaft out. You feel him pat your head softly, voice content. “Good work, Borealas.”
  75. He makes a few slow motions as he snuggles down into the bed, falling asleep only a moment later with his hooves still on your shoulders, leaving you where you had spent the last few minutes. You get comfortable yourself, drifting off to a worried, sweat-smelling sleep.
  76. Just as the darkness of sleep takes you, you think “did I think of him as master?”
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